The art of picking your woman in your arms

You know, I was dying to do some armchair activism today. I was looking forward to write a post titled – Dear India, what the fuck? – and scream my lungs out about the way our priorities are royally misplaced. How we don’t care about rapes and farmer suicides and discuss AIB as if it is the latest discovered deadly virus. How we don’t bother about the bovine Sakshi Maharaj distributing his pearls of unbelievable wisdom but are ok with attack on an activist’s car because she circulated pictures of rapists. But then I thought, what is the point? We should all acknowledge the fact that we have been self-centred chu***as since hundreds of years and move on to other important topics.

Like the art of picking your woman in your arms.

Bollywood has always been an inspiration to the society. You can actually trace back all the crimes to Bollywood. If you go to a jail and do a heart-to-heart with all the inmates, 99% chances are that 99% of them will cry over how they saw a Bollywood movie and lost control of their senses. So, it is only understandable that we can find the roots of how we romance in Bollywood because that too is a crime in this country.

I was exposed to Bollywood as a kid. I think it was accidental that the first scene I saw of a movie was a man strangulating a woman with a wire. I could not sleep the whole night. The second scene that I accidentally saw was of robbers looting a village. It took mom a while to pacify me. For the longest of times, I imagined Bollywood movies to be a dreadful and nasty planet where people hurt each other for fun. Much like Earth.

How wrong I was.

Because then I discovered its romantic side – couples smiling at each other and singing songs while heavens play the orchestra, couples changing their clothes five times in a song as if they had a whole day dedicated to this activity of changing and singing, couples kissing behind gigantic flowers and making the flowers shudder. It was a new world. Blissful and sensuous. But then something was always disturbing me, slowly pushing me into the depths of anxiety. It wasn’t until years later that I was able to put a finger on it.

It was the ease with which heroes picked up the heroines in their arms. Even as a child, I knew that was something superhuman. When Shammi Kapoor lifter Sharmila like a dry twig in An evening in Paris, I gasped. Was it that easy? The question nagged me for years. The first thing I would notice in a song is the picking business and then wonder about it for hours. Of course, there was a category of actresses who were never lifted (like Meena Kumari) because lets face it, our heroes were not trying to be in the Olympics.


image from here

And then SRK happened in the 90s. I think he set some sort of a world record by picking each and every woman who crossed his way. It drove me crazy. It was as if he was not able to control himself. Whenever he saw a woman in his movie, he had to open his arms, tilt a bit, give her a dimple. And then while she was swooning at the gestures, he would pounce at her and pick her up.

Of course, I never tried it at home at that point of time. With woman that is. I tried with buckets. And boy, were they heavy! When I got married, I told my wife (very early in our relationship), that I was going to pick her up and walk across the room in a slow gait singing a song, just like Veer picked up the heavy Zaara as if she was tied to strings from the ceiling. My wife was game.

veer zaara

Image from here

I remember, the first thing that appeared in front of my eyes after I picked up my wife were stars. Not the romantic, twinkling variety but those that appear with shooting pain. But then I remembered to my horror that I was supposed to walk across the room and my wife was looking expectantly at me, as she gripped my neck in what I think was a deadly Taekwondo lock. There wasn’t much time and I was not supposed to drop her on the floor. It was an arranged marriage.

I galloped across the room cursing all the Bollywood actors. I even forgot to sing the song. We never tried it again.

Now that I look back, I don’t blame the heroes. They must have been on drugs. You really don’t know what you are doing when you are under their spell. It must have been tough for them. SRK had a back problem years ago.

It was a childhood fantasy for me. But I did what I always wanted to do. At least I tried. My wife was euphoric later although I could see beads of perspiration on her forehead when I was sprinting across the room with her in my arms. Isn’t that is what is important in life? Trying.

Valentine’s day is upon us. So I thought I would share the story of what I thought at that point of time to be one of the most intimate and romantic gestures I had shown to my lady. Of course, now I think it was anti-feminist. And no, it isn’t a case of sour grapes. How can you even think like that? Look at the way our society treats women. It is all because of these Bollywood heroes picking actresses in their arms and showing them as weak. Why would anyone pick a woman in his arms? She can’t walk? Did you take her permission? I think we should carry out a campaign, burn effigies and beat our chests if a hero tries to do that again. We should debate this on news channels. How dare they show women in poor light?

The armchair activist inside me is waking up again. Maybe I should write the “Dear India, what the fuck?” post. It is amazing how my perspective changed over the years. It took only a handful of stars.

Elaan, SRK and the darn tattoo

Three things caught my eye after returning from the unforgettable trip to Vizag. Surprisingly, all three related to children.

As I hurriedly went through the blogs of my numerous blogging buddies as I have been off the blogosphere for almost four days because of the trip, I came across the Blogging for a cause post on Amyth’s Blog which was a sort of an eye opener for me. Amyth has been closely associated with Elaan, which is an NGO founded in 2004 as part of an endeavor to encourage dialogue on the issues of child sexual abuse (CSA) and incest. It functioned as a youth group for 3 years before being registered as an NGO on June 7th 2007 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961. To know more about Elaan, you can read this post on Amyth’s blog. You would be surprised to know that there is NO LAW that makes the sexual abuse of a child a legally punishable offense. The readers can also sign the on-line petition to the Supreme Court by following this link.

I said “eye opener” earlier because I have not used my blog to further a cause, so it was my great pleasure to help Amyth in whatever way I could. Three cheers for Elaan and their commitment towards the society.

On the lighter side, I have stopped so many poor souls from watching movies like 10,000 B.C. and Race because of my negative reviews, so for the time being, I would call that “blogging for a cause” too. 😆

The second news which caught my eye was the SRK-Airtel deal for “Kya aap panchvi pass se tez hain?”. Ok, so the prize money is now a whooping 5 crores, but if the grapewine is to be believed, SRK himself is getting Rs 40 crores for the deal. Ufff!!!! I almost fainted when I heard the amount. And yes, this will help SRK reach the kiddo market where Aamir and Hrithik have some very firm footings. But 40 crores?? Isn’t that the budget of a Magnum opus?? 😯

The third news was the Saif’s-love-for-Kareena-is-not-real one. I am so tired of reading about that tattoo that its not funny anymore. As per the latest(A big Yawnnn!!!!) gossip, the tattoo is not real and has to be weekly dyed. This might lead to a rough patch in the relationship. The only thing which I found interesting here is the concept of weekly dyed tattoos?? Do they exist? 🙂

Ok, so this story is not even “neanderthaly” connected to children, but I found it really juvenile and hence thought of putting it here. 😆 I think the media should give the couple and us(specially us) a break. And, those of you who still haven’t seen the tattoo, here it is. (This is an exclusive picture taken from the March, 2008 Filmfare edition)

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Jodha Akbar – Movie Review



Phew!!! Finally saw it. There are a few things you need to prepare yourself for before watching the saga.

Firstly, if you don’t have the stamina or courage to sit through a movie which has a running time of 3 hours+ then AVOID it. Secondly, the last biggest hit of Hrithik-Aishwarya as a pair was Dhoom-2, something too dimensionally different from Jodha Akbar. So it will be hard for a big chunk of audience to digest them this way. The costumes, the dialogues, the customs are too different from the present era and I found many people in the audience laughing. Thirdly, we have a certain image of Akbar in our minds (thanks to Mughal-E-Azam) and its hard to see him as a madly in love, vulnerable and “young” Akbar trying to grope with the nitty gritties of politics. And that is exactly the problem with Jodha Akbar.

The negatives first. The first half of the movie opens up very well. The war sequence in the beginning is well executed. The marriage of a Mughal Emperor and a Rajput princess was completely unacceptable and a lot of political upheavals occurred before this happened. This buildup takes up a major portion of the first half, which is quite well shot and narrated by Amitabh Bachachan. The problem starts when the movie is inching towards the interval, when Jodha finally arrives in Agra after marriage. It is at that point when the movie begins to drag. Maham Anga, played by Ila Arun, is on the verge of turning the movie into some Balaji Telefilm’s serial ( Jodddhaaa Akkkkbar), when thankfully the interval appears like a knight in shining armour. Thankfully, just after the interval, Akbar throws out Maham Anga out of his life with his mother’s ( played by Poonam Sinha ) support and the movie picks up its pace. Another problem in the movie is its abrupt ending.

Now the positives. The movie boasts of some lush never seen before visuals. In a way its a beautiful visual treat throughout. May it be Jodha’s introduction scene or the elephant taming scene ( Its hard to imagine how Hrithik managed to do that) or the sword fight scene between Jodha and Akbar or the enchanting love story which enfolds as the movie progresses, the movie somehow sucks you in the flow of events. There are so many facts about Akbar which the movie reveals and which I have no intention of revealing here. It also portrays Jodha as a powerful queen who had a big hand in changing and moulding Akbar’s thought process and the way he handled his powers. She was the source behind his transformation, though in a very subdued way. The sublime scenes between the lead pair are the ones which hold the movie together. Hrithik has this huge burden of playing the Emperor and sometimes he puts too much effort and it shows. But somehow if I try to imagine someone else from the current breed of actors who could have done the role, I can’t imagine anyone else. Aishwarya is looking nothing less than a queen (*SIGH*). The songs are beautifully picturised. “In lamhoon ke daaman main”, “Khwaja mere Khawaja” and “Azeem-o-shan shenshah” perfectly stand out. The supporting cast which consist of Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Suhasini Mulay, Raza Murad, Sonu Sood, Ila Arun, Poonam Sinha have well etched roles which are performed well.

Hrithik and Aishwarya had the albatross of their last mega hit around their neck. I had a nightmare in which Jodha breaks into “Crazy kiya re” in front or Akbar and I promised myself that if Jodha Akbar would have one scene which would make me forget Aryan and Sunehri (Hrithik and Ash’s charecters in Dhoom 2), I’ll call this movie good. And yes, its good. Watch it for the honest effort which went into its making, watch it for Ashutosh Gowarikar who woke up a sleeping genre of films from its slumber and watch it to know the love story which somehow got lost in the pages of history.  

Directed by – Ashutosh Gowarikar

Rating – ***

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Jodha Akbar, Controversies and more…

jodha-akbar-wallpaper-14657-5641.jpg 2365-2.jpg omshantiom.jpg aajanachale.jpg rang_de_basanti.jpg fire_movie.jpg

While galloping google a few days back, I came across this article about the plans of Rajput outfits to boycott Jodha Akbar. If you read the link, then as per the organisations opposing the movie, Jodha was married not to Akbar(surprise!!!!) but to his son Salim. So, apun ka Bollywood, the prodigal daughter of controversies, has done it again. Or is it the other way round? If you would have followed the news on Bollywood controversies in the last few years, you would easily come to the conclusion that most of the movies which were made to gulp the controversy pill, were forced to do that for the most inane reasons. Its either because we don’t know the D of democracy or we can’t take the medium with a pinch of salt. Hence, its very important that the filmmaker should keep the following points in mind before starting a project :

  • Make sure that there are no jokes/references related to any communities. Always remember what happened to “Jo Bole Sonihaal”, “Khamoshi” and recently to “Aaja Nachle”. I could never understand, what in the name of Beelzebub, was the controversy behind Aaja Nachle? As far as I could remember, if a song used to have some controversial lyrics ( remember “Sexy Sexy” and “Sarkaiyo khatiya” ?), then the lyrics were changed and that decision was taken by the members of the Censor Board. But banning the movie in a state for this reason takes the cake. Are we moving back to the Neanderthal era?
  • If you want your movie to be released peacefully, make sure that you are not making a movie on any historical characters. Such movies have a high probability of running into troubled waters. Jodha Akbar, Mangal Pandey, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh rammed into trouble because of depicting lives of History book characters. The filmmaker will always find a set of people who will not agree with his research about the character which would lead to “Aa Bull mujhe maar”.
  • Never ever make fun of Veteran film personalities. If the movie is a hit then no one is going to bother but if its a flop then the filmmaker will have to live with the “kalank” of making fun of matinee idols whom he/she is supposed to worship. Recently Om Shanti Om went through the ordeal because of taking a dig at Manoj Kumar. Thankfully, the movie was a hit and recently Manoj Kumar was seen laughing at the Screen Awards function when the movie was mentioned.
  • Don’t make movies on social issues which are very hush hush. Remember the wars waged on Fire, Water and recently Black Friday. After finally watching Water, I think the kind of “Halla” created for the movie was nothing less than National disgrace. When are we finally going to grow up? Was there anything shown in the movie which we don’t know already? Do our beloved moral policemen consider the Indian audience to be so naive? Anyways, the point is that NO hushy hushy, only mushy mushy. 🙂
  • If a filmmaker has followed the above points religiously and has a bad luck, he/she will still land up in trouble anyways. The best examples in this category are Rang de Basanti(for the horse race scene (hhrumphhh!!!)), Fanaa( because of Aamir’s involvement in the Narmada river controversy in Gujrat) and recently Taare zameen par(for the same reason in Gujrat again!!!!). To evade such conditions the filmmaker should not actively participate in any Social causes, and should choose a cast which has an equally “I-don’t-care” attitude towards social issues and finally should consult an astrologer for the extra “Ks” and “Ms” in the movie title.

So, finally, what are the choices left? Well, love stories set in Alps, Fantasy(apparently, Indian movies are “too bad” in this category), Animation, crude comedies and stories which are different and don’t neglect any of the above points are the ones which would lead to a smooth and non-controversial release. 🙂 A last word for the audience and our self appointed moral policemen : Watching a movie is nothing different than reading a book or buying a painting. If you don’t like the book then don’t read it again, if you don’t like the painting then don’t buy it and if you don’t like the movie then don’t watch it again, but don’t take away the right of another person to form an opinion about it, specially when you are living in a country which is the largest Democracy of the world.

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Best of Bollywood in 2007

Its awards season again and Bollywood came up with quite a number of choices in 2007. And yes, this list does not contain Om Shanti Om. The last time you heard the name of this movie on this post was in the previous line. It also does not contain movies like Welcome and Partner as I can’t understand such movies. This year the keyword was – Different. A story which does not follow the trends, where character building is important than putting a dance number to pull the crowds.

Chak de india

az_b81290_chak-de-india_chak-de-india.jpg15 August would not have been better. As I sat in my seat waiting for the movie to begin, I had my own apprehensions. By the time the movie ended, I pinched myself to make sure that I have actually seen something like this and was not dreaming. The movie was path-breaking in the sense that it opened a new door, a new thought thread which could lead to different movie ideas. It also made a loud point that – Yes, you can have an entirely new plot and don’t need to rehash older plots again and again. Two thumbs up for the daredevil Shimit Amin.


Taare zameen par

437px-taarezameenpar.jpgI can bet that this movie can bring tears in the eyes of the most stone hearted person. As the song “hai na maa” started, there was hardly anyone in the theatre who was not crying. I consider this movie as a ray of hope. Its a tight slap on the face of the directors who say that we make movies for money and thus have to cater to the likes of the public. It woke up everyone to the power of the medium, to the fact that a movie can carry a message which can change so many lives. There are so many NGOs which try to spread awareness about dyslexia, but what this movie did in 15 days, the NGOs were not able to do in 15 years. Thanks to Aamir Maverick Khan, the director.


Jab we met

414px-jab_we_met_poster.jpgAahhh!!!! the DDLJ of this decade…as I call it. In a span of 10 years one such movie comes which somehow redefines love, underline the fact that a simple movie can be entertaining, the fact that a subtle plot and characterization is required for filmmaking AND the fact that love stories can still be told differently. The only problem as I see it is that this year there is no competition for Kareena in terms of Awards, but Shahid will be having a tough fight. Ironically speaking, this is the Biggest hit of the pair after the breakup. Both of them will be seen again in Satish Kaushik’s Milenge Milenge in 2008.


Cheeni kum

414px-cheenikumpos1.jpgThe promos of this movie were so compelling that I had to see it. Again I found it very different and daring too. Its not easy in India to showcase a romantic movie with such a dimension and get away with it. If I let go of the over extended ending, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. There were so many scenes like Paresh Rawal forgetting to zip his trouser after Amitabh tells him that he wants to marry his daughter and the one in which Tabu makes Amitabh run so that she can check his stamina and the one in which Zohra Sehgal keeps asking Amitabh if he went to the gym or not.


Namaste London

413px-namasteylondon_poster.jpgThis is the type of comedy I can understand. When the filmmaker try to find fun in real life situations and not by making actors vomit out loud and foolish PJs. The surprise package of this movie was Katrina Kaif. I didn’t knew she could act but somehow she surprised me and the role was tailor-made for her. Another hit in Akshay Kumar’s kitty which already includes Heyy Babyy and Bhoolbhulaiya from this year’s list of hits and thankfully Himesh gave some decent numbers after a loooong time. “Teri yaad” and “Rafta rafta” were way above the unbearable category of songs Himesh churns out these days. 🙂


Life in a metro

800px-metrohindifilm.jpgToo many cooks may spoil the broth. This is what came to my mind as I went for this movie. But the dish was made well and served well too. So many plots but well woven and well shown. Whether it be Dharmendra, Shilpa Shetty, Konkana Sen Sharma, Irfan Khan, Kay kay, Shiney Ahuja, Kangana or Nafisa Ali, everyone had a well etched character to play. The music was composed by Pritam Chakraborty who surprisingly popped up with his band in each song. grrrrr….



guruposter.jpgMani Ratnam splashed his talent in Hindi movies after a long gap. Its generally hard to show the life of a person in 3 hours as the director have to jump years, but it somehow worked in advantage for this movie. Abhishek and Aishwarya looked good together, specially as the older couple. 😉 Vidya Balan, Mithunda and Madhavan were perfect for their roles and the songs fitted like gloves. The love story between Vidya and Madhavan was heart wrenching and you actually feel sad for the couple. And thank God someone gave apna Mithunda a “Role” after ages.



424px-provoked.pngThe real life story of Kiranjit Ahluvalia was well crafted. The public opinion was not too good but somehow the movie stayed with me after I saw it. What Kiranjit went through made me realize that even a smallest person can change the course of the future. Aishwarya was able to bring out the growth in the character from the time she accidentally murders her husband to the time when she faces the judge at the end. The scenes between Kiranjit and her cellmate Veronica were the best in the movie. Nandita Das was as usual great in her cameo.


Bheja fry

bheja-fry.jpgAfter Khosla ka Ghosla, Rajat kapoor again shined in Bheja Fry. There were no big stars in the movie but it stood on the plot and the cast assembled. Sarika was seen after a long gap and she is still pretty(sigh!). Milind Soman looked like he had just returned from some deserted island where he was marooned from the last 5 years. It was not the usual kind of film, was short and crispy and that is why it was enjoyable .


Aaja nachle

Aaja NachleI can’t let go of this one. 🙂 Madhuri’s comeback movie was something I was looking forward to from a long time and I was not disappointed at all. Again, a different movie and a great group of actors accumulated, whether it may be Konkana Sen Sharma, Rajat Kapoor or Kunal. The play at the end was unexpectedly well picturised. No matter what the public opinion may be, the movie was worth the wait for me. “Mohini” still rocks. 🙂


Heyy Babyy

425px-heyybabyyposter.jpgInspired from the 1987 hit comedy Three men and a baby, Heyy Babyy had something for everyone. Thankfully Sajid Khan’s debut as a director was not as “over the top” as his sister’s. The movie had good performances by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan and surprisingly Fardeen was also seen “acting”. 🙂 Angel was very cute and adorable and held the movie together in the first half till Vidya Balan makes an appearance. The movie had some foot tapping numbers by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. A crowd of heroines made guest appearance in the title track and Shahrukh appears in “Dil da mamla” which is the highlight of the movie. All in all a complete package entertainer.


Bhool bhulaiya


After being made in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, the script finally reached apna Bollywood. I went for this movie after people started praising it. Yes, it was spookily surprising. Till the entry of Akshay Kumar the only holding factor was the ghost, but after his hilarious entry, Akshay takes the movie to an entirely different platform. The climax of the movie is a revelation. Just watch out Vidya Balan in the climax and you will surely get gooseflesh. The song towards the end where Vidya imagines herself as the dancer Manjulika is one of the best picturised songs in recent times.


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15 Colours of Laughter

The following is a list of movies which were created with the intend of tickling the funny bone, and as far as I am concerned, the creators have been more than successful. It will be ruthless to give a numerical order of preference, hence the movies are arranged alphabetically. And yes, this is “my” list and not THE list which every earthling has to follow.

A fish called wanda (1988)

Four thieves, a lawyer, his wife, an old lady and her three dogs form the central characters in this movie which ranks 21 in the “100 funniest movies of all time” list of the American Film Institute. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Wanda with Kevin Kline playing the hitman Otto. The movie boast of some of the most comical sequences of all times from which my personal favourite is the one in which jealous Otto interrupts Wanda’s meeting with Archie (the lawyer) and then dangles Archie out of the window and asks him to apologise for calling him stupid. Deja Vu??

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

As good as it gets (1997)

The movie got Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt their much deserved Oscars. It tells the story of a writer Melvin Udall who is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive disorder and who falls in love with a waitress at a restaurant he visits for his breakfast. Watching the lead actors in this movie is a sheer delight. There are so many scenes like the “elephant girl”, the “over a dog” and the “did you had sex with him” scene which make me laugh every-time I see them.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Baby’s day out (1994)

The most surprising fact about this movie is that the role of the baby Bink was played by twins and nobody was able to guess. This is an all time favourite and I guess everyone knows the most funny scene. It is the one in which the baby flames the trousers of Eddie before escaping yet again, and the way Norby and Veeko put out the fire. Ouch!!!

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Cheaper by the dozen (2003)

Tom(Steve Martin) and Kate Baker live in a small town with their 12 children. The family is uprooted and have to move to another place when Tom is offered his dream job of a coach at a University. Kate’s book is about to be published and she has to move to New-York for the promotions leaving Tom and the 12 kids in the new house. This end to end comedy has some hilarious scenes like the family breakfast in the beginning and the way the kids treat their elder sister’s boyfriend. Must watch for a hearty laugh.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Four weddings and a funeral (1994)

This is the highest grossing British Romantic comedy of all times. The movie tells the story of a close knit group of friends. Charles (Huge Grant) who is a part of that group is madly attracted towards an American girl Carrie (Andie MacDowell) whom he repeatedly meets at four weddings and a funeral. The most hilarious scene in the movie comes in the second wedding where the inexperienced priest played by Rowan Atkinson( of Mr. Bean fame) says “holy goat” instead of “holy ghost” and “awfully wedded wife” in place of “lawfully wedded wife”.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Home alone (1990)

The movie was the top grosser of 1990 and remained at number one slot for more than 10 weeks. The rest as they say is history. I don’t think there will be anyone who would not have seen this rip-roaring roller coaster ride of a movie. It is one of the very few movies which will make you laugh even if you have just buried your pet dog. An all time favourite.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Moonstruck (1987)

I was in love with Cher by the time the movie ended. The movie got her the Oscar for her portrayal of the 37 years old Loretta who is engaged to be married to Johnny but falls in love with his younger brother Ronny, played by Nicholas Cage. The ending scene in the movie had me in splits where Loretta asks Ronny for a ring before he could propose her. The movie has a feel good quality and it leaves a smile on your face for hours after it has ended.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

My big fat greek wedding (2002)

The movie revolves around Toula (Nia Vardalos) who is nearing her 30s and still not able to find a suitable Greek boy for her. She eventually falls in love with a non Greek American named Ian, thus begins her trials to make her family accept her boyfriend. Yes, the movie is too hilarious, specially in the scenes where Toula’s father keeps on explaining people that all English words are derived from greek and when the “family” realise that Ian is a vegetarian. Another feel good movie.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Naked gun (1988)

A movie which will make you laugh out really loud. The movie stars Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, an Officer in the Police squad who is attempting to foil an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth II. Don’t miss the scene in which Frank lands up on the Queen on a table while saving her and the scene where he hangs from a statue.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Pink panther (2006)

Steve martin appears again in the list, this time as inspector Jacques Clouseau who is solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Pink Panther diamond. Jacques is considered as an incompetent Inspector in France and is assigned this case for some reasons. What follows is a riveting comedy which will keep your laughs intact till the end.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Scary movie (2000)

If you like a light parody of all time hits, then this is the movie just for you. Make sure you have seen Scream, The sixth sense, I know what you did last summer and The Matrix or you will miss half the fun. The movie was a huge hit in 2000 and if you feel that you can digest this “take-a-dig-at-blockbusters” movie, then go ahead. It is a safe bet.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Shrek (2001)

The Oscars for Best Animated Film was introduced in 2001 and Shrek was the first movie to win it. The movie had some memorable characters out of whom the donkey wins hands on. Its hard to imagine donkey without Eddie Murphy’s voice. There are many outstanding comic sequences like the dragon falling in love with the donkey and the climax where the dragon burps out the crown after eating Lord Farquaad.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

Some like it hot (1959)

If you have seen Rafuchakkar ( the Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singn starrer), then Some like it hot is the movie from where it took “inspiration”. The movie stars Mariyln Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Tony and Jack play two struggling musicians who witness a mass murder carried out by a Chicago gang. To escape the gang members who are after their lives, they disguise as women and join an all girl band, thus starting the hilarious chain of events. Mariyln Monroe is completely ravishing and a good number of laughs are guaranteed.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

The gods must be crazy (1980)

This movie had a unique theme. The story begins in a small tribe in the Kalahari desert where bushmen dwell and who are completely unaware of the world outside their sphere. One day an airplane passes by and someone throws a cocacola bottle from the plane and the tribe comes in contact with the “evil” thing from the outer world. The central character Xi then sets on a journey to return the bottle back to the outer world. The movie had other parallel stories also which merge as the movie progress. The movie is a classic in its own league and is highly recommended.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

When harry met sally (1989)

Yes, this is the movie which lead to “Hum Tum”, but if you see this movie you will realize that how unlikely dissimilar the two movies are. For starters, the famous restaurant scene which ends with “I’ll have what she is having” cannot be imagined in a Hindi movie. The film raised the quintessential question – Can men and women just be friends? Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are in top form and the movie is considered as the Best comedies of all times.

To know more about the movie, you can click here.

p.s.: The list does not contain some classic comedies like Tootsie, Airplane, Mrs. Doubtfire etc for the simple reason that I have not seen them yet. 🙂

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