Bhoothnath – Movie Review

Bhoothnath was never supposed to be something unusual or special. The promos were not very impressive and the moment you saw them, you knew the story. That somehow worked in the favour of the movie. Its not that its great, but its enjoyable. Its kiddie stuff with a terrible baghban-ish, Yawn-ish twist at the end.

Aditya (played by Shahrukh Khan) and Anjali (played by Juhi Chawla) come to live in the Nath Villa in Goa with their son Aman (played by Aman Siddiqi) whom they fondly call Banku(!?!!). Aditya works in a Cruise liner and leaves his wife (and her done-to-death sandwiches) and son in the house to return to his job. Banku(!!!) soon befriends the ghost (played by Amitabh Bachchan) of the owner of the house and starts calling him Bhoothnath although his real name is Kailash Nath. Banku and the Bhoot become great pals and are seen playing pranks on the school principle (played by Satish Shah) and the drunkard Anthony (Rajpal Yadav). The movie is bearably entertaining till this point but the whole fun flies out of the window when the secret is revealed to Anjali and Aditya. From that point onwards the story takes a Baghban-ish turn where the ghost reveals his story.

The movie was supposed to be a comedy which should have been left that way instead of creating a mishmash out of it. Shahrukh Khan has nothing much to do and appears in a few scenes. And yes, his ponytail is at display in the second half. Juhi Chawla is her sweet bubbly self who keeps on giggling and giving her infectious smile. She is in great form and its actually good to see her and Shahrukh together after such a long time. Rajpal Yadav is wasted. I wonder why he took the role. Satish Shah manages a few laughs. In the end, its Amitabh and the kiddo who manage to keep the faltering interests of the audience at bay although they are quite unsuccessful at the end. Amitabh looks funny at whatever he does right from sticking his tongue out or the pranks he plays.

The movie is strictly kiddo stuff and they are going to love it. The songs by Vishal Shekhar are just about passable. There are some points in the movie where the songs are forced into and they just slacken the pace. And don’t worry if your kid dozes off in the climax or the movie looks like it was made 20 years back and was not released at that time due to some reasons. Its perfectly normal.

Director – Vivek Sharma

Rating – 2.5/5

Check out the official website here.

30 comments on “Bhoothnath – Movie Review

  1. Well, I felt that the initial part was taken more or less from The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. Especially the scene where Banku imitates Bhootnath by making faces and then later on by painting his face white to scare Bhootnath. The idea that Bhootnath himself gets scared is a rip off from that story.

  2. Kiddie stuff huh. I avoid kiddie stuff unless its harry potter or animation. 🙂
    well last weekend I chose another movie instead of this and wow I am still bowled over! Will keep you guessing until the review comes out which will probably be tomorrow or maybe today!

  3. There has been one of this kind in the past where the kids of the house become friends with the ghost living in the house..
    Its name is Abhay starring Nana Patekar.. and he has done a better job than Amitabh..
    I watched it in 5th grade but can’t forget it till now..
    But Bhootnath was really good to watch on the net..
    So I can afford to give it 3 stars easily..

  4. I thought of seeing it for Sharukh but after seeing ur review its movied below in the list of movies I want to watch as of now 🙂

  5. u work for T** OR some movie industry ..u watch so many movies .. 😛
    anywyas i stay away from movies like this …
    u are tagged !!!

  6. @Suda : Yes, go ahead. But don’t beat me up if you don’t like it. 😛
    @Maddie : Oh. That’s news. I would definitely read that story now. 😀
    @Nita : i am very sure the movie must be Speed Racer. 😀 Even I wanted to go for it. Now I am waiting for the review. If its good then I might go. 🙂
    @Sindhu : Yup, its fun, but it drags a little and become boring at times. You can definitely give it a try.
    @Sam : Even I have heard about Abhay, but haven’t seen it yet. You saw it already??? Hehehe…good speed. 😀
    @Vijaya Bharat : Shahrukh is in a guest role. And you must be having a huge backlog of movies by now? 😛
    @Arvind : I generally watch a movie each weekend. 🙂 I’ll try to do the tag asap. 😀

  7. I was planning to watch Bhoothath… albeit half-heartedly.. It was not well-promoted I thought.. but maybe that was intentional..

    Nice theme ‘n all… looks a lot brigther.. and more inviting.. the earlier theme you had on was a little boring I thought..! 😉

  8. I keep Away from AB movies…another look of that man would kill me !! 😐
    I’m sick of seeing SRK everywhere too !! o_O

    Psst…The new theme looks cool !! 🙂

  9. I would’ve seen it for SRK but since he doesn’t have much of a role, I’ll let the Cablewallah get it. I don’t like Amitabh as such and after he put that chart thingy on his blog where he clearly shows that SRK is nowhere close to him as far as TV shows are concerned, I’ve decided to officially boycott him. I mean that’s it man, I just don’t like the guy.

    Going off topic, have you read Five Point Someone? And did you hear that Raju Hirani’s version of it is gonna be called Idiots? I wonder why he’s called it Idiots. Those guys weren’t idiots. Anyone who drinks vodka while listening to Pink Floyd is cool for me. And guess who’s playing the lead character Hari? It’s Aamir Khan. You think he can pull it off?

  10. And your fave Kareena is playing Neha, Hari’s love interest. And good news is that her role is very Geet-ish least the clothes will be similar so hopefully she’ll look nice after the crap in Tashan.

  11. dude well u must watch Jimmy – that is the best 😀
    and later watch Gunda that is the best b grade hindi movie ever made
    but do watch it with ur mind tucked away in some closet somewhere
    at least its a fulltoo entertainer 🙂

  12. Thanks for the review Amit. At least I know I am not going to watch this. I have wasted a good amount of my time watching boring movies last month. Nowadays I get first hand reviews before going 🙂

  13. @Maddie : Thanks a lot. I read the story. The basic thread is the same. 🙂
    @Amyth : Yes, it was not promoted well and the movie looks a little dated too. Good that you liked the theme. Thanks. 🙂
    @Priya : Why oh why?? AB seems to be quite cool. ❓
    And thanks for the “theme” comment. 🙂
    @Ish: He did that??? 😯 Thats bad. No I haven’t read Five Point Someone. But yes I know about the movie. Kareena is there? 😀 Wow good. Lagta hai ab book padhni padegi. 😉 But I think Aamir should stop playing college students. We all know how old he is. Don’t we?
    @Prax : I saw the review of Jimmy today. Critics have refused to give it a rating. Guess it will be more gun than Tashan. 😉 I haven’t seen any Mithunda movies after Cheetah. I decided that I should stay away or I’ll die laughing. 😐
    @Oemar : Thanks. 😀 Yes yes, I watch all boring movies and then let everyone know. So people don’t waste their time. 😀 Its quite noble.

  14. @Prax : OMG!!!!The full movie is there in this link. 😆 I will definitely see it. 🙂 And I haven’t seen Kite Runner yet. I have heard that its good. Ish has seen it.

  15. Oh no…I meant Amitabh Bachchan 😀
    Another look of Amitabh Bachchan would kill me!
    Abhishek is Ok-Ok 😐 No way near cool !! Just Ok 😐

  16. @Amit: Yeah, he did that. But he’s pretending that he did it only because some TV people sent it to him and that he wanted to thank the people for his stupendous success. He doesn’t mention SRK anywhere in the post but it’s only too obvious.

    Read Five Point Someone na, it’s a nice book. Ek dum choti si hai, I read it on the train from Delhi to Ludhiana.

    About Aamir playing college student, well I can’t really blame him. SRK plays young too. But wait, the last college movie he did was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..which was long back. After that he’s done middle age hero type movies. So yes, we can blame Aamir. In Darsheel’s voice – “Bas karo Aamir uncle!” 😛

    And as an afterthought, I really liked Mithun da in Guru. Fabulous acting man.

    @Prax: Yea, watch the Kite Runner movie. It’s pretty cool.

  17. @Priya : I also meant Amitabh Bachchan. 😛 Why will it kill you? Tell tell??
    @Ish : Ok. Whatever. As long as he is doing good roles I don’t care what he does in his private life. And I didn’t read Five Point Someone because I thought its not worth reading. Choti si to hai, but is it good?? Acchi hai to bolo, main padhta hoon. 😛 Aamir sometimes take his chocolatee image too seriously. Although he is doing different roles, but he must avoid these “teenager” roles now.
    And I loved Mithun in Cheetah too. 😛 The way he entangled his hands like a snake and pushed one of his legs in the air!!! Great style. 😀

  18. I really loved Five Point Someone, it’s one of my favorites but it’s a really simple book. So jo log zyada hi-fi authors padhte hain unko usually pasand nahi aati. So dekh lo, meri maano toh give it a try.

    And Chetan Bhagat ki nayi book bhi aa rahi hai. And guess what one of the lead characters is called. He’s called Ish! Mereko toh mast gut feeling ho rahi hai ki Chetan Bhagat mera blog padhta hai. 😛

    I haven’t seen most of Mithun’s movies because at the end of the day, uska kabhi kuch zyada image nahi tha. But I was surprised to see Guru. Maine usse itni seriousness aur subtlety ki bilkul ummeed nahi kari thi.

  19. Hmmm…I never read Five Point Someone because main usse “novel” manta hi nahi tha. 😀 Anyways, ab aap itna bol rahe hain aur ab jab Geet is going to be associated with it, si I will give it a try. 🙂 Mithun is highly underrated. He can do a variety of roles but the industry is not ready to come out of the Amitabh fixation.
    Chetan ki nayi book padhkar pata lag jayega. He must have picked a few incidences from your life after reading your blog. 😀

  20. Great movie.Again Amitabh delivered a stunning act in the movie bhutnath.He proved himself that he is the best actor in Indian cinema many times.He ruled Indian cinema over 3 decades.Aman has come to the rat race and he will vie with little badsha Darshell.

  21. @Bikash : I don’t completely agree with you. It wasn’t that great. But then, to each his own. You are entitled to your opinion. 🙂

  22. thanks ish 🙂
    on mithun
    he was a great actor of his time and we were small kids then , but he is a junior dev anand of sorts and has never stopped making films as a hero,
    instead of character actor roles

    He is talented no doubt but wasted as a hero lead in his b graders but yes gunda and cheetah are noteworthy b graders nonetheless

  23. @Priya : I haven’t even read his earlier books. 😐 And I thought this is some new movie. Hahaha. 😀 I am busy reading A thousand Splendid Suns right now. 😛

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