Race – Movie Review


After China Town and Naqaab, there wasn’t much expected from the director duo Abbas Mastan, so it was easy to watch Race without any preconceived notions. If it would have been good, people would have applauded the comeback of the jodi which gave us Aitraaz and Ajnabee and numerous other hits. If it would have been bad, the directors would have had another egg on their face. Race, infact turns out to be neither good nor bad.

The story begins with Ranveer Singh(Saif Ali Khan) meeting with an accident and his alcoholic step brother Rajeev Singh(Akshaye Khanna) giving a sigh of relief that his brother is alive. Katrina Kaif plays Sophia, who is Ranveer’s seedhi saadhi secretary who is in love with her boss while Bipasha Basu plays Sonia who keeps on shuttling between the two brothers. Anil Kapoor(Detective R.D.) and Sameera Reddy(Mini) make an appearance only after the second half begins and indulge in their over the top Karamchand-Kitty act which manages a few laughs from the audience. As the story progresses, the audience is taken on a roller-coster ride of so many deceptions, fears and revelations that in the end you feel exhausted and just want all of it to stop. The first twist is great, the second one fine, the third one is ok…..but by the time the movie reveals its nth twist(Yawn!!!), you are quite sure that another one is there in the pipeline and then thankfully and suddenly the movie ends.

The problem with the movie is that there is an overdose of twists and turns and after sometime the characters start looking completely unbelievable. Sadly the movie starts looking like a Balaji Telefilms(God!!! I hate to mention them in all my posts) production instead of UTV’s. The “dead and still not dead” or the “step brother who hates his older brother” or the “poor vamp claws the rich guy” themes have been done to death in Indian cinema, but still Race follows the old path and that is what goes against it. And a special mention of the songs is a must here. The movie would have been much better without them, as they are completely out of place and not required at all. All they do is slowing down the pace of the movie and they sound nothing more than some bad remixes of old hindi songs.

On the brighter side, the starcast is the only saving grace of the movie as they try their best to look good and dance good and act good(Katreena still needs a lot of improvement here). The sets and the locations are good and the movie looks sleek. Akshaye Khanna is great as usual while Saif plays the part with intensity. Bipasha looks like a bombshell, specially in the scene in which she is introduced to Akshaye. Katrina should not cry in any of her movies. She looks really funny.

All in all, its a thriller gone wrong. Remove the songs and shorten the length of the movie and this could have been the best thriller of recent times. Its a one time watch if you have loads of time and nothing better to do.

Rating – 2/5

Directed by – Abbas Mustan

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41 comments on “Race – Movie Review

  1. Chalo, good, another movie removed from my “to watch” list. It’s a nice thing koi bhi movie ka achcha review nahi nikal raha..leaves me with nothing else to do except studying. 😛

    Waise I had heard the channels had given good ratings to the movie and that Saif had done really well. Bipasha has managed to look like a bombshell in quite a few movies now, she’s improved a lot look-wise. She was bad in the second half of Dhoom II btw. I watched Metro today, again, it had it’s share of complexities but was nice in the end. I hate Shilpa Shetty and I didn’t like her. I thought Kangana Ranaut was looking very sexy in that look. I wonder why she believes in being a cartoon most of the times when she looks so nice in a simple straightened hair look. I liked Sharman Joshi. Irrfan Khan as always is too good at what he does. And I was happy to see Konkona Sen Sharma back at the good work. But the thing I loved the most about the movie was the way the songs were done. They were very Hollywood-ish and that’s a welcome change after seeing all those bad sounding actors suddenly becoming more sureela than most of the guys on the planet. Plus, no useless group dancing and stuff, nice dialogues and nice songs. Did you like it?

    Will watch Golden Compass too one of these days.

  2. I kind of figured out what this movie would have to offer from the trailers itself. And your review comes close to it even if it’s a bit more positive than my opinion. 😛

    I like Akshaye Khanna, however he needs to exercise a little more discretion. It’s like he says yes to every role he is offered. A bit more quality control would be good.

    Saif Ali Khan, again acting skills wasted in the kind of films he is doing.

    Katrina Kaif resembles nothing more than a plastic doll. An expression on her face would be one for the record books.

  3. @Ish : You can watch Race for some timepass. 🙂 And, I know every channel is giving it a good rating but all I can give a good rating is to the visuals and the starcast. It dosen’t look stale.
    Hmmm…Metro…I liked the movie. None of the stories were out of place. Very believeble and real. And, I hated what Shilpa’s charecter does to Shiney. She should have left with him. The best part was the Konkana-Irfan track. 🙂 And…don’t you think there were too many songs???
    Golden Compass was just about ok. Again a timepass movie.

  4. I am in agreement with your review. Neither good nor bad. Songs could have been edited, especially in second half when they were uncalled for. 😦

    Katrina needs to learn a lot, but then to be fair, she has nothing to do in first half. I was wondering why was she there. Only explanation was that she was for a twist. Some of Anil Kapoor’s dialogues/antics were bit cheap. I guess that was to justify how his character’s role. Samira Redyy was wasted. Only hot chick who had some part was Bipasha Basu.

    And both guys (Saif and Akshay) were great. 🙂 Movie is nothing to talk about after you watch it.

  5. I havent seen this one neither have I seen some other movies by this director duo, but it seems there best work was Baazigar ( Not a great movie if you watch it now, but it’s unconventional theme at that time -plus the charisma of SRK- made it look interesting in 1993)

  6. @Bharat : Believe me, if Akshaye Khanna start getting more choosy, you won’t be seeing him on the screen. 🙂 I liked Katrina only in Namaste London in which she was just supposed to be herself. The role suited her. Otherwise she is always too over the top.

    @Poonam : Yes, I agree its quite forgettable. And did you noticed Katrina in the scene when she comes to know that Saif is dead and she breaks up. She looked really funny. I also felt that the Akshay-Bipasha and Akshay-Katrina pairing was completely out of place. It somehow didn’t looked good. 🙂

    @Lallopallo : Yes, Baazigar was a pathbreaking movie when it came, but if you see it now, it will certainly make you laugh. The nation went into a shock when they saw Shahrukh throwing Shilpa off the terrace. 😆 And Daraar, Khiladi and Humraaz were also pretty decent movies which were directed by Abbas Mustan.

  7. Race is one of Abbas Mustan’s best thrillers after Baazigaar and Humraazz! I love the ending where Akshaye Khanna dies after cheating Saif Ali Khan!

    Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor are excellent as deadlier men with secrets. I like Katrina Kaif’s angelic role then turns negative later with Akshaye Khanna! Bips and Sam looks good as usual. Johnny Lever is excellent! Love him!

    A special mention for Akshoo for his superb performance! Akshaye Khanna is truly a chamaleon, a genius and incredible actor. He plays his toughest role and character with great determination and aplomb. Race is watchable and enjoyable because of Akshaye Khanna’s terrific screen presence and outstanding performance. His chemistry with Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif is fantastic. Akshaye Khanna rocks as the wicked rogue! He is the guy that you would love to hate. His best and mindblowing performance stands out in Race! Akshaye Khanna looks sexy with Katrina Kaif especially in that shirtless scene shown by Saif Ali Khan in a video. I couldn’t believe that Akshaye Khanna looks hot and sexy in that scene. I want to see more of Akshoo onscreen! He is a wonderful actor.

  8. Yeah, I liked Metro because the stories were very believable. But I didn’t like the entire Shilpa Shetty – Kay Kay Menon relationship because that’s where it went a little illogical. Do you remember the scene where Kay Kay confesses to Shilpa about his extra marital thing? And Shilpa tells him about Shiney. It was weird to see Shilpa wailing and crying and asking for forgiveness when it was Kay Kay who should have been doing that. After all, the guy slept with a damn woman for over six months. And she just let Shiney touch him once and then she’s being guilty and asking for forgiveness. That was lame. She should have given it back to Kay Kay, then it would have been fair. And then again, showing her adjusting with Kay Kay when Kangana runs away and he comes back. They can’t show that in the movies..that’s again the cliched Indian woman will take her husband back even if he does any kind of shit. That’s where the movie disappointed me a little. Otherwise, it was good. The songs were nice so I didn’t feel they were too many. Otherwise, dunno, maybe.

    I saw the Golden Compass then, it was okay. But it ended way too abruptly half way into the story. That was annoying. Otherwise I thought the polar bear was rather cool.

  9. I just scrolled down to see the rating. 😛 I thought that three hot babes would make you give a better rating, no? 😉 Thank God I didn’t go to watch this movie in a theater nearby. Saved myself $10. I have never seen a Hindi movie in a theater in the US. Since I just got done relocating to a big city, I was very tempted to watch this movie in the theater. Probably I’ll save those $10 for some other movie…maybe SRK’s. Who knows? 😛

  10. @Rhea : OWMIGOD. You seem to be too big a fan of Akshaye to look at anything else in the movie. 🙂 Good that you liked the movie.

    @Ish : That was the only story track that didn’t made sense in the end at all. Shilpa should have slapped KK and left with Shiney’s charecter. It was irritating how she became the bhartiya naari and gave the qurbani for her kids and all. Otherwise the movie was great. And Golden Compass is a triology I guess, like LOTR. Remember, the first part of LOTR ended abruptly too? Maybe it will get better in the next part.

    @Ruhi : Oho…finally you appeared. 🙂 I was asking Ish where you have disappeared. The babes were really hot but the movie was cold. And the best part is that from what I have heard, people are falling over each other to watch the movie. Guess its Dhoom2 revisited – A sleek movie without a story works nowadays. 😐

    @Vijaya Bharat : Do see it and let me know your views. And you used to tell me that I like every nonsense movie. Now I have changed a lot. Haven’t I?? 🙂

  11. Exactly my point. I was surprised at the way they had shown relationships so maturely and everything was going good when suddenly Shilpa waale case mein bachchon waali harkat kardi. It was not right to take KK back in, he was wrong and he never faced anything for it. So that’s not fair.

    Yeah, after I watched the movie I came to know it’s a trilogy. And I was remember LOTR only when it ended that abruptly. I can’t watch a movie till it goes to the end. Hence I watched only LOTR 1. I had part 2 but didn’t have part 3 so I decided not to watch it. Jab dekhunga toh puri khatam hi karunga. Aise halfway chodd ke maza nahi aata.

  12. @amit
    good….m proud of u. u actually stopped me 4m watching d movie coz i was going 2 😆 nw i wont go 4 sure…will wait 4 it 2 come on cable hehehehehe :mrgreen: n BTW u write a bttr review then even d newspapers 😆

  13. my first comment in 10 days goes to u.. 😛
    MAn i envy u… 😆 trips ,movies .. :mrgreen: and u said you are busy 😀
    anyways nice review.. i am yet to see the movie..it will take a year for me to see this movie it seems..laggin behind that much as far as movies are concerned

  14. @Ish : You haven’t seen LOTR yet? 😯 I have seen all the three parts atleast 30 times each. I can tell you the whole story with dialogues. 😆 Do, watch it. You don’t know what you are missing. And how are the classes going on??

    @Riddhima : Good. Par agar baad main acchi lagi to meri pitai mat karna. 😆

    @Xylene : A very mature decision. 🙂

    @Arvind : I am always free on weekends but weekdays are damn busy at times. 🙂 Right now sitting at home. Viral fever. 😦 You should not have envied me. 😆

  15. I was wondering whether to see this movie and now with a 2 rating I think I should give it a miss! I said ‘should’ but when anyone says a movie is bad, I feel tempted to see it to see if I agree! Anyway, most probably I won’t see it as the star cast does not attract me that much. And when you compared it to Balaji…I think that did the trick for me. I shall avoid this one.

  16. I have seen LOTR 1. I didn’t see 2 because I knew I didn’t have 3 with me. And I can’t leave movies half way without knowing how the series would end. This is why Golden Compass disappointed me.

    I left the classes the very day I went. Mereko kuch samajh hi nahi aaya teacher ne kya padhaya.

  17. @Riddhima : Dont worry. I am praying very hard. 😆

    @Nita : Try watching it on Cable tv or maybe you can still give it a try in the theatre. I would very much like to know your openion. 🙂

    @Ish : Okie Okie got the point. And un classes main kuch samajh nahi aata. Sab upar se jata hai. Seriously its for those students jo pehle se prepare kar rahe hain. Chalo koi na. 🙂

  18. Samajh aa bhi jaata shayad agar teachers sahi se bolte hote. Unka accent kaafi zyada native Bengali types ka tha. Agar English mein bolte toh samajh aata but they were speaking Hindi/Punjabi and mixing it with Bengali isliye sab gol ho gaya. 😛

  19. Yes, I have been doing the disappearing act quite a bit. Not really finding the time to read and comment 😦 I really wanted to blog today- so I wrote a post, even though I’ve still not replied to the earlier comments on my blog. Please bear with me.

    I can see that you saw Bad Education! 🙂 I remember reading somewhere that you weren’t too happy with the male nudity 😐 Why O why? Okay, don’t answer that. But wasn’t Bernal’s acting superb? 🙂 You should watch The Crime of Padre Amaro too. Another Bernal movie. It’s about a love affair betn. a priest and a 16 yr old.

  20. @Ish : Wow…even I had this Bihari teacher there. For the first two days, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aata tha what he was trying to teach, and to add to my annoyance there was a group of boys who were there from almost a year and who used to answer all his questions when we were just trying to understand what he has just said. His favourite line was – “Don’t let IIT challange you. Challange IIT. Challange them to throw the most difficult questions at you.” Ya sure. 🙂

    @Ruhi : Arre..its completely fine. 🙂 And yes, the movie was good. There is one scene in which Bernal is performing on the stage. He is so good in that. And I liked the way in which the story is told.
    And “love affair betn. a priest and a 16 yr old”??? Don’t they make simple love stories like us? 😉

  21. looks like ur a big fan of the movies.
    From your review it means tp movie which should be seen in a group

    ruhi looks like Bernal has swept u off ur feet 🙂

  22. @Prax : Oh yes. You can bet on that. I have practically turned this blog into a movie blog. 😐 Yes, its a total tp movie. Watch it with a big bag of popcorns and leave your brain at home and chances are that you’ll like it. 🙂

  23. Come on Amit! Can’t get simpler than that 😉 Priests can also fall in love…right? Even Bollywood love stories are more complicated, what with all those caste/class issues. 😛

  24. @Prax : 🙂 Yes. 99.99% .

    @Ruhi : Yes our movies are complicated but atleast its always a girl-boy love story without any fail. 😆

    @Jai : Yes, the songs gave me a terrible headache, but I don’t agree with you that its a nice movie ever made. It could have been a very neat thriller if the directors would have followed a fresh approach. 🙂

    @Mad Race : I think if you debate this over with Jai, it would be very interesting. 😉

  25. Good movie with full of suspense.Saif is looking damn smart in this movie.Abbas Mastan has a tendency to incomplete crime in his movies.We saw it in the movie Naqab.

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