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Its always great to read comments on my blog. I love them and it gives me the feeling that someone has actually read the blog and tried to appreciate the contents. I don’t have any rigid comment policy as everyone is entitled to their opinions, so you can blast anything you don’t like and also you can praise something to the skies if you like it. 🙂

However, a “healthy criticism” and “taking a pot shot at the blogger” are two entirely different things and please be sure that your comment does not reflect the latter. It would be very hard for me to appreciate such comments.

Also, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on Race, Culture, Countries, Sex, Society, Religion etc. Please make sure that you don’t try to strongly impose your thoughts over other people via your comments.

Lastly, if I find a comment completely inappropriate/indecent/malicious/inflammatory, then I hold the right to delete it.

Also, if you want to use a post or a part of it, then it would be necessary to take my permission.

So, my fellow travelers of the Milky Way Galaxy, stop being the workaholics that you are trying to be. 😀

Stop, look around, smell the roses, smile, love each other and give comments on my blog and make me happy. 🙂

15 comments on “Comment Policy

  1. Hi brother,

    I will get no awards for guessing that you don’t remember me. 😦 I’m actually leaving a comment here just for that. Can you recall me? 😕

    One more thing, I often read but don’t comment. That’s because I don’t find appropriate English words to express what is on my mind. Please don’t think that I’m not reading your blog. I do; I hope you remember that in earlier comments I said about my weaknesses as well as enthusiasm in English. 😦

    By the way, I hope you will not leave us (or this blog) after having her in your life. Well, actually, girls can make everything happen. So, no wonder if you stop blogging and start talking with her all day (also included night 😛 ) long. 😆

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