About me

I am yet another mortal soul dropped by the “out of control” stork army of God on Earth on 1 May, 19XX. Since each mortal acquires some properties during his/her lifetime, I am no different and hence have acquired the following properties :

  • I am a complete movie buff. I think I need some psychiatric help. 😐 The way I collect movies is insane. Although the frequency of watching movies is less as compared to collecting them, so I guess that I would be asking my child/grandchild to burn them and my laptop with me when I die, so that I can watch them in heaven. 🙂
  • I firmly believe in procrastination. 😉 The latest sample of this habit of mine was when wifi stopped working in my laptop when I reinstalled windows and it took me two months to get up from the bed and drag myself to the service center and that too when it was free of cost and took only 10 minutes to repair.
  • I am always reading a book. You would never find me sitting idle and staring at a wall. No matter where-ever I go, there will be a book in my bag. My friends and family find it really irritating specially when I go out on trips with them but I can’t help it. I somehow feel incomplete if I don’t carry a book with me.
  • I am quite into blogging nowadays. Although I don’t write many posts as my office takes up most of my day but its a whole new fascinating world and I feel like Alice in wonderland. Earlier I used to think that Bloggers are insane, lunatic people who have nothing better to do in life. But now I am one of them. 🙂 And no, I don’t have such derogatory thoughts about bloggers anymore. 🙂
  • I have never followed a fixed path in my life, never planned anything. Everything just kept on tumbling in front of me and I picked up whatever best I could. I never focused on being a doctor or an Engineer, but eventually ended up being the latter. I am working in XXX(don’t take the name literally. 😉 ) right now.
  • I get the best in my life but it always comes late. I have to be really patient and see the world move ahead and wait for my turn. But, I do get everything eventually. 🙂 I have lead a charmed life so far….or maybe I am too optimistic. 🙂
  • I love my laptop. I don’t know what would I have done without it, specially when I am staying so far away from home and all my friends (well…most of them) have left for USA. 😐 Its my girlfriend right now. Well almost….except that it doesn’t kiss me back with that much passion. 😆
  • Travelling is yet another passion for me. Visiting new places gives me a real big high. If I want to be rich, then its only for the reason that it will give me the freedom to visit numerous places.
  • Being a complete spendthrift comes easily to me. This is something which makes everyone in my family very tense. 🙂 Give me 20,000 Rs and I can spend them in an hour. 🙂
  • My friends think that I am too western. I usually get comments like – “You are born in the wrong country.” I am not sure what that means but I am constantly told that my thoughts and even my eating habits don’t have an “Indian-ness” to it. Whatever that means. 😐 I try to take it as a compliment but somehow just can’t do it.
  • I am mad about computer games and can spend hours playing them. Days actually. Although I haven’t played much lately. I am plotting and planning to get a PS2 on my birthday. Hope I get it. Amen!!!
  • I have always believed that when I will witness my first snowfall, I will cry.

Well, that’s all about me. Just another earthling enjoying his stay on Mother Earth. If you still want to know some more disgusting/Horrible/Funny/Weird/Normal/Abnormal facts about me, then you can read this.

129 comments on “About me

  1. A very candid About Me section. 🙂

    You said:

    Earlier I used to think that Bloggers are insane, lunatic people who have nothing better to do in life. But now I am one of them. 🙂

    I agree with you a hundred percent! 🙂 Am in the same boat. I have more or less given up my freelance career so I can blog! Crazzzyy!

  2. Wanted to ask you whether you have any second name after Amit. I have you as Mashedmusings on my blogroll as there is another Amit there. Or is mashedmusings okay?

  3. @Nita : Thankyou. Yes, it is sort of crazy. It just sucks you in. 🙂
    My full name is Amit Sharma, but I guess MashedMusings would be fine. I wanted my name to appear in my blog name but its too common. 🙂

  4. @Sandeep : Thankyou so much. I had almost lost hope. 🙂

    @Ashish : 😐 Hey!!! You are supposed to read whats in-between the brackets too!!! Waise tell you what..its a secret actually…its my dream job. 😉
    I wish!!! *Sigh*

  5. You’re actually brave enough to come up with so many [ sensible ] things about yourself ! Thats really hard in my casse 😦

    All in all,Nice blog ! Good read…like your Musings !! Count me in as a regular reader !!
    Cheers !! 🙂

  6. @Ruhi : As you already know, the tag is finished. 🙂

    @Priya : Thankyou and welcome to the blog. Oh!!! I am not sensible. I am just pretending. 😉

  7. Hi,

    We do have something in common, e.g., procrastination! :))) And also, having a book all the time. Believe it or not, I read when I drive. Well, not exactly when the car is moving, but when I stop at traffic light, when I am in a traffic jam, and when I am waiting for someone in the car. Oh ya, I collect a lot of movies too, but don’t have the time to watch them all. :))

    I noticed that you want to learn piano. In fact, I blog about my piano tips, to teach anyone keen to learn a simple way to play piano. I call it “Piano Cheats”. 🙂 And I do so as an interest, entirely for free. Please do drop by. Comments and suggestions are welcome. My blog is playpiano.wordpress.com


  8. @Les Hmye : Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my blog. 🙂 And its such a relief to know that all my habits are quite normal and widespread. 😀 I saw your blog and I think its going to be very useful to all the people who want to learn the piano, including me. 🙂

  9. Hi Amit! Thanks for the link! I took the liberty of linking back this morning. By the way, before I started blogging, I thought it was a crazy thing to do, too. 🙂

  10. @Paul : Hey. You are welcome. 😀 And thanks for linking me. Although I must admit that I was a silent reader of your blog. 🙂
    And, yes, even Nita admitted the same thing earlier about blogging. Seems like we are all sailing in the same boat. 🙂

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  12. HAHAHAA..good one…//Earlier I used to think that Bloggers are insane, lunatic people who have nothing better to do in life. But now I am one of them.//

    Well you have so any points common as mine except the books- which i stopped reading an year back due to some reasons…..And yeah – did you finally got your PSP2??? I got an Xbox and now contemplating buying Xbox 360!

  13. @Fruitymind : Thanks. 😀 And why, may I ask, you stopped reading them? Paucity of time? And no I couldn’t get my PS2, but I do intend to buy it soon. 😀

  14. Umm I stopped because I got busy understanding the nuances of real life…my life became a book………..harsh realities took precendence over fiction!
    Though I have books with me-not even out of their cover yet..but I don’t feel like touching them..

  15. Hey! Amit. Whenever I see your avatar, I remember Siddharth Narayan or is it really him? 😛
    Really dude you look the same.

    Anyways it was nice having a peep into your blog. Liked it..Hope you visit mine as well and like it too… 🙂

  16. @Joel : I had to google and check who Siddharth Narayan is. 😛 Sorry, my GK is quite rubbish. I don’t think I look the same. Its just the angle and the photoshop effect. But yes, its me. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting and I would surely visit your blog. Keep coming. 🙂

  17. hello…! points no. 4 5 and 6 are a part of my lifestyle two… along with the last two… I’ve seen very few ‘About Me’ sections so long and yet interesting… Apart from that the way u start your posts are nice… Haven’t read anything else apart from this section… but count on me… i definitely wont disappoint you… 🙂

  18. Hey… points number 3,4 and 5; match with mine! 🙂 Your AMOUT page is just as fluent as your posts (I read your posts first 😀 )

    Any way nice blog!

  19. @Reema : Thanks. 🙂 I got a CSS upgrade, so I was able to do the color combination myself. Nope, I have not done the header myself. It was a wallpaper which I got somewhere from the net. 🙂

  20. Amit, your About me, has so many similarities with me. Only 3 things differ: Though I ahve western outlook, it does not reflect from my demenour or eating habits anyway. THough I love my laptop, I am not into computer games at all.

    I had come here to tell yo to enter you sidebar nd About me page into Avant Garde bloggies competition.

  21. @Poonam : It surprises me how similar all of us are. 🙂 Hey, I have nominated myself, but I have to dig a few more blogs. 🙂

    @Strawberrytv : Thanks and Welcome. Keep coming back. 😀

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  24. Hi Amit,Sorry for being late to reciprocate..

    Congrats for the bunch of awards you won 🙂 You /your posts really deserve them..The last time I visited here,I forgot to tell you that the new theme is absolutely fabulous and sweet.The colour combination and the depth of the deep shade is really nice… 🙂

    Keep writing..and yes again,Congrats on winning..Good day

  25. As you said…

    ‘Although I don’t write many posts as my office takes up most of my day but its a whole new fascinating world and I feel like Alice in wonderland… ‘

    I know what you mean.. the feeling is very mutual…. the only difference is that i live in my neverland and not wonderland 😀

    cool blog u have here…

    iLike. iLike. iLike. 😛

    • Yeah! Wonderland, Neverland, they are all the same. The point is that you are supposed to feel like Alice. 🙂
      I am glad you liked my blog. Keep coming back! 😀

  26. @Harsh : Hey! Thanks!! 🙂 And I’ll blogroll you too! Infact I am supposed to blogroll a lot of people. I generally put them in my reader and forget. 😦
    Keep coming!!

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  28. ahh…now i know about the snowfall/crying link! Still dont understand what about snow would induce tears…maybe it is the falling snow/ice hitting the eyes!

    Or doing a humpty dumpty on a frozen road…that usually works for me 😉

  29. Hi!

    I am a regular silent reader of your blog! 🙂
    I have only two things in common with you …. I am also born on May 1st 198X… and I am totally the kind of person who would have said just the same “The world passed by and I kept musing!!!” but …. I don’t have that wonderful ability to express myself in words… as I don’t read at all…. and boy! you’ve changed me… and you’ve made me an insane/addicted blog reader of yours! Thanks for helping me improve my language of expression!

    Welcome to the US… (I am here since Aug 2007)

    I find all your posts so interesting and sometimes I feel that you’ve just stolen my thoughts and jotted them down in your posts… and it started with the “Capsule for Amnesia”

    Always count me in as reader…. I won’t be writing much…. as you’ve changed me …. so I am a reader!

    Stay the same! (or maybe be better)

  30. @AmreekanDesi : Its a looong story. Will tell some day! 🙂

    @Neha : Well, I feel a little scared when someone says that you have changed me! 🙂 Specially, when I don’t consider myself as a very positive influence on people!
    Jokes apart, thank you for all the kind words. Its great to read such nice words being said about you and I hope that I keep this blog alive although I am finding that extremely difficult right now! 🙂

    • Hey! being scared… that means many have said that to you…. gotcha! Well, you never know who is influenced by you and when. And to me, you are a positive influence… so be happy, instead of being scared.

      Awesome pictures and awesome posts, even after being in such a crisis of time.

      Hey! I don’t know why I am writing… it’s all because of you… just kidding… I always do what I want to do…. don’t be scared!

      Keep up the good work. I just enjoy reading this blog. (no need to reply…. time-crisis).

      Best Wishes.

  31. I love the random fact about you that you want to have a lot of money so you can travel. Me too! I don’t care about the clothes I could by, the bigger house, etc. . . I just want to see the world, and money would make that so much easier. 😀

  32. I am cursing myself for not reading your blog earlier. Very nice About page. Expect more of me on your blog, now that I’ve captured your feed! 🙂

    • Thanks Eric! Well, I am not quite regular. 🙂
      Work takes most of my time. 😦 Its more of a 1 post/week kind of a blog. 🙂
      Thank you for all the kind words!

  33. Nice knowing u Amit 😉

    U ask people nt to be workaholics n delurk here n u r busy with work haan 😛

    Same with me abt carrying a book everywhere .. I used to read when we hid while playing hide-n-seek too !

  34. Hi, I’m glad that I came across your blog. You have some very useful and interesting posts there. I will put a link to your blog from my site, if this is okay with you.

    I am also running a blog with technical stuffs out there, have a look to ma blog.

    Link : http://www.techbucket.org

    If you could possibly place a small link of my site, that would be really great. Have a great day and hope to hear from you.

    Happy Blogging.

  35. Except for a couple of things I just kept saying me too in my head while reading the post. I would have said it’s uncanny but then i read there are many who share similarities so isn’t as spooky as i thought it to be i guess 🙂 Your writing’s quite captivating. Considering writing a book?

    • All of us all quite similar, I guess. 🙂 Sometimes I feel that people who blog are partial mirror images of each other. It is a community driven by hobbies, so there has to be similarities in personalities.
      Welcome here Purva and thank you for your kind comments.
      Yes, I have written a book. It went till its first draft and then I gave it to a few friends who liked it and then Life took over. I hope to finish it and get it published in a year or two.

  36. I read your About Me for the first time today. That’s a lotttt of info! Like you even more now..haha! Strangely, it’s so easy to say things like this to a fellow blogger 🙂

      • It’s a NANO world… 🙂 everything is getting shrinked day by day… n u see the most challenging task of defining yourself in few lines… that’s the toughest thing to do but still if someone is doing that.. Hats Off to him/her.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Jokes apart… it all depends on person how much he/she wants to reveal him/herself… 🙂

  37. Came over from somewhere else – blog-hopping can be so brain-numbing that you just automatically click links without really registering anything, and then…suddenly….the sun peeps from the clouds, birds chirp and you come across a simply brilliant piece of work.
    Enjoyed your posts. Especially your daddy-posts. Thanks for a good read.

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