Daddy Diaries : Music, Sounds and Radars

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I feel that children are born sadists. How else do you explain their waking and wailing at exactly the time when you are praying to God for a minute’s respite? I can give a million examples –

  • Geet and I put Anika to bed and even though we are tired to the bone, we think of indulging ourselves with a bit of ding-dong. We are on the cusp of happiness when Anika raises her head from the cot and start wailing.
  • I desperately want to work on the book and miracle of miracle happens and Anika goes to sleep. I haven’t even greased my mind properly to write a few words and there she is, sitting and grinning at me.
  • We are getting really late and as soon we glide towards our car, Anika dumps a royal poop in her diaper.
  • I have an implementation the next day and I have to get up at 4 am and all I am praying for is a good 3 hours sleep. Anika somehow hears my prayers and wakes up so many times in the night that I wonder why I didn’t stay in the office.

I think children have this radar that catches adult happiness pretty quickly. Then, very clandestinely, they start making elaborate plans for ruining that happiness. I wonder how they do it. Is it some form of a seventh sense? I am glad that some children lose the ability as they grow because the world will be inhabitable otherwise.

Dear diary,

Two teeth have mysteriously appeared in Anika’s mouth and she looks quite cute when she laughs. But before those teeth appeared, we had a harrowing time grappling with the indicators. So almost a month before the twin towers appeared side by side, Anika had an upset tummy that lasted for almost three weeks. Geet and I nearly died of exhaustion during that time. We were changing her diapers for 10-15 times a day. We felt as if there is no other purpose for us to exist other than to be a diaper-changing-machines who were dragging on all four after those horrendous three weeks and were praying to God to have some mercy on them. Anika, of course, had no idea as to what her poor parents were going through. She was busy being a poop Niagara. Finally there was some sunshine and the teeth appeared as our saviour.

Anika has started to crawl with the dexterity of a crocodile master crawler. She can be from one end of the bed to another during the time it takes us to say – Oh Shit! She can now sit in her walker and pose immense threat to all the show-pieces and flower vases appearing in her range. She needs her favourite songs playing in the background when she eats her food. Her favourite songs include – Justin Bieber’s Baby (Sigh!), O Gujaria (Queen), Tum Hi Ho (Ashiqui 2) and Baby Doll main Sone di (Ragini MMS 2), Aaj Blue hai (Paani)x8 (Yaarian) and Gandi Baat (R…Rajkumar). In fact she is so smitten by Tum Hi Ho that she starts staring at the wall the moment the song plays and loses the sense of all her surrounding. It is the correct window to put dollops of Cerelac in her mouth. Bless the Music Director!

Dear Diary,

Anika has started filling the house with her sounds. The first sound she made was Pa-Pa. Of course she has no idea what she is saying and neither does she associate the sound with me. He even calls a flower-pot Pa-Pa. Then the second sound she made was Ma-Ma. Then came Ba-Ba, Ka-Ka, Tat-tat and Bye-Bye. It was a bit surreal after all those cries and throaty laughters.

Sometimes her growth scares me. I mean, she was like a toy earlier to play with but now she has started turning into more human with all those sounds and the way she now recognizes family members and her reactions. It is as if the human that was hidden somewhere inside her is coming out. It makes me more and more aware of the immense responsibilities that Geet and I have as parents. I hope we do well. She is a happy child. She laughs a lot and cries very little (only when she has to oil her happiness radar). We hope we will demolish the radar as she grows up.


41 comments on “Daddy Diaries : Music, Sounds and Radars

  1. I wonder if you’ll be able to keep this going till she is a teenager? It would make one helluva book then. Lovely recap of her milestones. Get her used to Bethoven, Mozart and Haydn, their music is supposed to breed math and logic geniuses

  2. Haahaha…..What a pleasant surprise from you. I had a hearty laugh on this saturday morning. 🙂 I am so glad I am pass that phase now…hehehe…don’t be jealous of me…you’ll be there one day :P. But remember, the current phase is always better than the one that is yet to come. These sleepless nights are better than those that would be coming in the future 🙂

  3. “It is as if the human that was hidden somewhere inside her is coming out. It makes me more and more aware of the immense responsibilities that Geet and I have as parents”

    Absolutely loved this line, and in my opinion (humble or otherwise) any parent who actually realizes that our children are lovely little human beings by themselves make for awesome parents. Of course I say this with the full knowledge and awareness that I am one such ‘awesome parent’ myself 😉

  4. Bieber and ashiqui 2? I hope these two disappear from her repertoire when she is a mature 3 year old! But she looks so cute in her bandana!

  5. I completely agree with Kids being little sadist.. :P.. my daughter used to poop only when i am about have my food.. now wait till walks.. and tries to lock herself inside bathroom or lock u from outside bathroom when u are inside.. 😉

    • I know! It gets on my nerve at times but that is how kids are supposed to be. They really can’t help it. 🙂
      I know it is going to get worse.

  6. So loved reading her antics. Of course,it is fun when it happens to someone else :). Having been through these with two mad brats, I am just so glad that they are relatively grown up now. Of course, this stage has its challenges but at least I get a good night’s sleep and I am not perpetually cleaning poop :). Look forward to meeting you and Anuja soon!

    • Yes, it is fun when you have passed the point a long time back or when it happens to someone else. 😛
      We too are looking forward to meeting you!

  7. I LOL at her errr timings 😀

    She is a sweetheart and man her song choices match with my Sons!!!! 😀

    Awesome post!!!
    *Kala Tikka* for the sweetheart

    • Thanks Smita. She is a sadist all right. 🙂
      I think kids like songs that are catchy and have different voices. She has started liking ‘Lakdi ki Kathi’ too. That is a relief.

  8. Guess “tum hi ho” is the most played song in ur house eh? 😀

    Love daddy diaries! 🙂 Also gives me a glimpse of my life 2-3 years down the line… *gulp*

  9. Do you think it is safe to introduce her to Bhappi Lahiri music? I love her music repertoire!
    Praying that she loses her Screw Their Happiness radar soon! And may she remain your most favourite toy all your life!

    • I am sure she will like Bappi Da’s songs. I have other kinds of music in mind too. The way she is banging everything into everything nowadays, I think hard rock will be apt.
      Thanks Rickie!

  10. haha 😀 It is so cute. I agree with the sadistic plans of these little munchkins. They always land with a punch when you are just about to relax. Thank God, I am little over that phase but then there are other things to take care of like when they copy your conversations word to word.

  11. Stopped by for the first time. Loved the way you are documenting her growing years. It made me wish my parents had done the same. 🙂

  12. I don’t know how I missed this post! I love the way you put your experiences in words. 🙂
    All your experiences will help me down the line 😉

    Love to Anika!

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