Rab ne bana di jodi – Movie Review

rabneI hate to be the harbinger of bad news but someone has to do the job. The movie could have been the “coming of age” of love stories and it was steering that way in the initial 30 minutes but then somehow nosedived and went deep into the abyss of the cliched. Before going into the details, the basics first.

Rab ne bana di jodi is the story of Surinder Sahni ( played by Shahrukh Khan ) who works in Punjab Power in Amritsar. He is an introvert, down to Earth, simple and sincere man who does not know what love is because he has never known any “ladies”. He goes to attend the marriage of the daughter of his old teacher and ends up marrying her because of the death of the groom. His wife, Taani (played by Anushka Sharma ) is an extrovert, fun loving, ever-smiling-and-laughing girl who is his complete opposite. Taani accepts her faith and tries to be a good wife(although she tells Surinder that she will never love him), but soon gets bored of her monotonous life and enters dancing classes to participate in a dancing competition. Surinder, who is madly in love with Taani, wants to win her over and with the help of his close friend Bobby ( played by Vinay Pathak ), revamps himself into Raj ( I am sick of this name now ) and becomes Taani’s dance partner. What happens next is the (predictable) story.

The movie was great in the initial 30 minutes. Infact, it had that Aditya Chopra stamp and the Rate-o-meter was racing towards a 5/5, but then something went very wrong. Accepting the fact that this was a Bollywood movie and there are certain things which we are supposed to take with a pinch of salt but I think this rule does not apply to a man who gave us DDLJ.

I could never understand why Taani was not able to recognise her husband when he appears as the over the top, eccentric, gaudily dressed Jat who keeps on cracking inane jokes and keeps on doing that Main-hoon-na-hand-over-head jig. Won’t you be able to recognise a family member from his voice and eyes even if he does a complete makeover?

I could never understand how an introvert and inarticulate Surinder can turn into someone completely flashy and gregarious on the snap of  a finger. 

And I could never understand that how a girl who has just lost the man whom she loved and her father, can be in a mental state to think about marrying someone who is a complete stranger.

The problem with directors like Aditya Chopra and Suraj Barjatya is that they are not able to come out of the shadow of their trend setting blockbusters and keep serving old wine in new bottles. They are not able to realize that the audience has moved ahead and people yawn when they hear sentences like – “Ek ladki sirf yehi chahti hai ke koi usse bahut pyar kare”, when they see characters talking to themselves in long monologues with a voilin playing in the background, when they see the hero fighting a Sumo Wrestler for no apparent reason and when they bear a song thrown inbetween a sequence just because the director wants his 5-lucky-heroines to make a guest appearance. And if you hear – “Hum hain raahi pyar ke, phir milenge, chalte chalte” repeated n number of times in the movie, then just pretend that you never heard it. Don’t worry, its just Aditya “trying” to create the – “bade bade shehroon main aisi choti choti baatain hoti rehti hain” magic.

The movie drags in the second half and why not? There are only three main characters and the running length of the movie is over 2.30 hours. Shahrukh is very believable in the role of the simpleton Surinder and equally unbelievably inadequate in the role of Raj. The movie is worth watching only because of the adorable way in which he portrays the role of Surinder. Vinay Pathak is good in his role and seeing him in the same frame as Shahrukh is like watching Tom Cruise and Woody Allen together. Both of them belong to such different genre of movies. Anushka is very confident inspite of being a new comer and has the capacity to go places. The music of the movie is average and “Haule Haule” is the only song which would make you smile.

After watching movies like A Wednesday, Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen pe, movies like Rab ne bana di jodi seem to be inadequate and below standards. “Mushy” and “Romantic” also has a new definition and it is called “Jab We Met”. Another good story gone down the drain. I hope it works somehow, just for Surinder. 

p.s. Don’t forget to watch the photo album of the honeymoon in Japan in the end. 

Rating – 2.5/5

Director – Aditya Chopra

Official Website – Rab ne bana di jodi

42 comments on “Rab ne bana di jodi – Movie Review

  1. What ever may be, there is “The Shahrukh” 🙂 Thats enough 😉 Big directors cant take any risk because of the expectations on them. Since Adithya chopra took 8 years gap, he has to go with the same formula. There is no choice 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this!! i was so tired of reading the typical review on news websites. this was fair enough!
    And seriously who speaks dialogs like – ek ladki yahi chahti and all that utter crap???

    I will wait for the disc to come..not wasting my moolah on this…

  3. “Adi ne banadi torture” –thats how I would refer this movie.Watched it first day first show and I felt exactly what you had written here. The first 45 mins was sooo nice that I thought to myself that I should write a full fledged review(which is after a loooong time, Jodha-Akbar was the last).

    Its a waste of time. and a complete yawn. The dialogues were pathetic, especially for a movie releasing these days. Pyar aisa hai, pyar waisa hai…oh gawd…what did they think while making this???According to SRKs interview, Adi had written the script in just 12 days ! People take 3-4 years to complete a script !!!

    Anushka did a good job for a debut, but I somehow cant imagine seeing her in a regular heroine role in the future. Music was bad, background with only the “tujme” song was boring. and again, the end credits made me sit for some more time. I would rate it 1.5 or even lower than that.

    Now, thats a long comment for a first timer here. Sorrrry…Infact, I have been here before too, but commenting for the first time. Your blogs changed a lot ever since I came in the last time. Congrats on alllll the awards and Im blogrolling you right away !

  4. From your review I feel that even two and a half stars is too much! 🙂 But ofcourse you are right, from the critical point of view this movie is crap even though Shah Rukh is quite entertaining. And frankly I think most of these directors are simply not capable.

  5. 🙂 Good one Amit, I have decided to make movie decisions based on your reviews now. i.e. you get the torture… lol And I bet the reviews are more fun than the actual movie.

    // I could never understand how an introvert and inarticulate Surinder can ….
    So much irrationality! This movie doesn’t deserve to be watched on DVD either.

    PS: there is a typo: ‘…but soon gets bored of her monotonous life …’ should be ‘his’, no?

    cheers, Priyank

  6. Haha! Why am I not surprised? Appearances can be deceptive, my friend! Every bloody movie review channel on TV is talkin about this movie, and I somehow expected things to be too good to be true! 😀

  7. Saw this one yesterday and the only sequence i liked in this movies was the bike wala scene! else it was a okayinsh movie and you were generous in giving it a 2.5 🙂

    The Ahmedabad Radio mirchi has given it 3.5, god knows why.. guess they are taking money for that!

  8. oks…………………I heard few of my frens saying its gud!! but a woow never came…………………So I believe this movie should be missed!!
    Congrats for all the blog awards!!

  9. Saw this yesterday and after comeing out this was the SMS I had sent to my friends

    “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi dekhiji, 1/2 ghante ki nikal gayiji. Accha hua ji. Koi logic nahin hai ji. Bas end main casting acchi hai ji”

    I didn’t like the movie at all. I mean 1st he goes thru a makeover then says that Taniji should fall in love with who I really am. Then why did go for a makeover in the 1st place? Then he is not willing to show his love as he feels Taniji should understand herself. God!!!

    And for God sake how can anybody fall for loud, cheap & horrible Raj is beyond me.

    I can go on n on…

  10. I have been thinking of writing on it but I guess I will say it here:

    To start with Adi has directed just 3 movies so far and apart from DDLJ, none is what you call a good cinema. With Mohabbatein he showed that he ain’t what he is made out to be. The movie had flaws written all over it. What worked was the shenanigans b/w Big B n SRK. But he overlooked what critics had to say about that. Had he worked on his flaws RNBDJ would have been DDLJ of this decade.

    All this while Adi has been living in some hole from which he never wants to come out. He got to know that there is a world outside which has grown up leaps and bounds since 1995. As a 14 year old DDLJ worked for me big time. But the same DDLJ scene by scene won’t work for me if it’s made in 2008. Now there is a catch. I still like watching DDLJ because I know in which year it was made. 13 years since then and Adi has failed to catch the nerves of aam-junta. Thats what will happen if you spent your life running between ghar-studio-ghar and now Rani ka ghar is added to the list. The man with RNBDJ took us ages behind. He showed how amateurish is he. Now, why he did that is even more interesting.

    Post 2000 has seen a new Bollywood; that ‘coming of age’ cinema has entered our hearts and minds quite sometime back. Adi being a very shrewd and intelligent businessman did what he thought would work. He took a common joe and made him his protagonist. Now, at the same time,. he cannot deceive the loyal fan-base who still crave for flamboyancy of YR Films.. So, Raj had to be roped in along with Suri Sahib. And thats killed the plot. If that was not enough, Taani fails to recognize him. Just one scene where she could have said, ‘U know Raj, tumhari shakal mere pati se milti hai’ would have been enough. Just one scene. And what about the voice.. The fucking voice is same if she failed to recognize the face.

    Adi tried to sell 3 people cast unlike his and his clan’s earlier offerings. Nothing wrong with that. But he tried to sell it by being completely ignorant of fact how such plot can be developed.

    As you rightly mentioned there wasn’t much thought given to Suri’s transformation into sick-looking Raj. A common Joe cannot become dude overnight. They tried to justify the transformation by making him pull the underwear now and then; by keeping the Jat-dialect of Raj. That doesn’t work though.

    And buddy, you do not have to worry about it’s working for Suri at least cuz no matter what this will work. It won’t be a DDLJ but hard core SRK lovers will love it; in fact they already have given it a big thumbs up.

    I am not SRK-YRF basher always; neither I love them or any particular camp. For me, it’s either good cinema or bad cinema. Nothing in between. And Rab Ne… at that sucks. Adi seriously need to come out of hibernation, smell the air, meet people, feel the pulse of junta and make movies if he wishes to make in future. Else who says we are not happy with ‘Dasvidaniya’, ‘Mithya’, ‘A Wednesday’, ‘Maharathi’ et al. We are, at least I am. 🙂

  11. @Vijaya Bharat : You first go and watch it and then we would talk. 😛 He took an 8 years gap and forgot to watch the kind of movies being made in those 8 years.

    @Ruhi : Good option!

    @Fruity : My pleasure. Oh! there were more. I almost cried!

    @Rambodoc : Ah! Et tu? You must write the review. It would be one of a kind, I am sure. 🙂

    @Vimmuuu : Welcome to the blog!!! Yes, I was having such nice goosebumps in the first 30 minutes and then it all died a slow tortured death! 12 days?? No wonder the movie seems a little mindless.
    I think Anushka would be fine. She was quite confident. And, anyways, I think this movie is going to work.

    Don’t worry about long comments! I like looong comments! 🙂
    Regarding awards – Thanks. There were too many of them in one go! 🙂

    @Nita : And I somehow know that this is going to work. SRK has a big market. I have heard that the movie had a stupendous opening in USA.

    @Priyank : What a sadist!! 😛
    I am an SRK fan and I was feeling guilty that I was writing something bad about his movie. Even OSO was such a headache but it worked. This is also going to work!
    No, it is “her”. 🙂

    @Nikhil : Are they? OMG IT IS GOING TO BE A HIT!!!! 😐

    @Sakhi : Yup, bike sequence was good and even the last 10 minutes were good. 3.5? That is too much. And its not only your comments but everyone’s comments. This is happening after the new WP layout came.

  12. @Liju Philip : Tum sab ko mujhe paise dene chahiye. I am watching such movies and writing their reviews! 😦

    @Chirag : Yeah! Nice choice. 🙂

    @Abha : Yes, it can be. Thanks. 🙂

    @Smita : And that scene where Raj tells her that he loves her and then says that he knows that she is married and nothing will change. What was that??? I could not get the head or tail!

    @Oxy : Oho!! Write a review! I would like to read it.
    Yes, you are right. Its the problem with everyone, may it be Adi, Suraj or Karan. They are still living that 14 year old cinema. Yes, even I have a feeling that it will work. Heard that it got a big opening in U.S.

    @Vishesh : Hmmm…too bad! 🙂

    @Kiran : Save it to give me a party! 🙂

  13. Shahrukh khan looked cute as Surinder Sahni and Anushka Sharma looked like a typical Amritsari girl. A few scenes were funny. I don’t look for logic in commercial Hindi cinema so I could enjoy some parts of the film. I agree with two and a half stars.

  14. when you come over to bangalore (if u’re not staying here already! ) we’ll have some outing with the 200 bucks i’ve saved coz of this review! thnx man 😛

  15. I watched the movie recently and would say it is a one time watch. Though at places it was becoming a little unreal.

    “I could never understand how an introvert and inarticulate Surinder can turn into someone completely flashy and gregarious on the snap of a finger.” I totally agree with this points of yours. The sudden personality change for a dumbo like Suri was a little difficult to digest especially when he didn’t even train himself for this leap. May be he had split personality syndrome! 😀

    Keeping my analytical brain aside, what I enjoyed in the movie was the contrasting characters of suri and raj! Over the top acting of raj and the dumbness of suri were capable of generating a laughter!

    In case someone wants to go for a funny, light entertainment.. this movie can be a choice.

  16. I never had any expectation from this movie, never went to watch it.

    @Oxy: you mentioned Dosvidaniya 🙂 Have you watched The Bucket List, the movie taht ahs inspired Dasvadiniya?

  17. the day i saw the trailers i felt yuck because shahrukh seemed to look more younger than what he actually is and i dont understand why all these actors are in this race to look younger! common……every phase has a beautiful aspect of it then why not enjoy it…….besides the actress looks totally out of place …..and the “jhintak “clothes ! who did the styling ? because it looked horrible even in the trailers forget about watching the movie!
    i had rather look forward for ghajini and chandini chownk to china .looks refreshing 😆

  18. After all it is a bollywood movie and directors are afraid to get out of the regular stories for commercial purposes. Some are exceptions and they are good. Also, I feel SRK does a lot of overacting in commercial flicks. He is just too much to digest. I will try to watch this just for the character of Surinder.

  19. SRK and his movies got popularity only because of his Lobby,Marketing strategy and vast number of IDIOT fans.I think he should have been rated as an joker for his over acting.He isn’t at all a complete actor like Amitabh,Amir,Mithun.I only prefer to see CDI and DDLG.Specially CDI,i would go elsewhere to see CDI.I will prefer to see Gajni than RNBDJ.

  20. @Pr3rna : Yes, Agreed! I don’t know why but there should be a tiny bit of logic. It seems so foolish at times…

    @Su : I am in Delhi and I will definitely contact you whenever I come to Bangalore. Save that money! 😛

    @Liju : Yeah! That’s a nice carrot and I agree that I am a donkey! 😀

    @Withering Willow : Split personality! Yes! That’s it! 🙂 I got irritated at a lot of places. Was this the same Shahrukh we saw in Chak de?

    @Poonam : You are the smartest one! 😀 The Bucket List was one beautiful movie. The last scene where he strikes off – “To kiss the most beautiful girl in the world” brought tears in my eyes!

    @Arpit : Well. it worked for him, didn’t it? The actress is fine. She looks like a Punjabi girl. I hope Ghajini will be good. I am looking forward to watch it too!

    @Kiran : Hey!! Thanks a lot!

    @Dinesh : This was a different movie. He had the courage to change Shahrukh’s getup but not for making the story sensible? He could have done wonders with this story!

    @Alice : Thanks and Welcome to my blog! Glad that you liked it! Dil Kabaddi…hmmm..will definitely watch it!

    @Mystiquedew : You missed the best part! 😦

    @Bikash : Well, I am an SRK fan but ofcourse no actor is flawless. Even Amitabh had his share of bad movies!

  21. Amit, now I watched the movie, I read your review. I think your review is very neat..I agree with almost everything you wrote. Yes, Aditya Chopra arrogantly assumed that he can make anything with SRK and audiences will lap up..he needs to be told that Indian audiences have grown up..I admire that he attempted to tell a different story, but it soon fell into chopra/johar cliches
    However, I still dont think it was a badly made film, but boring and predictable in large parts. And, perhaps for the first time, Iam disappointed with SRK’s acting..No, I didnt like him even in Surinder Sahni’s role..I think he overdid that character..the subtle take on that character was missing..Vinay Pathak did nothing great for me either..

  22. Yes the director didn’t deal with the character transformation properly. There was not enough stimulus to back the sudden metamorphosis of Surinder into Raj out in a flash. Even few cathartic dialogues (from say Bobby) would’ve been done the job. And further many a times Bobby ‘treated’ Surinder like ‘Surinder’ only and not that he knew everything of the love-quest. It all made things appear unreal and kitschy.

    Otherwise all the actors were very fitting in their part – be it SRK, Vinay or Anushka, which actually carried the movie till end.

  23. @lallopallo : Thanks. 🙂 And, though, the audience has lapped it up. Its a huge hit, it seems. Yes, I agree that Shahrukh did overplayed Surinder’s part at times. But, Raj was such a headache that Surinder seemed to be believable. I guess, we really need to switch off our logic button while watching Hindi movies. 🙂

    @A : He could have done the transformation beautifully. The script had that kind of a freedom. But Aditya just rushed past it.

  24. I guess I’ll just wait for Ghajini….that promises to be a great movie, although it is a remake….The Aamir-Rahman combo seems to create magic each and every time! 🙂

  25. @Dinu : Most of the Hindi Movies are unreal! Its just go-and-enjoy kind of an affair. But, this was an disappointment because of the high expectations from the director.

  26. First thing first I have never been a fan of DDLJ and Chopra.
    Now, back to RNBDJ….what is with this tujhme rab dikhta hai funda???? Sheeshhh!
    In second half I was like WTF!! what on earth r they trying to show? She wants to run away then she sees God in her hubby…..so pati parmeshwar wins over lover? And I dont even want to start expressing my views over SRK’s head-nodding, curling lips and the facial expression/acting that has stuck since he became RAHUL of KKHH.
    Frankly I couldnt get the concept of movie. What was the message?
    And as a girl I protest to the line ““Ek ladki sirf yehi chahti hai ke koi usse bahut pyar kare”. If I hear it one more time then……..!! Maybe he should have a heart to heart talk with Rani and find what girls really want.
    If someone switched off lights off my town to express his love, I would be more interested to know how he did it instead of being bowled over by it! To know he knows I am married and still doing all this is enough for me to list him as stalker!

    LOL @ “when they bear a song thrown inbetween a sequence just because the director wants his 5-lucky-heroines to make a guest appearance.” So true!!

  27. @Reema : 😆 Now that was another Masala Movie which we were supposed to like. 🙂 SRK was very good in Chak De. Here, he again turned to his regular self.
    And don’t think about concept at all. I don’t think that even the director thought about that. 🙂
    //If someone switched off lights off my town to express his love, I would be more interested to know how he did it instead of being bowled over by it!// 😆 Very Unromantic. 😛

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