My Ruminations

The phobia of waking up one fine day and realizing that all my memory has been erased by some “virus/alien/senile decay” has always been with me….but it won’t be appropriate to credit “Resident Evil/Independence Day/Black” to instill this fear in me and eventually leading to the creation of this blog. Like all sane people who love putting their thoughts on paper, I too have a craving for writing about everything which shoots up my “interest” hormones.

Crediting a certain friend of mine from Bangalore won’t be too much at this point. It was during the first visit to her blog when I knew that I wanted to do something similar. Then “n” number of visits followed, usually to pen comments on her articles (oops!! Blog pages)…which was quite vehemently demanded from me.

Not being an avid blog reader myself (I have hardly seen any…), opening the floodgates of public scrutiny (read friends) is a hard decision in itself, especially when your image is that of a person who laughs on himself.

So…people…..allow me to stop disparaging optimism & let the tyro begin his journey…..

16 comments on “My Ruminations

  1. @Alagappan : Thanks and Welcome! 🙂 Will visit your blog soon.

    @Jagdeep : You can add people in Google reader or add links from your blog. Thanks and Welcome. 🙂 Keep visiting. 🙂

    @Rashid : Thanks a lot. 🙂 How can I see your blog?

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