The boy who did not believe in love

Up was Down

Up was Down

On 16 Feb, 2013 Geet and I completed three years of our married life. Doesn’t sound like a big achievement, does it? After all there are couples who have spent 50 years together, where the last 10 years of their togetherness have been spent revisiting the potty training manuals, taking sagging body sponge baths via a nurse, exchanging dentures during dinner and spending half of the day getting up from the chair.

But these three years of togetherness are an achievement. Especially for a guy who never believed in love. I have seen too many marriages breaking apart around me, too many husbands beating up their wives, too many couples making compromises to believe otherwise. This notion was ingrained in me that no matter how high you are on the initial euphoria, the effect of the drug finally subsides in the morning. Your love life becomes a part of your routine and you get on with it like you get on with brushing your teeth.

I was almost 30 and Mom and Dad were panicking because they thought that their crossing-into-middle-age virgin son was going to die a virgin. It was the most terrifying year of my life when I had to finally make a decision. After all it involved another human being and I have to give up the freedom of farting noisily in my bedroom. Too much was on stake. My father created my profile in a matrimonial website and put up a really ugly picture of mine on display. On a scale of Sunil Shetty to 10, I looked like Tushar Kapoor. I went completely numb in the cold matrimonial waters, just like the survivors of Titanic. My virginity ship was about to sink and I watched helplessly as my feet grew cold.

M friends told me that it takes 2-3 years to find a bearable bride and given the fact that I looked like a cross between Mamta Banerjee and Prabhu Deva in my matrimonial photo, I extended the duration to 4-5 years and went in my crypt. But Gods had something else in mind. Within a month my parents sent me a girl’s picture (I was in Manchester then) and told me that she was perfect.

“Did she see my photo on the website?” I asked in a state of shock. The ship was sinking too fast.

“She did.”

“Are you sure she is not blind?”

I was told that there was a 33/36 match on our horoscopes and I have to stop being an idiot and talk to her. Now this was a turning point. Not that my parents had never called me an idiot but the horoscope match was too perfect. My ghosts of doubts were returning and whispering me to back out. They reminded me that I was incapable of falling in love. Now before you jump to conclusions, what the ghost meant was that I was emotionally incapable of carrying a relationship of such magnitude on my shoulders simple because I did not believe in that gesture. Secondly, what will my friends think? After all, I had distributed such pearls of wisdom like – How can two people stay together their entire lives? I will be bored to death! Ugh!

Anyways, I saw her photo and there was a sensation in certain parts of my body. Like near my heart. Let me clarify that it wasn’t lust that prompted me to talk to her. I know better than getting aroused over a photo of a fully dressed female. It was just instinct. We talked how two strangers will talk when they talk for the first time. I tried to be funny and failed and walked into a wall during our conversation. It was a good conversation.

Geet tells me that she had fallen for me during the one month we talked on the phone. I liked talking to her but nothing else happened. I don’t know why but I finally said yes.

The fact was that both of us were scared. When we moved to Manchester 15 days after we got married, I was taking deep breaths. But those were such incredible days. I rediscovered myself. I realized that my heart was capable of melting, that my eyes were capable of gleaming, that my legs were capable of going weak,  that I was capable of falling in love, that I would not die of poisonous gases if I don’t fart.

In college, Geet was the kind of girl who would stop talking to you if you ask her to be your girlfriend. She treated me like a lizard that has suddenly dropped in her lap from the ceiling when I tried to give her an innocent peck on the first day of our marriage. Like me, she too had her own battles to conquer. I waited patiently for her to come around. I worked on our friendship.

Now that I look back, I cannot imagine the last three years without her. I married a stranger and fell in love with a friend.  When I think of my marriage, I think of The Black Pearl, that was rocked upside down to be transported back into the land of the living at sunrise. Now wasn’t that lucky that ‘Up was Down’?

p.s. I am looking forward to exchanging my dentures with Geet. That way, if we are left with one chocolate and she eats it all, I can still after-taste it.


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Love Compatibility for same sex couples

Polly (my wife) and I sometimes puff up like a puffer fish (with pride, not alarm) when we remember that we got a love compatibility score of 33 out of 36 when our horoscopes were matched. For those who are not faint hearted, horoscope matching used to be a complicated process which required an astrologer who has studied the science of matchmaking. Based on the planetary positions at your birth time and 36 qualities in a human being, the astrologer calculated the compatibility and predicted if coupling was possible. It ended up with a number of charts which looked like a football field crisscrossed with a number of lines, something similar to the signs which lesser creative aliens have left on our corn fields.

Lagna Chart

Now a day, the whole process just needs a software. While our parents still go the old fashioned way, we always confirm the output on the software installed on our laptops in case the astrologer was too drunk to make out anything.

The software requires the couple to put their birthdates, gender, birth place and time (very important as a deviation of a second will alter the planetary positions and your life) and it will match the horoscopes. By the way, how do you determine birth time? Is it the moment your head pops out or the moment the umbilical cord is cut? Just curious.

Anyways, the software is useful after marriage too.  Sometimes, after a fight, Polly and I have re-checked the compatibility figure several times either to

  • make sure that it is still 33 out of 36 (It will scientifically never change because it depends on the planetary positions when you were born.)
  • check if there was a mistake initially and the astrologer was actually drunk and the software malfunctioned too which again is highly improbable.

It acts as a pacifier. After all, how bad can it get if you scored 33/36? You will always clink back like two opposite poles of a magnet.

This brings me to the point of writing this post. Yesterday Polly and I were discussing this whole horror-scope thingy and the talk steered towards providing a gay friendly addition to the software. Of course the software does not allow it. It recoils in horror and disables its buttons.

FireWhat if a guy wants to check his horoscope against another guy? There is simply no option. He can’t narrow down his search and has the whole ocean to fish. Now imagine how this can be successfully used in a lot of movies to show the anguish and confusion of a character. Imagine Nandita Das’s character in Fire using Kundli (Horoscope) matching software to understand her feelings towards Shabana Azmi’s character and finding to her horror/delight/something that the horoscopes match with a score of 35/36. Won’t this addition to the story make the characters infinitesimally poignant? Won’t it increase their hope for a better future and bring out the dilemma more vividly? Imagine Nandita throwing the horoscope printouts on her husband’s face and leave with Shabana towards the sunset.

Leave aside such complicated software, our very own good old Linda Goodman does not provide the solution. The tome does not talk about same gender love compatibility at all. There are numerous check-your-love-compatibility-now (!!!) websites also available, but you will never see something like this in them –

Love Compatibility men

or this –

Love Compatibility women

Now imagine Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Brokeback Mountain picking up a Linda Goodman in a bookstore and open the Scorpio-man-Leo-man love compatibility page and found that Heath Ledger’s character was tailor made for him. Although, the movie won so many awards that if you pile them on top of each other, you can make an award beanstalk to the moon, but that is beside the point. Linda Goodman’s love signs for Gay men would have added the written-in-the-stars angle to the love story.

One wonders that even though we are becoming such a gay friendly planet, why we are neglecting the homosexual angle in astrology. It’s a big market if anyone wants to make money. After all it doesn’t take much to fool humans into believing that there are only 12 kind of people in the world or the planets control our lives.

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Coupling two Software Engineers… a recipe for disaster. You may ask why? Of course, if you consider ‘making pots of money’ as a consolation, then it might work for you but keeping the money-mindedness aside for a second, here is a list of reasons why it would be better to put your hand in a pit of vipers instead.

1. Both of you might end up in different countries. It is not always easy to say no to an onsite opportunity when you have a home loan, a car loan, a washing machine loan, a diamond necklace loan and a pack of underwear loan and an over pressurizing manager. And then, practically speaking, the long distance SOS (Sex On Skype) fizzle out in a few days, simply because the ‘feel’ is absent.

2. Both of you might end up in different shifts which is worse than being in different countries. Leave alone SOS, you will not have the real one in days. You will wake him up after coming from office and crash yourself on the bed as soon as he gets up and vice versa. Your conversations will end up being – ‘Hi honey’. ‘Bye honey’. ZZZZZZZ

3. Completely forget any trips to Simla, Munnar, Singapore, Andaman or Malaysia. Getting an off together for 5 days for a holiday will be task more difficult than getting Katrina Kaif to act and Manmohan Singh to open his mouth. You can beg, rub your nose on the ground till it bleeds, pull out your hair but it just won’t happen.

4. On the rare occasions when both of you will be at home by 9 pm, you will bitch about your managers till 10 and vent out all your frustration and completely forget to cook. You will end up having bread with soup, which will be good actually considering your expanding bellies.

5. Home made food will be available only on Saturdays and Sundays, if at least one of you is not working on the weekend, which will be as rare as scams in India. You will end up eating pizza, pasta and punjabi thalis at malls. Whatever good the bread and soup were doing will adjust to inflation.

6. All the family functions will carry on without you. Your cousins will get married and will have babies. You won’t be there in their marriage albums and videos. You will meet them, maybe, once in 5 years and wonder where all the time flew away.

7. If you are planning to have a baby, forget about it, simply because you should get some time to ding-dong, which you won’t get. If you somehow manage, the she-engineer’s manager will make sure that the baby is delivered in office alongside the project deliverable. The baby will already be stressed out by the time he will come out because of your 15 hour shifts.

8. Your parents will wither away trying to make sense of what hit them. You won’t have time for them and they will end up cursing themselves for giving birth to a machine and then marrying him off to another.

9. If the she-engineer somehow manages to pop out a baby, the baby will grow up thinking that the maid is his mother. He will not recognise his father on the rare occasions of bonding simply because he has never seen him awake. The first word he might learn will be ‘Basanti’, which will be the name of the maid.

10. One day, while buying Cabbage at Big Bazaar, you will pick up one in your hand and wonder what the difference between both of you is.

p.s. Don’t take the post seriously. It’s a funny take on what I see people around me going through.

The curious case of Love and Sex

love-couple-in-the-night-1While I was watching “The Curious case of Benjamin Button“, there was something which amused me. Its not as if the movie seeded the thought in my mind, but yes, it did fanned it. I have discussed it with a lot of people since then, and the answers I got amused me more. No, I don’t have an answer myself, but then, I am always miserable while drawing “thin” lines between “what is” and “what should be”. 

When Benjamin was growing up small, he had affairs with a lot of women. Some were satiation of carnal desires with prostitutes, some were affairs with girls who were ready to validate their new found knowledge about the birds and the bees and there was one affair with a married woman, Elizabeth Abbott. But, then at the end of the day, he loved just one woman, Daisy. Even when he was having sex with so many women around the world, he knew that he always loved Daisy and returns to her finally. This brings me to my question – Are love and sex two different things? 

 No matter how incredulously illogical or deep my question might sound, I believe that the answer will depend on the country in which I am asking it. In India, for example, we think that love and sex should be inseparable. Years ago, I remember watching a TV show which dealt with the same question. Most of the people believed that you can’t have sex with a person if you don’t love him/her. It would be meaningless. I have heard people saying that they will only have sex with the person they marry. That is how a majority(99%) of Indians think. 

On the other hand, if I ask this question in a society where couples have sex with a variety of partners and sometimes live in together for months and “try” each other out before making a final decision, I would certainly be laughed at. Live in relationships are considered great because they are stress free and you are not bound by a single partner.

So what is it? Is it all right to be a virgin till 25 and wait to get married or fall in love to have sex OR is it all right to have sex with a lot of partners from the opposite gender to fall in love? I have known some people who think its a sin to have sex before marriage and I have known people who are in a live in relationship. They are two different set of happy people. All of us has the ability to be happy with what we have chosen, even when we are not happy with it. But then how much is too much? Its something similar to the debate about how women should dress. Its fine when we say that Purdah should be discouraged but are you all right with a naked woman walking on the street? You might say that if the woman does not have a problem they why should we? You might be right but does that naked woman make you uncomfortable? Do you wish that she would have worn some clothes? Well, that is what I am talking about. We do have an opinion about it all.

Let me try to understand this. From what I could gather, Sex is something like brushing your teeth or having a cup of tea. It is something which can be done, which can become an essential part of your life. On the other hand, love is a level up. It goes beyond the physicality, the animal instincts. Its foundation lies in the fact that you like a person beyond what can be seen with naked eyes. Sex just comes on the way. Its just an essential and integral part of love. Sex is animalism. Love is human. Having sex with a person a number of times cannot make you fall in love with him/her. 

How does your brain work? What seems right to you? Is it fine to change partners like clothes until you find the right fit? Or is it fine to wait to get married to fall in love? Is it all a game of patience and priorities OR is it just a matter of lack or presence of choices?

p.s. I was so glad that the director killed Benjamin Button when he was a baby. For a second, I thought that he would end up being a sperm!

The price of being different

How do we react when we come across a woman who is middle aged, successful and not married?

How do we react when we come across a person who is gay/lesbian?

How do we react when we come across a couple who have remarried in old age?

Most of us react in the most inexplicable manner. The reaction starts with amazement and passes to confusion and ends up in a recoil of horror or disgust. We are so much used to live in our own contrived world that a slight deviation lands us in a state of utter bewilderment. We just can’t accept a person who does not think like us and who lives a life which is not considered “normal” by any standard of society. People want other people to be like them and if they don’t succeed then they turn really nasty.

The three instances which I have stated above are too big for many to digest. People cant’ even digest “slight” deviations. As a kid, I was more interested in reading books rather than playing cricket. My Physical Education teacher was a lady who just could not understand me. She always looked at me with such resentful eyes as if I was a pig who just got out of a pool of scum. She tried her best to defame me in the school as I was the topper but I never gave a hoot. I just could not understand that why was I forced to do something in which I was not interested? And why couldn’t she digest the fact that there can be a boy who does not like to play cricket? In such situations, a person turns towards his friends and parents where he expects support and encouragement. Can you imagine the trauma when he finds none? Thankfully, this was not the case with me.

Anyways, this was just a small example. I have known four women who are middle aged, chose to remain unmarried and had fabulous careers. When people are told about such women, they invariably end up making fun of them.

“Oh!! There must be some medical problem. Or maybe she was ditched and she turned into a man-hater. *giggles* “

People just can’t accept the fact that a woman/man can feel complete and satisfied even if she/he does not marry. The person might have a different definition of “Satisfaction” which most of us fail to acknowledge or understand. Its not really hard but many of us don’t have that dimension in our thought process.

A few days back I was having a discussion with a close friend of mine and we were discussing the Gay Pride March which happened in Delhi. My friend asked me that how would I react if one fine day I find out that one of my close friend is gay? This is how our talk went –

Me – Why do I need to react?
Friend – Because its not normal.
Me – What is normal then?
Friend – A girl and a boy falling in love. That’s normal.
Me – Who decides that?
Friend – That’s the way things are.
Me – And who decides that?
Friend – I don’t get your point.
Me – Why should I care about what a person do in his bedroom and what are his sexual preferences as long as I am not asked to get involved? If he is a dear friend then he will remain one. I am no one to decide how a person leads his life. Its his life. I can’t point out fingers at a person who is just living his life his own way. There are many people in this world who do things like killing people, raping innocents, robbing others of their land and money and fooling a whole nation. I would like to point my finger at them.
Friend – Errrr…I don’t know. Guess I will leave him.
Me – Congratulations. You are a part of a vast majority.

Most of us think that nature did not intended it to happen that way but lets not be God and slap our decisions on others. A human must have the right to live the way he wants to as long as he is not hurting anyone. And lets not make fun of people who don’t share our thinking.

We don’t find anything wrong when someone gives or takes Dowry. We don’t find anything wrong when we bribe an officer to get our work done. We don’t find anything wrong when we do illegal constructions on our houses. But we don’t leave any stone unturned to make the life of a person miserable who does not wish to become an Engineer or a Doctor or a person who falls in love at the age of 50 or a couple who decide not to have a baby.

All of us feel bad when someone takes a dig at us but we don’t think twice before disparaging someone. No one likes to be mistreated and told that you don’t fit in. Fit in where? Forming an opinion is good but lets have a rational and logical thinking behind one. Telling a mother that her daughter is a burden and needs to be disposed off(married) as soon as possible is the worst kind of insult you can inflict on anyone. Similarly, telling your son that he has brought disgrace on the family because he is inclined towards a career which is not of your liking is a form of mental abuse.

Lets not turn “being different” into a misfortune for the person. Lets not inflict anxiety, depression and anger on someone when we, as parents and friends, can become the person’s real strength. Lets not make fun of people who, according to our dogmatic and sectarian thinking process, don’t fit in. Lets not be the spiteful, purposeless chauvinists we were never meant to be and give some respect to the fellow humans.

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  • A few days back, I saw a movie called Sophie’s Choice. Its a story about a Polish woman who is asked to make a decision. When she reaches the German concentration camp with her two children, she is asked by an officer to choose one of her child who would be exterminated. She pleads and begs that no mother can make such a choice but the officer warns her that if she is unable to make the decision, then both of her children would be exterminated. In the fear of loosing both her children who are being snatched out of her arms by the officer, she blurts out – “Take my little girl.”

  • Being at home has its own advantages and disadvantages. You are answerable all the time. Its not that its bad but it gets on your nerves at times specially when you are used to live on your own from such a long time. And yes, you are subjected to all the Balaji soaps and the lame Hindi News channels. I was forced to watch “Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” last week because usually that was the time I entered home from work. I don’t have words to describe how I felt. Maybe this image would help.

  • While I am on Balaji, I saw the promos of Ekta’s take on the Sacred Indian Epic of Mahabharat titled – Kkkkahaney hamarey Mahabhaaaaaaarat kaaayeeee (Please correct me if the spellings are wrong. I think I got them correct with a lot of difficulty). I had huge hopes from the serial as I liked the promos and was almost sure that Ekta had done something sensible for the first time in her entire pain-in-the-ass-and-brain career. I saw 4 episodes and again I have no words. The same irritating background score and the same 10,000-shots-from-different-angles-in-different-colours. Believe me, it was BLASPHEMOUS.

  • I called up Vodafone customer care today to activate my password for online payment of my mobile bill. The first thing which I found really odd was that the Customer care representative was talking in Hindi. Well, what if I don’t know Hindi? What if I am from Tamil Nadu? I faced a similar problem when I was in Chennai. The representatives started the call in Tamil and then I had to ask them to shut up and speak in English. Is it not common sense? Or am I missing something? And, boy, the number of times the representative said – “Mujhe aapki sahayta karne main khushi hogi(I would be happy to help you)”, was amazing. In a 3 minute call, he said that atleast 8 times!!!
  • According to a News channel, CBI has hit a dead end in Aarushi’s Murder case. There is no evidence left which pretty much means that the criminals might never be caught. What a shame!!! And the way the channel was presenting the story was even more pathetic. The way the readers/commentators stress each and every word, I won’t be surprised if someday one of them will end up with a ruptured blood vessel. And we have better one liners in our C grade Hindi movies.

  • The reality shows are another holy pain in my ass. I have lost count of the number of such shows I have been subjected to these days. Junoon, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Star Voice of India, The great Indian Laughter Challenge, Ek se Bhadkar Ek, Kaun Banega Superstar(which thankfully ended last week), Dus Ka dum, Kya aap panchwi…whatever etc etc etc. With an exception of Junoon which is giving a chance to our folk singers to come ahead and where you can listen to songs filled with Ragas, I loathe all of them. And do watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, just to experience the sheer torture of watching Himesh. The way that guy keeps on blabbering, I am seriously thinking of going in the show and pouring fevicol in his mouth as an act of kindness towards mankind.
  • Its horrifying the way the population of Delhi drive. There is so much honking and abusive language that I was shocked. Since I am coming late now a days, so I generally come home by the office cab and the blaring horns just make me wish that I was deaf. People play with car horn as a newborn would play with his father’s laptop after being told not to do so. And why is everyone so angry and ready to fight? Why are we so afraid of each other? Why can’t we smile?

  • I have started wondering if people get married because they want to get married or because family/friends want them to get married? I think there is a huge difference between the two. Most of the people just bend under the sheer pressure even when they are not ready. Getting married just to please your family and your friends who keep on asking the same question every time is not the right reason. I am going through this and the pressure is getting on my nerves. I know that this is not the right time for me, but the questions have started to bug me. I am afraid that I will snap one day and end up giving someone a royal chunk of my mind. CAN I LEAD MY GODDAMN LIFE MY OWN GODDAMN WAY??

  • Is it not ironical that all this is happening on a planet which we can’t point out in the last picture pasted above? Earthlings(including me) are so much in awe of themselves, I must say!!! 😀 And I think the Geek Wrestler should surely give up his idea of ruling the tiny winy planet and think of something big. 😛 Oh, by the way, I stole the idea of this post from his blog. 😛
  • I wonder if the German officer would still have asked Sophie to make the choice if he would have seen the five pictures above. I wonder if he would have asked himself – What the hell am I doing?

Matrimonially yours

These are the Ads taken from the Matrimonial site Somehow I find them more amusing than humourous. You might forget your basic grammer after reading this. 🙂

Hello To Viewers My Name is Shekhar , I am single i don’t have female, If anyone want to Marie to me u can visit to my home. I am not a good education but i working all field in bangalroe.. if u like me u welcome to my heart…when ever u want to meet pls visit my resident or send u letter.

* * *

i want very simple girl. from brahmin educated family from orissa state she is also know about RAMAYAN, GEETA BHAGABATA, and other homework

* * *

Wants a woman who knows me better and can adjust with me forever. she may never create any difficulties in my life or her life by which the entire life can run smoothly. thank you
(The principle of running life smoothly was never so easy!)

* * *

She should be good looking and should have a service. she Should have one brother and one sister. she should be educated.
(ain’t it unique !! 1 brother 1 sister criteria !)

* * *

I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person. Enjoys every moments of life. I love to make friendship. Because friendship is a first step of love. I am looking for my dreamgirl who will love me more than i. Because i love myself a lot. If u think that is u then why to late come on……..hold my hand forever !!!
(The dilwale dulhaniya effect)

* * *

I am simple boy. I have lot of problem in my life because of my luck now i am looking one gal she care me and love me lot lot lot.

(I don’t know why but this is one of my favorites)

* * *

My wife should be as ‘Shivani’ as in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and as Tanwerr as in KSBKBT……

(Ok I haven’t seen these soaps but I am sure he must be demanding too much,ain’t he?)

* * *

i want a girl with no drinks if she wants she can wear jeans in house but while stepping out of house she should give respect to our cast

(by not wearing her jeans? Wat the freak…)

* * *



(all of us are loughing{laughing})

* * *

whatever she may be but she should feel that she is going to be someone bride and she must think of the future life if she is too like this she would be called the woman of the lamp.

(I am clueless, I feel so lost. Can anyone tell me what this boy wants)

* * *

I love my patner i marriage the patner ok i search my patner and i love the patner ok thik hai the patner has a graduate ok

 (I am again clueless but I liked the use of “ok”. The person is suffering from “Ok-syndrome”)

* * *


(the “ok syndrome” again)

* * *

I am pran my family history my two brother two sister and Father & mother sister complity marred

(somebody please explain in comments section how to get married ‘completely’?)

* * *

i am very simpel and hanest. i have three sister one brother and parent. i am doing postal sarvice and tailor master my original resdence at kalahandi diste naw iam staing at rayagada dist.

(actually what is this guy doing? Postal service or tailor.??)

* * *

my name is muhamad and i am unmarried. pleaes you marrige me pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes

(height of desperation! )

* * *

I want one girl who love me or my mother. she love me heartly or she havea frank she’s skin colour ‘normal’not a black or not a whitey. I Think the main think is heart if your heart is beautiful then you are beautiful. but iam not a handsome guy or not a good looking. but my Mom say that Iam a good guy. My father already expired . THE CHOICE IS YOUR.
bye bye.
(uttam purush)

* * *

iam kanan. i do owo sistar.he was marred.

(No comments)

* * *


(maybe the poor guy meant BAD habits)

* * *

hello i am a good charactarised man. i want to run my life happily.i divorced my first wife.her charactor is not good’. i expect the good minded and clean habits girl who may be in the same caste or other caste accepted …
(but credit cards not accepted..???)

* * *

my colour is black,but my heart is white.i like social service


* * *

i’m looking out for who lives in bombay, girl simple who trust me lot should be roman catholic, LOVE ME ONLY.

(Now that criterion is a must, isn’t it?)

* * *

To be married on jan-2006. working woman perferable
(this guy has fixed the marriage date too! But he is yet to find a bride.I wish him best of luck on behalf of all of us. I am sure he will get one soon.)

* * *

I would like a beautyfull girl. and i do not want her any treasure. because girl is the maharani.

(Now she is going to be a lucky girl! Any takers?)

* * *

ssc failed three times and worked with privated ltd company which not paying salary at present.

(Any takers again?)

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