A Wednesday – Movie Review

There are some movies which make you stand up and clap. Movies which stand out as examples as to how powerful the medium of Cinema can be. Movies which symbolise our times and go down in the history as cult movies. A Wednesday is one such movie.

Quite frankly, when I woke up this morning, I was not even aware of the existence of such a movie. Since there was no other choice available and since Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah were heading the starcast, I thought of giving it a try (Even though my family was quite skeptical about the movie). By the time we came out of the theatre, we realised that our doubts were quite baseless.

In my father’s words – “Its a long time since I have seen such a meaningful movie.”

I actually jumped out of my skin because I don’t remember the last time he said this about a movie.

The movie traces the events of a Wednesday when Prakash Rathod(played by Anupam Kher), the Mumbai Commissioner of Police gets an an anonymous call demanding the release of four dangerous criminals responsible for bomb blasts across India. The caller (played by Naseeruddin Shah) warns the Commissioner that if the demand was not met, he would be forced to trigger five bombs which he has planted across Mumbai. Prakash Rathod is someone who is not ready to give in so easily to the demands of a fanatic and dispatches a team of his best men to track down the man. The caller is always a step ahead and the Commissioner realises that he cannot put the lives of so many people in jeopardy. He handpicks two of his best men, Jai Singh (played by Aamir Bashir) and Arif Khan (played by Jimmy Shergill) to hand over the four terrorists as demanded. The “Caller” on the other hand is keeping track of the police activities using a news reporter (played by Deepal Shaw) whom he sends after the police. 

What the audience gets is a thriller of a dimension which has not been seen in the Indian Cinema since a long time. Its not a conventional Bollywood movie because there is no hero. There is only a cast. Neeraj Pandey should be given a pat on his back for a brilliant screenplay. He does not waste any time in building up the well defined no nonsense plot. He does not slow down the tempo of the movie with meaningless songs or long stretched sequences. The movie has less than 2 hours of running time and is very well edited by Shree Narayan Singh. 

Anupam Kher is brilliant in his role as the Commissioner who despite being on his toes because of the threat does not lose the focus. The rest of the cast including Aamir, Jimmy Shergill and Deepal also have very believable roles.

A special word for Nasseruddin Shah. I think he deserves an Oscar for the performance. Its not the loud, over the top performances which we generally identify with. Its crafty and subtle. Yet it leaves an everlasting impact. And don’t miss the climax in which he delivers a set of dialogues which will give you a terrible gooseflesh and tears at the same time. The climax is so unexpected that it would be a good idea to put a tape on the mouth of any person who tries to tell you about it before watching the movie. 🙂 It will catch you completely unaware. 

Don’t miss this movie. I recommend it very strongly. 

Rating – 4.5/5

Director – Neeraj Pandey

Official Website – A Wednesday

54 comments on “A Wednesday – Movie Review

  1. Good review!! and U beat me to its review 🙂 I was planning to watch it tomorrow and write the review. I somehow had this impression from the trailers that its going to be a good movie.

  2. Morning onwards I saw link for this movie in somany sites when i am searching for movies and i left it after seeing the starcast. After reading your review, today i am going to see this movie 🙂

  3. @Priyank : Hmm…you must have seen it by now. So how was it?

    @Xylene : Yes. Do watch it. It will keep you glued to your seat. 🙂

    @Allirekha : Even I heard about it yesterday. So you are going to watch?

    @Reema : Hehehe. 🙂 Usually Nita beats us up in all the reviews. I was thinking of not writing many reviews but then these two very different movies came up (Rock on and A Wednesday) and I knew that I have to write about them. I seriously want this movie to work.

    @Dinesh : Aah!! Aamir. I still have to watch it. I have the VCD at home but I am not getting the time. 🙂 Do watch this one. 🙂

    @Prax : Thanks for the blind faith. 😛

    @Vijaya Bharat : I would have also left it if I would not have opened the newspaper in the morning! Today? Tell me one thing. Are you back or have they started playing hindi movies there?

  4. I just watched this movie. I must say Uncle was absolutely right. I loved this movie. But I am not sure whether you watched AAMIR or not. If not, then I recommend that too. You will love that also. Recently, bollywood has shifted its focus towards movies which seems meaningful and expose the current perspective of society right in front of everybody. One message is clear from movies such as Mumbai Meri Jaan or AAMIR or A Wednesday, that is the common man’s anger is really very evident… I am sure about whether they are in for such actions. But I sometime ask this question that is anger enough or there should somebody be doing some real common man action also just like these movies…???

    As far as anger goes we were always angry… isn’t it??? But now I think its a great time when we should graduate our anger into a social pressure which should result in some action… and as always I will again call for initiative at a personal front… if we can be good for ourselves morally, ethically and socially, I think even then we will contribute to society at large…

  5. Hey man, Just now finished the movie. This is the best movie i saw in rencent times. I am still there and i am watchig movies in net man. Saturday night only i can see the movies and this weekend went with very good movie 🙂

  6. Since you ask: Yes I liked the movie beyond expectations. But dude, theatre in India is dying, and I wonder where we will produce the next generation of Anupam Khers and Naseruddin Shah’s 😦 Damn, this movie made me think this, among many other things 😛

  7. I enjoyed the movie, though the paper review was constipated appreciation. I think bloggers can wholeheartedly show appreciation, while serious cine critics have to grimace, chew lower lip, and mumble something or the other between intelligible sentences.

  8. It is indeed a great movie……and you know what its after so long that Anupam Kher has been given an author backed role-he is so subdued in his performance..strong yet subtle..I loved the way he said very casualy – ‘Is sabke baad ghar aana, we’ll have a drink’.
    And what should I say about Naseerudin Shah- he is an institute in himself. He made the movie so power packed.

  9. Awesome piece of absolute perfection, great focus and binding pace. The best thing of the movie was that you are glued to the screen for each and every second. The director as well as the actors were able to bind people for the entire period. Naseer and Anupam were excellent and the other actors also did absolutely well…

  10. Fantastic review of a fantastic movie.

    Though I had guessed the suspense in the initial 15 mins but the last half an hour blew me. The monologue by Naseerudin Shah gave me goosebumps.

    In all means it is my kind of movie and your dad was right, I guess after RDB this is the next best meaningful cinema that I have seen.

    Jimmy Shergill was wow!!!! I wonder why don’t people take him for good roles…

  11. @RXK : Well, as I told you, I have Aamir(the vcd, that is) lying in my house from the past 2 weeks. Its just that we are not getting time to watch it. 😦 I will consider this movie as an action rather than anger. And believe me, its easy said than done.

    @Manoj : Great that you liked it.

    @Vishesh : Great! 😀

    @Nikhil : Thanks. Do watch it.

    @Gaurav : Thanks Gaurav.

    @Priyank : Isn’t it strange that the people who were in the forefront of “parallel” cinema in the 70s and 80s are still there? But there is hope. Yes, theatre is not that much popular but we have a set of filmmakers who think differently.

    @Sakhi : I am glad that you liked it.

    @RamboDoc : Yes, they are always trying to find faults. Its as if it is against their principles to say something good.

    @Lively : Do watch it.

    @Lokesh : Dekho zaroor phir!

    @Mahak : And there was one more dialogue, when he asks the officer – Aaj subha kiska muh dekhkar uthe the? And I simple loved that “guarantee” dialogue.

    @Krishma : Yes, there wasn’t a dull moment. You are always kept at the edge of your seat.

    @Abha : Good.

    @Oxy : 😆 I want it to work so I am directing as many people to the theatre as possible. 😛

    @Smita : Thanks. You guessed? You are maybe the only person who might have guessed. Yes, you are right. After RDB and maybe Taare Zameen Par too.

    @Nita : Yes, do watch it.

  12. It’s an absolutely great movie. Though I had started guessing it right towards the end. But isn’t the end drastically opposite to that of RDB though the message is the same. Shah’s dialogues were dead on and exactly what one would have to say about the situation. Though I wonder whether the film would make people take some action or just provide another food for thought.

  13. @KumarA.P.P : Welcome! Do tell us how it was. 🙂

    @Anand : 🙂 Yes. Its very rare.

    @Maddie : Glad that you liked it. 🙂

    @Chandni : Welcome and thanks! Keep visiting. 🙂

    @Bikash : Yes it is. 🙂

    @Den Relojo : You rarely watch movies? I’ll die if I don’t watch atleast one movie/week. 😀

    @Su : Sure. Will wait. 🙂

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  16. here i am… back after watching the movie. now that i’ve read ur post also, the 4.5 u ‘ve given on 5 is well deserved. Its a remarkable movie and i cant see y movies like these fail to win an Oscar. Cast is realistic and there is absolute value for every minute u’ve spent watching the movie.

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  18. No doubt the movie was a great entertainer and depicts the emotions that a common Indian man like me could relate to (& often dreams of doing something like that). However, I could not understand a few finer points that seemed a bit dramatic.
    1) Anupam Kher asks his SI (Jay) that “ho sakta hai sab khatam hone par tumhe arif ko….” Till that point he does not know who the caller is, what is the motive etc. He just thinks he is playing into the hands of a terrorist. So how does he foresee the fake encounter of his cop? To me it seemed that the director was just making the movie spicy because of “arif” being a muslim character and Jay being a hindu.
    2) Perhaps I could still ignore the above mentioned point by an explanation that maybe the police commissioner was very very smart and thought of all the possibilities one among them being of an encounter of the terrorists and thus a situation in which Jay may have to fake-shoot Arif. But what about when Arif grabs one of the terrorists as insurance for the information. Now lets see. Arif grabbed him from the location where he was to leave the terrorists. That location could very well have been rigged and for all you know, there may be terrorist-sniper out there. How could Arif take that decision? He does not know who the caller is and he has no idea that the place is bug free. Seems too foolhardy for an ATS commando.
    3) The commmon tells the police commissioner that “the place is rigged.No funny business”. Which means that he is giving the impresssion to the police that I already have my people out there and the place under my control so dont make any plans. Why, then, the commissioner finds it normal when the comman calls him and asks him to put thru to the cop at the rendezvous, when he can very well get the information from the scene via his own people?

    Any thoughts?

  19. @Dinu : Good!! I still have to hear one bad thing about the movie. 🙂

    @Luta_arbak : Emoclew!!! 🙂 Yes, I completely agree on all the points. Every movie has some flaws and this movie was no different. There were flaws but shouldn’t we ignore them if the movie has provided a different angle to our Cinema? It was a different kind of movie and everyone loved it.
    But yes, your comment confirms the fact that the directors need to be more careful about the screenplay and iron out all the lose ends.

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  21. movie is excellent.brilliant cast.anupam kher.naseerudin shah,jimmyshergil performed outstandingly.my rate:5/5.don’t miss it.its short movie but the best movie after a long time.hats off to movie makers.

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