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After coming out of the theatre, I asked mom whether she liked the movie. Her answer was:

Isn’t this the kind of movie Sunny Deol used to do 20 years back? 

I told her that she was a genius and this was the best one line in which the movie can be described. Somehow, the movie reminded me of those dubbed Nagarjuna and Rajnikant movies which were released in Bollywood in the 80s and the 90s. Why Oh why do you have to do this Aamir!!!!?!!???!!!!

Ghajini is the story of Sanjay Singhania ( played by Aamir Khan ) who is the owner of a Mobile service provider company. He is super rich(owns a private jet, always moves with 5 cars around him etc etc) and falls in love with an upcoming model Kalpana ( played by Asin Thottumkal ). All this happens in the past tense. In the present, Sanjay is an ultra muscular, salivating, screaming, wide/red eyed human(??) who is suffering from short term memory loss and whose memory span is only 15 minutes. He clicks photographs to remember what he was doing 15 minutes back and is searching for a Mr. Ghajini ( played by Pradeep Rawat ) whom he is supposed to kill. A medical student named Sunita ( who is apparently the dumbest Medical student in the history of world cinema) helps him achieving his goal.

Ten minutes into the movie and the horror of the upcoming disaster became apparent. Thankfully, Asin’s role is the only saving grace of the movie. She brings in stability and novelty to the almost-gone-out-of-control script. The portion of the movie which unfolds in the flashbacks is much more subtle and watchable. For the rest of it, you actually feel like watching an old Sunny Deol movie where he fights with the goons, revenging the love of his life. 

Switching on my “logic” button, the movie took quite a few liberties completely banking on the we-go-to-see-movies-for-entertainment mindset of an average moviegoer. I can understand that showing Aamir’s body was essential and in sync with the story but why was a rich businessman folding the sleeve of his shirts till his armpits even when he is in his office was beyond me ( Aamir looked more like a don than a businessman ). Why would a Medical student go to a Don(Mr. Ghajini) and tells him that there is a man after him and he should be alert when she can see four of his goons standing behind him and might apply a little brain to understand that he is no saint either? Why won’t a woman run out of her house when the electricity fails and when she knows that there are four goons in her house ready to chop her? If someone is telling the whole world that the owner of the biggest mobile service provider company is in love with her, won’t she atleast Google it once to see what he looks like?

A very very irritating background score, some very jagged shots and a cliched been-there-done-that plot. Aamir, wememento thought that we are done with such movies. Taking up the same revenge drama with a short term memory loss splashed inbetween does not make it different. And in the climax, when you move out of the hospital with the dumb medical student, reach the Don’s lair, beat up his 20 goons ( and in the process, rotated the neck of one of them by 180 degree with a punch ) and fight with the Don himself, what happened to the 15 minute short term memory loss? Or are you saying that you did all that in 15 minutes? 

The music is no great shakes either. “Tu meri adhuri” is the only memorable number. And don’t even think about comparing this one to the original movie – Memento. Infact, there are no parallels. Only the same basic thread. 

I am disappointed because I was expecting something Earth-shattering. I know I am an average stupid moviegoer, but I am not THAT stupid.

Rating – 2.5/5

Director – A. R. Murugadoss

Official Website –

p.s. This is not something related to the movie, but in the Mall where I was having lunch after watching the movie, the following announcement was being made repeatedly – “We urge the owner of the car number XXXXXX to immediately contact the guard at the underground first level parking area. There is a child locked up in you car who is crying!!”

Sigh! What is the world coming to!

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  1. you might be correct, but i think u better wait to see the response of the audience. and never underestimate A.R.Rahman’s score. since he’s a pure genius we cant comment on him. he s on da way to Oscar.
    to me its much much better than other movies of 2008.
    and thats wat matters…..

  2. I had plans to go for the movie with 2 friends (my treat) and had arranged for 3 tickets at 30 rs extra each (advance booking) but found the tickets were of 26th Dec so canceled. And am I glad!!!!!
    I pity all those normal persons who did see it! Thanks now I wont be watching it on DVD even.
    Aamir should stick to having the chocolaty look.

  3. Ghajini is not a remake of the movie Memento. And I hope you know that, since I assume that you would have seen that too. Most of the storyline is different. And the movie isn’t bad after all.

  4. I have seen the movie in tamil …..n i just loved the movie for Asin’s act n the songs… one movie that made me cry 2 yrs back :d

    but I agree that only the Flash back parts are watchable n i dont even remember other parts of the movie :d

    I dont understand why others dont like the songs of this movie..I loved it 🙂

  5. Looks like you didn’t like the movie Amit. heh heh. Well, it is certainly a typical masala movie and is pretty unrealistic and I too found a lot of anamolies in the plot. But overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and I guess it was partly because I enjoy masala movies and ofcourse I love Aamir Khan. He was fanstastic in the movie. Whew. Still reeling! 🙂

  6. I beg to disagree with you here. The movie is indeed a masala movie and like how your mom mentioned beautifully, its like one of those 80’s flicks. But I feel every atcor should be given their cinematic liberties, otherwise they get repetitive soon. How long can we watch a serious Aamir ? Dont we get sick and tired of watching SRK doing the same role over and over ? and nowadays, Akshay too? Atleast Aamir makes it a point to be a lill different from the rest and cmon, once in a while we should allow him to have fun on screen too, right? Down south, we have our Kamal doing both serious and mindless comedies at the same time. Ghajini is a 100% masala and thats how it was promoted, isnt it? Even OSO had a typical 70’s flick storyline and I still havent understood the story of SiK ;). Both these movies are referred here becuz even they fall under the same genre of Ghajini- masala movies. and I didnt like both of them becuz the second half was unbearable. In Ghajini, they managed to keep the same pace in both the halves and didnt make it tiresome for the viewers to go sit through even though it was 3 hrs long.

    and now logic, jaane do yaar! there are way too many action and comedy movies that defies logic in Hollywood too. we dont make it an issue na? We appreciate a surreal movie like Matrix, but cannot accept a similar No smoking ! But yes, even Im against those movies from Priyan and David Dhawan or even Rajnikanth where the logic goes beyond our heads.

    The movie though 3hrs long wasnt boring at all and some of the scenes were shot really well. Asin, as usual, was a revelation to watch. BGM worked for me and Im glad that the Lattu song was short. ‘Kaise mujhe’ is still haunting me.
    I would rate it 3.5 / 5 (1 for aamir, 1 for asin, 1 for ARR, 1 for the cinematography and 0.5 for the choreography)

    and btw to answer this “Why would a Medical student go to a Don(Mr. Ghajini) “……she didnt know he was a Don. For her, he was this industrialist in the phramacy industry and the chief guest who had attended that college meet !

    Another long comment, huh? sorry!!!

  7. I just watched the movie – and hey its a great movie.

    Well if you are watching movies which need to have everthying logical and needs to convince every man then you ought not to see movies – sorry if i sound harsh here – but I guess we expect all movies to have messages, logical script and things followed to the tee always…

    This is a different movie than the likes of TZP… Ghajini is a masala movie – a complete entertainer…. maybe the kind of movie that rakes in the moolah at all times – but just coz this is aamir we expect him to play god of cinema always —

    Aamir does complete justice to a role that requires him to take revenge – and in the movie he does just that – take revenge 🙂 …the cinematography and asin are awesome –

    a complete entertainer – watch aamir with an awesome body and great acting – but yes – don expect a TZP – expect an entertainer and u will love the movie

  8. I saw ghajini today. What the hell was this movie. Its total crap. DO NOT SEE IT. The film has got a touch of south is more than obvious. The only thing worth seeing is the humour part done by ASIN. If u want to see action movies where the hero suffers from memory loss,see–‘MEMENTO'[available in english and ‘THE BOURNE IDENTITY'[available in both hindi and english]. I have seen both the films. They are the masterpieces.SEE THEM. Don’t waste ur 100 rs on ghajini like i did. ghajini is not worth it

  9. @Jude : I think the audience is going to like it. The Khans have a very stable market now and its hard for any of their movies to fail. There might be people who would love it. But that was my take. It was just about fair.

    @Reema : Oh! I don’t know. Maybe you will like it. 🙂 I am ok with Aamir playing the tough guy. The problem was in the movie. Yes, I am getting some hits from Google. 🙂

    @GeThu Man : It takes the basic thread from Memento, like the Memory loss concept, taking snaps etc. Yes, I have seen Memento. Both movies are quite different.

    @Allirekha : I think its exactly similar to the Tamil version, but I am not sure.

    @Ava : 🙂

    @Nita : I love masala movies too and I love Aamir Khan too, but I just didn’t like the movie. Only the parts in which Asin was there were bearable. But then thats my opinion. 🙂

    @Vimmuuu : Believe me OSO and SIK gave me an equally bad headache. 🙂 I know all these movies were huge hits and Ghajini will be a hit too, but somehow I fail to understand such movies. 😦 And, fine, I am not asking for a 100% logical plot, but 50%?
    And about that Medical student part, didn’t she see the 4 goons standing behind Ghajini?
    And, how many times do I have to tell you that I like long comments? 😛

    @Moviegoer : I am glad that you liked it. 🙂 I have no problems with Aamir. Its the direction and the script which I find inadequate.

    @Tarun : Well, I won’t completely trash the movie. It had its good moments. 🙂

  10. Very nice review, Amit! Your dissection of this movie is like doing laparoscopic surgery on a sheep! Ergo, too much effort for a minor entity. I enjoyed the movie, irregardless of all you (and I) say.

  11. Amit

    Seeing your A to Z list I can guess why you would not have liked the film. It sounds pretty lame after the few reviews I have read. Not that I am in a tearing hurry to see Hindi films anyway.. 🙂

  12. hmmm…another self-proclaimed genius reviwer lols!! anyways everyone is entitiled to write his own review..but this is what i felt about the movie…

    Ultra awesome movie

    For all those who claim to watch only the so called intelligent movies please stay away…and for the rest of us who want to be blown away by the sheer brilliance of Aamirs performance,Asins briliance and the screenplay and action of this superbly fun filled film..i’ve got just 3 words for you..Go watch immediatelyAamir matches surya scene to scene!

    The film is a must watch. Things that leave a lasting impression on your mind are.

    * The romance between Aamir and Asin
    * The performance of aamir
    * The screenplay which is super fast that you dont even notice that 3 hrs have gone.
    * And finally the fact that you want kalpana to know that Sanjay is indeed a rich businessman before she dies!

    So if you want to be enthralled for 3 hrs and sit at the edge of your seats..dont worry about what celebrity reviewers say..even though I beleive most will give good ratings for this movie..go and Enjoy!!

    My vedict 4/5

    P.S . Nice way to get comments 😛

  13. @Dinu : Me too! 🙂 I’ll wait. 🙂

    @RamboDoc : Thanks. 🙂 Let’s just say that I consider sheep as our equal. 🙂 I am glad that you liked it. 🙂

    @Shefaly : Yes, believe me, it is. 🙂

    @Kamal : Atleast you could have written an original comment instead of pasting your post. 🙂 I am glad that you liked the movie. I did not and nothing is going to change that. Believe me.
    And, I have quite a few very regular readers. I don’t need to use any stunts to attract more.

  14. Hi Amit, That was a timely review..Even when i saw the Tamil version of it, I didnt like it at the first instance. But over the time the music, the flashback story and the chemistry between asin and Surya made the movie a blockbuster.. I defenitely feel that this movie will have a mass appeal as Revenge and Love has proven to be the safe bets in Indian Film Industry time and again!!Till then u will give only 2.5 for almost all the indian movies 🙂

  15. Hi,

    i have seen the tamil version of the movie. it was good. i think the hindi version will be also good. Murugadoss is a good direc too… all his movies r superhit…. but it was mentioned above that music is irritating…. as u all know he is a talented music direc. as mentioned ….. so dont take the comments from a single person… watch !! & enjoy !!!!

  16. I have seen the movie in tamil 2 times in theater and a number of times in CDs 😛
    Well .I agree the plot of the movie goes into unrealistic and wierd note but in the tamil version the acting,characters and songs were awesome ..,.climax was a bit lame though
    😛 but i enjoyed it
    IT was in no way like 80s sunny deol or rajnikanths movies ..
    I really cant imagine how amir has taken the movie .

    The music is very bad here in hindi one compared to A.r rehman standards ..

    and what if the movies Do have a lame script .. After all most f the super hit mvies in india , accrding to me have , unrealistic story …

    Anyway ur review has made me curious 😛 ..
    I want to see it .. atleast in PC, if not theater 😉

  17. i belive ppl are over reacting … look guys what have he done dont u feel its really outstanding plz come out of u r all old thinking n really apprciate him yaar really he is the one n only one india who can shake the world n say we are indian … (HUM KISI SE KAM NAHINE) n who thinks ke its like sunny deol movie ask them in hollywood how many movies are there even matrix die hard all the series n hell ot all are oscar winer …. so its a movie he has done some thing really diffrent so enjoye the movie belive me its really worth of watching n expecting to be aamir khan movie ,,,,,,

  18. just i have seen the movie. let me explain it..
    Aamir is an terrific actor and he proved it in Ghajini…
    Asin looks very preety and she is a very good actor… others are so sososososo….
    Action sequence are mindblowing….
    Romance is heart touching in the film specially whe Asin give 1.5 lakhs to Amir in the movie is the best shot in movie…very touchy…
    so now i can say that dont judge the film on others..judge it by urself… go and see the movie..its not a great movie but its a movie which can make a impact on you….

    By the way Aamir, you dont have any comparision in acting…terrific actor u r..

    and people u go and watch the movie …it will not disappoint u to much….its a moneyback movie……..

  19. i would certainly be a part of the ppl supporting Aamir and Ghajini all the way!!!

    Saw it first day first show and loved it much more than i loved the tamil version………


    Firstly, pls pls stop comparing movies. Cos it’s not just the plot, there are so many other factors when u compare movies especially Indian movies to International. So pls dont!

    then, appreciate the perfomance from the actors in each of their roles apart from the direction and photography. This is a remake and if it has broken records, do u even realise what it takes to achieve this. DON did not do it though it was such a famous remake in Hindi itself!!!!!!!!!!!!

    more to say, the music by A.R.rehman in any of his movies are appreciated as u keep listening more n more and understand n apply urself to the story. same case here. “Kaise Mujhe” is an amazing number apart from Guzarish!

    So not jus being an Aamir fan but trying to make others understand and justifying the movie although I dont understand Hindi but love watching Hindi movies. After all we Indians need to appreciate each other for what best we can do instead of pointing mistakes. IT’S EASY TO CRITICIZE BROTHER! HARD TO JUSTIFY……..

    4/5 FOR GHAJINI …….. And for those who have not seen it, go watch it without second thoughts!. An all-out Blockbuster!!!

  20. Thanks for the review Amit and saving my dollars. Gosh, I read so many reviews on Ghajini today. It’s like re-enacting the same script over and over again 😀 One way, it’s also good as it enforces my decision to not watch this movie in the cinema hall. Happy hols!

  21. hey people…
    this is for all who have appreciated the film…
    it has all the makings to become a block buster… but pls…
    dont ever try to compare it with the tamil version….
    for the following reasons…

    surya is in his early 30s… and aamir is in his early 40s…
    evn though aamir is an established actor, he didn take it for granted… he has justified his acting prowess time n again…

    and for all of u who criticised this magnum opus,….
    pls do watch the hindi version of the rajni starrer sivaji… then u will definitely change ur views… and one last thing… all indian movies defy logic in one way or the other…
    so do go n watch this movie… in theatre…not in ur pc…

  22. Problem with me is that, even with bad reviews, I will watch the movie I want to. I am watching it on Sunday. Advance booking.

    I didn’t read your review in entirety, for fear it might reveal the story to me. BUt I can make out you didnt like it. I didnt like OSO too, but I guess I am partial to Amir. I haven’t seen him in a masala movie for a longtime. Asin looks good to me. 🙂 I will let yo know my remarks on Sunday.

    As for the last anecdote about baby locked in the car, this is pretty common phenomena in US. But I guess I will have to interview parents as these to find out how they forget their babies behind!

  23. I have seen this movie in tamil.. and it is awesome 🙂 and they said the same was given in Hindi with different climax.
    Songs are too good in tamil but I heard that the songs in hindi version is average.
    I think it will become a hit in hindi too.

  24. ghajini d most disappointing film of d year…R we fools…..amir has 4go10 acting…i beg dont watch d movie…ya if u like 2 sleep in AC theatre 4 3 hrs than u may…i wud rate movie as 2/5……..

  25. Dude, I hate the fact that only “Young” actor I admire in Bollywood did this movie. All the people defending this as not MEMENTO, we get it its not MEMENTO, MEMENTO was original and great story.

    Anyways Amit your review is spot on.

    I will watch this movie just because I watch every the movie, which is free download 😀 .

  26. hey Amit

    As u have stated at the Start of ur Article that ur Mom felt tht ths movie is like an old Sunny deol movie… But dude its nt ur mom’s opinion that makes movie a block buster.. I understand u didnt like the movie.. but instead of writing it as a Movie review.. you would have said that this is ur personal view.. Coz Movie itself is awesome and liked by many people.. and this movie will start a new generation of action movies in bollywood.. so my best wishes are with Aamir

  27. @Karthik : I too believe that this movie might work and there are many reasons for that to happen. I have given better ratings to some movies and you can see that in the Movie Review category.

    @Shankar : I wrote that the background score was irritating. The music is average except for one song. That is what I think. Ofcourse, reviews are personal opinions and everyone is entitled to their own.

    @Arvind : Yes, do watch it and let me know. 🙂

    @Ricky, @Laxmikant, @Dark Knight, @Kaushik, @Radhika : Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @Kiran : 🙂 My pleasure.

    @Gop : 1 Answer…Yes!

    @Poonam : Great! I’ll wait for your review! 🙂 And the moment I heard that announcement, I was laughing like crazy! I don’t know why. 🙂

    @Kanagu : Yes, it will definitely be a hit. Khans have a strong market.

    @Chirag : The basic story thread is that of Memento. The treatment is different. Thanks and do let me know your views on it. 🙂

    @Vishesh : Sure! 🙂

    @Vicky : Its the opinion of millions of people which make the movie a hit or a flop. Of course I know that. But I am a part of those million and have an opinion of my own. Secondly, all reviews are personal reviews. The are written by individuals. No one can force a review/opinion down someone’s throat. At the end, its your own personal choice.

  28. My proper comment will come only after have seen the movie…

    But yes when I saw the promos my reaction was like, Amir always does movies which are different and easy to connect with then why has he taken up this project….

    And I usually don’t go thru other comments but aaj I did….

    I wonder that why don’t ppl understand that a blog is a place where we express our “Personal thoughts & opinions”. Readers can surely come and say whether they agree with us or not but who gives them rights about questioning our motives or opinion. At the end of the day it is all about choice no?

  29. I think movie is good. Action is amazing, no need of sunny deol now. If you want to see the differeant story then you must see the movie, of Kind of change. Its nice story.
    AMITS mentioned about last comment regarding Short memory Loss, and the fight he completed in 15 minutes,
    Dost, be practical now a days, every hindi movie is with out any logic. so, don’t criticis that scean, see it as the best scean of the movie.
    If you like Aamir Khan, you love this movie.
    Worth watching. I give him 4 out of 5.


  30. I lost interest on this movie on the day when I heard the songs. They are so disappointing. The songs in the Tamil version are damn good. And there is no mad hype at that time so everybody got a surprise with the movie. Now apparently, Aamir also know this and created such a hype that movie will get atleast the budget spent on it in very few weeks itself in the form of collections. I dont even want to watch this movie 🙂

  31. @Smita : I’ll wait for your comment. 🙂 I did not like the promos too but still wanted to give it a try. Areee, its ok. People get too sentimental at times and go overboard in their comments. Even I was crazy about stars once upon a time. Its a phase. 🙂

    @Malji : Its not just Hindi movies, all the movies do have flaws. The point is how much illogical a plot you are ready to lap up? There is a limit after which you stop enjoying something and start thinking. I like Aamir Khan and I love his movies. But somehow I was not able to connect to this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : One song was good. That’s it. I was talking to one of my project mate here who is from Chennai and she said the same thing. She said that Surya had a very different image before the movie and that was one reason that the movie worked. The songs were good too. I remember listening to a few of them in our office bus. 🙂

  32. looks like a goody-goody movie. both nita and you have given good reviews 😛
    besides the guzzarish song is a nice one……..didnt make a title track with gajini word ? 😀

  33. i watched ghajini last night … and amit i so much agree with u about some stupidies in the movie .. i think the only part which makes u see ghajini is ASIN’s part..she’s a superb actress .she was bindblowing in the movie ..
    n about the movie .. y cant any lady turn on her mobile ph to silent when she knw tht some gangster r over her place to kill her ?? what made aamir to wait too long to tell her tht he’s SANJAY SINGHANIA .. he could have told her when asin had given money to save his imagined mother ..
    AAMIR was GOOD in the movie but it was ASIN who stole the charm .. n JIAH KHAN ?? this girl has no sense of dressing with same hair style which made me sick everytime i saw her in the movie …
    hey amit this is the first reply from PAKISTAN to ur blog (i believe) 🙂 ..

  34. one more thing ..i dont watch movies n m not at all a big fan of AAMIR KHAN but still i watched the whole movie but only for ASIN’S PART (which is something trully out of the world n asin rocks).. the other part of the movie r just crazy n made me fall asleep .. except when the villan says “ay sala short term memory loss humey yaad dilaye ga” lol … i think i got it right …

  35. Sunny Deol gave us some great movies – Ghayal being one name that stands out in my mind.

    So i wouldn’t necessarily mind seeing a new age Sunny Deol, but somehow it is hard to imagine Aamir Khan doing that sort of stuff.

    I was excited about this movie, but havent seen very good reviews. Sigh 😦

  36. @Arpit : Gajini is the villain’s name. I am sure they won’t even think about making a title track with that. 🙂

    @Ranajay : Yes, and that dialogue that no one has ever seen him was kinda funny. 🙂

    @Faiza : Thanks for your comment Faiza. 🙂 Yes, the movie had a lot of flaws. I have heard that the Tamil version was much better. 🙂

    @Quality Tale : 🙂 Let me know how it was once you see it.

    @Amreekandesi : Yes, Aamir did Baazi earlier which belonged to this genre but Sunny was very much suited for such roles. Even I was excited. 😦

  37. I know i am late here, but what the hell!! 🙂

    I saw this movie and liked it 🙂

    Aamir is superb and just for you to know i am not a movie critic… so pardon me for actually liking it 🙂 😛

    Asin was awesome too!

    No commnet on Jia khan 🙂

    P.S. Seriously what is the world coming to!! 😦

  38. Ghajini hmmm, I know it’s a remake of the Tamil version of the same name. But Ghajini hmmmm……..I watched it, I enjoyed the fight scenes and the story line but I you get people claiming Plagarism lol, I knew that but what I didn’t know is that these people said it was a knock off of memento (I haven’t seen Memento), the Movie I was thinking of was completly different and also a Bollywood one.

    The plagarised part I noticed was the whole mystery business man thing lol, this concept in my opinion was originally used in the movie ‘Pasand Apni Apni’ starring Mithun, Rati Agnihotri and Late Utpal Dutt. I loved the movie ‘Pasand Apni Apni’ and damn was so angry to see the whole concept being plagarised. Not one person has mentioned this, come on Mithun atleast you should have had a go. But then again I think the writer(s) of ‘Pasand Apni Apni’ copied this concept from another movie. But Bolly copying Bolly? Nah.

    Though in Ghajini they played this concept well, but never can they match the brilliance in PAA.

  39. Haven’t seen it yet, but would keep in mind your views 🙂
    Don’t think without Aamir the movie would’ve carried any charisma, but I also am sure that hype only brings the illusion of bloated expectations.

  40. Back after watching it 🙂

    And I agree with your review n rating, thankfully I had switched off my logic buttons nahin to I wud start ranting 😉

    Asin the saving grace? I found her over the top many a times, there was no chemistry between the Amir & her, I mean she sells her gaddi gives money to Amir & he takes it and goes back? Where was the mandatory hug?

    Amir as Poonam says looks piddi he he he…..

    Ek baar dekh li and bhool jao waali movie hai..and yes too much violence with invicible Amir uncle was too hard to digest 😀

  41. @Sakhi : Many people have liked it. So, its fine. You can still be my friend. 😛

    @Dinesh : Two of my friends who have seen both the versions said that the Tamil one was way better. But, yes, all I know is that the songs of Tamil Ghajini were way better than the Hindi one.

    @Arpit : He is a male don. A female don can’t kill an 8 pack hero. 😛

    @Dharmesh : I was sure that this scenario has been done to death in many more Hindi movies. But its ok, we copy everything – Movie songs, posters, scenes, stories etc etc. Its our birthright. 🙂

    @A : Yes, the movie worked because of Aamir and the hype.

    @Smita : Thanks. 🙂 Someone agreed! 🙂 Hmm, you are right about the hug. The chemistry was missing at a few places, but maybe they were not much bothered about that.

  42. I honestly don’t care much about Ghajini…but the last bit about the child locked in the car is very disturbing. God! that line literally jolted my insides and I do hope those irresponsible parents, a@##%% get hauled for being so inhuman. Tell me, tell me the child was safe please.

    My first visit to your blog and its got a pleasant feel. Good luck.

  43. oh! did you just read my mind there??

    the only place where I would differ is Aamir Khan! he did a brilliant job! actually he along with Asin saved it from being a total look-alike of a B-grade 80’s bollywood movie!

    which is Sunny Deol metaphor i guess!! hehe!

    and it had such a crappy look. and the goons! and what a wimp as villain! if only it was about an HOUR shorter life wouldnt have been as bad!

    and yes, Rahman’s music is inspid to say the least!

    had fun reading this!



  44. Spot on! I was tearing my hair out with all the 80s melodrama in the 2nd half. The first half was beautiful, with the illogical yet cute love story. Even the action that people praised was real good, but became monotonous after the first 2 fights. On the whole, a point less three hours. The REALLY weak characterisation of the titular villain and Jiah’s acting made it even more headache inspiring.

    You have a funny and entertaining review here, with some lovely Murugadoss fan-club comments 😉

  45. @Swetha : Welcome to my blog! I am not sure but the child must be safe as the guard had already spotted him in the car. I don’t know why but I burst out laughing when I heard the announcement. 🙂

    @Abha : I am glad that you (partially) agree with me. 🙂 Yes, some heavy editing might help but the treatment itself is quite chiched. Keep coming! 🙂

    @Vidooshak : Thankyou. Someone agreed at last!! 🙂 Yes, the comments are fun, specially because there are some ardant Aamir Fans who liked the movie. 🙂

  46. It wasn’t Memento in any which ways, but as u said basics were same, the movie had flaw written everywhere.. I have seen the Tamil version and as that was the first one I ever saw (before Memento) I kinda liked it but even that had flaws.

    And Murugadoss has audacity to say he likes the Hindi one better than Tamil ones.. so much arse licking of Aamir Khan.. Pheeww!!!

  47. @Oxy : Two of my friends have seen both the Tamil and Hindi movies and they said Tamil one was much better. And the songs of the Tamil movie were good too. I loved them!!! 🙂
    And we should not compare it with Memento. Its like comparing Audrey Hepburn and Mallika Sherawat. 😀

  48. that’s a good review.
    good to see someone has the courage to say that amir isn’t the greatest.
    amir k wud’ve been a great film guy if he is administered a self deobsession serum.
    he reminds me of dev anand – never allows a film to grow beyond himself.
    dont think am qualifed to speak about hindi movies – i see them only in snatches – sometimes a whole movie in several snatches. hve a problem with the language.
    so my observations cud b wrong.

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