Mashed Musings is Moving

Hi everyone,

I am closing Mashed Musings and moving all the content of the blog to my new website. The blog URL will be

All the old posts, comments etc will be available at the new location. I will also be setting up a redirect on Mashedmusings so that if you open this blog by mistake, it will take you automatically to the new location.

I will also move the email subscriptions for Mashedmusings to the new website so that you keep getting my latest posts in your mails.

If you have subscribed to Mashedmusings Facebook page, I will be merging that Facebook page to my new author page at

This means is that all your likes for mashedmusings on the FB page will be transferred to my new author page and you will keep getting updates on my posts and my novel updates as usual on Facebook.

So, basically you do not have to do a thing to adjust to this new change. I’ll handle everything. 🙂

And, Oh yes! My novel False Ceilings was launched by Lifi Publications in the World Book Fair in Delhi on 12th Jan, 2016. You can know more about the book here –

The Amazon and Flipkart links to buy the book are here –

Flipkart – Click Here

Amazon – Click Here

Hoping for your love and support as usual.

Take Care everyone! See you on the new website!



One comment on “Mashed Musings is Moving

  1. ok glad…I was worried for a second that one of my favourite blogs is going to go away. And happy that you are taking care of all the subscription details.
    Btw, how do I get a signed copy of your book? I have seen it on Amazon and Flipkart. I was planning to buy it in my India trip this summer.

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