Elaan, SRK and the darn tattoo

Three things caught my eye after returning from the unforgettable trip to Vizag. Surprisingly, all three related to children.

As I hurriedly went through the blogs of my numerous blogging buddies as I have been off the blogosphere for almost four days because of the trip, I came across the Blogging for a cause post on Amyth’s Blog which was a sort of an eye opener for me. Amyth has been closely associated with Elaan, which is an NGO founded in 2004 as part of an endeavor to encourage dialogue on the issues of child sexual abuse (CSA) and incest. It functioned as a youth group for 3 years before being registered as an NGO on June 7th 2007 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961. To know more about Elaan, you can read this post on Amyth’s blog. You would be surprised to know that there is NO LAW that makes the sexual abuse of a child a legally punishable offense. The readers can also sign the on-line petition to the Supreme Court by following this link.

I said “eye opener” earlier because I have not used my blog to further a cause, so it was my great pleasure to help Amyth in whatever way I could. Three cheers for Elaan and their commitment towards the society.

On the lighter side, I have stopped so many poor souls from watching movies like 10,000 B.C. and Race because of my negative reviews, so for the time being, I would call that “blogging for a cause” too. 😆

The second news which caught my eye was the SRK-Airtel deal for “Kya aap panchvi pass se tez hain?”. Ok, so the prize money is now a whooping 5 crores, but if the grapewine is to be believed, SRK himself is getting Rs 40 crores for the deal. Ufff!!!! I almost fainted when I heard the amount. And yes, this will help SRK reach the kiddo market where Aamir and Hrithik have some very firm footings. But 40 crores?? Isn’t that the budget of a Magnum opus?? 😯

The third news was the Saif’s-love-for-Kareena-is-not-real one. I am so tired of reading about that tattoo that its not funny anymore. As per the latest(A big Yawnnn!!!!) gossip, the tattoo is not real and has to be weekly dyed. This might lead to a rough patch in the relationship. The only thing which I found interesting here is the concept of weekly dyed tattoos?? Do they exist? 🙂

Ok, so this story is not even “neanderthaly” connected to children, but I found it really juvenile and hence thought of putting it here. 😆 I think the media should give the couple and us(specially us) a break. And, those of you who still haven’t seen the tattoo, here it is. (This is an exclusive picture taken from the March, 2008 Filmfare edition)

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22 comments on “Elaan, SRK and the darn tattoo

  1. I dont want to comment about Kareena as u r a very big fan of her 😉 About SRK deal, we have to see one more program copied from US, what to do, its our fate;

  2. I’ve never followed the saif kareena affair so don’t know anything about that. As far as SRK is considered, I think only he can pull anything like this. And the sum he is getting is not astoundingly high, if I remember correclty, Sachin had a contract of 100 crores 10 year back. Now that is what I call One man Industry’

  3. hmm y to say anything on saif n kareena if they r in love then wow .but if you get a gf by drawing a tattoo then i m going to paint my whole body :)……. 4 srk he is king khan and king is always rich and charge much for everything either he anchor’s a show or dances in a marrige ha ha ha ha ha……

  4. wow i know the media has been going mental over the whole saif-kareena thing but they put u a pic of his tattoo in filmfare magazine? he’s inshane, shes’ trashy, when are people gonna forget about this. can’t they just discuss their talent, saif is an amazing actor, and kareenas gotten pretty good!

  5. @Bharat : Yup, I know what you think of Kareena. 😉 Try to like her. I know its difficult for you…but just try. 🙂 And as far as copying programs is concerned, I won’t mind a copied program if its entertaining. KBC was copied but it worked.

    @Anand : 100 crores?? Is that true. Then this deal sounds like peanuts. 😆

    @Anuj : You need a body first. 😆 Or have you gained weight already?? 🙂

    @Abeer : Actually the pic was of Saif, but I took only the tattoo part here. But if you see the pic, the tattoo is quite prominent(he is actually showing it). Aneways I liked the design and the way its written in Hindi. Yes they are the best breed of actors we have right now but somehow I don’t find the pair “hot”.

  6. I came to know about the Kareena tattoo only 2 days back when I was watching Filmfare Awards on Youtube. 😀 I was wondering what that entire joke was about! Later I googled it and then got to know. Heh. Cool concept. Everything in Bollywood is disposable. Obviously you can’t expect Saif to get a permanent tattoo. That would be too much of a risk. 🙂

    I watched 10,000 BC and couldn’t tolerate it. I’m watching an Iranian movie tonight- called Under the Skin of the City. It’s about a woman who comes back home to a husband who abuses her everyday. I think I should like it. Will watch it and let you know 🙂

  7. @amit
    hey u r raising fingers at saif’s pyaar… 😆 not dat i care bt dat poor guy has done it yaar mehnat se…maybe sach ka hoga.. trust him. And abt SRK’s moolah i dont understand itne paise ka karega kya woh??? he does films….ads….buys cricket teams….dances at weddings…does tv shows….n charges a bomb 4 them. Itna saara paisa??? 😳 n does he donata ne of dat ya apna paas rakh kar hope kar raha hai ki it doubles or trebles :mrgreen:

  8. Thanks a lot Amit! …. It’s buddies like you that make doing anything for a cause worth-while.. Appreciate the gesture.. Also adding a link to this post on the SPeak-OUT Page of the elaan blog! 🙂 ..

  9. Very true…To me this “Saif-kareena-we-both-madly-love-each other” saga is a mere publicity gimmick…the kind of publicity they generate gosh…makes them superstars overnight man…all this has turned the tables for “Jab we Met” “Race”-wo jitni bhi chali…n just wait for “Tashan”… It all has perfect timing always.
    That tatoo bluff was a gr8 revelation dude…let me make another 1…rembr the 1 crore diamond he has gifted her ??
    Reports state that a diamond company(svarowski shayad) has sponsored that…Howzzat !!

  10. @Anand : 😯

    @Ruhi : Did they mentioned it in Filmfare awards too?? 🙂 Yes, I do agree there is no point in having a permanent tattoo when you know that the girlfriend itself might not be permanent. 😆 “Under the Skin of the City” —> let me know how it was.

    @Riddhima : I am not sure what that guy will do with all that Paisa. But surely these stars do all kinds of charity which never come to light because the media does not care about these small, nonsense issues. All they care about is tattoos. 🙂

    @Amyth : My pleasure. 🙂 And thanks to you too. 🙂

    @Anurag : I didn’t knew about the 1 crore diamond story. 😯 And I too believe that Tashan is going to have a mega opening because of the jodi even though I am quite sure that it won’t be too good. 😐

  11. Yeah, you stopped me from seeing Race. I was gonna see it yesterday and then we decided to go see One Two Three instead because I had your Race review in mind. We saw a couple of review’s of One Two Three. It had 0 out of 5 stars in one of the reviews. We thought we had made a mistake but turns out it was nice. Almost brilliant actually. Might not impress critics and stuff but it’s a reasonably good comedy.

    And the Saif-Kareena thing, well I don’t really wanna talk about that. I don’t exactly fancy Kareena going around with Saif..he’s a casanova after all whereas Shahid seemed to be madly in love with her. Anyway, it’s her choice. Btw, I’m sure the inspiration for Saif’s tattoo was David Beckham. The guy has “Victoria” written in Hindi on his arm in precisely the same place as Saif.

  12. Oh…so ye bhi churaya hua idea hai?? 😐 I thought this tattoo thing was original. And this “One two three” seems like a keep-your-brain-at-home movie. Something like partner and welcome???
    Aur ab kabhi baad main Race dekhi aur acchi lagi to?? 🙂

  13. I think usne Beckham se hi churaaya hai. It’s height of co-incidence agar nahi churaaya hai toh. Not many people seem to know about Beckham’s tattoo..nahi toh India waalon ne toh bada khush ho ke bataana tha ki bhai sab languages mein se Beckham ne Hindi ko hi choose kiya tattoo banwaane ke liye. Big deal right?

    One Two Three is pretty much of a keep your brain at home. I found it way way better than Partner or Welcome though. It might be senseless and cheesy, but the humor is quite cool and the performances by Suneil Shetty and some others are very good.

    Nahi yaar, I watched Race thodi si in the end, mereko toh bilkul bekaar lagi. I’m not into cars and chicks flicks. Anil Kapoor does deserve a mention for managing to look pretty good though. That’s about all.

  14. @Ish : Yup, even I had no idea Beckham had such a tattoo. Agar Indian media ko pata chal gaya hota to there would have been a 23 hours non stop show at AajTak by now, in which they would have called Tattoo experts from Bhopal and discussed about the impacts of Hindi tattoos. 🙂
    Good that you liked one two three. I am not sure I will like it. Suniel Shetty hai. 😐
    Anil Kapoor is looking cool. Actually Race main sabhi cool lag rahe hain. And the movie is a hit. 😐 Anil doesn’t look like he is having a grown up daughter. Commendable.

  15. Aaj Tak ek dum sahi describe kiya. These days toh they are too busy talking about this Indian wrestler called Khali who went into WWF and is beating everyone there. The program was titled something like Mahabali Khali or something. They even showed his girlfriend for Christ’s sake. It was really lame.

    Even I hate Suneil Shetty you know. But the guy was brilliant in the movie. I was shocked. But the main thing isn’t him. The main thing is one of the sidey guys who’s done a really good job. I don’t remember his name now but he used to come in Office Office. I think he was the one who played “Shukla ji” in that.

    And about Anil Kapoor, exactly! Sonam toh abhi nahi chali par daddy’s come back big time. Pehle Race and now he’s also there in Tashan right? Papa ki kashti chal padi. He’s a good actor waise..Pukaar mein he was great and a couple of other movies too..naam abhi yaad nahi.

  16. @Ish : Yesterday I got a mail in which someone has taken snaps of a news flash on Star news. The breaking news was that – Commisioner sahab ka KUTTA mila. His name was Sanif and he got lost on 25 March and they are showing it as breaking news. 😯 Aajkal saare channels aise hi hain. I am SHOCKED!!!SHOCKED!!!SHOCKED!!!
    Anil was very good in Pukar and even in No Entry. He is not aging it seems. 🙂 Yup he is in Tashan. I am looking forward to watching that movie although I know ke it won’t be that good. 😐

  17. I know, news channels ka standard bahut gir gaya hai. Especially Hindi news channels ka. There was a time when Aaj Tak was actually worth watching. Ab to it’s completely kabaad. I guess you can only watch NDTV and CNN-IBN nowadays. Waise baat yeh hai ki they are giving the people what they like to see. Majority of the Hindi news listening junta doesn’t mind such pieces of news. Varna it isn’t possible ke IBN7 pe sub kabaad news aati hai and CNN-IBN par normal. Both are owned by Rajdeep Sardesai only, usko pata hai ki kaun kya dekhna pasand karta hai.

    Tashan is riding on the Kareena and Sainnf hype just like Jab We Met had ridden on the Kareena and Shahid hype. The only thing that remains to be seen is if Tashan can be as good as JWM. JWM was brilliant and I loved both Shahid and Kareena in that, which is a compliment in itself because mostly I don’t like either of them.

  18. @Ish : I know, basically its all our fault that this kind of crap is shown on television. We are actually Gawaar at heart. That’s why we like this kind of stuff. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. 😐

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