How Amit celebrated his Birthday

This post is dedicated to all the sleepyheads who forgot to wish me on my birthday. Yeah Yeah, now don’t give that sleepy grin or the Oh-shit look. I must admit that this year the number of people who would be facing the wrath is very less and I am quite happy about it. 🙂 And as a once a year bonus, I was spared the task of decorating birthday cards with my calligraphy.

So, for all those who still are scratching their heads, 1 May was the historical day on which I was born. Its celebrated all over the world as May Day/Labour Day/International Worker’s Day. And yes I am quite used to being called a “labourer” at times. 😐 Once when I was quite acerbic and poured my heart to one of my friends about the disadvantages of being born on Labour Day, she patted my shoulder and replied – You should thank God that its not Labour Pain day. 😐

Talk about being optimistic. But Christ!!!!! Labour Pain day???

Ok, coming back to yesterday, my roommates brought a chocolate and walnut cake at 12 am and I had a cake cutting ceremony at my room which thankfully did not include “birthday bumps” and “Cake face pack” as I was constantly accepting birthday wishes on my mobile. I made sure that the cake was finished off before I put my mobile down so that I did not end up with the creamy face pack. This is that yummy cake.

In the morning, I had to wake up early as my mom had been constantly reminding me from the past ten days that I have to go to the temple in the morning and give food and money to the beggars. She is constantly consulting 3 astrologers to know what is going to happen to me in the future and one of them(Don’t know which one) provided her with this Temple thingy. So there I was, dragging my roommate Lokesh with me, at a local restaurant, asking for 10 “separate” packets of Idlies(Yeah, you read it right). I did everything according to my mom’s satisfaction, which I knew, would eventually give her a chance to tell my sister that I am such an obedient boy and she should be like me. Sweet na?? 🙂

We had planned for a Lunch in one of the four star hotel in Chennai, so I arranged for a cab to pick us up. Another cake was waiting there, to be castrated by me. 🙂

As we had our lunch, I was showered with cards and gifts and I was quite overwhelmed. The cards were beautiful and I could never have guessed the gifts. I was asked to make three guesses, but I blurted out anything just because I was so excited to tear off and see what’s inside. Thanks you guys for making my birthday truly memorable. Here is a sneak peek into the gifts.

*Drums rolling. Tension mounting up. The curtain goes up slowly*

Ok, I got this really cool Philips Digital photo frame and “tashan” style goggles specially imported from America by my friends working there. The gifts were finalized after some grueling offshore-onsite discussions with my friends here. For those of you who don’t know, a digital photo frame comes with a memory card where you can upload photos and it will play them just like a slide show. It looks just like a normal photo frame in which photos keep on changing. How cool is that!!!! And the goggs looked just purrfect on me 😉 and it was something I was thinking of buying from a long time. 😀 A million thanks to the members of tararumpum gang.

Next on the agenda was a movie. We were all in a mood to laugh and make diggs at a movie and what better movie could have solved the purpose other than, you guessed it right, TASHAN. Also, one of my friend had not seen the movie and we all wanted to see the look on her face after the movie ended. We were quite surprised to see a house full and inside people were actually enjoying the movie once it started. We laughed our hearts out and clapped whenever any atrocity was bestowed upon us, which was quite often. The look on my friend’s face after the movie ended was priceless!!! We ended the day by having dinner at one of the restaurants where we have always been on every special occasion, whether it being someone’s birthday or an I-am-leaving-for-U.S.-party or Shit-I-lost-the-BET-party.

So there. Another birthday added to the string of memorable birthdays I am having from the past so many years. Now for those of you who have committed the crime of forgetting my birthday, can leave a message here or can call me. My blogging buddies can also wish me here. 😉

That’s it for the day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

37 comments on “How Amit celebrated his Birthday

  1. grrrrrrrrr…a call at 12:20 am is not even worth mentioning!!!
    that’s it …my last B’Day wish for you!!!
    *sniff sob*

  2. i guess soon u will be having soem blogs here to wish u B’day. atleast some of them will have the courage to accept that they forgot ur B’day.
    anyways u know i wished u already on Labour day but still i thought just to say u again. Happy Birthday. God Bless!!!!


    Hope u spend ur coming birthday’s more colourfull than this…

  4. Amit so what is the magic figure (ur age?)

    Happy belated birthday from me to… 😀
    Im one of those people who forgets his own birthday
    So good to hear u had some nostalgic moments
    must have been fun to see tashan again , as there are no surprisesa friend saw the movie in a house full theatre too how wierd is this 😕

  5. hi Bhaia
    yeh phela blog hai jo mene aapke bina bole pada
    kuin kar yeh aapke birthdya ka hai….. aap bahut ho gaya time hai treat ka,… aap USA aa ke treat do ge ya ??????

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes man. Can I know why u didn’t keep your birth date in Orkut for public ? 😦

  7. wowsie Amit! 😀 Two cakes?! Hehe…such lovely friends. And I love that Digital Photoframe thingy. I’ve been wanting to buy one since quite some time. Looks like I should go now and buy it. 😉

    And so many cards? Wow! But Tashan for the second time? 😳 You loved Geet so much? 😮 I couldn’t tolerate it even once.

  8. @whisperingthoughts : Dear Sas, I have not mentioned anyone’s name. have I??? And thanks for calling, even though I have to write something like “Karooooooooooooo” to get you started. 😉

    @Ashish : Hey thats great. Wish her on my behalf too. 🙂 Hope you gave her some nice gift. ❓

    @Rajneesh : Thanks Rajneesh. 🙂

    @Srinivas Rao Alapati : Thanks Srini for your wishes. 🙂

    @Nita : Thanks Nita. I hope so too. *crosses fingers* 😀

    @Suda : Thanks man. Yeah Tashan. And believe me, it was fun. 😀

    @Prax : Wrong question. You should never ask someone’s age, specially from a person whose age can’t be guessed by just looking at him. 😉 99.99% of the people are not able to guess my age correctly, so I should better keep it under wraps. 😀
    And Tashan was fun. One of my friend was constantly giving this bewildered look when someone laughed at whatever Anil Kapoor said. 😀

    @Perx : Thanks a lot. 🙂 How are things now. No updates??

    @Yaake : Yup, very cool. I loved them. 😀 Thanks a lot.

    @Mozack : Bahut bahut shukriya iss rehmokaram ke liye. Aur baaki main aapko phone pe bataunga. 😛

    @Anand : Thanks a ton. 🙂

    @Lallopallo : Yeah, it was a blast allright. 😀 In the climax of Tashan, there are almost 20 blasts when Anil’s character dies. My friends started clapping and started wishing me happy birthday. 😐

    @Vijaya Bharat : Thankyou Sir. I was not aware that my birthdate was not being displayed. 😦

    @Ruhi : Thanks Ruhi. Yes, they are one adorable bunch 😀 And that photoframe is a nice gift. I really loved it. That “bunch of cards” is a traditional thing. We have been doing that from quite sometime now. Hey, I updated my FB pic. I am wearing my new goggs in it. Tell me how it is?? 🙂 And Tashan….we really enjoyed it. We were Loooughing all the time. The moment “Chaliya” ended, I asked my friends if we can move out now and they started laughing like crazy people. 😐 And then I had to sit and watch the whole movie. 😦

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Amit.You are a brave man to watch Tashan for the second time :)You are trying your level best to make this film a hit.You deserve a mention in the next Filmfare awards.Kareena Kappor while recieving the award for the first Zero sized Indian heroine might say-I dedicate this award to Amit for making this film a hit.

  10. shit man m late in wishinng u on wordpress as well.. 😥 chalo neways happy biday dear..have a gr8 year ahead n etc etc etc… :mrgreen: bless u dear…!!!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 😀 😉

    That cake with candles looks soo nice ( and yum!! ).

    Happiee birthdayy again !! ( there was really a sleepy grin and a oh-shit look. how did you guess ?? 😮 )

  12. belated happy b’day mate… wel no hang ups, it was totally my fault that i didn’t turn up.. anyways, have a gr8 year ahead.. get married n become father on ur next b’day;o) cheers!!!!

  13. @Pr3rna : Hey!!! You are turning me into some superhero. 🙂 But if Kareena say those lines, I will definitely die because of the happiness. 😉

    @Riddhima : Thanks a lot. 🙂

    @Balu : Thank you so much. 🙂

    @Priya : Thanks a lot. Yes the cake was very yummy. 🙂 And I have seen Tashan earlier. I saw it for the second time on my birthday. 😐

    @Abhishek : Thanks a lot. Guess you have gone too much ahead in the future. 😆

  14. happy belated birthday!! *hugs* it was nice to read about how your birthday went; i love the pictures of all the cards you received and the cake illuminated by the birthday candles – very symbolic! and i love chocolate cake. 😦 you didn’t save a piece for me, did you? lol.

    i wish i get cake and cards on my birthday like you did! maybe one reason i don’t get them is because i don’t tell people when my birthday is. 😛 haha! (it’s an idiosyncracy of mine.)

  15. oops…!!! i never knew ur birthday… 😦 ..looks like you enjoyed..and those glasses look really cool..
    ab jab chennai mein hi the toh treat de dete,,,

  16. @Ruhi : Bachchan Pandey??? Main uski tarha takla nahi hoon. 😐 I would have preferred Jimmy. 😛 Cool Na?? Abhi to main Photoshop se colour mixing karke lal, hara, peela, neela sab karne wala hoon aur sab bahut pareshan hone wale hain. 😛

    @Sulz : Thanks a ton. 🙂 I would have saved a piece of the chocolate cake for you but my friends would have applied it on my face. 😐 Next year I would definitely save one and send it there by my helicopter. 🙂
    Here all my friends started planning about the birthday almost 15 days in advance. Serching for the right cards, discussions on the gift etc. Everyone pretended that the birthday boy does not know anything about it and viceversa. Its quite funny actually. 🙂

    @Arvind : Thanks a lot. 🙂 Maine kitna phone kiya party pe invite karne ke liye. You did not pick up the phone. 😛

  17. Maine toh wish kar diya tha time pe. 😀 Anyway, happy birthday firse. Par sabse pehle to Geet ne hi wish kiya hoga nahi? Fir kaha hoga darling meri picture dekhkar aao fir se. 😛

    Frankly speaking, even I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Is baar at least movie ki utaar toh payenge. First time toh shock mein hi dekhi thi.

  18. @Ish : Haan Haan, thanks for wishing me on time. 😛 Maine Geet ko bola ke tumhe dekhne ke liye movie dekhne ki kya zaroorat hai, tum aa jao, sab yahi dekh lenge. Par she was busy. 😦 Arre haan, second time it was not a bad watch, specially agar friends ke saath jao. 😀

    @Liju Philip : Thanks a lot. 😀 Wrong question. Anyways you are not going to believe me if I tell you my age, so there is no point in telling. 😛

  19. @Poonam : Thankyou so much. Yes I am a true blue Taurean 🙂 And Eeeekkss!!! I didn’t like Tashan. I just liked the heroine. 😉

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