Jodha Akbar – Movie Review



Phew!!! Finally saw it. There are a few things you need to prepare yourself for before watching the saga.

Firstly, if you don’t have the stamina or courage to sit through a movie which has a running time of 3 hours+ then AVOID it. Secondly, the last biggest hit of Hrithik-Aishwarya as a pair was Dhoom-2, something too dimensionally different from Jodha Akbar. So it will be hard for a big chunk of audience to digest them this way. The costumes, the dialogues, the customs are too different from the present era and I found many people in the audience laughing. Thirdly, we have a certain image of Akbar in our minds (thanks to Mughal-E-Azam) and its hard to see him as a madly in love, vulnerable and “young” Akbar trying to grope with the nitty gritties of politics. And that is exactly the problem with Jodha Akbar.

The negatives first. The first half of the movie opens up very well. The war sequence in the beginning is well executed. The marriage of a Mughal Emperor and a Rajput princess was completely unacceptable and a lot of political upheavals occurred before this happened. This buildup takes up a major portion of the first half, which is quite well shot and narrated by Amitabh Bachachan. The problem starts when the movie is inching towards the interval, when Jodha finally arrives in Agra after marriage. It is at that point when the movie begins to drag. Maham Anga, played by Ila Arun, is on the verge of turning the movie into some Balaji Telefilm’s serial ( Jodddhaaa Akkkkbar), when thankfully the interval appears like a knight in shining armour. Thankfully, just after the interval, Akbar throws out Maham Anga out of his life with his mother’s ( played by Poonam Sinha ) support and the movie picks up its pace. Another problem in the movie is its abrupt ending.

Now the positives. The movie boasts of some lush never seen before visuals. In a way its a beautiful visual treat throughout. May it be Jodha’s introduction scene or the elephant taming scene ( Its hard to imagine how Hrithik managed to do that) or the sword fight scene between Jodha and Akbar or the enchanting love story which enfolds as the movie progresses, the movie somehow sucks you in the flow of events. There are so many facts about Akbar which the movie reveals and which I have no intention of revealing here. It also portrays Jodha as a powerful queen who had a big hand in changing and moulding Akbar’s thought process and the way he handled his powers. She was the source behind his transformation, though in a very subdued way. The sublime scenes between the lead pair are the ones which hold the movie together. Hrithik has this huge burden of playing the Emperor and sometimes he puts too much effort and it shows. But somehow if I try to imagine someone else from the current breed of actors who could have done the role, I can’t imagine anyone else. Aishwarya is looking nothing less than a queen (*SIGH*). The songs are beautifully picturised. “In lamhoon ke daaman main”, “Khwaja mere Khawaja” and “Azeem-o-shan shenshah” perfectly stand out. The supporting cast which consist of Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Suhasini Mulay, Raza Murad, Sonu Sood, Ila Arun, Poonam Sinha have well etched roles which are performed well.

Hrithik and Aishwarya had the albatross of their last mega hit around their neck. I had a nightmare in which Jodha breaks into “Crazy kiya re” in front or Akbar and I promised myself that if Jodha Akbar would have one scene which would make me forget Aryan and Sunehri (Hrithik and Ash’s charecters in Dhoom 2), I’ll call this movie good. And yes, its good. Watch it for the honest effort which went into its making, watch it for Ashutosh Gowarikar who woke up a sleeping genre of films from its slumber and watch it to know the love story which somehow got lost in the pages of history.  

Directed by – Ashutosh Gowarikar

Rating – ***

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43 comments on “Jodha Akbar – Movie Review

  1. Great review Amit. I didn’t want to watch this movie initially, but I guess…it won’t hurt to watch it, even though I know that I won’t like it and the lead actors will put me off.

  2. @Bharat : oooyyeee Bharat. What happened to you. Its always out of 5. Which planet? 🙂
    @Ruhi : After seeing your Cinema page, I am very sure you won’t like it. 🙂 But do give it a try…the visuals are good.

  3. Probably you’re right. 🙂 All the blogs in my reader are reviewing this movie and it’s getting tempting now. 🙂

    P.S- I like that popcorn pic in the header! Goes perfectly with your latest post.

  4. Hey dude Well I too liked the Movie .. Especially the song Khwaja mere Khawaja in which Akbar is mesmerised by the song and lost in God.

    The Royality was excellent and though the sequels were long but I wantd to get more of them.As they were nicely explained and put .
    I suggest Ashutosh Gowarikar
    to make a TV serial in the Sequel ..which I am sure would I wont mis even a single episode..

  5. I’m genuinely planning to commit suicide before watching this movie. Every single review presents a different opinion. So basically now I’m completed all reviews from negative stars to five stars and I really don’t know what I should do. Maybe I should just think about my studies..somehow I keep forgetting that. 😛

  6. @Ruhi : So, give in to your temptations. 🙂 But the “Nostradamus” part of my brain is telling me that you are going to beat me up later on. 😥 And I always change the pic in the header to match my latest post. 🙂
    @Mayank : Ashutosh is certainly not going to make a tv serial, but yes we an ask Ekta Kapoor. 💡 Then we will have another of those lovely wretched serials which go on n on n on for 10 years.
    @Ish : I thought you have gone underground. 🙂 Yes, even I was going through the reviews today, and each person is telling his own story. There is no single opinion. So, the best way will be to watch and decide urself. But aneways, you won’t be having time to watch it. So why worry. 😆

  7. Underground? Me? Haha, that’s almost as impossible as George Bush becoming the chairman of NASA. I was just lazing around on Sunday and studying because I had this Chemistry test on Monday. I’ll make a post on Tuesday if I get my admit card for the Boards. Hopefully, I will.

  8. hi Amit,

    As I am a great huge fan of Hrithik and couldn’t catch the moview this weekend I read 30+ reviews for the movie out of curiosity and truly everybody is singing his own story……..then I thought that Amit would also put reviews for the movie for sure and was waiting for this one…..Well after reading so much on this I feel like myself penning down reviews for this one once I watch the movie myself ).
    But yeah as you said :”its a b’ful treat”—well thats enough to take me to the theatre with all positives in my mind.

  9. I think it will be an interesting movie from asia (again) for this year. Actually i’m fed up with the rest of asian epic movie (which were released) last year (ex: mongol, kazakh, etc…). A little bit over push cinematographies (although they have good scenes). They also performed narrow story contents but over visual effects for very short war scenes.

    Hope Jodhaa akbar will perform better. Actually didn’t like Aishwarya on those “Roman” act.

  10. @Ish : Good for us that you are not planning to go underground. 🙂 Well its Tuesday already. I am waiting…. 🙂
    @Abha : I know you will like the movie. Forget everything, but the chemistry between the pair is beautiful. I can watch the movie again just for that. 🙂 And the timings are that way because the clock is set to GMT. I’ll change that. 🙂
    @Nryd : The visuals are good, but the war sequences are not that sleek. And its a genre in which Indian cinema can boast of just a handful of movies. So, in a way it is exciting to see the present breed of actors to carry such roles. 🙂

  11. @Ish : Yeah. I am starting to understand that. 🙂 So, what about the movie? Any plans of watching it? I know that at such evil times(when exams are hovering on your head), you can’t even ask your parents for such things. If I would have done that my mom would react the same way I reacted when I heard about the “Mallika-Jesus” movie. 🙂 She would give me that “dimag-to-thikane-pe-hai” look. 🙂

  12. Same here, I’m not even gonna bother my parents with it. Plus I’m not really into “epic movies” so I can always watch it later. And if I do get “really desperate” to watch it, I might download it from I’m sure they’ll have it there by now.

    I’d rather watch Star Movies really. I watched a nice movie on it today ’cause my parents had gone to work. It was called Volcano and it wasn’t looking very new. I guess you might have seen it already. They’re showing a good number of movies this March. Why March though? Don’t they realize we have board exams? 😐

    And I know the “dimaag-to-thikane-pe-hai” look only too well. Bahut baari mil chuki hai. That’s the second most common look after the “You’re so irresponsible – exams sir pe hain and still not studying” look 😛

  13. @Ish : Star Movies wale generally go mad around the Oscar season. They show such great movies. I have not seen Volcano. 😦 And the worst part is that Oscars are always on a working day (%$%@#%@%).
    And there is one more look which is my favourite. Its the “Hey-bhagwan-maine-kya-paap-kiye-the” look. I love it when my mom give me that. 😆

  14. ROFL, I know that look! I’ve had that one as well. My mom also verbally says that line along with the look so it has a much better effect. They were showing Volcano last night, I couldn’t see it ’cause of mum and dad. I switched on the TV and again they were showing Volcano, so I saw it. It’s basically about this Volcano on which a US city is built and suddenly it decides to burst and it shows how they tackle it and make the lava flow into the Pacific Ocean yadda yadda yadda. Same old humans-unite-when-there-is-a-natural-disaster-striking-the-US story.

    There’s another look that my mum gives me when I’m telling a lie which is very obvious. It’s called the “Yeah right, do you really think I’m gonna believe that?” look. 😀

  15. Errr…I think we should stop this “Mom” talk, because when my Mom is going to see this ( there is an 80% probability that she would, coz my father would show it to her and say – “Ae vekh, tera munda ki likhda pya hai”), she will give me the “What-a-pathetic-jerk” look.
    And, did you know that Volcano was nominated for the Razzie for “Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property” category? 🙂 Whatever that means!!!
    And, about Jodha Akbar, I think its going to be a hit. The initial news is pouring in. Its positive. 🙂

  16. I love my mom! Just in case your dad reads this, he can tell your mom that there’s this kid who comments on your blog and that he loves his mom. They’d probably be happy and give me some $$ also. 😛 😛

    It was nominated for a Razzie? Haha. There was a good amount of loss of public property in that movie alright. They wasted like 20 blocks of concrete and 70 vehicles in trying to stop the lava at one place and they blew up a building to make it flow into the Pacific Ocean. And yeah, they also blew up the entire US Subway network and a couple of Subway trains. But that’s just normal isn’t it? I’m sure they destroyed more stuff in War of the Worlds etc. 😛

  17. Amit- never hope for a serious discussion when Ish is around. I think I need to change my comment policy where I mentioned that “I reserve the right to shift any comment not related to the post” to the “Discussion” page. Do you know that I have a separate page called “Discuss” to talk about useless off topic things? And ish is the only person who commented there (I think). He is a permanent member of stuff thats’ totally ireelevant to any post. Aur aaj kal toh huzur badi hindi mein comments lekhne lage hai 😛

    You post started on Jodhaa Akbar- Razzzi-Mummy?! Yeh mummy kahan se aay gayi? I’ve given up on my blog a professional wala blog because as long as Ish is around, mere blog ka kuch nahi hone wala 😛 And all the best to you too. Dekhte hai what else do people talk about in this post.

  18. I quit. Pehle tum saare pakad pakad ke mere ko maar lo, jab tassali ho jaye to bata dena. Anti-Ish day bhi declare kardo jis din mereko comments post karna allowed nahi. Us din sab log chain ki saans lena.

  19. Arre gussa ho gaye kya? 😛 Hum toh mazaak kar rahe the. Actually we are to be blamed equally. We encourage your craziness na! That’s why you comment and really, I love it. 😀 So no anti-Ish day.

  20. @ amit
    arre .,.. i was missing the whole discussion.. just because i was not interested in jodha akhbar ,u left me 😦 ..thats not right. anyway ,i am here now 🙂
    ok ,so amit.. u really missed a excellent movie..that is volcano watch it …trabsiosion here seems to be better than in my post 🙂

    @ ruhi
    lekin , jo bhi ho ish ke bina mazaa nahi aayega ..who else would give long long comments .. he is the one who triggers the discussions ..
    anti-ish ???? 😛 lol ..sounds great anti-bush day or anti-mush day .. 😀

    notice that 🙂 ..i am in ur support now.. dont worry ..even if all the other guys stop commenting in ur blog..i would be a lone guy there to support u .. 🙂
    Amit bhi hoga dont worry… 😛

  21. @Ruhi : Hey….you didn’t noticed papa? He also made an appearance. We were almost going to bring in our whole Khandaan soon. 🙂 I saw ur discussion section too. Its a nice concept but you haven’t put anything there for a long time. Why??
    @Ish : Anti-Ish day? Are you crazy? Then who will put those loooong comments on my blog? And discussions should always go haywire, otherwise the topic is not worth discussing. 😆
    @Arvind : Welcome to the Jodha Akbar-Movie review discussions… whatever is left of it. 😆 And about the hollywood movies, I don’t think there is anything left which have not been used as a terror. From Godzilla to Dinosaurs to Aliens to Toys to Nature to birds. You name it and they have used it. 🙂

  22. @Arvind : Even I like them. Atleast there is some variety. Not like our Bollywood movies. I think there is some new Hollywood movie coming in this genre. I don’t remember the name but I saw a poster in which they have shown the Statue of Liberty half broken. Guess, another calamity is headed towards them. 🙂
    @Ruhi : Ab ye Tumblelog kya bala hai?? Saw it..its not quite similar to a blog? I am feeling quite illiterate. 😦
    @Ish : Thank God. Main apne Gham “pee” lunga. Main sab sehne ko tayaar hoon. 😆

  23. Yes, many people use it just like a blog. But it has an easy bookmarklet that can be used for quickly posting stuff that you find around the internet. So I use it to store lots of interesting tidbits that I see and which are not fit to be posted on my main blog. 🙂 I had written a post on it also called “Get yourself a Tumblelog today”. You can search for it on my blog, if you want.

  24. yeah .,..its their presentation that makes the movies such a delight to watch….no story line needed.. 🙂 i liked transformers which probably lacked a proper story but see the special effects its just amazing…
    I am legend … resident evil spoof… but it was good too..
    bollywood has same taste in every movie….except the last few movies shahrukh’s all movies seemed same to me…same cast …same story with co-actresses who take chances alternatively 😀 ..
    good that its changed now.. 🙂

    by the way… ashutosh gowarikar wont be in a good mood if he watches this post..
    ok,,,, i will tell u a secret .,.but dont kill me 😉 …
    i haven’t read this post so far 😛 .shhhh. 😀

  25. @Ish : Hey!!! I meant “pi”. It was a typo. hehehe. 😉
    @Ruhi : How do you get time to do so many things. I to only get sometime on Sunday and Saturday. Generally I am sleeping like a log. And nowadays I am a little free in office so end up throwing comments everywhere. 🙂 I’ll definitely read it. zzzzzzzzz 🙂
    @Arvind : Transformers had a story. Period. I loved it. And have you seen Om Shanti Om. They made a dig at this “Shahrukh-is-the-same-in-all-movies” thing. And…thanks for being brutally honest. 😦 Even I have not read ur “Australia wins”. 😆 Sometimes the comments are more interesting. 🙂

  26. well ,no , missed that i suppose ,gotto dig that post from dig..
    thanks for the info 😉
    u dint read my post 😐
    so was that a tit for tat answer ? 😆 …

  27. @Amit

    I don’t get time. I just graduated in December, and am currently unemployed and looking for jobs. That’s why. I don’t think I’ll be around much after a month or so. I;ll be starting on a new job plus I have a big exam in June, for which I need to study. 🙂 Earlier I used to post every single day. Already it’s reduced to once in 2-3 days.

  28. @Ruhi : Arrree…it will be great even if you blog once or twice in a week. Look at me, even I am so damn busy at times, I can’t put more than one or two posts in a week. 😦 The point is to carry on. And don’t say such scary things like I won’t be around. I am quite used to your presence by now. 😆

  29. Much before the movie released one my friends told me that movie would flop because Hrithik doesnt have a chance to dance in this movie! 😛 But he sure did act well

  30. @Balu : Ohhh…yes now when you mentioned it, I do realize that he didn’t dance. So, this is some sort of an achievement that we didn’t missed his dance at all. Come to think of it, even Ash didn’t had a dance number. 😦

  31. please.. this is a torture movie for me … first of all it is tooooooooo loooong(seems like the rubberband stretched to its limits..) and secondly at tiems it is the flow of useless emotions by Maham Anga( ila arun). Except a few fight sequences this movie is no more than a piece of crap for me … pataa nahi how did u like the movie??

  32. a beautiful movie. masterpiece. will be remembered for years to come. amazing performances by hrithik and ash. especially hrithik. great direction. a must watch.

  33. @Rajneesh : I can understand your plight knowing the kind of movies you like. 😆

    @Deeps2981 : Whatever you have written is all true but didn’t you find any flaw??

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