15 Colours of Laughter

The following is a list of movies which were created with the intend of tickling the funny bone, and as far as I am concerned, the creators have been more than successful. It will be ruthless to give a numerical order of preference, hence the movies are arranged alphabetically. And yes, this is “my” list and not THE list which every earthling has to follow.

A fish called wanda (1988)

Four thieves, a lawyer, his wife, an old lady and her three dogs form the central characters in this movie which ranks 21 in the “100 funniest movies of all time” list of the American Film Institute. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Wanda with Kevin Kline playing the hitman Otto. The movie boast of some of the most comical sequences of all times from which my personal favourite is the one in which jealous Otto interrupts Wanda’s meeting with Archie (the lawyer) and then dangles Archie out of the window and asks him to apologise for calling him stupid. Deja Vu??

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As good as it gets (1997)

The movie got Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt their much deserved Oscars. It tells the story of a writer Melvin Udall who is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive disorder and who falls in love with a waitress at a restaurant he visits for his breakfast. Watching the lead actors in this movie is a sheer delight. There are so many scenes like the “elephant girl”, the “over a dog” and the “did you had sex with him” scene which make me laugh every-time I see them.

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Baby’s day out (1994)

The most surprising fact about this movie is that the role of the baby Bink was played by twins and nobody was able to guess. This is an all time favourite and I guess everyone knows the most funny scene. It is the one in which the baby flames the trousers of Eddie before escaping yet again, and the way Norby and Veeko put out the fire. Ouch!!!

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Cheaper by the dozen (2003)

Tom(Steve Martin) and Kate Baker live in a small town with their 12 children. The family is uprooted and have to move to another place when Tom is offered his dream job of a coach at a University. Kate’s book is about to be published and she has to move to New-York for the promotions leaving Tom and the 12 kids in the new house. This end to end comedy has some hilarious scenes like the family breakfast in the beginning and the way the kids treat their elder sister’s boyfriend. Must watch for a hearty laugh.

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Four weddings and a funeral (1994)

This is the highest grossing British Romantic comedy of all times. The movie tells the story of a close knit group of friends. Charles (Huge Grant) who is a part of that group is madly attracted towards an American girl Carrie (Andie MacDowell) whom he repeatedly meets at four weddings and a funeral. The most hilarious scene in the movie comes in the second wedding where the inexperienced priest played by Rowan Atkinson( of Mr. Bean fame) says “holy goat” instead of “holy ghost” and “awfully wedded wife” in place of “lawfully wedded wife”.

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Home alone (1990)

The movie was the top grosser of 1990 and remained at number one slot for more than 10 weeks. The rest as they say is history. I don’t think there will be anyone who would not have seen this rip-roaring roller coaster ride of a movie. It is one of the very few movies which will make you laugh even if you have just buried your pet dog. An all time favourite.

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Moonstruck (1987)

I was in love with Cher by the time the movie ended. The movie got her the Oscar for her portrayal of the 37 years old Loretta who is engaged to be married to Johnny but falls in love with his younger brother Ronny, played by Nicholas Cage. The ending scene in the movie had me in splits where Loretta asks Ronny for a ring before he could propose her. The movie has a feel good quality and it leaves a smile on your face for hours after it has ended.

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My big fat greek wedding (2002)

The movie revolves around Toula (Nia Vardalos) who is nearing her 30s and still not able to find a suitable Greek boy for her. She eventually falls in love with a non Greek American named Ian, thus begins her trials to make her family accept her boyfriend. Yes, the movie is too hilarious, specially in the scenes where Toula’s father keeps on explaining people that all English words are derived from greek and when the “family” realise that Ian is a vegetarian. Another feel good movie.

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Naked gun (1988)

A movie which will make you laugh out really loud. The movie stars Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, an Officer in the Police squad who is attempting to foil an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth II. Don’t miss the scene in which Frank lands up on the Queen on a table while saving her and the scene where he hangs from a statue.

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Pink panther (2006)

Steve martin appears again in the list, this time as inspector Jacques Clouseau who is solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Pink Panther diamond. Jacques is considered as an incompetent Inspector in France and is assigned this case for some reasons. What follows is a riveting comedy which will keep your laughs intact till the end.

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Scary movie (2000)

If you like a light parody of all time hits, then this is the movie just for you. Make sure you have seen Scream, The sixth sense, I know what you did last summer and The Matrix or you will miss half the fun. The movie was a huge hit in 2000 and if you feel that you can digest this “take-a-dig-at-blockbusters” movie, then go ahead. It is a safe bet.

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Shrek (2001)

The Oscars for Best Animated Film was introduced in 2001 and Shrek was the first movie to win it. The movie had some memorable characters out of whom the donkey wins hands on. Its hard to imagine donkey without Eddie Murphy’s voice. There are many outstanding comic sequences like the dragon falling in love with the donkey and the climax where the dragon burps out the crown after eating Lord Farquaad.

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Some like it hot (1959)

If you have seen Rafuchakkar ( the Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singn starrer), then Some like it hot is the movie from where it took “inspiration”. The movie stars Mariyln Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Tony and Jack play two struggling musicians who witness a mass murder carried out by a Chicago gang. To escape the gang members who are after their lives, they disguise as women and join an all girl band, thus starting the hilarious chain of events. Mariyln Monroe is completely ravishing and a good number of laughs are guaranteed.

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The gods must be crazy (1980)

This movie had a unique theme. The story begins in a small tribe in the Kalahari desert where bushmen dwell and who are completely unaware of the world outside their sphere. One day an airplane passes by and someone throws a cocacola bottle from the plane and the tribe comes in contact with the “evil” thing from the outer world. The central character Xi then sets on a journey to return the bottle back to the outer world. The movie had other parallel stories also which merge as the movie progress. The movie is a classic in its own league and is highly recommended.

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When harry met sally (1989)

Yes, this is the movie which lead to “Hum Tum”, but if you see this movie you will realize that how unlikely dissimilar the two movies are. For starters, the famous restaurant scene which ends with “I’ll have what she is having” cannot be imagined in a Hindi movie. The film raised the quintessential question – Can men and women just be friends? Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are in top form and the movie is considered as the Best comedies of all times.

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p.s.: The list does not contain some classic comedies like Tootsie, Airplane, Mrs. Doubtfire etc for the simple reason that I have not seen them yet. 🙂

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