Viva la musica

Since everyone is having fun with this tag, I thought it would be great to wash hands in the Ganga too. I would like to thank Ish and Bharat, who have truly inspired me to do the tag. And I have decided to go the “Desi” way, so you wont find many English songs here. The rules first :

1. Put your iPod (or other source of music) on shuffle mode.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what. No cheating!

“If someone says ‘Is this okay?’, you say?”

Main agar kahoon tumsa haseen – Om Shanti Om

😐 😐 😐 A true pffsstt start.

“What would best describe your personality?

Wo sharabi kya sharabi (Saaki Saaki) -Musafir

Now now, its getting worse. Laaga charecter pe daag. 😐 To clarify, I am just an occasional drinker, that too when one of my friends need a company. 🙂

“What do you like in a guy/girl?”

Bol na halke helke – Jhoom barabar jhoom

Yup. She should speak really slow. Whatever that means. :mrgreen:

“How do you feel today?

Ye kaha aa gaye hum – Silsila

Yes, I am feeling that way from the past few days. OMG!!! Where has life landed me?? ❓

“What is your life’s purpose?”

Jashne Bahara – Jodha Akbar

The Happily ever after syndrome. Wish my life would be a fairy tale. 8)

“What is your motto?”

Crazy kiya re – Dhoom 2

Yes, before dying I would make at least one girl sing that about me. 8)

“What do your friends think of you?”

Deewana mujh sa nahi – Teesri Manzil

Yeh, right. They think I am Awaara, Pagal, Deewana. 😐

“What do you think of your parents?”

Ek duje ke vaste – Dil to pagal hai

After all those fights they have??? 😯 Errrr…Ahem….Maybe.

“What do you think about very often?”

Meri zindagi main aaye ho – Armaan

I am so grateful to all the jerks who have made my life miserable at times. 🙂

“What is 2+2?”

Kal ho na ho – Kal ho na ho

Wow. There must be some great hidden meaning in this. 8)

“What do you think of your best friend?”

Samne ye kaun aaya – Jawani Deewani

I don’t have one best friend, but many. 8) And yes, I always wonder that what was I thinking when I befriended the As*ho**s. But I still love them. 🙂

“What do you think of the person you like?”

Sherni ye aankhen tumhari(Dhamaal) – Kaal

Thats quite sexy. Ain’t it??? 😈 Grrrrrr!!!!!

“What is your life story?”

Banke tera jogi – Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani

Yeh Yeh. I am quite romantic at heart. :mrgreen: Only the girl is missing. 😥

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Bye Bye Bye – NSync

Huh???? I would be a dead body I guess, like everyone else. 😆

“What do you think when you see the person you like?”

Mere Dholna – Bhoolbhulaiya

Quite traditional. I would have preferred “Sarkailo khatiya”. 😀

“What do your parents think of you?”

Khamoshiyaan – Gupt

😐 I am the one who is the least talkative at home. You know, the types who have a world of their own. So, I guess it fits. :mrgreen:

“What will you dance to at your wedding?”

Kuch to hua hai – Kal ho na ho

Very romantic na??? 😳

“What will they play at your funeral?”

Piya tora kaisa abhimaan – Raincoat

My wife would not believe that I am dead and she would try to wake me up. When she would realize that I am not waking up, she would get angry and sing this song. *Sigh* 😥 😥

“What is your hobby/interest?”

Jab se tere naina – Saawariya

I guess this post stampofy the fact that I am an absolute flirt, which I am absolutely not. 😉

“What is your biggest secret?”

Na jane mere dil ko kya ho gaya – DDLJ

I am in love???? 😯

“What do you think of your friends?”

Sunta hai mera khuda – Pukar

Yup, I am very grateful to Khuda for all the gems in my life. 🙂 Hope the jerks stay that way. 😀

“What should you post this as?”

Aankhoon ki gustakhiyaan – Hum dil de chuke sanam

It should be “Ipod” ki gustakhiyaan. 🙂

~~~The End~~~

WELLLLLLL…….it was FUN!!!!!

16 comments on “Viva la musica

  1. U might have kept some other song instead of Nsync as it is only English song. Any way i dont know 70 % songs u mentioned, so i am unable enjoy this post that much 😦

  2. Mwahaha…this is the first time that I’ve read this meme, even though lots of people have posted it on their blogs. Best is “Kuch toh hua hai”. 😀 Now tell tell…what are you hiding? Even Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya-That means you change color like a chameleon. 😉 Heh. Quite funny.

  3. @Vijaya Bharat : I think you want to say that you know only 70% of the songs. Cuuumon, they are all new songs. How can you not know them?? 😐

    @Ruhi : hehehe. I am not hiding anything. Don’t know if I am hiding it from myself too…. And I don’t change colours. I am brown(bad PJ) 😐

    @Bikash, @Perx : Thanks. 🙂

  4. The accuracy of this meme continues to shock me. Don’t you think it’s funny that our music player has a brain of its own that comes into play whenever you put it on shuffle? And then it takes out all it’s frustrations with you for having ignored it and maltreating it by giving you uber crazy answers for meme’s. 😛

    P.S.- I don’t think your Geet would let you dance to “Kuch toh Hua hai” on your wedding. Usko Preity Zinta ki yaad aa jayegi and after all, Geet was the first choice for Kal Ho Naa Ho. She went on to not do it and it became a superhit. It’ll be like you’re chiddking namak on her jala. 😛

    P.P.S. – The answer for 2+2 is the best ever. It’s pretty much something I’d say whenever someone gives me a maths question. Kya pata, kal ho naa ho, why waste your time on something like maths? 😛

    P.P.P.S – Don’t worry, we jerks will always stay that way. Jerky to the core. 😀

    P.P.P.P.S. – I should really stop doing this, don’t you think? 😛

    P.P.P.P.P.S. – *in a sing song voice* Bye bye bye bye. 😛

  5. Now if all these songs have truly played themselves as answers to these questions…its just amazing to see their timing. Great job by your i-pod.
    Nice, innovative time-pass.
    Well, i believe if i try this game of answering songs, they would be weirdest ever and not at all interesting like yours.

    My favorite is:
    “What do you think of your parents?”

    Ek duje ke vaste – Dil to pagal hai

  6. @Ish : It was actually spooky, as if this thing was alive and knew the answers. 🙂 Aur, koi baat nahi agar Geet iss gane pe dance na karne de. Jaisa wo kahegi waisa hi hoga. Hum “Nagada” pe dance kar lenge, ya phir “Mauja” would be a better choice. 🙂
    //It’ll be like you’re chiddking namak on her jala//
    Chee chee!!!! I would never do that. How can you even think like this??
    Aur ye inte saare “P” dekhkar to mujhe wo gana yaad aa gaya – (P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.Piya)*2, piya tune mera jiya le liya. 😆
    Waise I think ye 2+2 wala question hi galat hai. Iska answer ek song kaise ho sakta hai? 😐

    @Abha : Hello!!! Long time no see?? Kaafi time baad aaya hai comment?
    //“What do you think of your parents?”
    Ek duje ke vaste – Dil to pagal hai//
    I am not quite sure about this, as you have guessed from my post. hehehehe. 😆 And yes this post was good TP and took only ten minutes. 🙂

  7. Haan, you can dance on Nagada or Mauja. Par Shahid ke aas paas pahunchne ke liye bhi badi practice karni padegi. He’s pretty good at dancing.

    And ab jab aapne gaana mention kara hai toh mereko ek aur gaana yaad aa gaya but it’s not famous and all. Ek England ka band hai The Feeling karke. Uska ek gaana Never Be Lonely. Uske chorus mein the guy goes “B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-aby, I think I’m going C-c-c-c-c-c-crazy”. And we all used to sing along with that song in chatrooms. Ah, those good old days. 😦

  8. @Ish : Arree, ab to Saif se competition hai, aur dance to main uss se accha kar leta hoon. 😉 Bas ab body banani padegi. Ye zyada mushkil hai dance sikhne se. 😐 Aur ye “The Feeling karke” bandi ke baare main suna nahi hai maine pehle. And you are again sounding like a 70 year old – “Good old days!!!!”. 😆 Ish, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get next. Aisa, Forrest Gump ki Maa kehti thi. 😉

    @Arvind : Good, I was about to tag you when I did it. 🙂 Yup, it was freaky, atleast for me. 🙂

    @Pr3rna : Hehehe. Thanks. 🙂 Hope she finds out soon…

  9. Arre Saif ke saath competition karna hai toh sabse pehle Casanova banna padega. And guitar bajaane bhi toh seekhna padega. Dance and body toh bahut baad mein aate hain Saif ke case mein.

    I know life still has a lot in store for me par bahut kuch dekh bhi toh liya hai. And I have memories jinko yaad karke lagta hai kaash woh din firse aate. Jaise meri seventh jab main class mein first aaya tha and all that.

  10. Guitar!!! Wo to bhool hi gaya. 😦 But I don’t think Saif ne usse Guitar se impress kiya hoga. 😉 Lets see, kuch strategy banani padegi. 🙂
    Aur haan, there are many moments in life jo lagta hai ke kaash wapas aa jayeen. But, then there is always another chocolate waiting for you. 😉 And when you will eat this new chocolate, you will realise that agar pehle wali chocolate khatam nahi hui hoti to ye nai wali nahi milti.
    I am sounding like Asaraam Bapu. 😐

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