Love Story 2050 – Movie Review

What could have been the first Indian sci-fi movie and a turning point in the Indian cinema turns out to be a damp squib. The movie reminded me of 10,000 B.C. and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. 10,000 B.C. because the promo of the movie were very promising to say the least and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom because I consider that movie a classic example of how a director can castrate a beautiful and fresh story. Love Story 2050 had a story which most of our movies are lacking now a days. It could have turned into one of the best movies of the year, but alas, just showing a “Star Wars” inspired Mumbai does not mean good direction.

Karan(Harman Baweja) is an only son of a multimillionaire who is very much deprived of love and affection as his mother passed away when he was ten and his father has no time for him. Sana(Priyanka Chopra) is a sweet and shy typical Bollywood heroine who is quite opposite to Karan. A few meetings and songs later, both fall in love. Boman Irani plays the eccentric scientist called Dr. Yatinder Khanna who is Karan’s uncle and on the verge of making a time machine. The couple is about to get married when tragedy strikes and Sana dies in an accident and Karan has to take a journey to 2050 to get back his lady love.

The movie takes inspiration from so many Hollywood movies that its mind boggling. Its hard to believe that the Mumbai skyline would undergo such a drastic and sea change in the next 42 years. Maybe the movie should have been titled Love Story 2350. The graphics are straight out of Star Wars with flying cars and laser guns. The female robot is straight out of Bicentennial Man” while Boo, the robotic teddy bear is copied from the movie “Artificial Intelligence“. Boman Irani’s character reminds one of Dr. Brown from the movie “Back to the Future“. The movie also defies our understanding of reincarnation. If Sana died in 2008, then she must be 42 years old in 2050 after her rebirth, but she is very much a young and successful pop star. Maybe she was taking a break in between and spending some time with our Gods. Dr. Khanna does not find it hard to fix a robot functioning on A.I. in 2050 although the technology has taken giant leaps. And yes, some scenes are shamefully lifted from the the above mentioned movies.

The movie is bearable in the first half when the couple is in 2008 and the love story is developing. It has its own moments although they are very few in number. The second half drags as there are too many unwanted scenes which could have been left at the editor’s table. I could not understand why the Mortal Combat sequence was there in the movie. The movie needs a very heavy editing to make it bearable specially towards the end.

Harman, who is touted as the next superstar, is good enough for his first movie, although its not a dream debut like Hrithik’s. He needs to watch his diction and needs to work on the emotional scenes. His starts squeaking when he cries. Priyanka is passable. Boman Irani overdoes the act a little bit at times although he does not have much of a role. Archana Puran Singh manages to raise a few laughs in her blink-and-she-is-gone role. The music is already topping the charts and is good. “Mausam Achanak ye badla kyun” and “Milo na milo” are certainly above average songs.

A terrific story gone wasted and a terrible amount of money too. But still i would not like to trash it completely as I have seen worse in the past few months. A two out of five as the movie didn’t turn out to be a sheer torture like Tashan. 😀

Rating – 2/5

Director – Harry Baweja

Official Site –

43 comments on “Love Story 2050 – Movie Review

  1. Thanks. U saved me so much time man. U see JTYJN and put that review also yaar ASAP. I gussed correctly from ur last but one scene that you r mentioning about Tashaan 🙂

  2. Even though I havent seen the movie yet, I could see that you have written a very balanced review.
    With not that distinguished director associated with such an ambitious project, I never had any expectations from this movie, but I will still watch it only because of it’s futuristic subject- which is a first in Indian cinema- and special effects.

  3. Hrithik’s first movie had a reincarnation or twin or dupe on the other side of the world. Now this has a similar story as well. Except that its on the other side of the century.


  4. Completely unbearable and sheer torture I’m must say. A total wastage of time and money. I can give a 1 – 1.5 to archana pruan sigh and boman irani, but for the movie I personally feel its a negative.

  5. Ahem.. the trailer lost me when they showed a the Hritik Roshan lookalike riding a bike… in 2050. Nothing good could ever come out of that. 😛

  6. Great, I’m gonna go watch it tomorrow. My friend precisely wants to see how it managed to flop after all the hype and he’s dragging me along.

    Jaane Tu.. was good. Must watch it.

  7. Well I do not even have words to describe how pathetic the movie was. Harman Bewda or Baweja whatever is his name is not at all acting material.. he can’t do anything originally.. Stealing all the acts of hrithick Roshan.. I hope his father will give him a better oppurtunity next time and we will be able to witness some original acts from Harman Baweja..

  8. Well..since a lot of publicity was done for the two films tht released this friday.. i was quite interested how these films turn out to be. Although Jane tu.. managed to get appreciated and acting skills were noticed… 2050 hasn’t gone that far. I was surprised to read here that harman needs a little improvement and priyanka is passable while i hv heard frm ppl that harman isnt good at acting in the film and priyanka is pathetic(from a priyanka fan).. and boman and archana are the best actors in the film!

  9. That same thought occurred to me. That 2050 is too soon for all those things to happen! And I am not surprised that it is a hotch potch of some hollywood movies. What a waste of money, what was the producer thinking!!

  10. //His starts squeaking when he cries// His voice?? OMG A hero with squeaking voice!! U of all the persons disliked Kareena’s Tashan? 😀 😀
    Thanks for saving me from Love Story 2050.

  11. “If Sana died in 2008, then she must be 42 years old in 2050 after her rebirth, but she is very much a young and successful pop star. Maybe she was taking a break in between and spending some time with our Gods.”
    one-and-a-half words, dude: Cryo-preservation!! 😀

    I am NOT watching this movie! Sounds like utter waste of time, money and effort (in staying awake!)
    .. Good review! Even though not wanting to “trash is completely” after the first 5 paragraphs isn’t much of a claim! hehehe…

  12. @Amit – Thanks for the great review. I have no expectations from the movie now. So I am gonna watch it and I know I will like it coz’ my expectations are low. Thanks for a neagative review 😛 😀

    Watching Hancock today…will post if its worth it 🙂

  13. Good review… and thanks for reminding 10,000 BC. Just yesterday I was trying to remember all the bad things that have happened in my life and then suddenly I remembered sitting in a theater and pulling my hair off. Now I remember, I was watching 10,000 BC 😉

  14. Right from the beginning the packaging and promos of the movie were a total piss off! I am glad I didn’t watch it and Tashan too! 🙂

    But, I couldn’t save myself from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom… booh hooh hoo! 😦

  15. Amit, I can see that you wrote a really balanced review. Quite honestly, you tried putting good things , something that other reviews about this movie did not. Every channel and tabloid gave it 1, you gave it 2 reasonably. I have not watche dthe movie, just deduced it.

    True, in 42 years how can we have flying cars and robots!

    Also, may be Priyanka died again and again till she was in 2050 incarnation, its hard to find logic in Hindi movies. 🙂 ANd I agree that Harman needs to work on his diction, I was kinda disappointed about it whenever I watched his interviews. Harman as Harman and not Hrithik clone could have done better. Anyway, according to HT< Harman is busy with movies till 2010! So his future is safe so far!

  16. @Vijaya Bharat : 🙂 I don’t think I am going to see JTYJN. But by what I have heard, its better than this one
    @Lallopallo : Balanced? think so? I really liked the promos but the movie was nothing close to them. I really wanted it to be good. 😦
    @Xylene : I think its more inspired from a lot of Hollywood movies rather than any Indian movie. 🙂
    @Abha : 😀
    @Atipriya : I won’t say that it was a complete torture. I think we know what torture is. 😉
    @Dinu : 🙂
    @Ashish : Errr…the bike scene is in 2008. 😛 I think Harman is fine. He needs a little oiling and he will be up and running. 😉
    @Fruitymind : I don’t think I am going to watch JTYJN. 😦 But I have heard that its good. You can go ahead and watch that. 🙂
    @Ish : I guess you have watched it by now. How was it?
    @Sam : Hmm..well you know what I think about the movie. And I think the poor guy can’t help it if he resembles Hrithik. They have a very similar face and thats that.

  17. @Dhawal : I think Harman is fine. He just can’t cope up with the emotional scenes. Priyanka is as good as she is in any of her movie. Nothing special. And I wish Boman and Archana were given a little more screen time.
    @Nita : I laughed when I saw the 2050 Mumbai skyline in the movie. The director and the story writer must be out of their mind. 😐
    @Reema : Yes, he has a problem with emotional scenes. And Kareena was not the director of Tashan. 😛 I disliked Tashan as a movie and that does not mean I disliked Kareena in that. 😛 😛
    @Nikhil : No No. Watch the movie and then you will know what I am saying. 🙂 Believe me, I have not trashed it. Read my review of Tashan and you will know. 😉
    @RJ : Hancock is yet to be released in India. 😦 I have heard that its good. And Thanks btw. 🙂
    @Prax : The director should have thought about that. God knows what was he thinking. Saw our post. Yes, you can miss this for all of those. 🙂
    @Oemar : You too were pulling your hair? 😆 Me too. Yes, definitely one of the bad things which could have happened to mankind. 🙂
    @Withering Willow : Hahaha. You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape. 😛
    @Poonam : Yes, it wasn’t that bad. Atleast someone tried to make something new even though it was still a copy but it was not the same old trash. Regarding that Priyanka rebirth mistake, I could not ignore it because it was so obvious. 🙂 Harman might work. He need some good movies.
    @Raghav : Wise decision. 🙂
    @Balu : Best of luck. Do tell us how it was. 😛

  18. I never had expectations on this movie. I have a “strong faith” in our Cinema that I knew how they would handle this kind of subject. I think I made out from the trailer of this movie itself, that this would become a dud.Thanks for the review, I will not watch this movie. In any case, this movie was not released in the city I am living, instead, Jaane tu…is being played here. I am gonna watch jaane tu.. this weekend. 🙂

  19. I just cant believe my eyes. Did I actually read a review which claims LS 2050 is average ? I have no idea how I spent my 2+ hrs in the theatre. It was sheer torture and according to me, on par with Tashan. So many mushy mushy dialogues, bad music and BGM, pathetic acting from everyone, irritating kids and robots and an annoying butterfly. To top it all, there is no story at all. I would give it a 1 only for the efforts they took in the SFX.

    U liked it…seriously ???

  20. thank god i didnt watch it…..i saw Jaane tu…n i liked it a lot….imran is a wonderful combination of cute n hot :mrgreen: although genelia needs to lose dat accent 😉 story is good…music is good….Imran is super cute…wat else do u need??????? :mrgreen: n abt LS 2050…..i knew dat it will b a flop….Mumbai has so many potholes na ki to fill all of them n make it like it has been shown it will need another 200 years….hey bt i guess flying cars r good….since d roads will b filled with holes 😉 n BTW mister if sana has died in 2008….aisa thodi hai ki she took birth dat year itself…time lagta hai baba….god needs 2 make a plan 4 u n then send u…. 😆 time lagta hai….n hey do catch Jaane tu….just 4 Imran…ahhhhhhhhhh…… :mrgreen:

  21. @Amit – Hancock not impressive dude!! It’s another superhero movie on the block – that’s all about it! If you wanna bunk office for a 12-3 show – it’s an awesome movie 😀 😛

  22. @Manoj: I too watched that bit of News. Now a days such things are also news. As if cutting 10 mins in a movie will make it endearing.

    @Vimal: Don’t fret abt good points, its still low rating. Only 2.

    @Ish: Did you despite so many reviews still went and watched it!!

  23. Seeing the trailer itself anybody could say that this is a crap movie. I didn’t see it though (will not see also) but I did like some of the tracks form the movie. LOL… but the funny part is that in every track there is a talk/chat between those two in the start. I found that something weird..! No clue why that was done…

  24. @Manoj : Well…some day we will learn to make such movies. Its just that the directors have to think normally. 😐 And I don’t know why but I really liked the trailer. I saw the report about the cut. Maybe they read my review. 😉
    @Aravind : You are welcome. 🙂
    @Vimal : 1 means poor. So if you liked the efforts they took in the SFX, your rating should be atleast 1.5. Quite close to 2. Isn’t it? 😛 Well, I didn’t like the movie but it was passable.
    @Riddhima : Generally the person is born again as soon as he dies. That is what our movies show. 😛 Anyways, whatever. And I don’t think i’ll watch Jaane tu. I don’t think i’ll get time for a long time. Bahut kaam hai. 😦
    @RJ : Hmm..another friend of mine told me the same thing. Bunk office? Are you crazy? My conscience would never let me do that. 😛
    @Ish : 2 is fair!!!! I think it was ok. 😐 And I can’t trash someone’s first movie. Its really unfair specially when you know that so much effort went into it.
    @Joel : Yes, the chat is there. This was done earlier also in a movie called Deewane. And I liked the trailer. God knows why. 😐
    @Suda : And prey, why are you sad?

  25. I too have seen Hancock. It is just a timepass flick. My rating would be 2.5/5. I have expected something better from Willie, who gave us a film like ‘The pursuit of Happiness’. 🙂

  26. as always i dint see the movie,
    i have heard everywhere that movie sucks..
    well ,it was alwyas going to be a mistake to make movies liek this in india

  27. Hey Amit,
    The preview looks good like you said. But if it’s anything like 10,000 BC, God, I don’t want to torture myself 🙂 Thanks for the review.

  28. @Manoj : Yes, everyone is telling me that its not very good. I certainly liked the promos. 😐 Sad!!!
    @RJ : I know. 😆 I bunked my office for 2 hours a few days back to have lunch outside. 😀
    @Dinu : Yeah. I know. But we have endured worse movies. 🙂
    @Arvind : It could have been made in a better way with some logic in it. Koi mil gaya worked. Right? Its just that creativity has to be complimented by a good idea.
    @Priyank : Hahaha. I know that feeling. Its better you don’t watch it then. And you are welcome. 🙂

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