These are a few of my paintings which materialize on my drawing pad at times. None of these paintings are an original creation of my mind, but mirror the beauty of this world which made me stop and recreate it once more on paper.

This is the latest one. It is not as clear as the others as I have photographed it and the others are scanned. I have not named it yet. 🙂


The painting at the left depict a scene from Homer’s Iliad, where King Priam comes to Achilles during the Trojan war to get back Hector’s body.

The Thirsty Sun

I found this in an Asterix and Obelix comic strip. I found the scene so enchanting, that I recreated it again. I call it “The Stormy Silence”.

Way back when I was a kid, I won this “Book on Elephants” as a prize in a competition. This painting is the last page of that book. I call it “Towards peace”.

Inspired from a new year greeting card. I called it “Santa’s House”.

Saw this in some magazine. Named it “Drinking the mirror”.

From Filmfare…where else? 🙂

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67 comments on “Paintings

  1. Hello Kavi raj, I know that you paints but through this only i am able to view ur paintings man. Now I have to serach a new name for u. How about Multitasker. If any one reads this comment, please tell me ur opinion. I am small having doubt, can u clarify for me. How u can do these many things like Painting, Poetry, Writing articles, watching lot of movies in weekends beside of ur work ? Are u eating Baidyanath Chyavanprash ?

  2. Wow Amit! You are so talented 🙂 You should start a painting blog and make a separate post out of each of your paintings. These are lovely and the beauty isn’t reduced just because they are not “original” or whatever you call it. 🙂

  3. @whisperingthoughts: I don’t have any memory of it but haven’t I…errr…shown you all of these before? 😉
    @Bharat: Believe me, its not hard when you are staying away from ur family. And regarding the “Chyavanprash” thing…guess I have to start eating that. I am nearing that age. 🙂

  4. @Ruhi: Thanks a lot Ruhi. 🙂 Well…I used to paint a lot earlier but my work is taking a toll on me now. Dying to get back to the colours. 🙂 And painting blog…hmmm…food for thought. 😉

  5. Though I’ve seen them all, yet this one deserves a comment. Great Work 🙂
    By the way why dont you display your calligraphy skills too… though its been two years and you havent given me my name written in that style… i’ve been asking since ILP 😦

  6. i disagree with ruhi .. u should not open a photo blog.. u should ,perhaps open a gallery… 😛
    the paintings are awesome..
    that lightning one and zebra one are the best.. though all are best in their own way ..
    keep it up dude.. 🙂

  7. @Shalaka : Thanks..good to see ur comment after a long time. 🙂
    @Atipriya : oooooo….I know what is going to come next…a party. 😉
    @Arvind : Thanks a ton. I don’t know about opening a gallery, but I would definitely like to attend a workshop. There are loads of things I don’t know. 😦

  8. Ekdum Mast.. Though I have already seen them all except the first one.. Are you trying to continue with your painting passion again.. Great Job.. Why don’t you give a try to create an original painting, as you said they are all recreated..

  9. Wow amit!!
    Ati once told me tht u paint well and they are all fabulous.. Good man..Well I think u can go ahead and open a gallery .. Wonder what god made u of???

  10. @Ruchika : Even I am thinking about creating an original. Never tried it before. 🙂
    @Sujani : Gallary is a few ages away…but I am sad that I don’t get much time nowadays. 😦
    @Nitin : Thanks Nitin. Good to see ur comment. 🙂
    @Mani : Thanks Mani. Well…its not hidden anymore. 🙂
    @Indu : Believe me…this is the last one of those. 🙂

  11. well Amit……by seeing the no. of comments or I must say compliments u hav generated, u can surely go and start again with ur painting brush. Good work……
    looking forward to your yet another creation………..may be a picture in colors giving your emotions while you sit to write on blog…or think on creating something new..or when you read the comments on blog….-)

  12. @Karthik : You make it sound so difficult. 🙂 thanks
    @Abha : I would never able to make my own face. 🙂 But yes I want to make something original.


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  16. arey tum to bahut bade kalaakar nikle!! I came here just by chance!! And i am glad i did!! loved the “drinking the mirror” the most!!

    And shahrukh does look like him!! 😛

    Seriously, you are a good artist!!

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  19. Hi,
    Today when I am searching Images about New Year Greeting, I find your painting. These are really very colorful & pleasent. I want to be your friend if You want.
    Give me reply.
    (Chaitaly Ghosh)

  20. Amit!

    These are just…. I don’t know what to say! They are sooooooooo beautiful 🙂 I have recreated a village scene from asterix and obelix as well. Need ot dig that.

    You have such a flair for art and the colours are beautiful! Loooooooooooooved this. Am so glad I saw this now 🙂 Please share more 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 These are very old. I made them almost ten years back. I used to have time back then. Sigh!
      There are a few sketches I made during that time. I will scan them and put them up. 🙂

  21. These are SO WONDERFUL. You are SO TALENTED!!
    If I draw something, even I wouldn’t like looking at it a second time. 😀
    First Kismi and then you… I feel like I am so under-talented.. if that even makes sense. 😦

    • Thanks TGND. 🙂
      Well, I am not that good. Miles to go. 🙂
      I haven’t touched my paint rush since ten years. I have to paint something soon. 🙂
      And no one is under-talented. We all have different talents. 🙂

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  23. Some of them are really nice. First great articles and then these very nice paintings and sketches… you are cool 🙂

    btw, are these acrylics or water based?

  24. WOW!
    Sketch of SRK is awesome. And so is ‘the cup of nature’. Loved it. Love the mirrored zebras too. You are damn talented. Have you stopped sketching and painting now!?

  25. I like shahrukh better. Kajol ke naak ko kya ho gaya? I liked all the paintings…because I like art. Now, I know what to show my son. Everyday he asks me, what did Amit have in the blog today? I am sending him to drawing and he is giving all lame excuses to skip it. Now, I will tell see your friend also draws such nice pics..hehe…:) Thank you for sharing them. It’s been decades already that I caught a brush…jack of all trades, master of none…:( You should start doing it again.

    • Yeah, I have come to realise that faces look good without colours otherwise they end up like Kajol. She looks punched in the nose. 🙂
      If your son has a talent for this, make sure that it florishes. Professional classes make one hell of a difference. There are so many things you cannot know on your own. 🙂

    • Say thank you to your son Latha. I am getting old and I still do not have any idea what I should be. Book illustrator? Now that is a different one. 🙂

  26. Wow, wow and wow!! You are very talented Amit!! Loved the mirrored zebras, the thirsty sun and the sky and trees in ‘ towards peace’. And SRK is awesome too. Am now off to take another good look!!

  27. Wow!! they are amazing. Drinking the mirror, Santa’s House and Stormy Silence are superbbbbbbb. All of them are lovely. You are truly talented.

  28. Drinking mirror is fantastic.When I buy my own house I will be inviting for the house warming ceremony and you and Geet are suppose to bring a framed painting of yours as gift.Don’t forget

  29. Stormy Silence, drinking the mirror are too good…I hate Shahrukh, but I loved this painting… 🙂
    And I don’t have any words to tell you how talented you are. Simply awesome… 🙂

    • Thanks pseudimonaz.
      Yeah, I don’t like SRK either now but I like this painting. It came out all right.
      Hehe! Thanks for all the praise. I don’t think very highly about me. 🙂

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