Randomizer Revolutions

image008Smita and Vishesh awarded me the Butterfly award and the Cup. Thank you so much guys!!! I really have to make a new page for my awards section before my sidebar exceeds the distance between the Earth and the moon. I am supposed to pass this award to  bloggers I like. So, I would like this opportunity to pass this award to Nita, Liju Philip, Amreekan DesiPr3rna and Trailblazer


image014I am officially closing the Salsa Diaries Category. I have attended the first few classes with enthusiasm but then this new work came along and I got really busy. We are creating a new website for our client which is supposed to go live in January, so loads of work and no time for Salsa. I was really doing great. 😦


image009I was also busy with photo shoot and release of my new album. I had such a great time recording it and it was really sweet of Paris to come and release it in front of the press. Also I would like to thank Madonna for being a part of the video shoot and for singing a song with me. The female models were great during the promotional photo shoots but I am a little unhappy about my pictures in the exhibition. I didn’t like the red ones. Here is a sneak peek.  photofunia_a97cc5

 Here is Paris unfolding my new album in front of the media


Madonna grooving to my new song – “You gave me wings at the wrong place”


A model at the promotional photo shoot for the new album. The designers of the dress had such a harrowing time as it kept on unhooking. It was quite fragile.


The promotional Exhibition in New York

image007I always knew that our directors copy Hollywood movies and our Music directors copy Korean songs blatantly but can we at least make original movie posters? 

detaalicloserAt least they could have changed the positions of the males and females OR AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH? Never mind! 😐

image013So, Congress won again in Delhi!!! Well, I think the simple logic is that if the people have to choose between a government “who is incapable of fighting terrorism and is elemental in the development of the area” AND the one “who is incapable of fighting terrorism”, then they would definitely choose the former. Its another story that the “development” is happening because of the Commonwealth Games and both the parties are equally bad at handling terrorism. 

image016I am having this feeling that I am turning into a major success as an Agony Uncle. Many of my friends turn to me whenever they have problems in their love life. I sit and listen to them very very patiently and give some sound advise, which thankfully has not backfired till date. One of my friend even took my advice about whether he should go ahead and have sex with this girl he met a few months back. Ok, that’s not the full story. The girl was about to get married to someone else and just wanted to “have” my friend once before she got married to the other guy. I don’t remember the last time I moved my head from right to left to right so vigorously. My friend who was ready to take the plunge under the stress of testosterone was somehow rescued by Yours truly. And………………………………………….I just now realised that he reads my blog. 

image001I am completely in love…….with this song. There is something very suave and romantic about it. (the video is not that great and it would be good if you don’t see the message which comes at the end of the video. I have been laughing ever since I saw it)


Dimage011o you believe in signs? Sometimes such strange things happen which do not make sense at all. A few days back, mom was coming back from the market and she took a rickshaw. After she got down and paid the rickshaw puller, he returned back the balance. This is what he gave her – 

img_2290img_2289Now last I remember, the Britishers left in 1947 and my mom gave him 10 Rs while he returned back 85 Rs(=1 Pound). Does that make sense? Is this some sort of a sign for me? Am I going visit the Queen’s land?

With this incredibly positive thought, I will end this post.


Addicted to Himesh

Ever since Camera Phones were banned in my account in office because of increased security and because the Client raised concerns over security, I have been constantly taking cognisance of what my senses had to offer and the conscious movement of my mind to a plane about which I was completely unaware of. I don’t know what I am writing! I am in a trance! 😐

So, my beautiful-still-brand-new Motorokr E6 was snatched away from my hands by fate and the mobile landed up in my sis’s lap who was anyways going to buy a new one. Some people are so darn lucky! I had to buy a new “cheap” mobile which was not supposed to have a Camera. It was hard to move back to the stone age but somehow I did it and finally bought a Sony Ericsson’s mobile which atleast had an FM. I had a one GB card in my earlier phone which was choc-a-bloc with songs of my choice but now I was completely and helplessly on the mercy of 91.1, 92.7, 95.0, 93.8, 104.0 blah blah blah. 

The only nightmare I could for-see was being subjected to Himesh’s songs. Believe me, I haven’t listened to a single one completely. Two lines into the song and I get all panicky as my brain cells start revolting and threaten me that they would stop working! I can’t stand that nasal twang and those lung exploding histrionics. But fate, it seems, can’t work without an irony. So, while listening to FM, the first song which I came across was from Karzzzz titled Tandoori Nights. For a second, my mind went completely blank. Who the hell wrote that atrocity anyways???

Surprisingly, I didn’t flick the channel but sat through the whole song(something I still don’t believe I did). And soon I realised that I sorta…….kinda………errrr……. liked it. OK WAIT!! Its not exactly “liked it” but its hard to explain how I felt. It was the same kind of feeling one has when one bite nails or pick nose. You know you are not supposed to do it but you still do it. Its the urge which you can’t stop, can’t control. I don’t know why I sat through it, but I did!

Now a days, I listen to the song almost every day while returning from home because its always there on one channel or another. I feel I am being hypnotised by the song. There is something incredibly incredulously insane about it. Infact, I don’t believe I have written a post about it!! What are my friends going to say when they read this confession? My family is going to debar me….

Know what, we should just pretend that this never happened. I never wrote this post and you never read it. Lets just erase it from our minds. Lets not ever talk about this. Lets this be one of our dirty little secret which we would take to our graves.

Oh!!! They are again playing it on the FM. Have to run and enjoy/love/hate/like/abhor the song. I AM SO CONFUSED! 😐

The I and The Muzik

The I Meme

Nova tagged me for this meme. Here it goes.

i am: vulnerable yet strong, emotional yet ruthless, happy yet sad, afraid yet fearless, surreptitious yet open and Einstein yet Bush.
i think: there is always a reason behind everything, that we are all part of a bigger scheme of things.

i know
: that life is beautiful.
i want: to break free, to inhale tons of fresh air and to let go of a few dreams I am clinging to.
i have: hope and faith. Love and fear.
i wish: to fulfill my present lot of dreams so that I can move to the next lot.
i hate: diplomats and hypocrites.
i miss: the days devoid of anxiety.
i fear: calamities.
i feel: anxious right now, afraid of what the future holds.
i hear: the whirl of the air conditioner. The unexplained emotions churning in my brain.
i smell: a normal life ahead. Full of ups and downs and hopefully some meaning to it.

i crave
: for being with my family right now. To cry out loud. To laugh till tears run my cheeks.
i search
: for the purpose of being born on this planet.
i wonder
: how faith in God can make a human kill someone.
i regret: nothing.

i love
: anything which puts a smile on my face.
i ache
: to visit Dalhousie. To see my Nani ma who lives there.
i care
: for small small things and…
…i always
: end up looking like a fool. 
i am not
: a fool.
i believe
: that life means moving on and not clinging to the past.
i dance
: in dance parties and in my dreams. 
i sing
: when people ask me a 100 times to. 
i cry
: rarely. But when I do, there is no stopping me. I end up like a broken dam.
i don’t always
: ask for things. Some things are better understood than asked.
i fight
: rarely. But when I do, then my opponent is in big trouble.
i write
: in my blog and in my brain.
i win
: to loose lose everything.
i lose
: to make someone happy. 
i never
: do something to someone which I don’t want someone to do to me.
i confuse
: people when I want to hide something.
i listen
: to anyone who has something to tell. I am a very good listener(I can sleep with my eyes open 😉 ).
i can usually be found
: reading, watching a movie, sleeping with my mouth open or blogging.
i am scared:
of loosing control of my life.
i need
: to find a girl to fall in love with.
i am happy about
: the fact that I have people around me with whom I can share my happiness and sorrows. 

The Muzik Meme

The meme queen, Poonam tagged me to do this Music meme. The rules first.

Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on.

If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well.

1. That’s the way it is – Celine Dion

This song always manage to cheer me up whenever I am in a dull mood. Beautiful lyrics.

2. Rhythm Divine – Enrique Iglesias

The song which still remains as fresh as a dewdrop, even when I have heard it a million times. Very very romantic.

3. Ye na thi hamari Qismat – Mirza Ghalib

The lyrics of the song still amaze me. “Mujhe kya bura tha marna, agar ek baar hota” (Dying would not have been that bad, if it would have happened only once). Profound to the core.

4. Show me the meaning – Backstreet Boys

Beautiful lyrics and the guitar is amazing. Perfect song to feel lonely in a crowd.

Ok, before I loose control and end up pasting the whole youtube here, I end this meme. As a parting shot here is a list of celebrities I resemble. 😉 I got this from Sulz.

Well, I always knew I resemble a hero and Adrien Brody is good enough. And Einstein (*Ahem*) is also fine although he is a bit old, I must admit. And who the hell is Song Hye-kyo??

Whatever. 😐 I am not tagging anyone. Please help yourself. That’s all folks. I am outta here. Phew!!! 🙂