Some Random lines on a paper

There was a time when I had a lot of time at my hands, time enough to paint and sketch. And then life happened.
I shifted home a year back. The most heart-strumming experince of moving a house is that all your memories which you have stacked away in boxes come tumbling out. You past dances a full-monty and your brain pulls out images which you thought were lost somewhere. So, as I picked up these sketches from a cardboard box ten years after they were made, there was a smile on my face remembering a life that seems like a forgotten dream now.
When I made these sketches, I thought they were perfect but now I can see the mistakes I have made. Urmila’s eyes need more work and Sridevi looks like a cross between herself and Divya Bharti. Raveena’s lips look as if she is straining them against a glass window and Aamir does not have teeth.
But let me not bore you with the nitty-gritty. Go ahead and enjoy these wisps of my memories.









If you liked the sketches, you might also like a few of my paintings.
Before you leave, I have a few more things to say. A few days back, I was given two blog awards. I haven’t thanked the bloggers who gave me those awards, so here goes –

Ricky gave me the Liebester award a few weeks back.
Sapna gave me the Best Blog of 2012 award.

liebster-awardblog of the year

Thank you Sapna and Rickie for all the praise and considering my blog. Both of you made my day.

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These are a few of my paintings which materialize on my drawing pad at times. None of these paintings are an original creation of my mind, but mirror the beauty of this world which made me stop and recreate it once more on paper.

This is the latest one. It is not as clear as the others as I have photographed it and the others are scanned. I have not named it yet. 🙂


The painting at the left depict a scene from Homer’s Iliad, where King Priam comes to Achilles during the Trojan war to get back Hector’s body.

The Thirsty Sun

I found this in an Asterix and Obelix comic strip. I found the scene so enchanting, that I recreated it again. I call it “The Stormy Silence”.

Way back when I was a kid, I won this “Book on Elephants” as a prize in a competition. This painting is the last page of that book. I call it “Towards peace”.

Inspired from a new year greeting card. I called it “Santa’s House”.

Saw this in some magazine. Named it “Drinking the mirror”.

From Filmfare…where else? 🙂

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