• A few days back, I saw a movie called Sophie’s Choice. Its a story about a Polish woman who is asked to make a decision. When she reaches the German concentration camp with her two children, she is asked by an officer to choose one of her child who would be exterminated. She pleads and begs that no mother can make such a choice but the officer warns her that if she is unable to make the decision, then both of her children would be exterminated. In the fear of loosing both her children who are being snatched out of her arms by the officer, she blurts out – “Take my little girl.”

  • Being at home has its own advantages and disadvantages. You are answerable all the time. Its not that its bad but it gets on your nerves at times specially when you are used to live on your own from such a long time. And yes, you are subjected to all the Balaji soaps and the lame Hindi News channels. I was forced to watch “Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” last week because usually that was the time I entered home from work. I don’t have words to describe how I felt. Maybe this image would help.

  • While I am on Balaji, I saw the promos of Ekta’s take on the Sacred Indian Epic of Mahabharat titled – Kkkkahaney hamarey Mahabhaaaaaaarat kaaayeeee (Please correct me if the spellings are wrong. I think I got them correct with a lot of difficulty). I had huge hopes from the serial as I liked the promos and was almost sure that Ekta had done something sensible for the first time in her entire pain-in-the-ass-and-brain career. I saw 4 episodes and again I have no words. The same irritating background score and the same 10,000-shots-from-different-angles-in-different-colours. Believe me, it was BLASPHEMOUS.

  • I called up Vodafone customer care today to activate my password for online payment of my mobile bill. The first thing which I found really odd was that the Customer care representative was talking in Hindi. Well, what if I don’t know Hindi? What if I am from Tamil Nadu? I faced a similar problem when I was in Chennai. The representatives started the call in Tamil and then I had to ask them to shut up and speak in English. Is it not common sense? Or am I missing something? And, boy, the number of times the representative said – “Mujhe aapki sahayta karne main khushi hogi(I would be happy to help you)”, was amazing. In a 3 minute call, he said that atleast 8 times!!!
  • According to a News channel, CBI has hit a dead end in Aarushi’s Murder case. There is no evidence left which pretty much means that the criminals might never be caught. What a shame!!! And the way the channel was presenting the story was even more pathetic. The way the readers/commentators stress each and every word, I won’t be surprised if someday one of them will end up with a ruptured blood vessel. And we have better one liners in our C grade Hindi movies.

  • The reality shows are another holy pain in my ass. I have lost count of the number of such shows I have been subjected to these days. Junoon, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Star Voice of India, The great Indian Laughter Challenge, Ek se Bhadkar Ek, Kaun Banega Superstar(which thankfully ended last week), Dus Ka dum, Kya aap panchwi…whatever etc etc etc. With an exception of Junoon which is giving a chance to our folk singers to come ahead and where you can listen to songs filled with Ragas, I loathe all of them. And do watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, just to experience the sheer torture of watching Himesh. The way that guy keeps on blabbering, I am seriously thinking of going in the show and pouring fevicol in his mouth as an act of kindness towards mankind.
  • Its horrifying the way the population of Delhi drive. There is so much honking and abusive language that I was shocked. Since I am coming late now a days, so I generally come home by the office cab and the blaring horns just make me wish that I was deaf. People play with car horn as a newborn would play with his father’s laptop after being told not to do so. And why is everyone so angry and ready to fight? Why are we so afraid of each other? Why can’t we smile?

  • I have started wondering if people get married because they want to get married or because family/friends want them to get married? I think there is a huge difference between the two. Most of the people just bend under the sheer pressure even when they are not ready. Getting married just to please your family and your friends who keep on asking the same question every time is not the right reason. I am going through this and the pressure is getting on my nerves. I know that this is not the right time for me, but the questions have started to bug me. I am afraid that I will snap one day and end up giving someone a royal chunk of my mind. CAN I LEAD MY GODDAMN LIFE MY OWN GODDAMN WAY??

  • Is it not ironical that all this is happening on a planet which we can’t point out in the last picture pasted above? Earthlings(including me) are so much in awe of themselves, I must say!!! 😀 And I think the Geek Wrestler should surely give up his idea of ruling the tiny winy planet and think of something big. 😛 Oh, by the way, I stole the idea of this post from his blog. 😛
  • I wonder if the German officer would still have asked Sophie to make the choice if he would have seen the five pictures above. I wonder if he would have asked himself – What the hell am I doing?

Incest : Forced vs Consensual

Forced Incest

While jumping through news sites, one of my friend pointed out the Josef Fritzl’s case. The story made me gasp in horror. Fritzl has been repeatedly raping his daughter from the past twenty years and has fathered seven children with her, out of which six are surviving. Fritzl has been keeping his daughter a prisoner in the basement of his house while his son and wife were unaware of his deed. You can read the complete story here. One of the six children named Kerstin Fritzl has been suffering from epilepsy and has been put into a clinically induced coma. Two other boys named Stefan and Felix are coping up with sunlight and open spaces after been confined to a dark closed space for such a long time.

What shocked me was the ruthless way in which all of this was carried out. Josef Fritzl has been depicted as the most inhuman monster mankind has ever known. While rummaging through Internet to gain insight into this horrendous crime, I came across another aspect of the story where the monster was the victim. According to this report, Fritzl himself was brought up by a very temperamental mother and was subjected to brutal abuses. This somehow explains the mental imbalance and the psychological effect of his growing up years which would have lead him to commit this crime. Somehow he lost the power to feel sympathy towards anyone and even abused his own wife after their marriage. Time would tell the fate of Fritlz but its hard to imagine the trauma of his daughter and the children. Most of the psychiatrists are quite doubtful about the future of the children as it might take at least four to eight years of intensive therapy for them to return back to a normal life. Incest victims generally suffer from low self esteem, depression, anxiety, difficulty in relationships, sexual malfunction and personality disorders to name a few.

What Fritzl did is something unpardonable as it was forced and ruthless. While reading Archana’s post, I realised that such incidences are not something uncommon, although not so extreme in nature but equally disturbing. While googling, I came across another aspect of Incest which will be equally shocking for most of us.

Consensual Incest

Consider the following stories :

  • A German couple Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski are fighting the law. Patrick is Susan’s brother and they have four children. Patrick has already served a jail sentence of two years as Adult Incest is against the law in Germany. Their first three kids have been taken away from them are are living with their foster parents. You can read the full story here.
  • Woody Allen married his former lover, Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn who is 35 years younger to him. Farrow and Allen were dating for almost a decade when she found out of his relationship with her adopted daughter. You can read the story here. Although this is not a pure case of Incest per se, but Allen was a father figure to the Farrow kids ever since Previn was in her pre-teens.
  • John Deaves and his daughter Jenny admitted to having incestuous relationship and the couple have a nine month old daughter. They are permitted to see each other but can’t have sexual relationship. You can read the story here.
  • Ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Roman and Greek allowed incestuous links, specially in the royal families. It is said that Cleopatra herself married many of her brothers.
  • There are tribes in Africa which practice “Internal Reproduction” which ensures that the tribe survives. They don’t look at it as Incest but as a survival technique.

All these stories and facts underline the role which culture and Jurisdiction play to make Consensual Incest punishable. There are some religions which allow marriage with cousins and distant relatives while some allows marriage in the same cast but not in the same family tree.

The issue of legalizing incest is being raised again and again against the age old taboo. The question being asked is that if same sex marriages and Prostitution can be legalized in some countries, then why not Consensual Incest? How can a consensual activity between two adults be criminal?

Scientifically, it was argued that members of a family belong to the same gene pool, so the probability of defects and diseases increase. This can become more severe if the inbreeding is allowed for several generations. But a recent study reveals that children of unrelated parents have a 3% to 4% risk of having serious birth defects, while the offspring of first cousins have only a slightly higher risk of about 4% to 7%. This has again turned the tide against the present laws in many countries.


Surely, what Fritzl did is a punishable offence but there is a debate over how the prevailing laws need to be modified to put Forced and Consensual Incest in two separate boxes. The quintessential questions(in case of Consensual Incest) still remains – Is the modern society of any country ready for such a relationship between two consenting adults or will they still be treated as outcasts? Is it just a matter of how we choose to live or how we choose to live in a society? Different people will look at the issue with different angles. Some might find it completely wrong morally and ethically while some might have an I-don’t-care attitude towards it.

What do you think?

p.s. For the latest developments on the Fritzl case, you can read this.

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