Happy Birthday Diwali!!!

Dunno why but I always feel so lazy and drowsy around Diwali and New Year. I have this overall numbness sweeping over all my body and I can’t do anything, except for munching dry fruits, gulping cold drinks, attacking sweets, calling up old friends to wish, decorating the house, watching television and maybe exploding a few crackers(although they are loosing their charm). So, I guess, this would be my shortest post ever as I can’t even move my fingers. This laziness disgusts me to no ends but I love it too. Pretty much the way you would feel when your Mercedes is tumbling down the hill with your Mother-in-law in it. 😉

That’s it guys. Happy Diwali to all of you!!! Eat, sleep, bitch socialize, take give presents, drink, dance, laugh, smile, chat, kiss, light crackers n candles n diyas n have a blast n make Sri Ram happy.