Guest post on Akanksha’s blog – The Inception Industry

Advertizing is more sophisticated now. It is all about planting an idea in the mind of the customers. It is about Inception.

From Bunny advertizing Lijjat Papad to SRK promoting Fair and Handsome as a ‘Mardoon wali Cream’ to ”The roads are full of Idiots’ advert of CEAT tyres, there is a whole lot of sensible and utterly garish adverts to choose from. But does the customer choose wisely or are we just swooned away by big names? Is the advertizing industry considerate while playing with our sensibilities or do they sometimes thrive on our insecurities to make profits?

Here is my guest post on the topic on Akanksha’s blog.

Do read it here – The Inception Industry.

35 comments on “Guest post on Akanksha’s blog – The Inception Industry

  1. hahahhaha! that was a really good one Amit

    1. I think you really see ads with as much concentration as R does when I allow her to watch TV..she thinks her TV time is so limited so she should see all the ads as well…Does Geet limit your TV time?

    2. I think you are a brilliant writer..please do take out that book of yours fast

    3. I actually liked that Nirma ad 🙂

    • Thanks R’s Mom. 🙂
      1.I hardly watch television. There is nothing interesting in it for me except for a nice movie or a travel show.
      2.I hope the publishers agree with you. 🙂
      3.Me too.

  2. Amit, you won’t believe to how many people I send the link today 😛 I shared it on my face book wall too…all the servers were down at work and what will I do? read this post, trying to control my giggles and got tummy ache 🙂 Gandhari definitely needs more than boost…Amit, you are going to have a big queue for guest posts 🙂 You had me in splits…looking at your parents…lol

    • Thanks Latha! 😀
      Guest posts are the new cool thing happening for me. I like writing them but I will take it a bit easy from now onwards. 🙂
      And yead, I actually imagined my mom’s tummy grow with every bit of that papad. It was horrible! 😛

  3. Great post Amit! I love watching ads & analyzing them. During my childhood my parents used to ask me the hidden message of many of the ads & I had my chance to smug and put the collar up while my parents went gaga saying, “Our daughter is so smart!” 😀

    While I can’t help shed a tear for some ads, most ads these days are leaving me disgusted! Lol on honey bunny song being mandarin!!! 😀

  4. The post was absolutely bang on!

    Of all the theories I have heard of how babies are made,”eating papad” is the best! For the record, I loved those bunnies. Even the one with the Bindi 😀

    • Thanks Sapna. 🙂
      I think the Bindi Bunny came later. Initially it was only the father bunny but when he was a hit, I think he blackmailed the producer to include his whole family. Years later, Bhagyashree was inspired by him.

    • Thanks Priya. 🙂 The book is all done. I am writing a synopsis at the moment. Will be back with more updates once I send my pigeons with the copies to all the publishers. If the pigeons don’t come back i’ll assume that the publishers did not like my book and ate them.

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