Guest Post on Rachna’s Blog – The Invisible Wheelchair

When Rachna asked me to write a Guest Post on her blog, I went weak in the knees. She is one of the Legends of the Blogging world and the cold sweat was understandable. When I finally sent the mail to her, I almost chewed all my nails in anticipation of her reply and was deflated like a balloon when she replied that she liked the post.

I was very sure that I did not want to write something with my usual funny streak. I wanted to write from a very important experience from my own life. Something that has stayed with me for so long. I wanted to write about Rajeev and the important part he played in turning me the way I am.

And thus emerged this post – The Invisible Wheelchair

Do take out time to read the post. I hope you will like it.

17 comments on “Guest Post on Rachna’s Blog – The Invisible Wheelchair

  1. Read the post ,Amit.
    Specially liked this paragraph;
    “Rajeev’s presence in my life also opened up my mind to a lot of introspection. I realized that every human has his own set of disabilities. Aren’t possessiveness, ego, anger, malevolence, narrow-mindedness, corruption and bowing to social evils also a form of disability? Doesn’t lack of education and careless upbringing open up a Pandora’s Box of disabilities? Rajeev was physically disabled but to me he was more normal than the people I meet everyday, who think they are normal.”
    Very True.
    Graet Work Indeed.

  2. loved the post Amit.. i too had same experience.. my best friend till date , has polio is one leg. he can walk with support. he is a mathematical genius .. we friends in our class always treated him like one of us.. we would feel angry if someone tried to point out his disability.
    these two are his blogs.. i am sure u will enjoy reading them..
    yes, he taught me to love unconditionally, and helps me come out of all emotional problems i face.. nobody can take his place in my heart..

  3. It’s a beautiful post. Loved reading it. My aunt (mom’s cousin) is physically challenged with polio. She is a self sufficient woman who can do every chore including going to office and taking care of her daughter. When she broke the news at the family that she is in love and wants to marry the guy, who is her husband now, everyone was almost shocked, including her parents that how can a normal (without any physical or mental disability) man can love a woman who can’t walk properly and decide to spend the lifetime with her? I as even more shocked to see their reaction who made it such an issue and placed her would be husband in place of God. Touch wood she is happily married with a beautiful daughter/ I wish she had friends and family members like you who wouldn’t treat her as if she is someone to be stored in a museum and to love her is a charity.

    • I think when you are in love, you cannot be swayed by small things like disabilities and that is what happened with your Aunt. I am really happy for her. I can understand her family’s reaction as that would have been completely unexpected.
      I am glad that she is happily leading her life.

  4. Amit, thank you so much for writing the post for me. I am so sorry if you got the impression that I only “liked” the post. I loved it :). Come on! Don’t you know by now how much I love your writing and your blog. Your posts are the ones shared by me the most among all bloggers I read, and many can vouch for it :). That said, it is posts like these that find a special place in my heart.

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