Why SBI is the worst bank of India

Most of you must have already heard horror stories about people taking a Home loan from SBI and then end up cursing the day they took the decision. I have known people who have promptly moved their home loan applications to another bank so that they could relieve themselves from the nightmare of dealing with The Great State Bank if India.

My nightmare is not about a home loan because I was forewarned and did not touch SBI even with a barge pole. This nightmare is a much basic one and now I know why I have seen so many people shout at the employees of SBI. I am soon going to be one of them.

Geet has a Savings and a PPF account in the Sector -3, Rohini branch, Delhi (IFS code – SBIN0011357) of this amazing bank. Since we have moved to a place quite far away from Rohini, we decided to move the accounts to a branch which is very close to our home. We went to the Rohini branch and submitted a handwritten application. And then we waited and waited and waited.

As far as I know and as far as my experience with other banks go, there is a computer network in all banks and the employee goes to a specific screen on his system and changes the branch code there and voila! your branch is changed. Then the customer must go in the new branch and confirm. Thats it. But things don’t happen this way in SBI.

After almost 20 days of submitting the application, I went confidently into the branch close to my house to confirm that both the accounts have been moved and I was told that they are still in Rohini. Now, even if someone finds it difficult to locate an alphabet on the keyboard (as most of SBI employees do), I do not believe that the employee will take 20 days to press a few keys and move the account.

I came back home and called up the Rohini branch.

a) They had no idea that such an application existed.

b) They were very cool about the fact that the accounts have not been moved. “Why don’t you come to the branch and resubmit the application” – the guy at the other end said. “I have many other things to do in my life. Make sure they are transferred and I will call again” – I shouted back.

I called back again after 4 days.

“Sorry the staff is not available due to Diwali.”

“But today is not Diwali.”

“They will be available on Friday.”

I called back again on Friday.

“Sorry but madam has not reached yet. She will look into it.”

“When does your office open?”


“And she is not in even by 11?”


“So you guys are treating it as a Sarkari Daftar (Government office)?”

I then called up after 11. A lady picked up the phone. I explained her the situation and asked her to check in her system whether the accounts have been moved or not.

“Sorry I don’t have a system.”

“Can someone else check it?”

“Can you come in the branch?”

“I don’t think so. I submitted the application 1 month back. It surely does not take that long to move an account from one branch to another. Please check it.”

She then talked to someone and the call was disconnected. I called again. I called nine times (yes, I counted) before a guy picked up the phone.

“Sorry sir, no one is available right now.”

“Connect me to your manager.”

“Manager is not there, he has been transferred.”

“Your bank is working without a manager?”


I do not have any inclination of continuing with this godforsaken bank. And before I forget, after your account is moved to another branch (if it is ever moved), you have to fill the application in that branch as well. It is as good as opening a new account. Yeah, it is completely sarkari and disgusting.

The staff was completely ill-prepared and lazy and was not able to help me at all. They basically want people to run around them like dogs and lick their feet so that the employees might take pity at them and do the work.

Two other really bad incidents with SBI –

a) Geet applied for a cheque book and gave an application in the Rohini branch. The cheque book came and all the cheques carried her maiden name which was changed in the bank records almost a year back. SBI is basically fine with wasting everyone’s time and their own resources too.

b) My mother-in-law had to go to the Rohini branch 4 times to get an entry in her passbook as no one was available at the window. She is 65.

The Citizen Charter of SBI states that –

a satisfied customer is the most important factor for growth of its business.

Seriously SBI? No Shit! I have seen too many people abusing your staff for testing their patience to believe that your employees have no idea that they are not supposed to treat everyone as scum.

I will keep harassing the staff at Rohini over the phone to get my accounts transferred. I hope I will not be too much trouble.Β  I also have raised an online complaint at your website if you care to know.

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      • Dear amit Please be calm i read all your comments over banks and employees.I agree to some extent with you.But as all fingers are not same,so the same principle applies to bankers too…. Please go and work like bankers you will get to know there problems.Please waste your one day over knowing why bankers are like this.IF you really wnat to comment over them.If you get to be seated on there place u will start reacting in same way as they do.BEACAUSE OF PRESSURE AND STRESS THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH.

        • I can imagine the stress of multitasking your work and having tea at the same time. Poor bankers. They should just sip tea instead.

        • What pressure your talking about? All companies and all banks have work pressure. Not all of them can be on the same line of pressure..surely someone can help. Almost many customers are complaining. My CIF number still not transferred from the previous SBI Bank to the new branch. Unlike many other banks: SBI Bank makes the customer to be physically come for many times to do things like this. Outcome: Nothing.

        • if one cant handle pressure and stress, one should not take a job and if taken should resign and create a vacancy for the needy. after all he is getting paid for working there and not time pass

        • But why only in Government banks. Why are private banks providing at least a reasonable amount of service. Why can’t SBI people. The internet banking sucks, the procedure is not simple.

        • lol, pressure and stress are relative. In that term, SBI employees are under lower pressure compared to private banks staffs. The private bank staffs have apparently to prove their worth everyday, in order to survive, while our SBI staffs are into royal domain. However, this doesn’t mean that all the employees are lethargic. I have witnessed great and hard working managers and lower staffs in nationalized bank including SBI. But their numbers are less. Normally banks reputation is made by how majority of its staff works and evidently, SBI staffs have ensured that their employer get a horrible name/

      • u r right. the bank is not bad but majority of their employees are ridiculing the reputation of this bank. They do this because they know that they are Govt Employees and nothing will happen to them. It is the system if this Govt that must be blamed. Dear modi keeps lecturing about how we can make this country a good one but I am shocked that he does not even know the problems faced by a common man man in India. The law and order in this country is ridiculous

  1. i had another kind of experience. i had to get my online account statement attested by bank. i had to get done for my passport application. so i went to the near by bank and asked the lady there.

    she: whats is this?
    me: online bank account statement
    she: yes i can see, but why?
    me: i need attestation on this
    she: this doesnt belong to my bank
    me: i know, but just want you to certify that i have account with your bank, not branch.
    she: i will not do
    me: why? there is no online networking for you to check?
    she: yes, but tat is for costumers easiness and comfort
    me: then why are you not certifying the comfort and troubling me
    she: i wont do, manger is on leave, i have to do all work etc etc.
    me: atleast update my passbook
    she: no, there is no time, come tomorrow or go to main branch, where there is counter for updating passbook.
    me: ( got furious, saw a complaint number, regional branch managers phone number, called him and explained the situation. yes, here my organization name and designation did a little help)

    after few minutes,
    she came running to me, asked me to be seated. offered me water and signed my papers too. i just told her that i am to a gazetted officer, just that my fate, i am running behind you for attesting my papers. she kept quite

    after coming out of the branch, hubby as usual complained that i never get work done without shouting or making an issue. he expected me to go all the way to city branch 15 kms away . he expects me to be polite. but such people dont understand things without us shouting at them na..

    oops, sorry for long comment. πŸ™‚

    • I really feel like hitting such people at times. The people who treat their customers like this should be thrown out of their jobs immediately.
      Private Banks are much more organised and polite in comparison. I will never open another account in SBI and close this one as well. Can’t stand such treatment. There are a lot of good banks around.
      And it is so sad that you have to flaunt your connections in a bank to make someone move their lazy ass.

      • What?private bank vs govt banks.
        Come and sit with us one day.u will know how we govt bank employee works.
        When u have to treat 500 person vs 50 person a day.
        Mostly ptivate bank customers r educated.whereas daily 300 people walk in the branch who do not know how to fill voucher.
        500 people just walk-in just to know there balance.or just for passbook printing.
        We govt bank have thousands of zero balance accounts. Oe just a minimum of 1000rs account.whereas privant bank don’t entertain accounts having 10000 balance.
        U r comparing govt vs private bank.
        How many private bank operate in rural areas.how many pvt bank distribute MANREGA money,old age pension,widow pension,students scholarship, etc govt scheme.

        Come- on u r saying we a lazy govt employee. My dear friend just compare a work done by govt bank employee vs private bank employee.
        A single SWO passes minimum 350 voucher a day.whereas private bank i dont know but for sure i can bet not even half then this

        • madarcho…thats why you job has given you a sense of security..saale kuch saal baad tumlogon humlog sadak main jotta peetenge..kamchori karne ke liye

    • They are not ready to change because their job does not depend on the way they treat their customers. If such banks start customer feedback process to give promotions to its employees, they will be all smiles in a second.

  2. So true Amit….. I have an account in the $@#$%@#$!! bank as well. Do you know how cash withdrawals in excess of 7000 are?
    1. Go to sarkari babu who does not look at you
    2. Get token and wait for them to pick their nose
    3. When token is called, submit cheque
    4. Cheque counter signed by ‘madam’ sipping chai
    5. Stand in line to meet the cashier who will give you notes in all the denominations EXCEPT the one you asked

    Need I say more??? Well written!

  3. umm.. dude. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you were just talking about your savings account, I think ( though I hope not ). have you considered the formalities for the PPF ?
    And yes, I’m one of the growing number of the public who doesnt mind paying more for my services ( looking at u ICICI and HDFC ) because atleast I know it gets done and I dont have to keep running behind it.

    • Oh No. I have to move a Saving as well as a PPF account. I shudder to think the formalities which I have to complete after the accounts are moved. We are actually thinking of closing the Savings account and leave the PPF account there.

  4. Such a shame. Such disinterest in doing their jobs and yet I am sure there will be no effect on their appraisals and stuff.. I guess their only aim in life is to avoid doing any work!

    • Smitha,
      Since their job is secure, most of the employees give two hoots about what their job actually comprise of and their responsibilities. It is very similar to how politicians behave.

  5. I had another experience. I have a student account in SBI. This account has the benefit that I don’t have to maintain a minimum balance. Some time back, the SBI people replaced my account from student to normal where I will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 500. When I went there and asked them, why didn’t they inform me if they are doing something with my account, and the guy (seeing that I am just a teenager girl and won’t say anything) said that is how it is done. I shouted at him very badly and even warned them that I will sue them for deficiency in services. This some what had an effect over him. But, not something great 😦

    • Wow! They actually did that?
      When I went to the branch near my house, there was this woman in the queue who wanted some details about her account. Her left hand was fractured and she was very old. The guy sitting in the window treated her very badly, as if she was wasting his time. I wanted to slap that guy.

      • Yes, and I realized after this incident that if u dhamkao the other person you know that you will take a legal action, people get frightened maybe momentarily, but they do. So, now I have decided that I will use all my legal knowledge in dhamkaoing people πŸ˜€ Thanks to the legal education πŸ˜›

    • hmmmmmmmm i guess SBI removed min balance charges from last 9 to 10 months,how this come then ???????? seems you had some sort of special account now.:)

    • ” I shouted at him very badly and even warned them that I will sue them for deficiency in services.”
      Very good. So you don’t even want to maintain Rs 500 in your account but needs world class customer service.

      • Well, this is why they have student’s account policy. So you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance. And if you are bringing any amendment in your existing policies as a result of which the customer gets affected, you are bound to inform them.

      • madarcho…phir se..saale bank tera hain kya..
        tereko pagar milta hain service dene ke liye..kuch din baad saalon tumlogn ka murder hoga kam chori ke liye
        itna tezi se unemployment bad raha hain..

  6. I have an SBI account since past 1 year and thankfully have not had any issues yet. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I had some what similar experience with ICICI bank too..so I wonder which bank is good.

  7. Nasty business. I have a 35 year old account with Central Bank of India (obviously, it was created by my forefathers – I am not that old) which has such an old address of mine that I am sure that house doesn’t even exist any more. But have I changed the address? No. And how much money do I have in that account? I am not sure even God knows.
    But, like I said, I have an account with a state run bank.

    • This is the only account we have with a state run bank but going by the comments here, some people have bad experiences with ICICI as well. I am also thinking of taking up internet banking with this bank so that I do not have to go in a branch and disturb their employees.

  8. I think we all have stories to tell about the way we felt our visiting the bank was inconveniencing the employees there 😦 My best wishes to you Amit, I hope your accounts is shifted to another branch without your visiting them ten (or more) times – do keep us updated.

  9. I had a similar experience at ICICI where they took 2 week to tell me that they cannot make my existing account into a joint one as its linked to demat, which they could have done the first day. I had to go there twice to submit documents.

    With SBI for the car loan, I actually had a very good experience. Probably because it was a new branch.

    • ICICI have been nice to me. Going by the comments, I think this kind of phenomenon is branch specific. Some of the branches are notorious for their bad behavior, I guess.

  10. My sympathies and empathy…I had problems with Indian Bank.It really tested my patience.After being too furious I changed my bank account even after the manager’s sweet promises.

    PS : Both my parents are bank employees and whenever I had problems with Indian bank,I shouted at my Mom 😦

    • It is amazing how they change into someone completely sugary and sweet the moment they realize that our patience has ended. Although I wonder if that will have any effect on SBI at all.

  11. Amit, I know how crappy and disgusting this could be. But why do you still want to transfer to another branch of the same bank? Why not go withdraw all your money, close the account and reopen in a different bank near to your home? Trust me, I had been home for 2 months now and not even a single day passes without talking to the insurance guys or the customer service people. It’s time I look for a call center job. Good luck dude!

    • Latha, had I any idea that I will be treated like shit, I would have done that. I will call them a few more times and if nothing moves, then I will waste a 1000 Rs on petrol and drive to the branch and give them a nice piece of my mind before closing my account.

  12. Man that really sucks. I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have an SBI account. I have two in HDFC and Kotak, and they are both doing a good job of customer service. Cheque books and DDs are sent like a dream with an online request. And though my branches are far, the customer reps come home for any paperwork, rest is taken care of with netbanking. Had a bad experience with ICICI and moved out of there quickly. Which world are they living in taking their customers for a ride like this? It is wonderful that you made a post out of this. Hopefully someone will contact you soon to remedy the situation.

    • You are indeed lucky. I have accounts in ICICI and Geet has a few accounts too but we have never been treated like this. Just because there is a huge population in our country and you will always find customers even if a few people leave does not mean you have to treat your existing customers shabbily.
      I am sure no one will contact me. I have no such hopes. I have to run here and there to get things done.

    • Madam,can u tell me what minimum balance u have to maintain in ur HDFC & kotak bank.
      U know how many customers they have to treat daily.
      If we govt bank employees have to treat same number of customers as private bank.then u will see how we give treatment to our customer.how speedy we work.we had hardly 2 min to dispose any customer.

  13. My husband works in a semi-govt company and he tells me about the attitude of the people … I have a fair idea by now. They are not worried about being assessed, or about results. They know their job is safe no matter what, so why bother running around?

    I visited the post-office once… after a long long time coz I had to send something by speed post. Don’t even get me started… I could write a full post on the attitude of people there! πŸ™„

    So sad that anything related to ‘government’ works like this. Was remembering my days in the UK… everything govt related is tip top and in working condition…and VERY prompt, be it banks, shops, transport or any other establishments.

    • Its like the politicians, right? Their job is safe too for at least 5 years and they think it is fine to create havoc for the very people who chose them.
      I know about UK. The government there is serious about keeping their services in a good shape. Here, if it is ‘government’ driven, it has to be shitty.

  14. That’s really bad. I had such horrible experiences at few Gov.t offices.
    But with SBI, my experience was actually good for a change. Everyone in my family has an SBI account in Taliparamba branch ( a small town in Kannur, Kerala). and till today none of us had any bad experience. My few visits at the branch were pleasant actually, especially when I went there to apply for new ATM/Debit card with my 3 mth old baby. I was sent to the desk promptly and in two minutes filled an application form and left the bank. I got the card on fifth day by post.
    The disappointment was about the process. I had lost my wallet with both ICICI & SBI ATM/Debit cards. With ICICI, in just one call, they blocked the lost card, raised token for new card and send the new card within 10 days. In case of SBI, they blocked the lost card but I had to personally go to the Taliparamba branch to apply new one ( I was in Bangalore then), which I did as narrated above, after procrastinating for 4 yrs.

    • Seena,
      I think some of the branches have a really bad reputation because of the kind of people who work there. Some of the people have told me about good experiences with SBI. Basically, some employees are to lazy to work and are pretty much used to abuses.

  15. Such attitude towards work and customers bothers me a lot…the problem is at a larger level..this attitude of wasting others’ time, resources, typically being sarkari in process is a plague spread even in private sector too in some companies…

    my simple question to these people / management: “You get paid for the work you must do, so why not?”

  16. close your SBI account ASAP. icici, hdfc are bad but at least, they are less irritating. whenever i have to make a payment and that person tells me that he/she has an account with sbi, i ask that person to give me some other account number or open a new account elsewhere. i know how painful it is to deal with these SBI people.

    • I really want to but the branch is 40 kms away from my house. I wonder if you can close it from some other branch. I will call them a few more times and see if they can move the account. Once that is done I will close it. F.O.R S.U.R.E.

  17. This is such a shame. Says a lot about our government’s organisations. 😦
    I personally do not have any experience of dealing with SBI, but my dad swears by them. He refuses to move his account anywhere else, but then he belongs to another zamana altogether. πŸ™‚
    I think this is the reason most people moved to private banks. 😦
    Wishing you all the very best in your pursuits with THE SBI.

    • I called up today. The phone rang for almost 30 minutes before someone picked it up. There is no other way for me but to go there and close the account. None of the employees is ready to move their ass and search for the application.

  18. Somehow my savings account with SBI is not allowed to have cheque books… I curse the day I decided not to check the box saying I want cheque book. Now they simply say there is no way I can get a cheque book πŸ˜€ Beat that.

    • Dont give out rumors out its not true,you can change account with cheque book anytime by giving simple application unless you had opened no frill account which do not give any cheque book to customer as its basic account.

      • Haha.. rumours? I just told what my bank told me. And please, I know how things work, I have worked as a business analyst in Retail Banking. It may be a problem with my branch where nobody knows why. But I am not an idiot. I needed chequebook and I had specifically asked them to check while submitting the form if I have filled up required info for getting the chequebook.

        • It generally happens when the people in the bank dont know how to generate that request. I faced similar problems too with UN-trained and UN-cooperative staff. Ultimately i got a Lady who is Branch’s Operations Manager who did the job. In SBI you need to find the right guy who is having authority and who knows how to do..

          Its now always that easy to convince that person πŸ™‚ that a special effect πŸ™‚

    • Yay!!!That is great! πŸ™‚
      Well, I guess some branches are notorious because of the employees working there. A majority of the people have bad experiences.

  19. I have had terrible experiences in Vikaspuri branch in 90’s. Each time my husband would go there and end up in some altercation due to their callous attitude.We closed the account and only hold a PPF acc now. But surprisingly the Bangalore jayanagar branch was a pleasant experience.

    • That is exactly what we are thinking – close the Savings account and leave the PPF account there. At least we will not have to go to that branch again and again.

  20. What if it’s a secret program by SBI, to force you towards spirituality? Saab maya hai….

    On serious note, next time when you submit the application, make them sign your duplicate copy.

    • They are turning me into a dacoit. I am contemplating creating a gang with rifles and horses and go from SBI to SBI terrifying the employees to working hard and kidnapping a few of them to set examples.
      I have decided to close my account there. I hate being treated like a street dog.


  21. Amit, I think it depends on the attitude of people and the bank in a particular locality.. I had an account in Jaipur that needed to get transferred to Bangalore and SBI people at both the branches were very cooperative, esp the Bangalore branch is quite hifi, with good computer access and I got my passbook updated with a waiting time of say, 45 seconds? No exaggeration… there was no queue either and SBI is open here on a Sunday as well !!
    but any day, I think Kotak or private banks are far better as they really know how to value their customers’ time and efforts.

  22. Has the issue solved yet?

    From my side, I have had no issues…I have a grudge against some of their rules though…like for changing your phone number for internet banking, you have to take a printout of the request and then submit it – rather than providing an online option for that…but apart from such time consuming rules, I have had good experience with the people working there. I had to get an account transferred from another state and the transition was fast and smooth.

    • Not yet. I raised a complaint in the SBI website. The complaint was forwarded to the branch and we got a call from them. They confirmed that they have misplaced the application. They have asked us to send it by mail now which I have done. Lets see what happens next.

  23. Really sorry to hear about your bad experiences with SBI! Of course, my dad says that ICICI and HDFC are no better because they fleece you for money with their hidden charges! I finally opened an account at my local (Calcutta) IOB branch. I am prepared for the slow, taking-my-own-time-while-I-sip-chai attitutude, but at least, since it is a neighbourhood bank, they treat us nicely and we have never had any nasty suprise fees!!

    • It is still going bad. I have made an online complaint twice. A lady called from the bank after my first complaint and then asked me to give an application in mail. And then nothing happened for another week. I guess it is a very difficult task to move an account. Lets see how shameless they are. I have filed a second complaint after that.

  24. i guess .. it’s not only about SBI .. for a matter of fact .. everyone has their own bad experiences, stories to share when it comes to dealing with banks .. doesn’t matter if its public bank or private !

  25. i just want to say one thing…whenever we get attached to a organisation we need to care for it as well and when u face such situations…it does not help posting on the net….it only helps if you make an formal complain….and for that you dont need to visit the branches…only customers active participation these organisations can improve….but we need to complain…

    for SBI: https://prepaid.onlinesbi.com/CMS/

    • Thanks for your comment Avijit. I have made the complaint on the main SBI website. Twice.
      Then I wrote three mails to the branch. Not to mention the numerous phone calls I made to the branch. Most of the times no one picked up the phone and when someone picked it up, they were not very interested in solving my problem.
      Finally, after all this went on for 2 months, my account was moved.
      I felt as if I was fighting a case in a court. 2 months to move an account? Surely I have a right to be angry and write about it.

  26. Hi,
    i got lot more, i have complained and doing now for every thing.
    1.they take 100rs for transferring account online in 1min. i complained and got it back.
    2. They have said they dont give new passbook at new place after taking 100rs so again complained and got the money back for (1), so solved.
    3. recently i have ordered DD via courier after 10days NOT received after that visited branch and collected manually. πŸ˜‰ lesson for me.
    4. never took cash with cheques so have not seen the cheque issue.
    5. I have asked them to include my surname which they forgot to add. they said NO. complained and got it corrected.

    lot lot more. still i love SBI. causes
    1. Its zero balance.
    2. its address and ID proof both( true, you can use it for passport and for pan( two copies of SBI passbook are enough for pan for ID and address)
    3. its taken address proof everywhere without any extra question.
    4. Their internet banking seems good and quick. they send OTPs two times and they both come within one minute. icici sends something and you will not get it once you need to send sms to some 5xxxx and spend 3rs for OTP. this never happend with sbi for me. they will send two copies of same sms and you will get in 1min.
    5. their network of atms.
    6. their at par cheques…

  27. adding to above,
    1. i have resetted the login password for online banking , it took almost a month. i forgive them πŸ˜‰ they are busy in dispatching the new type of cheques.
    2. I have requested for ATM pin, havent got after 3months. some how managing with my wife’s a/c debit card πŸ˜‰
    i still forgive them. out of 10 ppl in branch atleast 2-3 ppl respect the customer and work for them. and 8/10 are trying to change. it will take another 10yrs at least to see a serious change πŸ™‚ but they have changed a lot.

    • will not take 10 yr atal, but few more,
      For resetting login password, please use forgot log in link and you can reset it with ATM Card’s detail. Can request for repin, because of heavy flow of Pin numbers sometimes its difficult to trace some of them.

  28. i have a great experience with sbi siwan branch in haryana. if there is a que it takes ten minutes for ur turn. i got my account no in fifteen min after my last signature on form. my chq get clear with in five days for outstation. nd i know an employee who went to a customer who was handicap to give his pension every month. nd most imp sbi got best award for custmer satisfection.

  29. and one more they celibrate every festival with there customers by distributing sweets and greetings. there i know why sbi is leader of banking industry

  30. Atal and Tarun,
    Please see my reply to Avijit above.
    No matter how rosy your experince have been with SBI, my experience was equally shitty.
    I agree that some branches are good and I have gathered that much from the comments above but the branch with which I was dealing was pathetic.
    So, thanks for all those elaborate adverts but the facts remains that they took two months to move my account after many complaints, reminder mails and phonecalls.

  31. Hello All,
    I attest to what is said above. My self other two frineds applied recently for separate home loans. Since the constructions were happening in say layout, we decided to go for a same bank so as to ease the approvals and verification. Un fortunaltely we applied with the great SBI.. Now it is three months..still loan is not yet through without much apparent reasons..construction is halted..one of us moved to ICICI and got everything through…And.inspite of all these, the treatment that is provided to us is horrible..I tried complaining to regional cell of SBI..they don’t even bother to reply…

    • I have heard these kind of stories many times. I know a couple of people who applied for home loan in SBI but backed off as soon as they realized their blunder. It is way better to deal with private banks for Home loans.
      Please move to a private bank and your work will be done very smoothly.

      • Dear Amit, went thru ur posts. Seems u r A-type (no hard feelings plz). A type people are reffered as Arvind or Anna..there r many others….who raises so many issues but hv no vision of their own to give a feasible solution. Its very unfortunate tht it took two months for u to get ur account moved and if still u r continuing with then i think either they are smarter than u or u r still a complaining kid. I being a common man hv smthng to do wth all govt institutions including banks. And wth my persnl experience i can say tht SBI is far ahead of all public sector banks. pvt banks hv strted stinking too. One bank which u are very fond of, as apparent in all ur posts, is wl knwn to the people for all its so called gud deeds. And if u r reading financial dailies many stories r cming about the bigger banks of wrld and their personlised services. Service is always specific to receipient and provider. Bank service is very prsnl in nature and it can never be commoditised. I think u missed it in getting to the right persn who cud hv solved ur prblem. Anyway keep posting abt ur experiences at ur new branch!!!!!!

        • Dear Anonymous,
          I think you too are the A-type – Anonymous type, who do not have the courtesy of leaving their names while writing comments.
          I read through your tirade with patience. I have had a bad experience with a bank. I have seen many people have bad experiences with the same bank. And I wrote about my experience. It is not necessary to give solutions everytime. For example, if I am writing about an accident, I can write about what happened without giving any solutions. I think I am allowed to do that on my own blog.
          Secondly, isn’t the solution evident from my post. I will anyways spell it out for you – SBI should respect their customers. We are the reason they are in market.
          Is that solution clear enough?
          And if I missed the right person who could have provided the solution for two months, then I am mighty stupid, ain’t I?
          Try not to have that patronising tone the next time. I might not appreciate it again.

    • please do share interest rates and other charges of ICICI, Check list for home loan in sbi is on their website. complete all documents properly and will get loan within 5 working days maximum.

  32. Chill dude!!!!!!! it doesn’t affect my health in anyway whether u appreciate it or not..and am not alone in patronising any instituion in general or SBI in particular…so far as u r interested in knowing me by name u just keep 1 for ur own reference i won’t mind….. SBI has got a very large customer base and its counting!!!!!wenever i go to any SBI branch i see it crowded wth customers from different walk of lyf…..i see people who r afraid of going to any other bank…once i closed the account wth them but within 6 mnths i had to open 1 wth them..i still love them….i dnt know any organisation at least in India who is standing tall for more than 200 years..there must be sm intrinsic value wth its way of doing business…Try not to be hostile n violent in thoughts..it “may” lead to intellectual bankruptcy…wen u r living in a pluralistic society be receptive towards ideas frm every1…….

    • Listen, whatever your name is – I don’t have a problem with people sharing their views on my blog but what I did not appreciate was your tone in your previous comment and the way you addressed me. If you are bad at expressing yourself and have a mocking undertone, then simply don’t share your thoughts. As simple as that.
      And I give two hoots about the customer base of SBI and how much it is growing. I had a bad experience with them. Period.
      And please read your previous comment before talking about intellectual bankruptcy. I think your comment was a very good example of it. Please don’t waste my time anymore.

  33. Its the people we are talking about in such cases. SBI and other PSU banks has come a long way from the olden days where they enjoyed monopoly in banking business and the change we see (as compared to 90s) has been need driven and hope things turn out to be better if they need to survive. What i felt funny was that how people follow social sites like encyclopedias and believe whatever is written there for granted. πŸ˜›

    • Of course. Banks are run by people. They are the ones who provide a bad service.
      Well, you can take it for granted when a person writes about his personal experience. There will not be any encyclopedias about crap customer service anywhere else.

  34. Still this great bank to go very long to regain its position at the same time competition deteriorating its image,never the less change in attitude of staff for sarkari bank is dream i guess,just take out your account to new & small branch near your home ,you may get some relief .

    • I think the best way is to get Internet and Phone banking so that you are miles away from any human contact with the employees. That is the only way you can live happily.

  35. why dont you people use the sms UNHAPPY service by SBI? U just need to send a sms and ths contact centre ppl will call u up.. ur complaint will be resolved within 48 hrs. Tried n tested!

  36. Pingback: Its time I answer some questions | Mashed Musings

  37. Simply protest for what you should get and not getting. Don’t ask that you are not entitled to . Their are some good guys and bad guys too. The old timers really search for the letters in the key board they are just like donkeys not horses you will find them in every organisation. Even in the armed forces, such people are to be criticised and ridiculed so that they change and learn some basic typing which is now required to sit before a PC.

  38. I am an SBI customer, with no such bad luck as yours (touchwood!). Also, I always make it a point to keep copies of my complaints/applications with the receiver’s signature and seal. With the advent of Internet Banking i hardly need to visit my home branch these days. also the bank’s sms UNHAPPY service is good. they respond quite fast.

  39. I am a SBI employee and reading this article hurts. Because i know how much of our life we are giving this to the Bank and customer service.

    Talking about 10 years from now, nothing gonna change because then. you will ask the Bank to bring ATM to your home.

    Its strange how criticism makes its way onto a full page blog with some 100 comments and the praises go unmentioned or comes in small boxes

  40. I had to visit one such Sarkari Bank 38 times to get my Home Loan approved..It had literally become a ritual for me every Saturday to drive 16 K.M to that Home Loan division , for tasks as lame as ‘verifying my name’ on their system…Yet when they prepared the Demand Draft…Well, the spelling was wrong πŸ˜€ … A bunch of old , lazy and thoroughly inefficient hags , screwing up the entire process…

  41. STATE BANK OF INDIA is the national leader next to Reserve Bank of India. It plays one of the important role in economic during BRICS report. It’s one of the greatest bank of the World. It might be the personnel who does bad work, make a complaint against him. They’ll take actions. SBI is like a Corporate. πŸ˜‰

    • I am sure the bricks and cement of the SBI’s buildings all over India are very polite and take care of the customers. I was actually talking of the employees. If there are people in the bank who cannot do their job properly then it cannot be the greatest bank in the world.

      • it’s a contradicotry statement. Since few Indian Politicians can’t do their job properly, you can’t say that India is not one of the greatest nation.

  42. I’m in bad situation now. I have applied for SBI Home Loan and there is no progress. Lawyer took 2500/- for verification and Architect took 3500/- for valuation even after cheque’s given to the bank for these tasks. Moreover, it is 2 months now and still pending by SBI. PATHETIC EXPERIENCE!!

  43. Overall it is a good bank. I tried to open a bank a/c..but since i have already a SBI a/c in another branch, I cannot open (they found that I already have an a/c!!)..So the officer told me to write a letter to my branch to transfer my a/c and CIF to the new branch, in which I need to open..Just it took roughly 15 hours..I gave my requisition letter on Saturday..and everything got transferred on Monday. Your bad experience perhaps due to employer of that particular branch..Not the SBI itself.

    • No, You can have multiple SB accounts linked to a single CIF #…..Proof Myself…although the other accounts are Joint Accounts….

  44. s.b.i bank is the rood bank i ever seen all stuf are use less & they dont wont work at all i lost my s.b.i passbook & atm 05/12/2013 but till now i cont acsess my acount my name is haque rahimul a/c: 32973121136 i got in a/c 34,200 indian rupees but when i go to branch of merapur the branc maneger mis bihave 2 me & he said i dont do any thin go what ever u wont do i need money for my own use.. but i cant becouse the head office say i cant get an passbook & atm from other branches.. what i do man i fucked up pepole.. please dont open a/c in s.b.i or u become like me

  45. I had bad experince with another nationalised bank i.,e Indian bank, Nariman Point branch. The staff is illequipped and lazy at work. They traet customer as dust bins and throw papers on them. No one cares to listen to customer.I had very bad experience while using indian bank credit card. Also when i closed the account the bank charged me Rs.105/- for account closing.No other bank does such foolish act. Never open an savings account with Indian bank ,because they are cheaters, they will cheat you more than private bank does. Also while account opening this cheater bank never told me nor gave me in writing about account closure chgs,

  46. i have gone through the above material. all experiences match each other. i am also of the opinion that almost all the staff of almost all the nationalised banks are are identical and they by their act are helping the mighty people to which the banks are not supposed to help in providing advances, in supporting financially by hook or crook. they also are helping to grow private banking in maharastra. the middle page of loksatta dated 9.1.14 also support the

    • Instead of just complaining about one particular bank because some people have got deficient service , it is better that we understand that service and attitude of bank employees towards customers changes from bank to bank and also branch to branch..we should not generalise..

  47. Dear Anonymous,
    Since you do not have a name, let me name you Idiot.

    Dear Idiot,
    Look around you. All the industries whether it may be IT, teaching, hospitality are going through this. We are are overworked and stressed. People are working for 15-18 hours. But that is no excuse to mistreat your customers. If there is a problem in the bank, it is between the management and the staff to resolve. You are not supposed to take it out on people who bring food to your table.

    And another personal dig and you will be blocked. Remember that.

  48. Hi,

    I am a customer of SBI Bank for last 8 years…Below is my story.

    1) Had a SBI Account in Chennai, Branch would always be crowded, no proper response from Staff, all mostly middle aged, & so looked like they were struggleing to survive in new tech (IT) world with new infrastructure…(mostly all had on the Job Training using System, things would move very Slowly.) Would curse the bank as I would have far better & quick resposes from branches of ICICI & Axis.

    2) Moved to Bangalore, struggled to transfer account, for 2-3 weeks & finally decided to close that account & open another account in a near-by SBI branch..somehow did nt feel like leaving SBI…as most of my known ppl/relatives have accounts in SBI & transfers of funds would be easy…
    Went to a neary by branch, branch as usual crowded, had to wait for 2-3hrs to get my turn to get my docs processed, was 1 PM then, got frustrated, tore the Application in Bank & left the branch irritated….while going back home realised there was another bank near by (State bank of Mysore) tried my luck & in 10-15 mins my application got processed there…till now I am not having any issues related to that branch related to any facilities,
    3) Now after a year, On changing my company, My new company(Hyd based) had a account opened in Hyd (SBI, personal banking branch) & for any issues I can directly email the branch email address & they look into it by end of the day & respond back…No Issues so far….(however need to attach a scan copy of PAN every time i need a req from them which is acceptable by me). i am stiill in Bangalore only.

    So my understanding of this SBI bank is..facilities varies from branch to branch & depends on
    1) Branch Manager of how he runs his branch.
    2) Trained Staff exposure to system

    My Take back is if you find a branch crowded, means work is not happing quikly there & better look for another branch near by if its 15 mins more away. (there will be lots of State Bank Group near by)…However staff are not having much knowledge on few grey areas like my virtual debit card generated in online SBI website never gets processed sucessfully on Merchant Sites, & so nobody has a clue infact wht a virtual debit card is in bank or they can point me to the right person or dept..so I always end up using my virtual card from ICICI bank..for merchant transactions….

  49. We come across such experiences with different organisations in daily life. Some of the SBI employees might be rude, arrogant, not ready to act..after all they are humans..and such humans are present in all the organizations that are part of service industry. Private bank staff are no exception either..
    But what we need to do is try to get our work done.. because thats the smartest thing to do.. Whenever I enter any such office, I change my attitude and tone as per the person facing me.. and most of the time, I get my work done without much fuss..
    That’s what you should do buddy..
    Its good to work hard, but its better to work smart!!

    • Dear friend
      U r right…The marketing heads of the bank r big asholes..they think they can earn lots by cutting staff in the bank which in result increases huge work load on staff…which increases frustration among them and leads to Improper behaviour before the customers… If u r comparing to private banks..they have limited number of customers but in sbi the unworthy customers r increasing day by day…as student a/c,job card a/c,labour,narega,manrega,pension etc etc etc…a/c so at the end of the day the min staff nd the customer ratio become 1:200 which u wud understand if u r in that situation…any ways i dont want u understand these all things because these things r like making excuses…i wud suggest u to close ur sbi a/c and join any private bank which can solve ur and our prob..as when the bank will see they r lossing potential customers it will obviously take necessary decisions to solve their problems and increase staff to provide better customer service.
      Thank u for your reaction plz publish it in newspaper it will help a lot…

      • yes saurabh u r right that is the cause of bad services of sbi. Sbi is doing every thing ..pension,all govt sponsored loans ,social work,along with special service for special customers.. where as pvt banks are doing class banking only for profit . NOW WILL SBI SHOULD CONCENTRATE IN CLASS BANKING BY PASSING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ? pl discuss.

  50. There is this system in SBI that is crippling us badly..Officers and Subordinate staff..The people you see are Award Staff, who are paid less salaries and of course less working hours, no responsibilities. They don’t feel any responsibility towards the bank and are only working for the sake of pay..They don’t mind about career prospects as they will be paid a good salary after say 5 years in bank…We, officers, don’t have command over them as they are governed by their union ( I don’t know how this happened but bank don’t have even a say in their transfers or anything regarding to them. you would have heard about their union..That can fetch even the chairman to their feet). Nobody can touch them. They don’t even stay for 1 minute after 5 pm…This is only one of the reasons…I don’t want to put the entire blame on them..We have to provide service to every corner of the field..Those long Qs u see in bank for withdrawing money as low as 100 rs don’t use our alternate channels like ATM even as the bank is putting crores on technology..Comparing us with Private banks…K anybody, say a student who get 5000 rs at the beginning of the month for his expenses for the rest of the month can’t maintain an account in ICICI….Thanks to paranoid Indian attitude people still don’t believe Mobile banking and Internet banking..They don’t care about underprivileged…Home loan..We are constantly being subjected to cheating. People think that it’s govt money so there is nothing wrong in eating up..We are made accountable to that in the bank..Some charge sheets filed too..In private bank you can’t imagine that..So, people obviously became paranoid.. I am not saying there is nothing wrong on part of us.. There are people who still think that their jobs can’t be touched so they don’t care about customers..I am appealing to all our customers that if you are ill treated, try to get the Regional Manager’s number and call him..You will get the response you want…And Plz.Don’t do it just for the sake of your igo..Almost in 70% cases we are being provoked and remind you it is a financial issue ultimately we suffer..
    Coming to post..Yes sir that happens…That kind of work is done during evenings..On some days because of technical problems we can’t just change the branch code and considering the workload we have things just miss sometimes… YOU ARE PROVIDING OUR BREAD AND BUTTER and you have the right to ask for accountability…. Please don’t blame everybody….PROUD TO BE A PART OF SBI..With out us you can’t imagine Indian Economy…

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  55. IDBI Bank
    is the best when it comes to
    customer service
    and also has excellent netbanking..

    I really went thorough real arsse pain when
    I somehow opened account in SBI
    PNB was more worse..i still am trying to open an account there for my relative

    PNB AND SBI and other should eat the sh**t of IDBI and learn something

  56. @The person who posted this blog and people who are commenting here – I am a banker myself. And trying to share my side of the story here – Public sector banks do not work like private banks. In public banks (such as SBI) every employee is held liable for every single transaction (includes transferring your bank account from one branch to another or getting your home loan approved.) In case of any discrepancy, for instance – if a loan account is approved without thorough verification (which might last days, say 1 week to a month) and later on its found that one of the documents submitted by the customer was fake, the banker in this situation might not only lose his/her job and career but also get arrested/jailed. Just think about it before criticizing bank employees

    • Okay…! So It takes an employee 13 days just to check whether I’m living at the address I provided or not, so he/she can send me a letter, so that I can collect my passbook…?!
      Oh…! BTW the ATM-cum-Debit card was sent by post after 9 days, but when I went to collect PIN, an employee notify me that it’d take another 11 days…!
      You guys are hilarious…! πŸ™‚
      When I stopped laughing (in inside of course!), I went to ask whether they got my mobile number registered or not, because I didn’t get any SMS notification from the first deposition I made to open the account. The employee said that it is registered. I asked, then why I didn’t get any SMS? He proudly replied, “…oh…! it doesn’t matter…even I don’t get SMS 9 out of 10 times…”
      Hat’s off…! πŸ™‚

      • No, it definitely shouldn’t take 13 days if you provide the right documents at the right time.Second, there’s no point in blaming the employees if the whole system is designed as such. And yes, even I don’t get sms’es while depositing . Thing is, I can’t just jump or order some unknown people from some other organisation who designed a software for my organization without understanding its practicability.

  57. This is all due to reservations given to dumb-ass SC/ST/OBC. If they are made to fight with general candidates for postings that should fix things. India of course loves reservations and this disgusts me. Unfortunately, even general candidates coming into the system may not fixed the problem because lethargy and fooling around has hit the roots of India and only genuine tax paying citizens like us will suffer forever.


  58. Yes, i completely agree that SBI is the worst as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. It took around 10 days for ne just to get my passbook when i opened a new account. On the other hand, when i opened an account in canara within 7 days i had ny atm, internet banking and every thing that i required.

    • U r very true in saying sbi does hav a bad coustomer satisfaction rate. At the time when u posted i was a customer infact a dejected customer . And now am an employee of that very organization . Slowly came to know why an sbi staff is like that. No excuses but things are changing with new guys joining and management teking steps . Even if am trying am able to satisfy 90% people 10% am not able to due to technical issues . And i hope many staff might b doing as am trying to . And request all staff who read this thread to TEC things positivly and change the image of the bank . In years to cum it will change . And lets not look for excuses of heavy work load and traffic at branches . Work for cutomer satisfaction .

    • this is because of “jan dhan yojna” bank is flooded with zero balance account opening forms and passbook stock might be insufficient.

  59. actually there’s really workload in some branches. For example in my branch we have 400 pension accounts. on every 1st of month bank got full by pensioners. they don’t want to use ATM dont want to learn also. Then there are people who comes to bank just for asking balance and passbook update. Bank is so advanced now that you don’t have to step out of your home. Some rules are strict just because of customer’s safety. Like ATM card will only issued on written application so that no one knowing your details apply for atm on helpline. You can activate” online sbi” using your debit card’s details. You can check statements and can do all transactions online. You can apply for cheque books and sms alert by ATM also.
    Stop getting spoon feeding please. SBI is secure every rule is there to secure your account. I agree it’s a bit more than necessary.

    New age staff is surely creating difference. I always try to help my customers in every possible way. Here we have account of institutes whose salary are credited by us. We have requested them many times to take current account INB and can credit salaries on there own. But they disagreed. WHY? Because if any mistake happened by bank employee while posting that list of 400 employees they will grab his neck but if mistake happened by them then who will they grab?
    same applies for RTGS/NEFT and transfers. Talking about pvt v/s govt. AXIS needs 10000 minimum AQB but there’s nothing in SBI. We are social bank while pvt banks are purely commercial bank. They will not entertain rural and poor customers, so we have to entertain them as they are also indian. It does not mean that we should misbehave with other customers. friends we are improving, please bear with us.
    In this post of blog owner. there might be a chance that concerned clerk just forgot his applications (we all are humans) and when he inquired about it after 20 days it was not traceable. Instead of solving the issue he was more interested in “harassing” the staff.
    There were many ways like he should send another request by email or fax.
    Just my thoughts. No bad feelings for any post/anyone. Try to understand problem guys instead of abusing. No one is like that by born there might be some reasons for that. you are depositing country’s money in foreign banks. One thing can be done, there should be some staff in our bank who takes care Only of HNI customers. In this way they will get value for money for their business/deposits.


  60. I had to open a ppf account and approached sbi at their pragathi Nagar branch in Hyderabad.
    My approach was so soft and polite.
    The treatment I experienced from an old aged woman employee really was provoking me to hit her. No respect to a customer at all . I was not even asking for loan, I just wanted to invest my money.
    I had a same kind of experience from their kphb bank , due to which I withdrew all my money from sb account. They were threatening me saying they will block my account. That was ridiculous, right. SBI better realise that I have many other banks where I can keep my money safe and get a better treatment.

  61. I had to open a ppf account and approached sbi at their pragathi Nagar branch in Hyderabad.
    My approach was so soft and polite.
    The treatment I experienced from an old aged woman employee really was provoking me to hit her. No respect to a customer at all . I was not even asking for loan, I just wanted to invest my money.
    I had a same kind of experience from their kphb bank , due to which I withdrew all my money from sb account. They were threatening me saying they will block my account. That was ridiculous, right. SBI better realise that I have many other banks where I can keep my money safe and get a better treatment.

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