Of Awards, giants, faces and clouds

Rashid gave me the Inspiring blog award. To have the ability to inspire someone is a daunting prospect and I have no idea how to go about it but I (hurridly and gluttonously) accept the honour. A big thanks to Rashid for mentioning me and for the white pigeon (a word I could have never spelled correctly if someone had not thought of putting a red zigzag line below it)

Now, I am supposed to tell you seven facts about me as it is the second stage of the ceremony of passing the award. This will not be a great revelation sort of a stage where I will confess that I want to be an actor (which I don’t) and win Oscars (which I don’t) OR I find the way Sushma Swaraj speaks to be very aphrodisiacal (which I don’t) but I will tell you something very subtle and boring about me. So, do not expect fireworks. Here goes:

  1. I like toilet rolls with small Braille like dots on them. You can find loads on them in Big Bazaar. When I sit in Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ pose every morning, I love to run my fingers on the dots on the toilet roll. I imagine someone has left a secret message on the roll and I try to decipher it by running my fingers over it. The-treasure-is-in-a-house-which-is-on-the-darkest-cloud-at-the-end-of-the-world. That kind of messages.
  2. I like houses with all the furniture and every essential commodity in them but devoid of any people. I roam around and visit every room, briskly touching things, rubbing memories off them. I imagine as if everyone in the world has died in a nuclear attack and I am the last survivor. This is a stranger’s house and I have entered it to see if I can find some food. Sometimes I try to see my own house through the eyes of a stranger. It is a funny feeling.
  3. I like looking at people when they are not aware that I am looking at them. I hide myself and enjoy their expressions – happiness, despair, plain sadness, time travel, introspection. Our faces are like poetry. They say a lot when they are alone or when they think they are alone.
  4. I watch movies when I read books. I wear my director’s cap and choose a star cast. It is a mix of Bollywood and Hollywood actors. I give them costumes, makeup, sets, outdoors, background score, expressions, voices and then I sit back and enjoy the movie. I am probably the only director who has reels of hundreds of movies stacked up in his brain – the movies only he could see.
  5. I love to see Geet sleeping next to me. I find comfort in her rhythmic breathing. I could tell when she is drowning farther in the ocean of sleep by the way her breathing becomes deeper. I could tell when she is dreaming when I see her eyeballs moving here and there beneath the canvas of her eyelids. I could tell that the dream is good when she smiles.
  6. I like to surround myself with mountains. Call it genetic because Mom was born on hills but I find a strange comfort in being dwarfed by peaks. They turn into giants surrounding me, protecting me in their valley. And I find vehicles moving on twisted roads on those mountains equally entertaining. They are like ants running on the cloaks of those giants. Imagine what would happen if they ruffle the cloak?
  7. I like dark clouds. I do not like rains that much but I like to stare at the shades of grey and whites rushing past in the sky. They are like layers and layers of water flying in the air. I feel like a fish standing under them. Is that how a fish feels when he looks at the layers of ocean above him?

Hopefully, I would not come across a loony after reading these 7 facts and you will not throw a stone at me when we meet?

I am supposed to pass the award to a few bloggers whose blog I love to read and who can now continue the cycle of pasing the award. Congratulations to everyone. This is a big honour, something similar to getting my autograph.

Here they are –

R’s Mom


Some facts, Some Nonsense

The Shooting Star

This and That

43 comments on “Of Awards, giants, faces and clouds

  1. Aiyo you find me inspiring…you must be kidding rey…you are an awesome writer..of course you deserve the award…

    and I reserve my comment on your 7 revealing secrets..except the one on Geet…awww! you are so cute…and of course..awww..she is cuter 🙂

    and oh thanks for the award 🙂

    • Ofcourse you are inspiring. If I start writing everyday like you, I will run out of ideas in ten days. 🙂
      And thankyou for calling me cute and Geet cuter. You are very cute too for calling us cute. 🙂

      You are most welcome.

  2. Of course you are inspiring..well deserved 🙂 congrats!!

    No, you are not loony…you are one of the mango people. Secrets ka khulasa was very entertaining, though I loved the one about Geet the most….mush mush mush 🙂

  3. Congratulations 🙂
    I am so with you on #2 & #3…though #1 gave me food for thought for till now I have been in love with the floral print toilet papers 😀

  4. You are like a pandora box. I love imagining funny things in my head too, but that has decreased with time. Good that you have that innocence and zeal to imagine things like that. Reminds me of Harry Potter and LOTR and stuff like that. Ah, world would be so interesting if it had magic in it. Real magic. Perhaps it has, and I just need to open my eyes to it. Your post just made me poetic too. Lovely stuff you have written here.

    • I sincerely believe that there is magic in this world. Some of it is inside us and some we seek. I think that is what keeps us alive.
      Thanks for liking the post Wanderer. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the award! Of course, you are inspiring, and the award is well deserved. 🙂

    Loved the way your creative mind thinks. 🙂 Love your imagination. 🙂 And, no, you don’t come across as a loony bin. As IHM says, you come across as a very real person. 🙂

    awwww at watching Geet in her sleep. The OH **claims** that he loves to watch me when I am sleeping, and **claims** that he recognises my breathing patterns, too. 😛

    • Thank you TGND for your kind words. 🙂
      See! All the guys are so similar to each other. We do not disturb girls when they are sleeping and watch over them. 😛

  6. The darkest place in home is one of the places where imaginations are at their best 😉 Like you I also enjoy movies while reading books, in fact, often I dress them up on my sleeves & start behaving the character 😉 I ,also, don’t like rains just because my clothes would get dirty & I would start sneezing.
    You really deserve this award. I love reading you 🙂

    • Haha! My mind keeps working all the time. Sometimes I am afraid that I will go over the edge. Or have I already gone there? 🙂
      I do not behave the character but yes I enjoy my movies a lot. I also enjoy comparing my movies with the actual movies at times.
      I like rains but I like clouds more.
      Thanks Gayatri. I am really glad. 🙂

  7. Congratulations 🙂

    Point 3 – I do it too *same pinch*

    Point 4 – In the books I read I imagine myself as the female protagonist! Especially in Indian books. In books written by foreign authors I can read it as a third person. Weird eh?

    Point 5 – Awww….:)

    • Thanks metherebel. 🙂
      For point 4, yes, I know a lot of people do that but somehow I cannot bear to see myself go through all that pain. 🙂
      *blushing* for point 5.

  8. Ditto on 4 🙂

    On surrounded by mountains…exactly my feeling in the opposite direction though..getting surrounded by giant like mountains / trees / walls / statues…baba re…it scares me!

    • I think I am a very mountain kind of a person although I am scared of them at night, thanks to all the ghost stories my relatives from the hills tell me.

    • You are welcome.
      I think it is all right if you do not want to come up with a post about it. I have already done this 7 things about me stuff 4 times before, so it is ok if you want to let it pass.

  9. Congratz Amit… I find you inspiring too, and R’s Mom too! Loved 4,6,& 7.
    I too watch movies while reading. In Papa’s words, ‘Your generation juz cant do one thing at a time & you end up losing out on both’. :D.

    • Thanks for your kind words N. 🙂
      Oh no! I don’t watch movies when I read. What I meant was that when I read a book, I imagine everything as a movie in my head. 🙂

  10. Congrats! And loved the ‘seven’ things 🙂 THanks for nominating me…I’ve grabbed the award…too greedy to pass it on …but i’ll try…i’ll try.

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