Open letter to Karnataka state Women’s Commission chief Manjula

Photos of Molesters/Moral Policemen arrested after Mangalore’s molestation case 2012. The arrested are subhash padil (the mastermind, top left), ganesh kannur, taranath kannur, sharath padavingangadi, sandeep shetty, venugopal, tharanath alva, rajesh shaktinagar, chetan naguri, shailesh jelligudde, harish alava, sunil thokkottu, varun poojari, puneeth kudupu, and kiran poojari. Almost all of these attackers are from lower backgrounds, with either blinded minds or misled political ambitions.

Dear Manjula,

Let me congratulate you on your report which you submitted recently on the Mangalore molestation case.

Your report was a landmark report in many ways. Let me tell you how.

Your report reconfirmed the absolute lack of faith of a common citizen in our system. It reconfirmed the fact that till there are people like you in position of power, our country will rapidly adopt the ideologies of the Taliban and celebrate it too. It reconfirmed the fact that you are a mere puppet dancing to appease your political masters.

The fact that you report did an unbelievable magic trick by making the molesters from HJV vanish from the scene of crime and put the blame squarely on the boys in the party does not come as a surprise. We were expecting nothing more than a moral preaching and cultural preservation bullshit but you took the episode to a shockingly low level. The best solution you could come up with consisted of two steps :

  • Consider the whole population of India to be dumb.
  • Turn the boys in the party into drug addicts and someone who run prostitute rackets.

Job done!

Well, but there is a small problem sweetheart.

We saw the video.

Tell us Manjula,

Why didn’t your report probe the fact that a group of 50 shitheads forced their way into a house without the permission of people inside it?

Why didn’t it probe the fact that those 50 shitheads beat up adult men and women for enjoying a birthday party? Last time we checked, our constitution allows people to cut cakes on birthdays.

Why didn’t it probe the fact that those shitheads were hired deranged goons who stole things amounting to 2 lakh rupees from the location?

Instead, your report does not even mention those shitheads from Hindu Janajagarana Vedike (HJV). This Reminds me of that Vanishing Cabinet in Harry Potter. You are that Vanishing Cabinet.


Let us for a second believe your twisted logic that everyone was having sex with everyone in that party. Let us assume to please you that they were having an orgy. So what is wrong if young adults have sex? Why can’t your Neanderthal cultural sensibilities snap out of it? Why do you, the goons whom you are trying to save and their masters have to label it as prostitution? A lot of adults have sex with multiple partners before marriage. Our constitution does not give a right to anybody to go and punch them for having consensual sex.

Now coming back to not believing your twisted logic. If it was just a birthday party, then how can you turn into that vanishing cabinet? You have already given the hired goons a clean chit.

Instead, according to you, the boys attending the party were under the influence of drugs which the police was somehow not able to find. Did you dream about this possibility?

Instead, you have even blamed the mother of one of the boys for running a prostitution racket and suggested transfer of a police official who is the father of a girl who was there at the party.

Do you even realize what you have done?


Our regressive culture has done more harm to our nation than helping it. And people like you, who are in the position of power, who have the ability to change what is wrong, have been a huge disappointment.

You and your ilk has spread regressiveness in the name of saving our culture. Since when have our culture included beating up adults who don’t think like us?

You have given courage to every rapist and molester out there, especially those who are disguised as moral policemen. You have given courage to the throw-acid-on-her-because-she-wears-jeans brigade.

You have hammered another nail in our society’s mindset that there is no concept of justice in our nation. A middle class girl in a pub can be branded a prostitute just because she went there to have some fun. Her life is spoiled and the goon who slapped her is free to slap more young men and women who fall under his definition of cultural subjugation.

You have glorified the concept of controlling women. It is an irony because you are a woman yourself.

Just to tell you Manjula, the boys who were beaten up in that party and whom you have blamed for prostitution, have come forward. And, you know what, we are all proud of them because they are going to each and every college and telling students what happened to them. They are calling press conferences and telling the media about the truth. They are much more supportive to the girls who were molested than you.


We believe that it is not the moral police or molesters or rapists whom we have to fear. The people whom we should fear are people like you who nurture such monsters. You are the ones who let them loose on citizens of this nation.

And till there are people like you in positions of power these goons will spread like termites.

We know that you know that these goons have no idea about our culture, otherwise they would not have done what they did. They are just a bunch of losers with meaningless lives. The only culture they understand is that of Money and Power. And that is exactly what you are feeding them.

Stop suppressing the young generation of this country. You are forcing us to leave this country because of the disgusting way people like you are running the show. There are a lot of people who have given up the idea of coming back after incidents like these. Please do not expect us to bring in the cash to run the country and bowing to such tyranny as well. We are not slaves. We are sorry if your generation had a subjugated upbringing but please do not make us pay for it in the name of saving our culture just because you are jealous of the freedom we experience.

Yours truly,

An young Indian Citizen.

61 comments on “Open letter to Karnataka state Women’s Commission chief Manjula

  1. brilliant.. brilliant… absolutely brilliant. Spot on. This is what I want to read. This is hitting the nail on the perverted heads. Is there anyway to confirm whether a story I heard that all the ‘asshole accuseds’ were released within 48 hrs and are roaming free now ?

    • Thanks Roshan. I would have thrown the whole hammer if I had my way instead of hitting the nail with it
      No, I haven’t heard of the news of the molesters being released. I think the police will charge-sheet them. But who knows what will happen three months down the line.

  2. what a brilliant post… powerful…. just today, i was thinking that its not worth living in this country anymore, because of how the entire system sucks.

    • Thanks Ash. No it is not worth it. If the things keep happening this way people will start looking out for alternatives. No one likes to live like this.

  3. //it is not the moral police or molesters or rapists whom we have to fear. The people whom we should fear are people like you who nurture such monsters. You are the ones who let them loose on citizens of this nation.//

    Well said Amit… let’s all support these brave young men.
    How are people who support such crimes so sure that they could/would never be assaulted?

    • Yes, we must. It was really brave for them to come forward and take a stand.
      I think they will come to their senses if they are assaulted and it will not take long for them to change their tune.

  4. It was really well done by those guys! People like them & you need to come forward & tell them that any such act in the name of culture wouldn’t be tolerated where people like them have been controlling youths & their freedom.

    Great post!

    • Thanks Gayatri.
      Reports like what Manjula has submitted do such a great harm that I am sure she herself is unaware of what she has done. This will encourage a lot of moral policemen out there. We will be hearing of more such incidents in the future. And, yes, we have to stop tolerating them.

  5. Gr8 post, the ppl who need moral policing the most r these goons, bloody saffron coated taliban. It’s a real shame on our society n our judicial system that these assholes still roam freely.

  6. Pingback: It seems not just women who are sexually assaulted, but also men who object to molestations are seen as ruining the Indian culture. | The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

  7. We are sorry if your generation had a subjugated upbringing but please do not make us pay for it in the name of saving our culture just because you are jealous of the freedom we experience.
    What a befitting ending to your post! 😐 I so agree…

    In fact I’d be paranoid if I had a daughter… (and we were living in India). Goodness knows when acid would be thrown on her face. 😦 Such a sorry state of affairs. And we seem to be getting worse and worse every passing day….

  8. My P.S. to the letter above would be: Dear Manjula, With women like you in the Women’s Commission, who needs men to mess up other women. I would love to see the footage on TV when you or a near and dear one of yours is messed up just the way these young girls were – no matter what the reason. I would be very anxious to hear your explanation then. About who is a drug trafficker, whose mother is running a prostitute racket etc. Till then enjoy. You have effectively told these perverts that every woman in this country with a “rich culture and heritage” is a whore who is available to them for free anytime they want, anywhere they want. The official machinery will supply them with police protection and news coverage to add to their fun.

    • Swati,
      If I understand the psyche of such people, they will be fine with an attack on their own family members as well. They will justify it as a sort of sacrifice for saving their culture. No matter what they do or say behind closed doors, they will keep this farce in public.
      What really gets the goat is how we all are taken for a ride and considered stupid. It is a naked political game and we are the casualities.

      • At this rate, I really feel childless couples should be blessed. They neither have sons who will make the lives of women around them miserable, nor do they have daughters who will have to live in this country whose cultural richness will kill them.

  9. Losers. Even if it takes a long time, I hope these depraved monsters are brought to justice someday. I think it will be sooner than they think. Congratulations to those young folks for making the facts public.

  10. You have said it all Amit. I couldn’t believe it when I read about the report. It makes me sad beyond words. Like you said, it is not the goons we have to fear, it is the people like Manjula!

    I am glad that the boys have not given up their fight. More strength to them.

  11. Sharing it on FB….who knows mite be spreading the word would make this ‘glorified lady’ read what our generation thinks of her mockery reports……hoping too much ehhh!!!

  12. the reason why i avoid these news is because it makes me angry and i feel helpless. i remember the then CM yedurappa’s (or whatever his name is) reaction to this – “pub is not our culture,” that’s all he had to say. what else can we expect from these filthy creatures. and what happened to that model who was molested in Bangalore? no report, no action, nothing.

    • I am actually trying to follow up a lot of cases which have happened in the last year. Somehow, they just vanish after sometime. I know that the bail of the main accused of Guwahati case has been denied. I think the case is too hot right now to slip him out. The Mangalore guys are still in jail.
      Manjula is vehemently explaining that she is correct and is joined by more brainless people.
      But, there is a constant uproar and that is a good thing. At least these people know that we are not as dumb as they think we are.

  13. Ok … A bit late but I cudn’t stop myself to write a comment …. (though its eating myI office time) … Why do U think “You are forcing us to leave this country because of the…… etc. etc.” ?? They are running the show because we are letting them bro …. !!!
    The day we come out of our “Comfort Zone” … and it will depend upon how hard we are punched. I feel we are like old time Indian wife who keeps on tolerate her bullish husband … But after some time (may be months, years or decades …) she revolts .. and yes, not every wife …

    • RPS, I think we are all not fighting for a common cause. A lot of us think that it is ok to beat up people who do not agree with you. And that is when a lot of us think that it will be better to leave rather than getting humiliated after getting punched.

  14. Very well written.
    But you know what? Indian society has only handful of exceptions like me and you who understand how to mind our own business.
    I feel there should be a drastic change in the Indian society to understand this..

  15. Love this post Amit. I felt so frustrated with Manjula’s report and her ‘stand’. Too angry to even articulate myself really. You have said it all. It was unbelievable to me that she completely exonerated and even applauded the goons (I remember her saying it was like parents beating errant children) and harassed the innocent boys and girls who had been attached! It was genuinely shocking to me that someone would openly do something so outrageous (I mean Manjula, not the goons). There is a deep rot in a place that puts people like Majula in power and accept her deluded ‘culture’ thumping.

    • Thanks Carvaka. Manjula belongs to a breed of Indians that will never let this nation progress. She is regressive and foolishly so. She believes in the theory of my-way-or-the-highway but I am sure the uproar must have come as a shock to her. She will think twice before opening her mouth again.

  16. Was in Mangalore for two weeks this feb including valentine’s day. On V-Day noticed how parents were freaked out about their girls coming back home on time, folks wore sombre colours like brown, no flowers anywhere, and stories of how couples (even if they are not one) caught walking together are forcefully married. Some of my students and I wondered if we could adevrtise it–“Get married free of cost. Visit Managlore on V-Day with your partner. Get caught and married. If you are not of same caste/religion and are afraid of Khap panchayat, definately visit the city because the Hindu brigade will also offer protection–they got you married na!” A post that speaks of the depth of your anger, Amit! Glad to finally visit your blog…

    • Bhavana,
      Believe me, the KHAP will not give you any chance to explain yourself even if you are forcefully married in Karnataka. πŸ™‚
      Thankfully they did not create any drama this year and they know what a common Indian thinks of them.
      Thanks for visiting Bhavana.

  17. The most disturbing thing about all of this is that there are still a lot of people who will think of the incident as right. Manjula has a wide support from the people of this country who want to control the lives of others. Sad state of affairs indeed. I wonder if this will ever change 😦

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