Can the cynics leave Satyamev Jayate alone?

Ever since the first episode of Satyamev Jayate aired this Sunday, the cynic bandwagon has started spewing its venom. Why is Aamir commercializing the issue? What purpose will this solve? Why is there so much melodrama in the chat show? Why are we showing a unique case of a woman bitten off by her husband because she gave birth to a girl child as a norm? Is he trying to enter politics? Is he promoting his next movie?

I feel disgusted by these questions!

Here is one person who is trying his bit to bring a change of heart, who is trying to give hope and courage to millions of people out there and all we could do is to come up with these filthy questions? All we can move our sorry ass is to question his motives?

He is not trying to be a messiah. He is not foolish to make such a claim in this country. We always question our stars and consider them to be money minded, never standing up for social causes. We are perfectly fine with them coming in various shows to sell their movies. We are perfectly fine with them selling hundreds of products to us. But we feel completely uncomfortable when one of them picks up a mirror and shows the reality of our society to us. Tell me, does this cynicism stem from the abhorrence you feel on seeing the perfect image of our society crumble in the mirror? Does the fact that it tarnishes the false “India shining” image makes you angry?

I was watching a debate on Star news yesterday where this gentleman was trying to point out that Aamir has commercialised the issue. So, basically this guy would have been ok if Aamir would have erected a stage near India Gate and given a speech from there and showed everything on a projector and would not have earned anything in return. The fact that Aamir’s production house earned money from the commercials during the programme was what irked this guy. He could not see beyond the money. He could not see the almost red map of India which showed how badly female foeticide has seeped in our society. He could not see the research, the data and the honest effort that went into driving the point home. He could not see the sting operation against 140 doctors which happened seven years back and which resulted in none of the doctors being prosecuted.

In India, actors and cricketers have a huge following. People listen when they speak. Amitabh Bachchan changed the polio drive by his presence. In a survey done later, the women told that they came because Mr. Bachchan asked them to. This is the power of a star – the power to bring change, the power to change mindsets. People argue that what can a 90 minute show change? The accused will never feel guilty. Yes, they won’t but what if this programme gives determination to a mother to stand up and say no to kill her daughter in her womb? If Satyamev Jayate gives even an iota of resolution to a few, then no one has the right to question the motives of its creator.

No, India is not shining. Far from it. So, let’s not fool ourselves. And if we are not capable of doing something, then lets bloody stop belittling someone who is making an effort.

22 comments on “Can the cynics leave Satyamev Jayate alone?

  1. I absolutely agree Amit.

    I am awed by the wisdom, maturity, sensitivity and tact with which he has handled the issue. This is the first real effort by the national media to do something about the issue. This one episode is a small antidote to the horrible damage that our saas bahu serials are doing.

    • Exactly my sentiments. Aamir was not required to do this. He makes enough money from the movies. If he is picking this up then amusement is the last emotion I would expect from a moderately intelligent Indian.
      I think he should do an entire episode around sas bahu serials and the damage they do.

  2. I do not who is this jackass commenting AGAINST this show. Frankly I do not wish to know.
    Whoever I know or has heard about has been gushing about this show, and that’s how it rightly should be. For goodness’ sake, let’s give some credit where it is deserved!! 😡

    • I switched off the channel before I could reach the point where I could throw something at the television. I guess that guy was paid to oppose. You need someone on the opposite side in debates.

  3. I am a cynic too. But not of the show or the laudable effort that Aamir and his team have done. That part I applaud. So what if its gotten commercialized? A show of this level is bound too. Its commendable when celebrities use their star power to fight for social causes. But I am a cynic of the show’s effectiveness because I still dont see him getting the necessary support from the government or the judicial system that the issue at hand warrants. If you get a chance do read my post – Why I feel sorry for Aamir’s latest.

    • I don’t think you are cynical in that sense. You are apprehensive, yes, but not cynical. Believe me, we all are. It’s an irony that we have faith in an actor but not in our politicians.

  4. I totally agree with you. I was so moved by the episode and had so much emotions flowing through. Total respect to Amir for what he is doing. He could have done any other thing on Telly and got equally or may be much more famous. He chose to do right thing and doing exactly what other folks with same status should do. Forget about cynics, I was blown away by following article where this guy is commenting on the show quality and set.
    It’s so shocking to know that there are folks in our society who entertain privilege to write at such forums and manage to see the production quality while totally ignoring the issue that is being talked about. It would have been equally impact full, even on damn radio… Forget about being Doordarshan or Oprah… Damn these idiots… I just so hate these folks….

    • Well, as a wise man once said – The roads are full of idiots!
      Aamir has picked up a road and there will be people who will try to make money or gain popularity by opposing him. Its natural.
      I do not expect the show to overnight change our society but it will bring small changes here and there and that is important. That is what I think was the intend.

  5. I haven’t yet watched the show completely…only in parts when I get time, plus it’s kinda difficult to find links to it here, youtube is not working for some reason. I heard it’s a big hit back home. What I have watched so far I am loving it. I agree with you on all points. There will be cynics and then there will be those who will make gains of their own and get media attention by debating about it. But I hope it makes a difference.

    • Yeah it’s a big hit and is doing the rounds on all the news channels. Heard that Aamir met the Rajasthan CM to resolve the issue. Let’s hope that something comes out of it.
      There are people who are saying that he is doing this to promote his next movie. How sick is that? And even if he is, then how is spreading awareness a bad thing?

  6. I loved the show. After I see an episode I uaually logon to twitter to read people’s reaction. There are some A rated morons who make fun of the brave people who shared their stories on the show. Then there are fans of SRK who diss Aamir for charging 3cr. My direct response in head is to throw my slipper on their faces. Aamir has an option to take 3crores and dance at a wedding. I stead he took a big risk in talking about topics that are taboo. I was in tears post the second episode. It opened a closed chapter of my life. I am still not courageous to share my story with my parents. But I am courageous to gain the confidence of my future kids.

    Only low lives can question the intention of the show here. Nothing else explains the bizarre behaviour.

    • I had this guy in my friend list who was writing all kind of nonsense and getting very personal about Aamir, calling him names and stuff. Finally I could not stand him and removed him from my list.
      I don’t care if he is taking 10 crores per episode. The fact is that he is doing something which a person in his position of power must do. I think you should be an absolute loser to make fun of what he is doing.

      I went completely numb after watching the eposide. Half the children of our country are sexually abused. It’s a shame.
      Do you think you should tell your mom about it sometime? I am so sorry for what you went through. I cannot begin to imagine.

  7. I totally agree with you. I missed the first episode, and watched it on the net. And I was so glad I did. This is what we need. A step in the right direction. How much he is paid, and all that nonsense should be the last of our concern. Funny, isn’t it, that nobody raises all these questions when shoddy movies or saas bau serials are made? Why now then? I can’t help wonder if it is because the programme pricks our conscience. Maybe because the programme is raising uncomfortable questions..

    ‘And if we are not capable of doing something, then lets bloody stop belittling someone who is making an effort.’ – I totally agree!

    • You will not believe the nonsense I have heard on television and various forums. I cannot believe people have the nerve to churn out fun from all this. There was this one guy who thought he was doing this to promote his next movie!
      I will not be surprised if there are people who are in an absolute state of negation after watching the episodes. Reality, sometimes, is very hard to accept.

  8. if we are not capable of doing something, then lets bloody stop belittling someone who is making an effort.’ – Very well said!

    I wish he shows those criminal faces on TV too rather than blurring them! What have they got to lose anyway 😉

  9. A resounding YESSSS… way to go Amit!! Exactly hit the nail on the head. The problem here is, u know, these so-called cynics want to turn a blind eye to the problems of a true India, because they are not being affected directly.
    And yeahh.. ‘India Shining’.. has to be. And so it is. Pathetic….
    Aamir is doing an amazing job. And as u said, if his programme gets even one corrupt doctor banned from practice, imagine how many lives can be saved, That is Aamir’s true power – the real change. Until then,,, he has to keep trying.

    • Thanks Punam. Yes, when you are sitting in air-conditioned rooms, you really do not understand what is happening outside unless you are actually striving to make things better for the common people.
      We can see the changes which the programme is bringing and they are positive. That is the biggest slap.

  10. the bottom line is at least he is speaking about the issues whereas every other talk show is about politics or bollywood. And I know a couple who don’t watch the show cuz they had expected something else (god knows what?) and its just about social issues.

    • Exactly! Yes, I also know of a couple of people who think watching the show will somehow prove them wrong and hurt their ego. Weird people.

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