Vicky Donor – Movie Review

A few days back I posted this on my Facebook wall – “How is one supposed to leave his brain behind while watching a movie? This is one art I have tried to master numerous times and failed miserably.”

Everyone thought I might have seen Housefull 2.

Well, I am glad that I went to see Vicky Donor despite all my apprehensions because I laughed, not because I had paid 200 bucks for the ticket and had no other option. And the feeling was running throughout the crowd sitting with me. Everyone was enjoying the movie as if they were thankful that they were not forcing themselves to laugh. I heard a lot of claps and whistles too which are quite rare nowadays.

The movie tells the story of an unemployed youth Vicky (played by Ayushmann Khurrana) who is chased by doctor Baldev Chaddha (played by Annu Kapoor) who has a fertility clinic and is desperately in need of a super good sperm donor. He accidentally meets Vicky and convinces him to donate his sperms. What happens next and how ironical Vicky’s own life turns out to be is the story.

I have always underlined the fact that the most important actor in a movie is its story. The issues raised in this movie was a serious one. It was about how our society looks down upon sperm donors. How people have misconception about the whole process and what it entails. Even though the topic was a serious one, at no point the movie turns into a documentary. It never misses its funny undertone. Of course there are a few glitches but you won’t get much time to think over them.

There are so many small nuances in a movie which elevates the whole product and this movie is filled with them. The scenes between Vicky’s mother and grandmother are the soul of this movie and extremely hilarious. Annu Kapoor is perfect as Baldev Chaddha and I especially liked the sperm hanging in his car (I am still laughing when I am writing this). Vicky’s love angle played by Yami Gautam brings with her the side-splitting clashes between her Bong family and Vicky’s loud Punjabi family. It’s not only the actors who bring life to the movie but the dialogues too, which set the impeccable mood of the movie.

The movie turns a bit serious in the second half but it doesn’t drag and the climax will touch your heart. Ayushmann and Yami Gautam are consummate performers and are really good, well supported by the rest of the cast.

This was an extremely enjoyable movie for me. And I say this about Bollywood movies as much as you have seen Manmohan Singh open his mouth. Which is not very often. Go and enjoy yourself.

Rating – 4/5

26 comments on “Vicky Donor – Movie Review

    • Yes, I did not want to put spoilers here so stopped myself from writing a lot of things. This is what cinema should be. Simple and yet so powerful.

  1. Oh damn!! Was it this good? Should definitely go for it then….
    I was apprehensive as to how they would deal with a topic like this. Looks like they have done a fine job, considering YOU of all people liked it!

    • Yes, yes you must. I have seen it twice. 🙂
      Now come on! Avengers was awesome! It is one of the best Superhero movies ever made.
      I guess you do not like superhero movies. 😦

  2. I watched the movie and loved it.. the whole concept was very deftly executed and portrayed in a mature way. I think movies like Kahani and this one, actually might save the sinking Bollywood scenario.. I am not able to appreciate any movies that have come out lately, and these two really perked things up.

    • I agree. I think Paan Singh Tomar was also an outstanding movie which should get its due. I am happy with what Bollywood has churned out this year.

    • Yes and it shows that we have talent. If big production houses start backing up such movies, the face of our cinema will change in a few years.

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  4. Lovely review! 🙂
    I watched the movie too, and watched it. It was hilarious… a serious concept presented beautifully without becoming too preachy. Enjoyed it thoroughly.. In spite of the subject, there was no vulgarity in the movie at any point.
    I think this is the only movie I have really enjoyed this year, after Kahaani. Not that I saw many. 🙂

    • Yes, I agree. Simple movie and well executed. I and Geet loved it and then we dragged my mom to see it with us. She loved it too.
      Yes, Kahani, Vicky Donor and Paan Singh Tomar are the three best movies which came out this year. I am eagerly awaiting Barfi now.

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