A Mess called Agent Vinod

The first thing that will come to your mind after this movie ends is  – Thank God it’s over!

It’s completely bland. There is a stupid storyline which I vaguely remember as it is completely forgettable. The chemistry between the lead pair is conspicuous by it’s absence. The songs are stupid. There is even a romantic song in which Agent Vinod is killing the goons with the lady by his side. It was truly a WTF moment. The background score is ridiculous. Editing is shoddy.

The story(!) is about a RAW agent who is after this device called 242 and he has no idea what it is. So he hops from country to country, following trails. The trails include Ram Kumar who is an Indian who speaks to Russians in Russian accented English. Why can’t he bloody speak to them in Russian or in normal English? Then there is Prem Chopra, who kills his pet camel inside his own house in his introduction scene. As agent Vinod follows various leads, the country hopping starts to get on your nerves after a while. The agent hopped at least ten countries which left a lot of people confused after a while. Soon, no one (villains and audience alike) had any idea which country he was in.

The only interesting part of the movie were those two aunties who get into the wrong autorikshaw and were tossed through half of Delhi. Many good actors were wasted in small, inconsequential roles. The villain is completely made of wood.

The female lead is so implausible that it’s not funny. She goes ahead and spends one whole night with a bald, fat stranger believing that he would not even touch her and he doesn’t! He spends the whole night dancing with a bottle of something! She visits her home after 15 years and is all tears and sobs and the next moment she is dancing in a marriage with another dancer, who was incidentally rescued by Vinod from a huge jute bag some days back. She was so casual about being kidnapped and kept in a jute bag as if she was born in one. Well its a Bollywood movie!

The action sequences are mediocre. The camera seems to be out of control and is shaking violently as if all the action happened during a 9.6 magnitude earthquake. Some stunts were downright preposterous, like the one in the beginning where Vinod skids while holding the door of a moving Jeep and kills some terrorists.

I wish the last three hours hadn’t happened. I would give anything to someone who could erase the memory of watching this abomination.

Rating – 1.5/5

15 comments on “A Mess called Agent Vinod

  1. Wow.. I thought they’d come up with something better after all the delays and with Sriram raghavan on board.. but I guess I’m the fool here.. they’re being consistent.. 😛

    • I wasn’t expecting something great but something decent, around 60% watchable. But this one was a complete bore. I almost fell asleep in the first half. 🙂 I think Kahaani was a much superior thriller.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Just got back from it and have to agree – a totally inane movie…. the drabness and the out of context songs..with the high action drama was a total mess.

    Glad to have found you via indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

    • Smitha, I was expecting something decent at least. There are so many directors that are making good movies and you start believing that things are changing. Then something like this comes and pushes the whole effort back a bit. It’s a shame.

  3. Sounds horrible… won’t watch! I saw a trailer where he casually asks Kareena if she wanted juice (as his last wish) and I was irritated with Kareena looking like she was Mona-darling to Ajit/Don.

    • Good! You will do yourself a favour. 🙂
      I could not understand Kareena in the movie. One second she is all determined and clever and the moment Vinod entered she turned into a typical abla nari.

  4. So instead of a facebook update u wrote a blog post 😛 waise that line in my post wasnt for u only….there are many bloggers who do that and it was directed towards the lack of blogging in the world of facebook and twitter, not towards any person.

    • Actually, I was so disgusted by the movie that I HAD to warn others.
      I know, a lot of people write one liners on Facebook. A lot of people in my friend list also do that. It’s ok. 🙂

  5. I’ve not watched this movie yet, although the impression I got from the trailers was that this was Bollywood answer to Hollywood’s ‘The Bourne’ Legacy, etc.

    I guess I was utterly wrong. I may have to wait till their air this movie on an Asian Sky channel here in the UK – normally those movies that turn out to be crap are aired minutes after they come off the cinema in India.

    You saved me £8 – I owe you a coffee or tea.

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