They have changed something in the Matrix


This is how water coming out of the shower appears to "The One"

Remember the scene where Neo see the cat twice and blurts out – “Déjà vu”? Trinity then stares in his eyes and tells him that they have changed something in the matrix. And then a lot of people get killed by programs.

I had a similar experience today. Well, if we leave aside the killing part and the Déjà vu. Ahem! Anyways!

Geet, the sweet angel she is, always pops out of the bed as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning and switches on the geyser so that I could have a warm bath. So, when the geyser indicated that the water was as hot as it could get, I grudgingly stepped into the shower and turned the hot water knob. Freezing cold water rushed towards my head and I dodged it like a politician dodging a shoe. I waited patiently for the cold water to turn hot but it didn’t. I checked the wash basin tap and to my surprise, it was spurting steamy hot water. After scratching my head for a few minutes, I screamed and told Geet that she has to use the other bathroom as there is something spooky with our shower panel.

“What happened?” she screamed back.

“There is no hot water in the shower but there is hot water in the wash basin.”

“How the bloody hell is that possible?”

“Come and check yourself Einstein!”

She entered and looked at the shower panel. Then she looked at me and gave me a you-fuc*ing-Schizophrenic look and turned the cold water knob. And there it was!! Warm, steaming water bubbling out of the shower on my head. I looked at her and gave her a sleepy grin as water splashed down my head and she in turn narrowed her eyes.

When I came out of the shower, she was sitting on the bed waiting patiently for me.

“Are you all right? What the hell was that?” she asked.

“You don’t understand, do you? They have changed the code,” I said.


“I take a bath everyday baby and I know which knob is for cold and which is for hot water. And I swear that I turned the right knob. It’s just that they have changed the code of the Matrix. I don’t know why. There might be some malfunction and that is why I still retain parts of previous code. It might be there in my cache and they haven’t deleted it by mistake. Don’t you remember anything? The knobs were the other way round yesterday,” I said with horror in my eyes.

She gave me a long levelled look. And then she started laughing.

It was our marriage anniversary yesterday and her pearly laughter is undoubtedly the best way to start the day, especially if it is the first day of the coming year we are going to spend together.

p.s. I still believe that the knobs were the other way round till yesterday. I hope the last war with the machines is not coming. I hope “The One” is ready.

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11 comments on “They have changed something in the Matrix

  1. Hehehe…. 😀
    Trust you to make it complicated and find hidden meanings in it!! 🙄

    Oh so u are half-qualified to become a politician! Knowing how to duck a shoe is one of the important criteria, you know! 😀

    • Thanks Reema!! Yeah, I have named her Geet. Actually she was always Geet. Anyways! 😛
      Well, it gets really cold here in winters, so you need hot water mixed with cold water to brush and wash your face. Hence the geysers are connected to both the shower panels and washbasins with pipes hidden inside the walls. 🙂

  2. Before I got on this reading-all-your-posts marathon, I came across “Love Compatibility for same sex couples” which said Polly is the wife. And then I read that you went to Agra with Geet…and now you say Geet is the wife. I was almost wondering if they changed the code in my head too, when I saw the “(yeah! Polly has been rechristened Geet. It was long overdue).” in the post right below.


    Happy (belated) anniversary! 🙂

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