Big Boss and all that murkiness

This year’s Big Boss has left me amused. Yesterday, Pooja Mishra shook that biscuit like J Lo while The Splitsvilla guy almost kicked her butt, using beep inducing swearwords in the process. While all this happened, the rest of the women in the house fell over each other and that guy to pacify him.

Now, let’s be clear, no one and that means no one can reach the epic crescendo which Dolly Bindra reached last year but the Big Boss team is trying really hard to match that level. Dignity be damned, the contestants can now discuss nominations and use beep words. Men shouting at women. Women shouting back. Women throwing shrill bombs on each other. You got the picture? And, oh yes, there is a ghost in the house this season. *bangs head on the wall*

Don’t take me wrong. It looks wonderful for sometime. We love to see people fight. That was the only reason Balaji Telefilms worked. Nothing is as gratifying to see a daughter-in-law teaching her mother-in-law a lesson. Our movies have worked on this premise for years. A hero taking revenge on his sister’s rapist and his mother’s butcher has been a source of instant nirvana for generations. But then a time comes when all this starts getting your goat. Unfortunately for me, Big Boss has reached that pinnacle.

Sometimes I could not understand how Shakti Kapoor and Rageshwari were evicted. They were bigger celebrities than the half-baked ones who are left. I don’t expect to see a ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ in the house but if it is not scripted, then hats off to the Indian audience. I guess, the vicarious feelings run deep.

Don’t be disillusioned. I will still see it to the end. Sometimes I am too angry and would love to see someone more fuc*ed up than I am and clap to my heart’s delight.

p.s. Polly tried to make me watch ‘Bade Acche Lagte hain’, which going by its name,  I took up thinking that it’s a soft porn series. Sourly disappointed. It’s about two 45 years old virgins who sat on a sofa and ate a cake on their honeymoon while watching Zee TV.

p.p.s  KBC is the only saving grace. It’s good to feel happy for all those people who really need that money and see their lives transform in minutes. Saw that guy winning 5 Crores. And then he picked up the cheque and counted the zeroes. Made me smile.

p.p.p.s I re-read the post and it’s such a contradiction. It’s good.

p.p.p.p.s All those who have an expression of disgust and are going to throw one liners like – ‘You watch that shit?’, readjust your jaws to a closure.

7 comments on “Big Boss and all that murkiness

  1. why on earth do people watch that series when there are so many other channels and serials to watch??? The one and only reality show I watch is Masterchef Asutralia. why watch crap and waste brain cells over it?

    • It’s just a habit. 🙂 Last year when I was abroad, there was no television at home and Polly and I were bored of watching movies, so we decided to see it on youTube. It was fun for sometime.
      I guess it will wear off eventually. Can’t see people shouting at each other all the time. 🙂
      The ppps were really important.
      Anyways, nice to see you here. 🙂

  2. Lol.. nice to see you still writing. . I typed bigg boss 5 in google and ended up here. World is a small place indeed 😛
    and yeah nice to see you that you too share the same feelings regarding Bigg Boss..
    I must say .. It all looks pretty much scripted atleast the eviction part. I mean who on earth would save Pooja missra so many times.. but yeah she is entertainer. I was laughing like anything when she waved her ass and said Talk to my Ass to sid ..

    Ps : I hope you know that a porn star named sunny leon is going to join the house.. I wonder whats gonna happen.. I still remember Pamela’s moves on “Dhak Dhak karne laga” last year.

  3. Hey Arvind! How are you doing. I didn’t write anything for almost two years. 🙂
    Pooja is now very quiet now a days. Yeah, Sunny is going to come today, but they could have got someone else. There is no dearth of celebrities in the world.

  4. Well, Big Boss is one crap! I was never interested about it! Wonder why Rageshwari had to even be a part of it! I have so much respect for her as an artist since her Pyar ke rang days and may be even Ziddi!

    • Hi Manoj! Sorry didn’t reply earlier.
      Yeah, it got a bit boring this season. All they were doing was fighting.
      It was good that Rageshwari was out of it so early. She saved herself from a lot of mental torture. 🙂

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