The long and short of it…

Hello to all the fellow internet crawlers, to all my friends connected to me by zeroes and ones. Now now! Don’t jump from your seats and to conclusions. I am not back. It’s one of those three-months itch. Yes, I was missing my affair with my blog.

Like all other bloggers who go on a sabbatical, I am supposed to dive into an egotistic and pompous rant about the happenings in my life in the past few months, which I will dutifully indulge into, to satisfy all the masala hungry people here.

So, this is my first winter in Manchester and what a dull and gloomy place it has turned into. It gets dark at 4 in the afternoon and by the time I get up from my desk at 6, I feel like I have been working since eternity. There are cold winds bellowing all the time making those spooky horror movie sounds and turning my umbrella inside out. One thing that I really hate is wearing caps, which I have to do now because otherwise, I will not be able to feel my nose and ears by the time I reach home. It rains all the bloody (Yeah! Bloody and Bollocks are the two latest additions to my dictionary) day and the bell of my house gets short circuited in the rain and starts ringing continuously at 2 in the night. So, I have to get up from my bed and go to the door in freezing cold to throw out the batteries to make it stop hollering. Bollocks!

And do you think that an Indian landlord in Manchester would do you good? Well, think again. I shifted my house three months back and fell upon a smiling, obese Punjabi Uncle who acted like Mother India before I said Yes to the house. After I shifted, I literally had to rub my nose on the ground in front of him to get a few minuscule things to be fitted. He gives miserliness a new definition.

The reason I went on a break (and I am still on a break) was that I wanted to write a book. Now don’t hit me with a cliché by asking me the bloody story. As if I am going to tell you! Buy it and make some dough land in my wallet if it gets published. Ever! And it’s going on fine. Thank you very much. Some wise man said once – The first draft of anything is shit! Got the picture?

And then in between all this mayhem to which my life was subjected to…


Well, long story short, it was through a matrimonial site. My parents had put my advertisement (I like imagining myself as a commodity. It’s quite aphrodisiacal) on a matrimonial site and had almost given up hope. It’s not because there were no takers. 😛 Far from it! It’s just that my parents had set some very high standards. You see, they think I am Hrithik Roshan and the rejection rate was as high as 50 girls/week. No kidding! Then along came Polly (Yeah, that’s what I’ll call her on the blog), and we started talking over phone. Our parents matched the horror-scopes and Voila! 33/36! They almost jumped out of their skin! So, we talked, talked on phone, talked on webcam and talked each other into saying yes without meeting. Kind of romantic, I think. So, I went back to India and there was a small ceremony called Roka. Done! Amit is sold! He is now Polly’s slave (this is such a turn on! 😉 ).

What else have I done in the previous months that was exciting….Ummm…

I saw a play for the first time in my life in the Palace Theatre here. It was a musical called Chicago (you might have seen the movie). Before the play started, I thought that live performances can never match the ‘razzle dazzle’ of the movies, but I was wrong. It was splendid (another word that I have picked up here. Everything is either splendid or wonderful or excellent). The downside? I went alone and missed Polly and thought that it would have been great if she was sitting next to me instead of the wonderfully fat lady who could barely fit in her seat and was brimming all over me.

Autumn was beautiful. I went around the city with my camera and took some photographs. I visited Style Mill with MB, a British friend and was literally transported a 100 years back, specially in the apprentice house. I’ll put the photographs soon. And now I think I am rambling.

Anyways, the reason I actually started writing this post was because Visceral Observations had recently announced the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards, which is wonderful! Since this is a kind of beat-my-own-drum post, I must jog your memory cells and remind you that I won 8 awards last year and again thank all of you who voted for me. So, the nominations have started and are open till 20 December. Nominate your posts and the posts which you think are worthy of recognition. It’s fun, believe me!

And here are a few details to kick start the process (which I am shamefully copying from Oxy’s blog).

Here is once again the link to everything you need to know about the Awards as well as how to nominate your and other’s posts. CLICK HERE.

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So, go ahead and have fun and I’ll see you around.

66 comments on “The long and short of it…

  1. That’s a wow, the book part. Best of luck and keep us updated (as and when you feel comfy). 🙂

    Have already congratulated on the engagement. Hope you two have a great married life.

    You were in Delhi and never saw a play before?? You gotta take Polly to plays when you are back in Delhi.

    And make most of Manchester while you are there, even if it is gloomy.

    Last but not least, thank you for mentioning Avant Garde and doing this post. 🙂

    • Thanks Poonam.
      Yes, I will keep everyone posted. I just hope that I don’t stop midway.

      Yeah! The Irony! I would love to watch Tumhari Amrita.

      And you are welcome! 🙂

  2. So you guys do know how to come out of hibernation, dont you ?? 😀 😀 😀

    All the best for the book !!! and congrats for your engagement !! 😀 😀 in a few days, I would be commenting the reverse ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Happy to see ya back buddy !

  3. Congrats once again (although i did it in two separate mails already) for both promotions in your life 😉

    Its nice to see you back on blog (although it is temporary) but something is missing or i can say that something is changed.

    While reading, i felt like i am watching a UK based Hindi movie (like Lov Aaj Kal) 😦

    Its not at all like your post. Some sensibility is missing.

    • Haha! It was meant to be silly silly. Good, that I surprised you in some way. 🙂
      Anyways, it was just a ramble.

      Thank you for your wishes. I might pop in now and then. 🙂

  4. Even if it is temporary, good to see you here! Congrats ofcourse although I am still digesting the fact that you fell in love over the webcam! Hats off to the 21st century as yours will truly be the modern marriage, via the internet.
    About the UK, I guess winters are pretty dull there. But there are advantages being there for sure.
    And I hope your would-be will encourage you to blog. Yours is one blog I miss out here!

    • I might pop in now and then Nita. Can’t keep away for long. 🙂
      Even Polly and I are trying to digest the fact that we said yes without meeting each other. 🙂

      Oh yes! Winters are quite dull here but I love the other seasons. Summers are the best part.

      I was also missing the action from last few weeks. Can’t live without scribbling something now and then. 🙂

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And hey I can’t believe that you ‘okayed’ with a webcam chat!! lol!! What a move!!!! I am sure she must be great enough to make you convinced thru webcam… 🙂
    I have only scanned thru ur post quickly..will go thru each line after sometime..hmm..and I haven’t written on my blog these days (I am an break too, u see!) I can’t nominate myself for these awards. I will try suggesting posts from other blogs. Catch ya again after I read ur post completely! And yes, am happy for you and wish you a wonderful life ahead….and STOP complaining against marriage, like you used to, in your earlier posts! 😀 And wish me all the best too..I am still in the race!! lol!

  6. and hey…I somehow have this feeling that marriage makes people boring..nothing bad with marriage..but people talk way too much about “added reponsibilities” and tend to become boring with literally no fun…not everyone..but yes, a majority of them! I hope you will keep your blog interesting!! lol 😀

    • On the other hand, I can’t figure out what she saw in me to say yes over a webcam chat. 🙂

      I think you should start writing again, it has been a long time.
      And yes, best of luck. Run with your full energy. 🙂

      Don’t be afraid. I won’t rant about my marriage, not at least till we move back to India. 😛 Ha!

  7. Congratulations on your engagement!

    It was good to see a post from you 🙂 We were in Manchester a couple of weeks back and I had been wondering if you were still there.

    All the best for your book! Am sure it would be a great read!

  8. Amit, Congratulations and I wish you a very happy journey ahead in your marital life.
    Regarding you guys falling for each other over internet, I think it’s fine (even though I’m not too much a fan of virtual relationships). I guess it doesnt really matter how one meets a guy or a girl or by which channel they fall in love or get married. What matters is what you make out of that relationship in the long run.
    :). Have fun buddy.

    • Thanks Dev!
      I keep scaring Polly by telling her that once you start living with a person, it’s a completely different ballgame all together. Our virtual relationship is just 10% of it. 🙂
      Anyways, I think if things have to click, they will click, no matter what the mode is.

  9. Now why am I not surprised about your engagement! I had an instinct that when you said you would be posting only when something good would actually happen worth mentioning, I thought that this was what it would come to!!! Many congratulations!! And good luck with the book! Put out some snaps 🙂

    • Now I really like this one. 🙂 Even if I think of giving up the book in the future, the fact that someone called me Mr. Booker would shame me to no ends and put me back on track. LOL!

      Thanks Harsh!

  10. Good to see u here!!!

    I have already congratulated you WTH! Congrats yet again 🙂

    So when r u coming back here properly? Yours is one blog which I miss reading!

  11. congrats on getting engaged. Polly weds Amit does look good 😀

    and ya will be waiting for the book to come out (if at all it does )

    enjoy the last days of your bachelorhood.

  12. loads and loads of congratulations. i guess you have got a reader for your book 😛
    i was wondering where you have been . and voila! you have been up to so many good things 🙂
    and do keep us updated with all the “masala news” 😀

  13. Congrats on the Engagement, Amit!

    Quite an adventure you seem to be having in the Queen’s land! Cheers! (Another word you may pick up in time, if not already. I have noticed this to be another favorite word of the British people)

    • Thanks AD!
      Yes, yes, quite an adventure, much thrilling than a safari. 🙂
      Cheers! How can I forget that! But surprisingly, I haven’t picked it up yet. I still use the old fashioned ‘thank you’.

  14. Congratulations on your engagement 🙂 and the book as well 🙂
    have a great year ahead! 🙂

    as someone up there said..enjoy the remaining days of bachelorood 😀

  15. Wow on the book (shitty) draft. Best of luck and I look forward to getting meself a copy 🙂

    And congratulations on the engagement. Married life is such fun, I tell you! For everything you don’t like, you get to blame an entire set of people called the “in-laws” 😀 Kidding! But it is a great phase in life. Congrats again!

  16. first and foremost congratulations for the book and ur engagement… i want a copy too!

    and i strongly stand by scorpria’s comment about marriage…. totally love it 😀

  17. Ummm… Congratulations…. By now you must be married happily… I am late here… Hope you are having the greatest time of your life 🙂 🙂 I liked your love story 🙂 🙂 And I would want to know about your book 🙂 🙂


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