The flowers are here!

Ever since winters have gone on a break here, Manchester has been on a color riot. I have never seen such a mind-boggling variety of flowers before and that too within a radius of a kilometer of my house. So, a brand new camera and a plethora of colours to experiment upon was reason enough for me to get started on my expedition.

Right now, the city is covered with innumerable varieties of flowers, a few of which are already been shed on the roads and parks in the form of innumerable petals. Believe me, the beauty of thousands of petals whirling on roads as the buses rush past OR the beauty of parks covered under a heavy blanket of petals with is something hard to pen down. So, here goes.




The city has an overdose of the pink flowered trees. Don’t ask me the names because I don’t have the slightest clue. During the months of April/May, the trees will be filled with such pink coloured flowers which would later fall and adorn the streets and parks. More photographs later.


Tulips are another favourite here. You will find them in the gardens of numerable houses.




These Lotus shaped flowers are also abundant. These are also the first ones to fall. The trees look really beautiful completely covered with them.






The grass all around the city is covered with these very tiny yellow flowers. 




When I saw these blue flowers, I thought, they should be called Bluebells. And voila! That was their name.








Well, this is what I was talking about. The pink flowered trees. This is a park near Rusholme. I got down from the bus to take a stroll and was awestruck by the beauty. And can you see the petals strewn over the ground?


No? Have a closer look!!


Well, that was it. Before going, I would also like to add two of my favourite photos from my collection. They are nowhere related to the topic of the post but are worth sharing. The first one is that of a cemetery near my house. Somehow it reminds me of a huge dormitory where all the children are sleeping. 🙂


The second one is that of the Manchester Eye. I love the clouds at the backdrop!


That is all gents and ladies. Over and out.

p.s. If you want any of these photos, just let me know.

82 comments on “The flowers are here!

  1. vow !!! some amazing captures !!! good job buddy !!
    you could have made it a wordpress gallery post, and got comments on individual photos

  2. you live in heaven man… 🙂

    i think those white bunches are cherry blossoms… and the blue ones must be blue bells there is no other more relevant names to them..

    great shots.. u must become a pro… or are you..?

    • Heaven? Haha! No, there is a dark side too. You have to cook food on your own! 🙂
      Well, no I am not a pro and I am not sure how to be one. 🙂

  3. something very similar happening here tooo..especially with the hues of pinks– and the greens have a sparkle too — and colorful birds tooo.. goodbye grey skies –even it is for a while..

    • Welcome to my blog! Well, pardon my ignorance, but where is here? 😛
      And the flowers have a very short window here. Just two months. I am not sure what will happen in the remaining summers. 🙂

  4. Lovely flowers and pictures Amit. Good to know you are taking time to smell the flowers! 🙂 By the way you look slimmer in your new avatar. Is it your new look? 🙂

    • Thanks Nita! Yes, Sundays and Saturdays are all mine. 🙂
      Slimmer? 😆 I am putting on weight here! There is too much junk food and chicken here and its very difficult to resist. 🙂

    • Yes, its very nice! I have never liked going on a walk but now a days I love to walk back home after getting down from the bus. 🙂

  5. Nice pictures, as always. I too went around taking pictures of the beautiful tulips all over New york last week.

    The pic in the header – northern lights i guess? Can you see them from UK?

    • Thanks! Its quite irresistible, isn’t it?
      I think its the Northern lights. Picked it up from the internet. 🙂
      Aurora Borealis is something I have to see before I die. 🙂

    • Thanks Smitha and Welcome! Yes, it is and the best part is that there is sunlight till 9 pm. 🙂 Oh wait! Its 9:15 pm now and there is still light! 🙂

  6. good Bhaiya.. meri training ka kuch to phayda hua aapko..
    ab to theek thak pictures le lete ho…
    good Job.. Keep it up 🙂

  7. Really you are very very lucky man. I am very jealous of you 🙂

    I want to be in that place immediately.

    First thing I want to do in such kind of places is to take a novel and chips packet along with me and spent full day by reading and eating there 🙂

    • Ha! Yes, be jealous! I love that! 😛

      Yes, that would be good but believe me, the weather changes with the snap of a finger here. But, surprisingly, the weather forecasts are prefect so its a good idea to have a look before planning something. 🙂

  8. Oh My!! What camera did you get?! And all the pictures are so lovely!! I just LOVED the 15th and 16th one. ( ie, 3rd and 4th from the last ) Fairytale!!
    Oh I like the 3rd one too! Nice focus and bokeh!

  9. Lovely pics … and yes , an excellent piece of photography ….

    You must have had a wonderful collection of photographs by now …. amazing !!!

  10. Lovely pics. Am sure this is something you will miss after you come back to India. Here mud and dust covers the roads instead of flowers 😛

  11. Hey Amit bud, how be u? The pics r awsome. Nature is absolutely unbeatable in beauty, inni??

    Ok, since Im a nice person (lol), I wud like u to know the answer of teh puzzle that u had missed out on.
    Here they are: Cross these from the pic if u like ;

    1) The date says, June 31st. June has only 30 days.
    2) The wire from the reciever is going into the wall…instead of going towards the phone.
    3) Phones handset is not connected to the base.

    ENjoy dude.

    • Thanks Anand! 🙂 I am glad that you liked them.
      Thanks for the answers of the puzzle. Now it is officially confirmed. I am dumb. 😛 I could not even point out such simple things. 😛

  12. Amit the blogger seems to be turning into Amit the photographer. And doing a great job at it too! The pictures are really beautiful, especially the London Eye. I’ve always been fascinated about it but I’m not pretty sure if I’d like being at that kind of height. :-s

    • Thankyou hai! Oye! Its not the London Eye. Manchester Eye hai! 😛 Waise kya farak padta hai. Aankh hi to hai. 🙂
      Hmm..well its high, but you wont feel it. Believe me.

  13. WOW!!! The photographs are stunning 🙂

    Very very very beautiful 🙂 They just made my day! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    How many mega pixels? If you don’t mind me asking i.e…

  14. Whoa! Your blog is soon turning into an awesome photo blog!

    I love flowers, flower pictures! No, dnt gift them to me, take me to a garden to admire them! I love this psot for this reason. I am itching to know the names as well. Feeling like going on a search right at the moment, but certainly ont have that kind of time on hands right now.

    How are things going? 🙂

    • Hehe! Thanks Poonam. I won’t like it to entirely turn into one. 🙂
      Ok Pakka! Whenever I am back we will go to see some flowers. 🙂 Even I am not sure what the names are. 😦
      Things are fine. A little hectic but manageable. 🙂 And hows life in Delhi?

  15. beautiful pictures!and flowers? 😀 absolute favourite!
    What are you? a pro? 😛
    coz the pics are darn beautiful!
    my fav is the third one coz of the color 🙂
    Poonam is right …ye toh photo blog hai 🙂 an awesome one 😀

    • Thanks Dinesh! Well, everytime I open up my flickr account and then I close it without doing anything. Maybe I am just being lazy. 🙂
      Your pics are nice. Why don’t you upload it more on your blog?

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  17. How beautiful Amit! U r so lucky to be living so close to nature 😦 Me feeling J of u 😛

    Please to share more such beautiful pics 🙂
    N yeah, u r gr8 behind the lens too … gr8 colours n composition!!!

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