I am

I am the fish whom the eagle caught in his claws and lifted in the sky. A second before I died, I thought I could fly.


I am Heathcliff, the one who could never forgive Catherine all his life but knew that a slight brush of her fingers on his cheek would have melted away the anger.


I am a dollarbird who does not belong to a piece of land, who could see the world from the blue sky and realize that it all seems the same from there – an upturned sky in the night and green blocks of unsolved jigsaw in the mornings.


I am Achilles, who was invincible but with a weakness. His heel is my heart.


I am a witness of the holocaust. The one who saw humans dancing with death, in the warmth of burning flesh.


I am a harbinger of changing times. An amused spectator who watches a dust particle turning into a galaxy and forgets everything.


I am Krishna. The last child who was saved before it was too late. The last one to get out before the gates were slammed shut.


I am an amalgam of Howard Roark and Peter Keating – sometimes a man who couldn’t be and doesn’t know it and sometimes a man who couldn’t be and knows it.


I am the moon who is imperfectly beautiful.


I am a Phoenix, whose destiny is to rise from his own ashes.


I am a promising pariah.


I am the soul who feeds the master when he flies to him. The soul who does not remember anything when he returns back.


73 comments on “I am

  1. Such wonderfull combinations of thoughts & images – deep, powerfull stuff!
    Reminds me of some writing I did when at Southern Cross University – I will endeavour to dig it up & create a post around it.
    (Give me a few days, then checkout the address attached.0

  2. I’m the darkness in the light
    I’m the leftness in the right
    I’m the rightness in the wrong
    I’m the shortness in the long
    I’m the goodness in the bad
    I’m the saneness in the mad
    I’m the sadness in the joy
    I’m the gin in the gin-soaked boy

    I’m the ghost in the machine
    I’m the genius in the gene
    I’m the beauty in the beast
    I’m the sunset in the east
    I’m the ruby in the dust
    I’m the trust in the mistrust
    I’m the Trojan horse in Troy
    I’m the gin in the gin-soaked boy

    I’m the tiger’s empty cage
    I’m the mystery’s final page
    I’m the stranger’s lonely glance
    I’m the hero’s only chance
    I’m the undiscovered land
    I’m the single grain of sand
    I’m the Christmas morning toy
    I’m the gin in the gin-soaked boy

    I’m the world you’ll never see
    I’m the slave you’ll never free
    I’m the truth you’ll never know
    I’m the place you’ll never go
    I’m the sound you’ll never hear
    I’m the course you’ll never steer
    I’m the will you’ll not destroy
    I’m the gin in the gin-soaked boy

    I’m the half-truth in the lie
    I’m the why not in the why
    I’m the last roll of the die
    I’m the old school in the tie
    I’m the spirit in the sky
    I’m the catcher in the rye
    I’m the twinkle in her eye
    I’m the Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly”

    Who am I?

  3. Hmmmmm…..

    Have no words to comment on this post…it is just too beautiful…

    But yes you have managed to reminde me of Wuthering Heights…need to pick it up, it has always been one of my favorite books….

    • I think whoever has read that book has changed a little from inside. That book has the capability of doing that to you.
      Thanks for the praise! 🙂

  4. Oh wow! So many strong images and that makes a very strong YOU.
    Do you know Achilles and Krishna have a lot in common?
    – Both fought a war they had nothing to do with.
    – Both had Achillies heel, and were killed by an arrow that accidentally hit that heel.
    – Both were extremely popular, and noble and courageous.

    Our mythologies have much in common -it is possible that they originated from the same source. Though the Greeks don’t worship their gods and goddesses.

  5. What I was going to say was that you have chosen two people who have lots in common, but Heathcliffe was an embittered, sad, vindictive, violent character… sympathising is fine, I wouldn’t want to be him or like him.

    • Thanks IHM! Yes, I was aware about the similarities between Achillies amd Krishna. Its fascinating, isn’t it?
      And about Heathcliff, we all turn into him at times, don’t we?

  6. Dude, this is awesome, very innovative post :D. I liked all the segments but my fav is @amalgam of Howard Roark and Peter Keating. Laos, this reminds me of the song Gin Soaked Boy 🙂

  7. Yeh to too much ho gaya, yaar 😛

    Seriously, this is a unique post, you might as well win post of the week from Reema for this reason.

    Hw did the Newton’s apple hit ya in Manchester? 😛

  8. I’m SOO happy you wrote this:

    I am an amalgam of Howard Roark and Peter Keating – sometimes a man who couldn’t be and doesn’t know it and sometimes a man who couldn’t be and knows it.


  9. As someone said, a powerful combo of words and pictures. Was a little taken aback at the sadness emanating from it though! Healthcliff, one of my favourite characters, but what a tragic man he was!

  10. i’m a torn kite in a faded storm.
    i’m a phoenix trying to rise.
    i’m adam without an eve.
    i’m a game without an ending.
    i’m a locker which holds its key.

    roark + keating + (.25) wynand – toohey

  11. @Vaibhav, @Harsh, @Dev, @Sakhi, @Chirag, @Oorja : Thanks! 🙂 I am glad you liked it.

    @Poonam : Thanks! Koi apple ne hit nahi kiya hai. Main aisa hi hoon! 😛

    @Purplebeats : Thanks! Me too! 🙂

    @Sulz, @Ross : Thanks!

    @Reema : Kitni Khatarnaak? 😛

    @Dinu, @Shivya, @Kanagu, @Vimmu : Thanks!

    @Nita : Thanks! Taken aback? Hehehe! Don’t be. I was just in that mood! 🙂

    @Su : Those were nice ones!

  12. You’re trying very very hard to win Reema’s “Best post of the week’ award again, aren’t you? 😀 😀
    ‘Coz you’re doing a good job of it! 🙂

  13. @Vee : 🙂

    @Ajit, @Solilo, @AmreekanDesi, @Vishesh, @Rashid : Thanks!

    @Nikhil : Thanks! you are just putting thoughts in her mind. 🙂

    @Destination Infinity, @Dinesh : Thanks!

  14. sorry for not being able to comment on past posts( though i missed only one 😛 )
    myriad collection of thoughts
    pictures have given them the shape
    nice post ……….its always great to just stop by and catch such thoughts in the net before they skip away 😛

  15. Stunning post! Images and the words!
    And Wuthering Heights…there’s never been another book as powerful, as sensitive as that.
    Thanks or the reminder. Time to read it again!

  16. yes, i know you will whine and complain that i haven’t been visiting your blog often or haven’t been writing on mine…its just that I have been super busy and have been caught up with way too many things…will visit ur blog more often… sorry once again…

    Keep Blogging!!!

  17. “I am the fish whom the eagle caught in his claws and lifted in the sky. A second before I died, I thought I could fly.”

    This is just so beautiful! 🙂

  18. @Arpit : Its alright! 🙂 And thanks! Am I? Well, guess that’s the way I am! 😛

    @Gauri : Thanks and welcome! 🙂

    @Scorpria : Thanks! I read it almost 10 years back. 🙂

    @Alice : Its ok. Even I am really busy at times to do anything! 🙂

    @Xylene : Thanks! Very kind of you! 🙂

    @Den : Thanks! Glad that you liked it!

    @Biju : Thanks and welcome! 🙂

  19. Amit, can i post some of these pictures on my own blog? I’ll mention that it came from you and give the link of your blog too… I hope it’s ok…

  20. I am Vijaya Bharat who read your blog today only 🙂

    You may be these many but you are Amit also, don’t forget that one man 😉

    Did you find pictures as per your thoughts or Did you select first nice pictures and made your expressions according to them..

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  22. There once was a poet who thought his words flew
    The more comments he received the more his poems grew
    Yet the amount of good lines were few

    I hope not to attack
    but to show what you lack
    For a poem is more than what it seems

    To the common dreamer, a splurge of feelings
    Dripped in sorrow and self pity
    To the comic, full of joy and a bit witty

    But to a poet, it is truth
    what you need, is proof
    substance so it does not fall aloof

    So drown no longer in the words of sorrow
    they may contradict and fascinate
    Impress maybe, but on the morrow
    foundation breaks and falls through the gates

    Remember, remember, this one final word
    a poem is like the song of the bird
    a work of art that floats through the air
    not a grinding noise like the growl of a bear.

    So write better.

  23. Hey all that i can say is WOW!!!! May i but this on my blog and i would give all the credit to you.But once again WOW

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  25. I stumbled across your page when I was looking for images of the pheonix. You sound like a very intriguing individual. I enjoyed the images that you chose as well. Thanks for something better than the normal refuse that a search engine pulls.

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