Randomizer strikes back

  • I think that the Pink Chaddi Campaign is the best bloody thing which has happened in India since our independence. Although, ironically, the presence of such a  campaign means that  “Independence” is still  just on papers because we are still being bullied. All the freedom fighters who gave their blood and sacrificed their lives must be crying in heaven seeing the animal like behaviour of the people of this country. I just hope that all the chaddis reach the Ram Sena office safely and drill some sense in the head of the Sena Chief that he can’t make RULES for us. He is NOT the government and must mind his OWN business. This photograph made my day. ramsena 
  • While in Manchester, its exhilarating to see such clean roads and people obeying traffic rules and saying “thank you” and “sorry” as if these are the only two words they know. I think every Indian should be brought here are shown around. That would at least drill some civic sense in our minds. Although the youth is quite directionless here but then that’s universal. Its an age when you are in awe of yourself. 
  • A lot of firsts happened the day I reached Manchester – 1) I witnessed my first snowfall. And yes, I did cried. 🙂  2) I saw the first public kiss. Not like the hush hush ones we are subjected to in Lodhi Gardens, but a full public smooch. 3) I had my first wine! A very eventful first day! And its freezing cold here. After a moment, your nose and ears stop functioning if you don’t cover/rub them! And what’s with the houses? They are all the same!! Its like a white paper stamped all over with the same stamp.


  • Before everyone beat me up for forgetting, I was awarded by Nita, KanaguApar, Reema and Vimmuuu in the past few days. Nita gave me the Premio Dardos award, Kanagu gave me the Versatile Blogger award, Apar gave me the Thanks For Writing award, Reema gave me the Garland award and Vimmuuu gave his whole blogroll a huge variety of awards. 🙂 




  • Awards always make me happy. The more the merrier! I am not sure who all have not received these awards, so I would like to present them to my whole blogroll. 🙂


  • I hope all of you will pardon me for this incredibly insane post which I don’t know why am I writing and why you are reading. I guess, we all have too much free time to spare. I am feeling a bit like a dislocated shoulder which would take some time to be in his normal self. Right now, I am going bonkers staring at the clean roads and the Firangi chicks and adjusting to my new office which is going great! I am going to watch Benjamin Button on Sunday. Hope its a good one. 😉 


So, its bye bye from the own-eye-eating monster for the time being! 


32 comments on “Randomizer strikes back

  1. the sticky notes got me laughing inside! 😀 so, were you hoping you were the one doing the deed when you saw the couple smooching? 😉 did you play with the snow? how does it feel like – shaved ice?

    congrats on all the awards! 🙂

  2. Nice one 🙂

    The first time things happenned to me here also except the wine one. Although this is a poor country, the infrastructure is very good. Including youth, all gives and expects respect from the others here. As I commented in one of your post some time back, even doorman gets respect from very big people also (This I know as I am working inside the finance minsitry itself).

    Enjoy the special piece of your life which you came across just now very well.

    Who knows the future 😉

  3. LOL LOVE that cartoon of pink chaddi doperman 🙂

    A very Happy Valentine’s day to you!!

    You probably know by now -we did it! The fifth fail has backed out and various governments have assured that they will make sure nobody takes laws in their own hands lol lol lol yippppeeee

  4. Yes, the more discipline you see, the more you will feel like brinking all Indians and giving them the drill. Also, you will be surprised by the amount of patience these people have. I wonder whether you will find anyone rushing and brushing past you to board the train. 🙂 Enjoy!

  5. amit, take all indians to manchester and you wouldnt find even .99% difference between them and the brits
    in between , congrats you cried because it shows your connectivity to nature
    and yes, i wished i could donate a chaddi too 😆

    superstickies make all of us insane 😛

  6. hey amit,
    believe me , i too experienced the same things u mentioned when i came here.. except the wine of course. After eight long months of experiencing all the sights and sounds, I am no longer suprised when ppl cuddle, kiss .. etc……
    I do agree abt the youth here. they are disoriented by the freedom they enjoy.. but wht the heck , its the way of life here.

  7. Manchester!! WOW!!
    So u’ve finally been able to grab onsite oppurtunity. gud..:)

    By the way, u’ve landed up there alone or do u also hav any of ur friends/team member over there??

    As for the post, the sticky notes stuff was cool 🙂

    And u cried on seeing the snowfall?? Wats wrong with u, Man??

  8. Amit:

    The identikit houses are a product of planning laws stringently enforced. Mixed blessing.

    If you want to see individual housing, try and locate residential/ mixed areas from the Arts & Crafts period. You will be surprised. I live in such an area of London and every house is unique as they were designed to the homeowner’s needs, while still maintaining a degree of sympathy with the locality and the area’s dominant character (in my locality’s case, extreme greenery with orchards that are over a century old).

    Good to read these posts though – freshest eyes have a great perspective. 🙂

  9. Loved the sticky notes….! Sorry not been around here very often…but promise to catch up on everything!!! Manchester…Wooww…Isnt it snowing up there still ????? And apparently there was a really bad snow storm as well?? Hope you got all your warm woolens with ya!! Be Warm and have a blast!!

  10. Amit, Give me the credit for creating Muthalik chaddi man friend 🙂

    Sticky notes..ha..ha..ha.. Manchester is not doing good to you I guess.

    Congratulations for all the awards. You deserve it.

  11. Instead of the sticky notes, you could probably try your hands..errr, body at tattooing ! Ghajini style , what say?

    So you cried seeing snow for the first time,but what was ur reaction when you kept watching some random couple smoooch ? 😀

    and even i had given you awards, you had even commented in that post buddy. ‘Please pick all the awards that you havent got’. I shouldve left a comment like this for everyone in my blogroll !

    and oh yeah, the civic sense. Its the same Indian who litters publicly on the roads here and who searches for a dustbin in a foreign country ! 😀

  12. @Sulz : 🙂 Yes, what’s wrong in hoping? The snow wasn’t that much, just a drizzle. I have missed the “heavy snow” part! 😦
    And Thanks!!

    @Vijaya Bharat : Yes, I saw your pics and I could make out from them that the place has a good infrastructure. And the “Thankyou” and “sorry” part is the best. 🙂

    @Indian Homemaker : Thanks! 🙂 And same to you too!
    Well, yes, that is some sort of an achievement. Serves them right.

    @Vishesh : Sure. 🙂

    @Maddie : Yes, I completely agree. Even when you have to get down from the bus, you don’t have to stand up and tell the driver. Just press a button and the bus will halt at the next stop and then you can get up. 🙂

    @Reema : Yes, you can call that a cultural shock. Although we have seen all that in movies before, but seeing it with your own eyes is a different experiance. 🙂 And, yes, I knew I was missing something in the awards section. 🙂 Thanks for reminding.

    @Amreekandesi : Which pic? First or last? 🙂 If you read the last point in about me, you will know what I mean. 🙂

    @Arpit : I cried because…hmmm…well its a long story. But this was something I have waiting long to see. 🙂

  13. @Sakhi : Welcome! Where were you? Thanks! 🙂

    @Sujani : Two days back when I was coming back from office in a bus, there was this drunk guy who got into the bus. And then there was this very old lady who was trying to get down and that guy actually helped her! It was amusing! But, yes, they have too much of freedom which is disturbing at times.

    @Preeti : Yes, finally! 🙂 I have a team already settled here from the last six months, so there were no hassles of finding a place and other stuff. 🙂
    I cried because there is a long story behind that. Guess, I will make a seperate post for that! 🙂

    @Shefaly : Yes, yesterday, I saw a large part of Manchester and realized that all the houses are grouped together in identical units. Went to Piccadally yesterday and for the first time saw so many people together! 🙂

    @Deepsm25 : Nope, it snowed the day I reached here but nothing after that! 🙂 The worst bouts of snow were over before I reached here. 😦

    @Solilo : Did you create that yourself?? 😯 I thought you picked it up from somewhere!! You are a genius!!! 😀

    @Vimmuuu : Eeekkkksss!! I hate tattoos!! Well, I have to make a seperate post about why I cried while watching snow! 🙂 And I knew that I forgot to add some awards! 😦 Thanks for reminding.

  14. The very Indians who throw litter on indian streets are very cautious when exported out. In india they say ‘how do i throw it in a bin when there is none.’ Bole to do nothing to change things bas crib crib and crib. Anyways snow is beautiful na? When i had first spotted it in manali i was like wow! And then while a climbing a mountain it started snowing. I still can’t stop marvelling at the effect it had on me.

  15. I think I need to experience a snowfall to understand how good it is (No chance currently either in Bangalore or in Chennai!). So, enjoy….

    You have been tagged on the topic “Slow melodious and soulful songs”.

    Destination Infinity

  16. Sorry, but I do not agree to your opening statements. I am all for freedom and not treating women as cattle but do not call the ‘Pink Chaddi’ movement an eye opener or the best bloody thing.

  17. I created it and that’s why the copyright symbol 😀 otherwise I would have credited it.

    Muthalik deserved an original creation.

  18. @Apar : There is too much fuss about me crying!!! 🙂
    And Thanks!!

    @Smita : Yes, you are right but I always search for a bin in India too!! 🙂 Snow was beautiful, although it was not very heavy but the light slow one. It was beautiful!

    @Destination Infinity : Yes, you must! Thanks for tagging me. Will surely do it! 🙂

    @Oxy : well, to each his own. I found it quite apt for the kind of people it was raised against.

    @Solilo : Oh!! Ok! This was really a masterpiece!!

    @Maddie : Yes! 🙂

    @Nikhil : Well, yes, I am not that exactly but I do drink to give company to friends! 🙂

    @Nimmy : Thanks Nimmy. will do! 🙂

    @Harsh : 🙂 Thanks!

  19. You did the best possible thing by featuring Muthalik in pink chaddi. I want next time someone googles Muthalik or Ram Sena, they should find him in pink chaddi. 🙂

    And you didnt mention our protest, it was as gud as PCC. 😛

  20. New to your blog. The Pink Chaddi Campaign I think is one of the most brilliant things to have happened in modern day India. Has an almost Rang De Basanti kinda ring to it, don’t you think?

  21. sticky notes have made me laugh Amit… I agree we are way behind in civic sense… but that is something which has to be cultivated from younger age… and congratulations for all your awards 🙂

  22. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice article.

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