Straight from Manchester

img_2539Its a strange feeling sitting in Manchester and writing my first post from there. It has been a strange and riveting 48 hours. On Friday morning, I did not even had a clue if I would fly or not and in the evening, there  I was, standing in the bustling Metro and returning home with a ticket to Manchester in my bag. I had to fly the very next day. Everyone was speechless due to the sudden surge of events and I had no time to give parties to my bellowing group of friends. 

While zipping my suitcase just an hour before I was to leave home, I goofed up and forgot the number sequence I used to lock the bag. Finally I realized that since the sequence can only have numbers from 000 to 999, I could try all of them and one of them will open the bag. 😉 Well, thankfully, I did not even reach 200 when the bag clicked open on a combination and my whole family gave a collective sigh of relief. 😀

I had to switch flights at Abu Dhabi. I was surprised to see the crowd in the first flight. It comprised of rustic and shabbily dressed punjabi men who gulped each and every hard drink which was served on the flight. And guess which movie was the Punjabi Munda sitting next to me was watching? Singh is King!!! 🙂 I saw Mamma Mia which I wanted  to watch since a long time! Abu Dabhi airport was not very large but I gorged on the beautiful design.



The flight to Manchester from Abu Dhabi was eight hours long and I slept during the most of it. I also saw Mrs Doubtfire and an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The best part was the flight navigation system in which you can see the exact location of the plane on your screen and the trajectory it is taking. Also, there was a camera fitted at the front of the plane and you can set your screen to view the breathtaking cockpit view of takeoff and landing. I know most of you must be familiar with all these features, but then what the hell, its my first time! 😛

And, to torment you further, like all the people who end up clicking each and every bus and building when they go to a foreign land, here are two pictures of a “Sex drive in cinemas” double Decker bus and my neighbourhood.



Jokes apart, next three months are going to be very hectic as there are more responsibilities on my head. I have to live upto the trust people have in me. I am happy to be here although the feeling has not sunk in properly. Not yet!  I have really wanted this from a long time and I hope it works out well for me. Pray for me. 🙂

p.s. I have been awarded by four bloggers in the past 10 days. Sorry for the delay guys!! I will be putting it up asap! 🙂

So long people!

[all the photographs are copyrighted by me. If you wish to use them, please mail me]

41 comments on “Straight from Manchester

  1. Hey hey Amit,when did you land there!! Part of work??

    Cool,keep updating..and best wishes for a nice and safe life there.. 🙂

    You look like a buji (Budhijeevi=intelligent man) 🙂

  2. Cool Amit! All the best! The only news from my side is SIIF 2 is online and we will come back to India by the end of this month… 🙂 phew!

  3. Well, glad to know it worked out for you. I have been wondering. 🙂 Those three months will be great as well. Work hard, and have fun. Another nightly dedication I will make. 😛 But, pls pls delte that postscript about me. Pls.

    And Mamma Mia is on my watch list too. Reminds me I have to plan another movie marathon for me. 🙂

  4. Hey Amit,
    Have fun in Manchester! Its good to see that you lost your international flight virginity in an enjoyable way 😉 he he he! Come to Toronto some day too! Make sure you take trips on the weekends because staying home is not allowed in spite of the winter and all. cheers,

  5. HI AMIT ….



  6. Hey Amit…. gr8 to hear from you about your manchester journey… i could relate to your flight description very well… since it was my first experience in flight as well(just a couple of weeks back). Well if you would have been in Manchester a week back, i would have caught up with you. I had been there for some office work at Cross Street, Sale, had also stayed near manchester piccadily for a night. Well, i too experienced a hectic work schedule… sometimes we ppl left at 2.30 a.m. in the night…snowing outside…somehow managing for a cab to reach home… just an wont be the same always 🙂
    but yes… there are weekends to freak out… as we want…
    Well… all the best to you.. we are sure you will succeed in your efforts! 🙂 tc

  7. Congrats man 😉 You deserve this long back itself. All your explanation about flight journey made me smile a lot. I watched more movies and serials than you as my journey lasted nearly for 50 hours. But I am not able to see the take off and landing as flights I travelled are not having cameras as your flight has.

    When I see link itself I thought amit is insane. He didnt even informed anything about his onsite. But after seeing your explanation, I forgiven you 😉

    How many months/years is this deputation ?

    One sincere advise from me : Try to see as many places from the first week itself. As per the generalised Indian mentality, we want to postpone all the things including visiting places and we will be rushing to all places once we get the travelling date to return. Dont do that mistake. First complete visiting all the places once. If you have more time, you can repeat going to that places as per you wish afterwards 🙂

  8. @ Amit : I hope you enjoy your visit to the United Kingdom. I like your airport pictures. I have never been in the middle east but it seems all so lovely and exquisite. An international flight for the first time eh. I can imagine you enjoyed that. I like the time when you cross one country and they stamp your passport as “Departed” and you are no longer in any country for a while. A country free existence is what we all need 🙂

  9. @Nimmy : Just yesterday. And yes, I am here for work. And Buji?? 😆 Thanks a lot!

    @ArunGJ : Thanks Arun. And, hey, that’s great news! So, finally!! 😀

    @Arpit : 🙂 Yes, I clicked a lot of photos but most of them are in Orkut!

    @Reema : Kab-8th, kaha-manchester, kaise-Flight se, Kyu-office work! 😛
    Thanks and I will definitely have a good time! 🙂

    @Vishesh : Yeah! 😛

    @Poonam : Yes, it did! And right now I am loving every bit of it! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

    @Oxy, @Dev, Sulz : Thanks!

    @Priyank : Yes, I did. And both the flights were so different! It was fun! Yes, we have already started to plan the weekends. It will be a sin to stay at home at the weekends. 🙂

    @Smita : I will get time. Don’t worry! 🙂 Thanks!

    @Solilo, @Rekha, @Maddie : Thanks!

  10. @Jitu : Thanks Jitu. I wanted to give a party to everyone but sab ekdum last moment main hua. Friday ko pata chala ke Saturday to jana hai! 😦 Haan, I will definitely bring gifts for everyone. 🙂

    @Chirag : Yes, it was a nightmare. Thank God it opened! 🙂 I have not been to pubs yet but yesterday I had my dinner with some wine. 😉

    @Dhawal : I have heard that Piccadily is good. Will be going there next weekend. I knew that you are in UK by your Orkut pics! 🙂 Well, my work hopefully won’t be that hectic. 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks! 🙂 Yes, I know your journey was a long one. Also during the flight from Abu Dabhi to Manchester, I was sleeping most of the time. 🙂 Oh! That landing scene in Manchester was breathtaking. It was beautiful. You can see the strip from miles away. I don’t know how long the deputation will be. Its long term. And, yes, your advise has already been implemented. Don’t worry about that. 🙂

    @Odzer : Yes, the airport was beautiful. And yes, when you are “departed”, that is when you understand how it must feel to be a free bird for sometime. 🙂

    @Vimal : Thanks. 🙂

  11. Haha, on my last flight, the surdy uncle sitting next to me was watching singh is king too! It’s become the new icon, aint it 😉 Have a good stay in Manchester! And congrats on the awards 😀

  12. You’re in manchester?? Oh my god!! Have fun, dude! I’m so jealous!! 🙂
    I’ve heard it’s an awesome place! I had a chance to go there once, but now I’m kicking myself for not taking it… Have an extra beer for me! 😀

  13. Nice to hear that it is a long term deputation 🙂 Tell me frankly, aren´t you happy that you escaped from your mom´s pressure 😉

  14. @Dinesh, @Shivya, @Xylene, @Kanagu : Thanks.

    @Nikhil : Yes, its a very nice place to spend your life. 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : I have not escaped it. It has just halted momentarily. 🙂

  15. Amit

    I was about to ask Manchester, UK or Manchester, NH and then I saw the photo of the identikit houses. They are nowhere else but in England.

    Whattay great timing, though, seeing as we are having the coldest winter in a quarter century! Do remain warm. Atleast you will see the turn of spring here.

    Don’t just stay there – get out and see the country. And if coming to London, please email me ahead.

    Enjoy freezing 🙂

  16. @Vimal : Thanks. Will do! 🙂

    @Shefaly : That was the thing which I found quite funny! The whole city is made of identical houses. 🙂 I was really worried that it might snow heavily and my flight might get canceled but thankfully all went fine. And I went completely numb the moment I moved out of the airport. What cold!!!
    Yes, all will happen in good time. 🙂 Will mail you for sure! Will roam in the local area for starters! 🙂

  17. Enjoy your stay, Amit. It is a nice city and lots to see in and around Manchester. Try to visit Liverpool if possible, not very far from Manchester and a beautiful city.

  18. @Bharat : Well, I guess that’s true. But I am in no hurry! 🙂

    @Pr3rna : Thanks! 🙂 Yes, I would definitely do that. Right now Scotland and Wales are on the cards! 🙂

    @Amreekandesi : Thanks! 🙂 I knew that it might happen but there was no concrete yes. I had done some shopping beforehand. That is what saved me. 🙂

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