As if the Terrorists were not tormenting enough…

mamata…we have Mamta Banerjee literally arm-twisting the Tata’s out of Singur by Violence and threatening the lives of the workers in the plant, without giving a second thought to the fact that this might be the last nail in the coffin of West Bengal’s progress.

…we have Ramalinga Raju who did not care a bit about the 53,000 employees and their families before commiting the biggest scam in the history of the Indian IT industry.

…we have NDTV and Barkha Dutt attempting to Talibanise the freedom of expression by threatning to sue a blogger who wrote about the negative role of media during the 26/11 attacks. The blogger had to finally withdraw his post and put up a forced apology on his blog. So, wait a minute…in India I can’t roam around with my girlfriend, I can’t go to pubs and malls


 and I can’t give my opinion on my own blog. I wonder if I am free to breathe? 

…we have the DDA scam where thousands of people put up their hard earned money for a chance to get their dream house and finally realized in horror that all of them were taken for a ride.

…we have Hindu extremists raping and burning nuns in Orissa. The condition was similar to what happened during the partition. Even after more than half a century of independence, we are still burning each other up. 

…our fellow citizens are killing 5,00,000 unborn girls each year in India due to gender selection because of which India has the lowest sex ratio in the world. An estimated 10 million unborn girls have been killed in the last 20 years. Its ok to worship a woman as a Goddess but its not ok to bring her to life. 

INDIA-POLITICS-THACKERAY-SHIV SENA-QUIT…we have Raj Thackeray sending his Sena of cheap goons to beat up all the North Indian candidates appearing in the all-India Railway Recruitment Board entrance exam. This was one of the thousands of atrocities which Raj has tormented us with. He is the one who is truely responsible for dividing the people of India further and shaming the whole country.

…we have pushed 300,000-500,000 children in prostitution in India. The red light district in Mumbai generates at least $400 million a year in revenue, with 100,000 prostitutes servicing men 365 days a year, averaging 6 customers a day, at $2 each, AND that’s just the statistics for Mumbai. There are approximately 10 million prostitutes in India. Is that a world record? 

we have sharply pushed the Dowry deaths up ever since India opened up to foreign investment in 1990. The country has seen a rise in dowry-related violence alongside its economic boom. Dowry deaths surged from 400 a year in the mid-1980s to 5,800 a year in the mid-1990s, according to a 2001 report in Time magazine. So, the more prosperous we become, we end up being more prehistoric? Is that a world record too? 

…we have the Ram Sena, molesting and beating up girls in Mangalore because they were not following the Indian traditions and defaming it. The best part is that the goons were out on bail the very next day. The next thing you know,they might be throwing widows into the burning pyre of


 their husbands just because they may want to bring back the old Indian tradition of Sati which got lost due to the Britishers.

…we have a jaw dropping 678% increase in rape cases since 1971. According to the NCRB report, over 75% rapists were known to the victims. In fact, nearly 10% were relatives. Another disturbing aspect was that about a quarter of the rape victims were minors. And remember, this is just a data of those cases which were reported. Got the picture?

…we have the repeatedly successful attempts by the Indian government for not providing security to its citizens even when they are repeatedly alerted about the terrorist attacks way in advance. The “soft” government which waits for hunderds to die before yawning into some action. 

And Oh Yes!!! India will be able to send a man to moon by 2025. Seems quite insignificant. Doesn’t it???

44 comments on “As if the Terrorists were not tormenting enough…

  1. Article is good but in each and every case I blame my fellow Indians which are not having any humanity, common sense etc etc. As I always say, Indians need name and fame in every aspect and most of us are very skilled in growing by throwing mud on others 😦 Always there a¿is an insecurity feeling in our mind and we want to have as much money as we can by hook or crook. One of the very saddest part is all you mentioned are well educated 😦

    My above comments are not generalised to all, but most of the people are this kind of. May be some exception people be there and I really admire them.

    I dont even hope for the bright future for India as I lost the sense of hoping long back itself.

    @Vijaya Bharat : Bharat, I think the root cause of everything is the population. That is what I truly believe. Whether it may be communal divide, lost opportunities or lack of education or ethics, its because there are too many people jostling for everything.
    Also, the past always find a way to come back and bite you. We have expanded our families like anything in the past. We are going nuclear now but I hope its not too late. And on top of it, ministers like Laloo Prasad Yadav set wrong examples for the people.

  2. Wow…that sure paints a grim picture.

    It is true though, human life is cheap in India. Politics is all that matters for the powers-to-be.

    Our government has been completely useless in improving the law and order situation, and cities like Delhi are getting worse by the day.

    Lovely picture of Mamta Banerjee up there!

    @AmreekanDesi : Yes it is. I have a very strong feeling that if the politicians try and implement the laws strictly, then everything will fall into places. Too Utopian, I guess! 🙂

  3. WOW!!! Are we really bad??…. We have read all these facts individually….but when complied together, feels like someone is hamering my head. BTW.. Good job of compiling all these facts together….more then the Burkha Dutt case i get pretty angry whenever i see or hear about Madam “M”…. How the hell can people be so foolish for listening to her antics and believe her again and again and again….There is so much poverty in her state(infact in whole of India)… but people can still give her crores of rupees as Gift on B’day… amazing….These people are very very good and smart… Its we who are the fools ……We know and understand their antics very well.. and still end up voting for the same people again…
    The red light fact is amazing… Its revenue to much more than many indian IT companies….

    @Tejas : Yes, we are and we are becoming worse. How madam M works is beyond me. Tejas, the problem is that even if a few lakh people are able to see through the politicians, there are crores who can’t. That is why criminals get selected.

  4. i would have loved to read the post of that blogger which infuriated the ndtv team
    common the blogger too can sue them for violating his right of freedom and expression (tit for tat)
    but in his apology he has mentioned that he didnt have enough evidence to support his allegations
    i think a responsible blogger should know the facts for sure when you have good readership
    right to express yourself in a manner its not harming dignity of somebody else is acceptable but not the other way round
    you may say i am a hypocrite (as in this case for my views) because i have expressed two opinions but i think in this case both parties are equally involved so i am equally biased towards both

    @Arpit : Me too! 🙂 I don’t know what the exact issue might be, but they would have just asked him to remove the post. There was no need to create all that drama. There are people who write all kind of bullshit in the comments section of so many posts. How is one to stop them? Its unfair to police one person when there are thousands who are sailing in the same boat.

  5. Today evening me & my friend were having a cuppa kappi at CCD and jokingly I told her, beware we might be thrown out of this place as well.

    At the expense of repeating myself, we are regressing as a nation.

    On the hindsight, don’t u think life would be better on moon??? 🙂

    @Smita : Yeah! Anyone can be beaten up anytime. And I think we should leave the moon as it is. It would kill me to see it divided in countries. 🙂

  6. India does seem to be going backwards with every step it takes….
    yeah, when I have a look at this lst together, the situation does seem depressing…..
    and yes, sending a man to the moon would be an easier task than solving these problems….
    and I HOPE that we do…………
    could keep your pain……

    @Ajit : We take one step forward and then one incidence happens and takes us five steps backwards. And I think, we have so many problems which can be solved to a certain extend if we use that money which we are going to use in sending a man to moon. Its a waste.

  7. To be honest I am getting pale after reading such posts of yours. Yes, we have rancor against these, we will always have cuz they will always give the reason to us to be bitter Amit. I have nothing to say.

    I have been fuming all my life Amit and will continue to do so but now more inside myself than outside. More by doing something than talking about it.

    @Oxy : I don’t know, if being bitter can be of any help. Its a very helpless condition. Yes, even Poonam was talking about this sometime back.

  8. Frustrations seem to be coming out wholesale… 🙂

    I think sending a man on the moon will be easier than the daily humdrum and news in general

    on pakistan and terrorism is interesting

    also the govt doesn’t want to take action, take the case of the terrorist on death row, take the case of pmo intervention during interrogation of people after the prev mumbai train blasts , and the fact that the govt needs support from likes of laloo mulayam who trust MY or muslim yadhav vote banks and of owaisis of MIM in hyderabad and the IUML and other radical islamist partys.

    On Raj … ive seen him up close … he is and will take advantage of the frustrations of local youth undercut by migrant workers.. well that’s his niche, and also caused by the failure of central and state govt not giving back to mumbai its fair share of revenue or development funds.
    There is too much and too little money here sharing life in close quarters … Ps he is not alone and far less violent in comparison to happenings in Assam for that matter…

    BTW we may have falling inflation but the price of foodstuff and daily use fmcg and other goods are only going up and this will cause further unrest and unease in recession times … Onions are at 20 bucks a kg in Mumbai
    remember the onion crises?

    @Prax : Yes, it is. 🙂 I really don’t think Indian government is going to do anything against Pakistan. How long does it take to break all ties? Raj is a completely hopeless case too. But people like him survive only because people let him take advantage of their frustrations. He can’t work alone.
    Yes, I remember the onion crisis. I love eating onions as salad and I know how I managed during that crisis. 🙂

  9. mmm.Thatz sad…

    Let me add some more..

    @Cops torture 7-yr-old Dalit girl in Maya’s UP
    @Drug waste creates highest disaster zone in Andhra( imagine you or me being unfortunate enough to live there.They say-take a bath in the river,you will get a dose of around 50 antibiotics and many anti-histamines..River has changed into doctor)

    Plenty enough news..but hang in there,there is light at the end of every tunnel.Maybe we indians need a more higher dose of incidents like these,to wake up,get rid of hypocracy and act right..

    Well compiled post..

    @Nimmy : Sad and depressing. I saw the news of that Dalit girl. People are reacting because they are seeing it for the first time, but police has been beating up minors since ages. If I remember correctly, there was a news sometime back when a minor boy was killed in custody.
    You really have some hope left?

  10. Scary scenario.

    And widows being thrown in burning pyres while men can start advertising on, ‘Wife seriously ill, will be free to marry again soon. Wanted fair, obedient, temple educated wife.’

    @Indian Homemaker : Everytime I think that it can’t get worse and then something happens to shake that faith.

  11. We seriously lack education, awareness and a sense of where our nation stands wrt the world. We have so much more to progress and in all aspects of life specially the basics. Sad to say but India a long long way to go

    @Maddie : A long way to go and no light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. Good list Amit. However I don’t agree that name-calling as in what happened in the case of Barkha Dutt is freedom. If someone called me names I would delete his comment. Yeah, some people allow all sorts of comments, but I guess I don’t. I personally do not think well of Barkha Dutt and feel uncomfortable with the way she handled this blogger, but well, he broke the libel laws. Sure, channels and publications defame people too, and they get law suits slapped on them.

    @Nita : Thanks. I think they could have just asked him to remove the post. There are thousands of posts and comments where people turn cheap and call others names. How much can it be stopped. I think its wrong to target a single person like that.

  13. Very well compiled list, Amit. We know about all these incidents individually but reading all of them at the same time is depressing.

    @Pr3rna : Yes, it is. Depressing and shocking.

  14. The last line in your post actually reminds of this article(link below) from Riding the elephant, which says there are two Indias One – Involved in incidents that you have compiled and the other one – that is trying to send a man on moon.

    @Anshul : That was an interesting post. Its a huge contrast. India should stop indulging in such activities like sending someone to moon when there are so many other problems to acknowledge.

  15. As Prerna says, we all know about these incidents individually. Its scary. We all acknowledge it. Now what Amit?

    Now what can we do? Sorry to continue this infuriating vein of thought, but I intend to pursue it further. 😦

    @Poonam : Yes, what next? And please believe me, writing about an issue is not futile. It does have an effect, no matter how small.
    What next is a question to which I don’t have an answer right now… 😦

  16. good one 🙂

    I can see your honest feelings in your blog posts … but, things are like this ….. as Madhavan says in Rang De Basanti … we have to make the nation better …

    we cant wait to see it becoming better, and do nothing ..

    @Dinu : So we come to the same question which Poonam is asking. What next?

  17. Depressing. And these are only the events in last one year. It is interesting that these crimes are ranging from a variety of topics – political agenda to personal agenda to social agenda…

    @Priyank : Yes, I somehow stopped myself from going too much into the past, although the rape and dowry cases have the accumulation of the old data too. Its not only the government which is at fault, its all of us too.

  18. hi amit……visiting ur blog after long..infact was lil off the net so….
    well, we hav read all these news, but seeing them together makes the picture very horrible……I wonder whats gonna happen to India…!
    very scary!!!

    @Abha : Yes it is.

  19. This is more like a summary of all the recent posts thats currently found in the blogosphere. Well written and excellently compiled.

    At this rate of development in our country, by the time we reach moon, there would be thousands of civilisations already ! and we would still compare ourselves with Pakistan (only with!) on sending a man to the moon !!

    @Vimal : Thanks. Funny that we are developing both ways. Forward and backwards too. The more forward we go, the more backwards we fall.

  20. scary post…just got a glimpse of where we are…there are barriers everywhere…

    @Waaahappening : And the barriers are self created too, just because of ignorance and hatred.

  21. Great post, Amit!

    Tells us how we’re not really shining. Agreed we’re winning our matches and sending satellites to the moon but inside, we’re totally broken and divided and bound tightly within traditions and irrationality.

    Might mention the honour killings in Punjab too. They’ve been on a steep rise lately. I can’t understand how fathers can kill their own daughters just because she married the man of her choice. And they’re not even guilty about it. They’re actually proud of the fact.

    @Ish : Thanks. 🙂 Yes, I have heard about honour killings and was thinking of doing a post on that too. Its a shame and some of the stories are truly horrible. I know a girl who was beaten black and blue because of the same reason. Finally she had to bow to her family pressure.

  22. great post. But there is one thing, we cannot blame the population, we are one of them.


    @Xylene : Thanks. I am blaming those people who end up with 10 kids. Its because of such people that we have a scarcity of resources, poverty and crime.

  23. @ Amit : Let them be, countries exist inspite of such people not due to them. There are a lot of people who think that they are indispensable. However when the time comes they realise that no one really is.

    @Odzer : Yes, that’s true. Life move in circles.

  24. Its very sad to see these kind of wrong things being happening in our country and what is the most disheartening fact is we cant do much about it except ranting 😦 These are worrisome numbers but never ever lose hope. A dialogue from Dark Knight ‘Things will go worse, before it could get better’

    @Kanagu : well, ranting is not equivalent to “not doing anything”. Its not as if I am ranting in my house. I am ranting in front of the whole world. 🙂

  25. Another beauty… Appreciate it!!!

    But yes, just another post that just gets out the frustration with an end like this… “India will be able to send a man to moon by 2025. Seems quite insignificant. Doesn’t it???”

    Expect a better constructive end to articles like these seeing your reader base than just something like this…

    Anyways, keep writing… something is better than nothing!!!

    @Swapneel : Thanks. I think venting out frustrations is a good way to let others know that certain things are not acceptable. I really don’t know how to end such articles constructively. We all know what’s wrong and we all know how it can be corrected. There are certain questions which we have to ask ourselves and not to each other.

  26. Everytime we think this is last and then something worse comes up. That’s a well compiled list.

    It is all about power. Isn’t it?

    @Solilo : Yes, its all about power and money. Nothing else.

  27. Hey Amit,

    I think this is my first comment on your blog. Personally I think you could have made a bigger list, but thanks for not depressing me further ;).

    I am extremely curious as to what the guy said about BD and NDTV. NDTV is one of the worst news(?) agencies I have come across. Their newsletters are usually filled with the escapades of Amy Winehouse and which Indian actor is acting like a horses behind.

    My question to you and Nita is this, while it is within Nita’s right to moderate comments on her Personal blog, I do not see how one can censor opinions on someone else’s blog. Were there misrepresented facts on the blog? That would be a valid claim then. If all he did was call her a vocal diarrhetic, then I don’t see the (legal) offense. Although, Indian laws are archaic and I usually am surprised. Also, isn’t NDTV a communist inclined channel? Wouldn’t that explain their stance for reduced freedom of expression?

    The stats you posted, chances are they have gotten exponentially worse because we have become bolder in reporting them. That is probably why affluence seems to have an inverse relation with the “frequency”. This isn’t to say that things aren’t bad.

    How did you leave out the CPI from this list? Didn’t they simultaneously oppose FDI policy changes in the center, while seeking investments (international) in WB? And wherever did you find that picture of Mamata? It is absolutely priceless.

  28. I’m curious as to what the whole deal with BD is about? All I know so far is that she has been criticized for NDTV’s coverage of the recent terrorist attacks.

    My questions are as follows, and keep in mind, all I have had is Barkha dutt’s response as well as a few blogs reacting to the retraction.

    1. Why is BD responsibe for something I think is channel policy? Isn’t NDTV responsible for what they decide to show on the air?

    2. What was C Kunte’s article about? I am extremely curious as to what he accused her of.

    3. Was NDTV the only channel covering the incident?

    4. Why are the security forces issuing statements now, after the event, after their soldiers have died? Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to put restrictions on the media during the 3 days, even if it was after a slight initial set-back?

    Feel free to go beyond these questions, because I am not quite sure what this whole thing is about.

  29. when a man loses self-centered mannerism and gives up his Integrity for a ‘greater cause’, and for the sake of dependence of people on him, and hence, his on them, all sorts of violence and unrest stems out. then, it wont be the general interest of the country that will drive them, but the plain lust for being apparently selfless and be hailed as the hero of ‘modern reforms’, albeit with a pinch of Hinduism oriented principles coupled with a tonne of goondaism! I wish Indian law transforms overnight into an entity which guards not just the individual, but the society, from normal and politicised criminals.

  30. There was an essay writing competition on How to prevent pollution. People came up with so many explanations and suggestions but the first prize winner said that the pollution should be increased!! Because, only if it becomes in-tolerable, people would do anything against it!

    I really don’t know how much more is tolerable for us?

    Destination Infinity

  31. @The Depressed Doormat : Welcome! 🙂 Yes, the list could have been a mile long and I missed out quite a few.
    What I could not understand is that there are so many “malicious” and unwanted posts and comments floating around, but why only this blogger was selected? Its not as if he was saying something others don’t believe in?
    i somehow fail to understand NDTV. They are not able to come out and take the responsibility of whatever happened. Its not as if people are pointing fingers just for nothing.

    @Maddie : Yes, I read that. Bravo!!! Bharat mata ki jai!

    @Su : Indian laws are not going to transform because there are enough people to bury them under heaps of money bags. 🙂 Stop dreaming. 🙂

    @Destination Infinity : Thats human nature. We wait till the things reach the worst possible level. After thousands have died or affected.

  32. @Amit:

    I think the reason for that might be to make an example out of someone. Although I think that the move might have backfired for a few reasons.

    1. It probably brought more of a focus on the allegations after the threat to sue.

    2. Since the original post is not accessible anymore, an unbiased reader like myself cannot reach an informed decision as to the validity of the legal action. Compounded by public euphoria, it is easier to see C Kunte’s side of it, than NDTV’s.

    Anyway, my questions about this incident are still unanswered. I would really appreciate if someone could point me to some information (unbiased hopefully) that can shed some light. As of now I have no reason to think that BD or NDTV did anything that was wrong. And I hope my questions from the second comment will illuminate why I think so as of now.

    @Su: There has to be someone to enforce the laws. Corruption as Amit pointed out is one step removed.

    @DI: I must critique this essay you talk about (and in doing so, my way of thinking as well). The way of thinking, as illuminated by your summary of the winning essay shows an inherent belief that humanity is doomed. While I agree with that, I somehow feel disheartened that this is an opinion the masses would entertain. My only source of hope, usually, is that I am part of a minority with this view.

    Having said that, I think this minority I talk about is necessary to paint the picture of a worst case scenario. People like me will always expect the worst and in doing so, help those that are more optimistic avoid pitfalls. I apologize if my explanation isn’t coherent.

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