Kalyug’s Ram Sena

Ramayana depicts Ram Sena as an army of monkeys who helped Sri Ram to build a bridge to Sri Lanka and saved Sita from the clutches of Ravan. In Kalyug, Ram Sena means a bunch of illiterate, unemployed and brainwashed monkeys who beat up and molest girls just because, according to them, the girls are not in sync with the “Indian” culture. Well, how times change! 

So, according to the Taliban-inspired-Ram-Sena, women in India are supposed to maintain a certain amount of decorum. But then, if that is the case, all of us should completely abide to the norms set by our culture. If they are forcing girls and boys to disown the “pub” and “mall” culture, then they should make sure that the following are followed too:

  • Girls should only wear saree or salwaar-kameez. All the girls wearing jeans, skirts or pants should be beaten up. 
  • Boys should only wear Kurta or other regional dresses. Jeans and other western dresses should not be allowed.
  • Girls should not work and sit at home and learn the various household activities. 
  • Love marriages should not be allowed. Only parents should have the right to choose the spouse for their kids.
  • All the pubs in the country should be closed down.
  • All the shops selling foreign attires and goods should be closed or burned down.
  • All the malls should be closed down.
  • All the couples roaming around in public areas should be harassed and beaten up.
  • Girls should not move out of their homes alone. They should always be accompanied by an elder male member.

I am sure, the brainwashed Sena will be jumping with excitement to implement all the above mentioned points. Although, there are a few questions I would love to ask them:

  1. How many of the Ram Sainiks don’t drink liquor themselves? Is it only girls who are not supposed to drink? Its ok if guys drink and indulge in all kind of inappropriate activities?
  2. How many of the Ram Sainiks have not molested girls or eve-teased them? After what we all saw on television, it can be easily concluded that they were quite dexterous and I won’t be surprised if they would have practiced using Mannequins.
  3. How many of the Ram Sainiks have beaten up a gang of boys eveteasing a girl, or a man beating up his wife, or a police officer taking a bribe? Of course, they won’t do all these measly tasks when they have more interesting tasks like beating up girls.
  4. How many of the Ram Sainiks don’t have girlfriends and don’t roam around with girls? Are all of them Hanuman Bhakts and have taken an oath of staying unmarried for their entire life? I think “Perverts” and “Hypocrites” will be small words for them.
  5. Do the Ram Sainiks realise that this is a Democracy and people who visit pubs are above 18 years of age and all capable of understanding the Indian Culture by themselves? When something has to be banned, it is the government which will decide that and not a bunch of uneducated, rustic and directionless men who are a part of an organization which is used by politicians during elections for various illegal activities.
  6. Do the Ram Sainiks realize that there is a difference between India and Afganistan and they are turning the former into the latter? Should I be glad that they didn’t stone the girls to death instead of beating them up?

India is full of such Hypocrite people who can be mislead and do anything for money. What happened in Mangalore was a shameful act which just goes to show what a bunch of illiterate people we are. And, then we go ahead and belittle movies like Slumdog Millionare which show the reality to the world. If you can’t digest that, then too bad!!

I was going through a few articles on the internet about what happened in Mangalore, and here are a few gems :

  • “We acted like brothers. There is no need to apologize for an act done with good intention.” – Prasad Attavar, state convener, Sri Rama Sena. [[Oh!! That is how brothers behave! Slap, shove and punch sisters?? Guess, I have to revisit my basics.]]
  • “Drinking by women is not Indian culture. It’ll morally degrade our society. Women are our mothers and they should behave like that” – Prasad Attavar, state convener, Sri Rama Sena. Full story here. [[What about drinking by men?? Care to comment on that sir?? And that is how we treat our mothers??]]
  • ” Women have to be protected as the law has failed. Parents are worried about their wards going astray in materialistic pursuits. We are the custodians of Indian culture” – Sri Ram Sena (SRS) founder Pramod Mutalik. Full story here. [[Which law has failed if a woman is drinking in a pub?? Do we have laws for that too??]]
  • “There is no need to raise such a hue and cry about the incident.” – Sri Ram Sena (SRS) founder Pramod Mutalik. [[Yes! No one was raped or killed. Everyone is alive.]]
  • “The Karnataka government will not allow pub culture to grow in the state. “ – Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Full story here. [[And what about the culture where men beat up women? Care to stop that?]]

I am disgusted, ashamed and sick by the mere thought that I am breathing the same air as these people. I am sorry to call such people my countrymen. I am sorry to be a part of a nation where people take pride in killing their daughters if they fall in love with a guy outside their community, where people rape nuns and where people beat up a girl because she is sitting in a pub. Of course, you can argue that we are better off than Afganistan. But, don’t worry. We are getting there.

Here is a video of the brotherly love. The images might be disturbing.

48 comments on “Kalyug’s Ram Sena

  1. i read about this incident but not in detail
    you see all ram sainiks or shiv sainiks (hardly makes any difference after all “ek thali ke chatte batte ” )
    who are they to dictate moral terms to us …….moreover i am sure each of them must be having a criminal record.
    they create so much of nuisance……just wish to give good blows on their a**

  2. Do we even need to discuss this… the most illiterate person our country know that they do it for the sake of publicity…rather cheap publicity…
    Hardly anyone in India knew about a group called Ram Sainiks before this event…. now the whole world knows them…

    I am pretty confident that we will soon hear more such groups like Laxman Sainiks, Hanumaan Sainiks and all…..

    But i guess they should be renamed as “Ravana Sainiks”

  3. Thank God this is not spreading to other states..The comment given by BS Yeddyurappa is very disturbing, for a man at the post of CM the statement doesnt show any maturity..

    For cheap politics, they will always go after the easy targets,in this case the girls, just to claim some political mileage and nothing else..

    But the most annoying aspect is that people who go up the political ladder happens to be illiterate and criminal ones..Unless thats checked these incidents will not have an end..

  4. Very well written, point by point – I am linking this post to mine.
    This needs to written about and talked about sadly because there are some people who think (YES, believe it or not) the Ram Sainiks were saving our Indian values.
    I have never been so disgusted at us before.

  5. Well on the lighter note,we in TN are safe,because all our politicians are actors 🙂 hmm…women are our mothers,they beat up their moms? no wonder,what culture is that? And salwar isn’t Indian and guys should be topless! I think the party is question is seriously filled with old assoles who just refuse to retire (maybe their kids won’t take such ideas at home?) and try to bug us…And seriously man if we followed the culture the moral policia will have to be insulted and not given any respect as I suspect them to be from ABC ..so much for equality…

  6. “We acted like brothers. There is no need to apologize for an act done with good intention.”

    God save people from such brothers. So on next Raksha Bandhan instead of Rakhi these sisters can give them laathi.

  7. “Girls should not move out of their homes alone. They should always be accompanied by an elder male member”

    Now I need the ‘Man of my house” to accompany me to the parlor, and shopping, no wait the iron wallah and oh my gym… Did I forget the sculpting class? definitely for that book launch, hang on – I’m visiting my grandmother as well…
    Yeah I have a life!

    What a bunch of retards..

    Good going Amit! Nice to see you did your homwork on this one too.

  8. yes, self-appointed custodians who knew they would get away. This is almost Saudi version of exploitation in India. And we should not ignore it thinking, this too shall pass. With MNS, such hooligan acts have got a easy upstarts. More of them are coming. Disgusting.

  9. @Arpit : Even I was not aware of the incidence untill someone pointed it out to me. Its outrageous. If this is how the state of the things will be then there is no meaning of Democracy left.
    And, you are welcome!

    @Tejas : Yes, they do it for publicity but we need to make clear that we are not enjoying this. That is why we need to discuss this.
    I am pretty sure that more such groups will emerge and that is why I said that we are very close to becoming Afghanistan.

    @Amreekandesi : Its a self imposed responsibility which emerged from Unemployment and hunger for money and maybe jealousy. Its very easy to brainwash a man who is a faliure in life.

    @Karthik : Are you crazy? It spread from Maharashtra to Karnataka. Right? Don’t be surprised if it spreads to other areas. Loosers are very easy to find everywhere. You just have to gather them and Voila!! A sena is ready!
    Criminals go up the political ladder because we elect them for money and blankets. Remember that.

    @IndianHomemaker : Thanks. Yes, I know what you mean. Yesterday I was reading the comments on a popular website and was shocked to see certain comments which supported the act. I think we all have to digest this that India was never a democracy. Its a joke on Democracy.

    @Ajit : Thanks and Welcome! They won’t have any answers. You have to be educated enough to answer such questions!

  10. @Vishesh : No one is safe! You really think this can’t spread to TN? When I was working there, according to our dress code in the office, we could wear casuals on Fridays. People used to go and complaint to the HR about girls wearing revealing clothes when all they were wearing was a 3/4th. And TN is a very conservative state so it won’t take much effort to spread all this.

    @Solilo : That “Brother” remark was amazing. Just see the video and read that remark. I can’t even call it funny.

    @Archie : Yes, girls need a guard everywhere. That is how all the actresses get away after dancing in bikinies. Will the Ram Sena slap an actress for that? No! They will watch her movie and drool! You can only be hurt when the person thinks that you are vulnerable. I think girls should keep pepper spray with them. That will teach a few of the Sena members a lesson.

    @Poonam : If they are having a political backing they will always get away, even if they would have commited a murder. I have a feeling that its going to get worse.

  11. I am just wondering what kind of activities to get ban from our government. They have done enough to get a ban. But why the rulers are still waiting. Why this is not considered as a law and order disorder. These people go crazy…. and the govt. is just sleeping. What the hell happening here?????? These news channels and papers have already forgotten about this like they forgotten about the MNS… This things make me sick..

  12. How easy it would have been if facts could be drilled into these thick skulls using some appropriate machinery! Who needs enemies with brothers like these all out to straighten out their sisters! Sick!

  13. Who appointed them custodians?? As I have been sayong all over blogosphere…these perverts with screwed up sense of morality should be taken care of asap.

    As for Ram Sena, it reminds me of the truth about Hinduism written in the lyrics of the song Kuch to Log Kahenge from Amar Prem

    “sita bhi yahaa badanaam huyee
    fir kyo sansaar kee baaton se
    bheeg gaye tere nainaa”

    When Sita wasn’t spared then what can the rest of women expect!

    As for banning the pub culture, once the CM comes to know the loss in revenue..the statement will be forgotten.

    What on earth is going on in India? Has it become infested with sexually repressed perverts who hide behind the cloak of morality to vent their desires?

  14. Well articulated psot Amit..

    I have no words to express how i feel..I feel ashamed..Interestingly,i am surprised to read some posts reffering that, it is bcoz of muslims that this happened..Geez,whenever there is something wrong,finally,it is dumped into somebody’s head who has no deal with it..

    More than a political publicity stunt,this incident is a reinforcement of their ideologies,bcoz they have no fear ,and hence opted to have a live coverage for their show…

  15. @Kanagu : They won’t be banned because such groups come handy when the politicians have to armtwist citizens for votes. Since, the politicians are dependent on such people, they can never be banned. If there would have been an iota of shame, then Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena would have been banned ages ago.

    @Shail : I would rather put them in an asylum. They are a danger to the society.

    @Arvind : Any government will support such people because of the reason I mentioned to Kanagu earlier.

    @Perx : Yes, I know…its frustating. India is not a democracy. I think it never was.

    @Reema : I think they just want to have fun. That is the best way to enter a pub and molest girls. Since no sane girl would touch such perverts with a barge pole, they vent out their frustrations like this. Political parties need gundas for the elections, so such groups are never banned. And who suffer at the end? We.

    @Nimmy : Thanks Nimmy. I am very angry! They don’t have any fear because they have a backing of the political parties. A man is fearless only till the time he knows that he will be saved. And Muslims? Well, that is a new one!

    @Mumbai : Exactly me point. How can you stop someone to do something you yourself are doing? I think they don’t have that much brains to understand this.

  16. Am not surprised. With elections around, you will see a lot more of such thing happening. BJP would take anything it can to win the elections this time. All its subsidiaries are working overtime. Trust me, this Valentines Day is gonna be the most violent. All the chaddi gang members Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Ram Sena, Hanuman Sena, ABVP etc etc are going to be in full force trying to impose culture by beating up people.

    Btw, i hate the words these cowards use like Indian culture and stuff. I wonder if violence on women is also a part of the Indian culture.

  17. I have been reading about some views which are all for this moral policing. It makes me feel really sad for our country, when educated people support the objectives of the ram sene, even if they don’t support the beating up. they don’t understand that soon the mobsters will be at their own doorstep.

  18. @Liju : What an irony! To win the election, the party have to molest adults who are going to vote for them. Can it get worse? I think violence was always a part of Indian culture. We are all so proud of it that we call news channel crew to show it to the whole world.

    @Nita : Yes, its a human issue. Tomorrow they can also say that eating meat is against Indian culture. But, I don’t think they have the guts to do anything beyond that because its a huge market. Similarly, they don’t have the guts to shut down the pubs. It will have a negative effect on the revenues.
    I think they just wanted to touch some girls. Thats it.
    Yes, I agree with you. People don’t understand the gravity of the situation until the problem reach their doorsteps. Then they will realize that they are saving an “aasteen ka saamp”.

  19. you are right. what a powerful post. we must do all we can to stop this barbaric rubbish… it is dangerous and disturbing. Our morality is our own. no one else has the right to dictate what is right and what is wrong.

  20. I can understand your anger. But, the problem is that those dickheads are never gonna read this or worry about what people like us think of their disgusting behaviour. The only short term solution is establishment taking them to full task, but then there is huge politics in that. In the long term, proper education of the masses could only lead to wholistic civil & tolerant society. But, till that happens or till the old and the new and the liberal and the conservative and the rich and the have nots in India clash, we will keep witnessing this nonsense.

  21. too me it means absolutely simple, its not the religion which people are after we are just a set of Vote Banks and demographics. So Who care about the culture or religion. Which of before mentioned entities allow women to be treated this way or the people to be killed on the bases of what religion they follow.

    Sadly we are just small insignificant pawns in the games of the political parties.

  22. We really are getting there….no two thoughts on that.

    The video indeed was very disturbing. We are a bunch of hypocrites and instead of moving ahead with times we are taking backward steps.

    The most frustrating part is that all this is in the name of politics. The saying “we get the politicians we deserve” looks too severe. What have we done as a nation that we are lead by such buggers. May be we have been sleeping as a nation and have allowed to let these pols get away with anything & everything.

    I seriously dunno whether there is any improvement in store for us as a nation because am sure we will continue celebrating success & critcising events like these and then will forget them…

  23. I was wondering why those people did this .. ( I couldn’t find a reason, really ) but reading the first para answered my question ……………….

    they can’t stop being what they really are …. the sena !!!! hahahahahaahahahahhahahahahah

    good one buddy !!!

  24. Most of your population is uneducated and poor and they are the ones who elect your leaders. They are envious of people in cities boozing and like it when orgns like Ram Sene conduct such atrocities whetting their jealousy.

  25. No no, don’t stop. I propose more such moral clubs.

    Krishna sena’s objective will be to have many women per man. Seems difficult given our sex ratio.

    Ganpati sena’s objective will be to attack gym’s, jogging tracks and health clubs. We’ll eat only laddoos.

    And since we have tons of other deities, the options can be unlimited 🙂

  26. @Dev : Yes, I know and that is what makes it more frustating. Establishments are never going to take responsibility. All the goons are out on bail and there are people supporting the cause. India has a huge population problem and that is what makes everything so difficult and complicated.

    @Nikhil : You are talking about Karnataka? I have started feeling the same about India.

    @Chirag : Yes, it is all political. I don’t think we have such cheap politics anywhere else in the world.

    @Smita : We are going back to the stone age. Smita, we get the politicians which we deserve. That is true. India is full of people who sell their votes for 100 Rs, liquor and blankets. That is why criminals are ruling us. I don’t think any success has a meaning as long as such incidents keep happening.

    @Dinu : I am glad that I was able to help! 🙂 Yes, they are monkeys. No doubt about that.

    @Mumbai : Well said! That is the true picture of India right now.

    @Priyank : And don’t forget the Kuber sena which will loot the banks and distribute it amongst the poor.

  27. This is India. Always people need name and fame at any cost. History repeated once again, thats all. Well educated leader of MNS started this type of things and other are just following his foot steps to become big in their own manner. Now the rule is Hit a weaker person who can not hit you back and grow the fear in others that you are stronger. I dont even see any hope as my hopes are dead long back itself.

  28. Very nice way of bringing your thoughts on this issue. A revolt by a common man is in the offing. I am afraid that will only lead to civil war and not solve the problem. But it is quite unbelievable that they would love to use violence to preach Indian Culture! Unbelievable and Shocking!

  29. and Nnne of these Sena goons cared to show their head when a bunch of young terrorists took over the nation !!!

    I wonder what makes a person join these kind of filth filled communities. Is it the sick ideology, the money they get by being a part of it, is it unemployment, is it fame, or is it the pleasure of harassing fellow citizens?

    Our country is so weird that such Senas are still entertained and they still get the maximum publicity !

  30. Yes. Your questions to the Ram Sene clearly bring out the hypocrisy in their actions. If you ask me, I still believe there was nothing religious about it and I’m certain the attackers dont give a damn to culture.

    It’s all about perverted and corrupt minds.

  31. first thing, i love ur header….its super hot…!

    second things, i love the mouse cleaning up… its damn cute…

    and the answer to ur post… i feel Ram Sena just needs one more reason to act wierd. They are a band of hypocrites who really need to get a life and i wish i could do something about them… these are the times when i feel absolutely helpless…

  32. @Vijaya Bharat : Its more because of population, the rich-poor divide and petty politics on top of them all. Mix them all well and you get the real picture of India.

    @Dinesh : Thanks. If you look at the human history, we have always used violence to preach “culture”. That is the way we are wired. 🙂

    @Vimal : They won’t because they might have lost their lives in that. Its a combination of all of them sprinkled by a few videos and photographs to brainwash them.

    @Kanagu : Do you have a css upgrade? Reply me on the mail ID I use to put comments on your blog.

    @Trailblazer : Yes, I agree, there was nothing religious. They were just having fun and gaining some cheap publicity in return. Dono haathon main ladoo.

    @Alice : Thanks and Thanks! 🙂 I think they are a bunch of failed losers.

  33. Every blogger wrote about the Incidence of Mangalore pub attack by RamSena.
    I was the first to mention the case nonetheless as I made my 26th Januray post right after seeing that news on NDTV.

    I also mentioned it as rouge action of saffron group.

    But later on I thought more on the issue. it was not a saffron group attack on youth.

    it was rather the issue of Date Rape and the way feminists take on it.

    Why Do these people, or any person advocating girls to not to go to pubs, not to drink alcohol not to go to dates, not to mingle with boys, suggests so?
    They do so because of the increasing number of date rapes.

    I know every feminist will criticize men on that issue, and will start demanding more stringent action and laws etc…
    But its futile. Women Must understand that by forcing/cajoling government to act unequally and discriminate on the basis of gender will destroy our own society.

    @Gargi : Welcome! Do you really think that the Ram sainiks even know what Date Rapes means? I can understand your point about feminista but such actions are demanded because such incidents happen and its a cycle. The only way to break this cycle is to make people understand that this is a democracy.

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