Or was my imagination running wild…

This tag is record breaking because it took me a long time to finish it. The longest ever. There was a lot to imagine and create and I hope the results are not awful. 

I was tagged by Su to do this one and I couldn’t resist it because of its uniqueness although I am also supposed to do Nita’s and Sulz’s tags. I’ll do them ladies, I promise! 🙂 

The rules first : 

  • You must use all the five words given to you by your tagger and draw pictures using paint or GIMP or any other photo editing tool.
  • Each picture must be self explanatory when you relate it to the given word.
  • Each word MUST have at least one picture attributed to it.
  • None of these pictures should be copyrighted. By this I mean that you have to draw them yourself.
  • After you finish the tag, which I think will take quite some time; you need to pass it on to other people with a fresh set of 5 words.

Su gave me the following 5 words : God, light, jet plane, golf and wallet

Here are the results:













So, that is it. It was great imagining those pictures and creating them. I loved doing this tag!!! Hope you liked them!

I am supposed to tag 5 people but I am not sure who all are already tagged. So, I would like to tag anyone who is willing to take it up.  Just let me know in the comments section and thou shall get your 5 words.

Over and out.

46 comments on “Or was my imagination running wild…

  1. First I am already tagged. So dont tag me. Loved the wallet. So sweet 🙂 and God too….though He/She looks more like an alien. Ur drawings show ur effort.

    Second I am sorry I have not commented at some posts. I will once exams are over. I have read them all though.

  2. thnx a lot for the effort man! I appreciate it 🙂 . As soon as i saw the picture of GOD, I was in splits, literally. 😀 I loved the humor presented by each of the three pictures. my personal favorite – Wallet! 🙂 Have a nice time tagging people 🙂

  3. You took a lot of time doing these pictures Amit and you enjoyed it too! 🙂 The pictures are quite funny and interesting. But I wouldn’t like to do this tag!

  4. god and jet lane are good .. rest are normal for me ..golf is fine too and i could not understand light … it went over my head…hehe

  5. Wonderfully and hilariously attempted…. 😀 I loved the GOD one…you took pain to paint the details like x-box360 even! 😛

    I also attempted this tag…wanted to tag you but just saw you published the pictures! Anyways whether it’s me or some other blogger, what we loved is the output!


  6. Very cool tag. I liked “Jet” Plane … he he he .. 🙂 I am also tagged by Anniyan to do this tag, haven’t had time but I will be doing it soon. Only problem is I am terrible when it comes to painting!

  7. Nice post man and I think u r in constant feeling that God is playing with u 😉 Why the rays are going inside in the picture of Light ? Are u feeling bad about something ? U might have took lot of time to think how to paint ‘Jet plane’. Am I right ? Nothing specific about Golf. Please dont tell me that the pictures in Wallet are u & kareena 😉

  8. Wallet was cute… is this a hint that you already have a pic of this kind in your wallet ???? 😉

    What did you use to paint all these? All were nice.

  9. It’s a difficult tag..congrats for doing it well..I have no experience with MS paint etc..so cant do it, even if I want.
    I tagged you for a film meme on my blog..Iam sure you will like doing it.

  10. Sorry to know what happened to you watching golf. Ok now 🙂
    And how come your jet is so yellow-ish…lol.
    And I m sure God is master player and will champion your life-game. ATB. 🙂

  11. I have been tagged. BUt I ahve not yet done it for I can visualise, I want someone to draw for me. I don’t enjoy MS Paint experience, need lot of motivation to do it.

    Amit, your pics are nice and bright.

  12. perfectly done tag! 😛
    you had actually put it so much efforts to make those pictures and show all specifications like xbox etc. nicely and hilariously done 😆

  13. @Reema : Thanks! And yeah, that is supposed to be an alien. 🙂 And, its ok! I know that you are reading them. 😉

    @Su : My pleasure! 🙂 I loved it!

    @Nita : Yes, I enjoyed doing this tag. Something different. 🙂

    @Ruhi, @Vishesh : Thanks. Glad that you liked it! 🙂

    @Nikhil : Yes, but don’t overdo it. You would not like to dirty your clothes! 😛

    @Rajneesh : What happens to your eyes when light falls on it? Got it? 😛

    @Arvind, @Priyank, @Withering Willow : Thanks. 🙂

    @Sakhi : Thanks. And why don’t you agree??? ❓

    @Amreekandesi, @Kanagu, @Smita, @Prax, @Dinesh : Thanks a lot. 🙂

    @Vijaya Bharat : Oh yes. Totally! 🙂 Its not the rays. The pupil is contracting because of the “light”. 8) And yes, Jet plane took some time. Nope, its not my wallet. Not yet! 😛

  14. @Atipriya : YOU should not be asking me this!! 😛 I used paint.

    @lallopallo : Thanks. 🙂 And yes, I am halfway doing your tag! I loved it! 🙂

    @Vimal, @Peterko : Thanks.

    @A : Hmmm…that’s not me at all except the guy in the television! 8)

    @Alice : Welcome to my blog! So, you are happy or sad being Joey? How you doin’? 😆

    @Maddie : Oh yes, definitely. Much better and maybe better ideas. I gave up certain ideas because they were difficult to make in mspaint.

    @Poonam : It is a little difficult to use mspaint. Its not very user friendly and not with many options. And thanks. 🙂

    @Trailblazer, @Ashish, @Arpit, @Sivakami, @Kiran : Thanks a lot. I am glad that you liked them. 🙂

    @Ish : Thankyou Birthday boy!!! So how was your day? 😀

  15. @Arpit : Thanks a lot! 🙂 But I have already been tagged by Sulz to do it. The letter is “A”. 🙂

    @Nikkiman : Finally someone who would like to do this tag!!!! Ok! Your 5 words are : Air, Envy, Substance, Passion and sand. Enjoy!! 😀

    @Harsh : Thanks and welcome to my blog! 🙂

    @Priya : Thanks. 🙂

  16. @Arpit : When I’ll do it, I’ll dedicate it to both you and Sulz. 😀

    @Nikkinam : Don’t worry. This too shall pass!! 😛

    @Dinu : Thanks. 🙂 That’s insane!! Humans laughing on their own mockery!

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