Terrorism, Mumbai and the Jealous Kid

mumbaiDuring the 1980s, when Punjab was in the claws of Terrorism, I was watching Doordarshan when something came up which I would never forget. I was a kid at that time but the visuals left a lasting impact. They were interviewing a Sikh boy(not more that 14-15 years of age) whose whole family was killed in their own house by the terrorists. The boy saved himself by hiding behind the sofa from where he saw terrorists raping his sister throughout the night and shooting her while leaving in the morning. 

I could never forget the face of that boy.

Mumbai terrorist attack which continued almost for 3 days, brought back all the bitter memories. I used to think that we are fortunate that we have not seen the atrocities of the partition, but I am not sure now. All of us have seen some incidences which we will never forget our entire lives. It was the way these attacks were carried out, the brutality of it all, that left me stunned. My paternal Uncle works in Oberoi and it was his lucky day. He had a morning shift next day and left in the evening before it all started. 

What surprised me was that when the terrorists entered the hotels, they asked for people having U.S and UK passports. They just made the reason of the attack so obvious. They are not asking for Kashmir anymore. I don’t think that is the motto anymore because they must have realized that they are not going to get it anyways. The reason has shifted. Its plain Jealousy.

Pakistan and India were born together. But 50 years down the line, India is seen as a potential superpower. There are reports that project India and China as the next emerging powers of the world. And where is our neighbouring country? Nowhere! Its just a terrorist state which breed Terrorism and make the life of the neighbouring countries miserable. They would have equalled India if probably they would have channeled their brains towards the development of their country rather that breeding Terrorists and planning coups. India is at this stage today because we “wanted” our nation to be here. We were not busy planning how to kill people in other countries. And what is happening in Pakistan now? Terrorists fighting amongst each other??

The message which the terrorists wanted to send out via the attacks was very clear – India is as unsafe as any of her neighbours. So why the hell are the Foreign companies investing in India? How can the whole world lend a hand in India’s stupendous development when there is no life safety there? Why doesn’t the world look towards its adjoining neighbours? The whole act reminds me of a kid who one day sees his neighbouring kid having a bright shiny bike and feels so miserable and helpless that he goes and breaks that bike just because his loser father does not have the brains to afford one. The kid thinks that this act would satisfy the jealousy, but at the end of the day, he still does not have the bike! No matter what the terrorist wanted, they have just made the world underline the negative mindset which they had of their country. 

If India wanted, we could have been doubly malicious. But we have always been very forgiving. Since we can’t stoop to such a low levels by sending militant groups to our neighbouring countries to kill people there, we need to tighten our own security. 

Its time that the Indian Government acts. For once, the political parties need to STOP using terrorism as an excuse to hit on each other. Please, anything else but terrorism. All the parties and people have to come together when this word is uttered. We have to stand united on this one otherwise GOD knows what more we might have to go through. We all have had enough of tension and drama in the last three days to last a lifetime. It was disheartening to see BJP coming up with slogans against Congress regarding this terrorist attack even before the operation was over. I urge all the political parties to cut the crap and DO something constructive. Something which will make sure that the next time the jealous kid tries to break the bike, we can kick his butt real hard.

46 comments on “Terrorism, Mumbai and the Jealous Kid

  1. Indeed, if India has to get anywhere our politicians need to cut the crap and start acting.

    Their can be no compromise on the issue of national security, and the sooner our leaders realise it the better it will be.

    Another issue that has come out of this incident is the role of media in handling such situations. They seem to be just after sensationalism, without any consideration to how their actions could potentially compromise the security situation.

  2. Indeed, it’s time that the politicians own up to their actions and not compromise the national security of India.

    Media coverage has caused huge compromise in the lives of hostages. It was hostile and sad to watch serious mistakes made that might have contributed precious lives.

    I think it’s also the time for every one to stop being selfish by only thinking of means to garner profits. It’s inhumane and you ought to be ashamed of your selves.

  3. The greatest buchers Modi and Advani are at it already. Trying to fish in troubled waters. Modi had no clue when 20 bombs went off in Gujarat a few months ago. Today he speaks like the a prophet.

    And somebody please kick Manmohan singh and his fit for nothing home minister out. Am a great supporter of Singh, but he repeatedly makes it look like he is really incompetent for the job.

    We need a federal agency that has the powers to go to any state and investigate, arrest people. We need an extraordinary spy agency that instead of doing the bidding of the party in power and spying on the opposition invests its energy in catching these terrorists and busting their modules and plans.

  4. Nuke Pakistan… I have maintained that stance since the day I am aware of the animosity between the two countries. Many tell me but there are innocents people there too. I might be cynical when I say I care a damn, but I really care a damn. I am already feeling orphan in my own country, thanks to the authorities. Lost all hope this time. Learn from Israel. Nuke Pak, thats the only damn thing left to do.

  5. “If India wanted, we could have been doubly malicious”
    Oh we are being malicious but at each other not those who are attacking us.

    Ur post echoed my thoughts exactly. Its nothing but jealousy. and as Asif Ali Zardari says “Pakistanis have a little bit of India in their hearts”; keeping with Indian nature which consists of being jealous of neighbor’s progress, Pakistan is allegedly (being net etiquette full) attacking us.

  6. @Oxy
    Its not a matter of having innocent people over there. Its about having innocent people here. Its easy to say lets wage war when we are not the ones fighting at the border or one of our family members is not in the armed forces. Moreover I quote from the one of the articles from The Hindu

    “A private estimate made in 1990 by the Pakistan army, of the cost of a full scale conventional war with India was $300 million a day. Today the figure would probably be above $500 million.To this one would have to add the cost of infrastructure destroyed roads, bridges, airports, radar and telecommunication facilities, dams, power stations, oil refineries and offshore oil installations.

    All this is assuming the two countries don’t turn their bombs on cities. Overall the destructive potential of each country has increased so dramatically in the last 30 years that the minimum damage each will do to the others infrastructure would exceed Rs. 100,000 crores and could easily be twice as high.Industry will grind to a halt. Blackmarketing, inflation and massive layoffs or bankruptcies will follow. ”

    So its like while trying to smoke out the neighbor u end up burning your own house. Or rather to stop the theives, we burn our homes. That is not the solution. To stop theft we need to lockup our homes first. We have to make our security one of the best.

  7. Amit, what ever their motives, they don’t deserve to live. I don’t remember when I last felt this angry. Our own political class should share the blame. When you sleep with your doors open you don’t blame the thieves for robbing you.

  8. Yes, this definitely is the ‘jealous kid syndrome’. Couldn’t agree with you more on the analysis. The more pertinent question now is though, what will/can make us Indians stronger so that we are able to kick this jealous kid’s backside real hard?!? Or for-that-matter, stop him from staring at our bike in the first place? I personally cannot come up with any answers at the moment, I am afraid.

  9. u’ve come out very well with the post dude… Doing something and not hurling abuses is the need of the moment. I hope we get to see light asap…

  10. @Amreekandesi, @Kiran: I don’t think our leaders have ever taken National security seriously. Hell, they did not take it seriously even when the Parliament was attacked. They really need to grow up and ditto for the media. I did not followed the News channels this time because I knew what they are going to come up with. I stayed on the internet.

    @Liju : Believe me, even if we change the government, nothing will come out of it. They are all the same. The emotion that – we have to save the lives of innocent people” has to come from within. And I don’t understand that if seeing so many dead bodies can’t wake up our government, then what will?

    @Sakhi : I can understand. Even I am completely drained.

    @Oxy, @Reema : As, Reema pointed out, wiping out a whole nation is no solution. I know you wrote this because you are angry. A common man has nothing to do with this cheap politics. Also, a full scale war would land up both nations in a financial crunch which would be a very grim situation. The problem is that we need a calamity to unite us. Why can’t we always stand united?
    And the government needs a reality check. They should stop taking us for granted. We have chosen them to take decisions for our safety and well being. Not to sit and do nothing!

  11. @Arvind : What do they get – A momentary ego boost. “If we are not capable of getting something, we won’t let anyone have it” – that is their motto.

    @Pr3rna : Terrorists should be stoned to death by the general public. That is what they deserve. And yes, our political class is equally to be blamed for the lax/absense of any sort of security.

    @Anorak : There are many things we can do – Spit on those politicians who come to our doors for votes talking about terrorism, understand that we are Indians first, make the government realise that enough is enough and this is no time for Gandhigiri. We have to slap back thrice.

    @Perx : I don’t believe that the new government would be more efficient. If they would like us to believe that, then they have a hell lot of a job on their hands.

    @Su : Yes, the whole nation is royally pissed off. It would be great if the lights are turned on before our patience runs out.

  12. I accept ur theory but as I say regularly, there are many problems inside of our country. Main reason is Bloody politicians & Security lapses. First I want to kill those who are creating the same situation for thier own profits in thier states. Since this is a terrorist act, everybody is reaciting like this. When MNS people killed other state people and do nonsense in Mumbai, everybody saw that as an interanal problem of state. U too didnt write any blog. What do u think about this ? When total world is running towards globalization, our state leaders are asking for seperate states. What do u think of this ? What happenned to ULFA, Naxalites, Bangladesh immigrents, Continuous water fights between states etc. There are hundreds of problems which are having same intensity like the above terrorist attacks. From hospital bed to death bed, everything is linked to politics in our mother land and in this situation as I commented in ur previous post, I dont have any hopes. It is very pain ul to me to give the above statement but as far as I know, I am right 😦 I think I deviated from the main topic but my anger is coming out on each and every mistake happening in the country either outside or inside. I too feel that the security system should be strong but I feel that I dont have any right to point a finger on others while other fingers are towards me. I dont have any right to tell my neighbour to control his dog when my dog itself trying to bite even inside my house.

  13. You know J&K police had given prior warning to our Home ministry that terrorists might be using sea for their combat. They had informed that Coastal guards take money to facilitate these people.

    Nothing was done by govt.

    Navy has submitted a proposal for the automtation of various serious operations which will strengthen the border.

    It is pending with the govt from last 2 years.

    All we get after such repeated attacks is “we will fight terrorism, they will not go out unpunished” kind of statements…

    Alas!! we will have another Afzal amongst us…

    Sometimes I feel that it is easy to criticise outsiders, Pakistan in this case. But tell me aren’t people jealouse of US? But aren’t people safe there??

    The fault lies within us. Our political system is rotten. Politicians here are a breed…they have specialised in sucking money and have an insatiable greed for power and nothing is visible to them beyond that.

    Even we as citizens are at fault, we have let them suck our blood n money, we have let them rule us…

    It is high time that systems change here…high time…

  14. I think you made a good point by talking about the jealous kid. What all this is doing is that it is isolating Pakistan from the rest of the world. Its like the kid who breaks the neighbour’s cycle, and as a result, all kids stop interacting with him. If this continues, there will be a time when the word ‘Pakistani’ will be added to the Oxford dictionary, and it’ll be synonymous to the word ‘Terrorist’ !

  15. The Incident is just another showcase of our vulnerabliity and disablility to counter even 17 terrorists..But another interesting fact is that the metro trains of bombay has been spared after a long time for such mad attacks..Its time to be more stricter in terms of security and alert ourselves in all states.

  16. These cowardly acts of terrorists with no particular reason they could furnish on why they have attacked Mumbai is deplorable.
    I would agree with you on the jealousy part as I dont see any other reason behind these acts.

  17. I feel INDIA won this attack when foreigners said they would visit INDIA again , even after this experience. We may be threatened but will bow down.

  18. @Vijaya Bharat : Yes, Bharat. I understand and know that we have many internal problems. We always wait for a trajedy to unite us. We forget that we are Indians first and then belong to any state. Believe me, the state in which the nation is today, that any tom, dick or harry can come and harm us, is basically because of our leaders who don’t leave any stone unturned to divide us over petty issues and then because of us, who let that happen.
    Having said that, if the security system of my house is not strong, that does not mean that I can’t beat up the theif who tried to break in.

    @Smita : Yes, the government always know in advance, but they are always caught napping. Now they have again started playing the game of resignations and all that shit. Atleast now I think the news channels are doing a good job of keeping the anger alive after the blasts.
    And, what R.R. Patil said just drove me crazy. I wish I was there with an egg in my hand, or something worse.

    @Nick : Pakistan has always been isolated but that makes them more jealous. Its a kid who needs a shrink.

    @Karthik : Well, this time they were targetting foreigners and affluent people too. They had a different point to make.

    @Xylene : Yes, sometimes grown up people can be worse that kids.

    @Sujani : That was a nice statement, but nobody wins anything. The dead can’t win.

  19. well amit i thought i was fortune enough to not witness such acts of terror but let me tell you these blasts have given me my share of dreadful memories as a teenager

  20. Apropos the SMS that made Nita make that post, where I read ur comment too, this is what I discovered on Sify News, its a slide show called Bollywood Strikes Back, starts with a shot of Taj burning, the second shot is a pic of this ceeb and her byte that goes like this (I cut copy paste):

    Shveta Salve
    “Please send me Raj Thackeray`s number, if you can find it. I don`t know where he is when we need him. We want him to go and save Amchi Mumbai along with his MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) men. After all they are the `sons of the soil`, aren`t they? The army, the commandos who are right now battling to save Mumbai are not all Marathi Manoos, are they? I wonder why they should risk their lives for us!”

    The rest includes celebs like Shabana, Hema Malini, Raveena Tandn, Bipasha Basu, Arshad Warsi etc giving their bytes. I had posted the link at Nita’s but I think shes deleted it so am not posting it again here – if u like you can check it out at Sify News .

    It doesnt at all look malicious and seems pure outrage against partisan politics of specifically RT, as Shefaly, Nikhl G, Sunny, Reema, Ashish and some others had pointed out at that blog. Thanks.

  21. Good post, dude. Very strongly written! And I totally agree with you about the jealousy part. Those fucks need to be taught a lesson and I sincerely hope the bloody govt isn’t scared of acting!

  22. I so agree that the govt needs to start acting, yet I think we’re all really generalizing in condemning all of pakistan just because of a bunch of people who clearly don’t belong to any religion or country, except their own delusional principles. I can’t help but wonder what life would’ve been like had the partition never happened, but now isn’t the time the time to dig out skeletons from the past. God bless our country.

  23. @Arpit : I think none of our generations are fortunate enough. Its like a curse.

    @Rolling : Ok. I get your point. I am ok with the fact that all the Indians are lambasting Raj T as long as it does not mean any bad feelings towards Mumbaikars. We are all Indians first. 🙂

    @Nikhil : The bloody government is busy giving one politically incorrect statement after another. The ministers have gone crazy. They won’t stop at nothing less than the public beating them up.

    @Den : Yes, that’s true.

    @Shivya : When we say Pakistan, we don’t mean the citizens like us, but the extremist groups. Yes, they are a bunch of people but they belong to a country and it is the responsibility of that country to stop them.

  24. My brain isn’t workng very well today and so I won’t add much except that some element of jealousy is certainly there. I have seen it on Pakistani blogs too.
    And Amit, I think you may not have realised, but I tagged you for a post, a feminism write-up. I have a feeling that you didn’t see it.

  25. I just read Rolling’s comment. Her comment on my post was hung up in moderation as I was traveling for 2 days (in Pune for a wedding) and had no time to check her link. Her comment is very much there on my post. Rolling, be cool.

  26. Amit, the anger and frustration expressed in here by you is all valid but don’t you think THIS TIME it is inappropriate to hold Pak entirely responsible for all this. No, im not denying all the proofs at all. Im sure they wud be 200% correct and all this was indeed planned out all there and they are very much behind it. But tell me one thing, is it the 1st time we got to know about this.
    This is something we had known from years and years and were repeatedly reminded of it by the recent blasts BUT STILL neglected it altogether. Do you find any difference in security(in malls, movie theatres, Railway stations) before the series of blasts this year and now. Its all the same.
    So the only point im trying to make is that why blame others wen the fault lies in us.
    Secondly, by now you must have gone through various reports in electronic and print media that clearly suggests that this ghastly act could have been avoided had it not been the sheer negligence of our incompetent politicians.
    Lastly, think about the fact that their only targets were Americans and Britishers, right.
    But where did they dared to attack them? Here, only in India. WHY? Is it not coz it was too easy for them here.
    Ponder over it, Amit.

  27. @Nita : This was my 100th post. I was thinking of something funny for the 100th post, but all this happened and I just couldn’t control my anger. I just saw the tag. I missed it because there was no pingback. I don’t know why!

    @Lallopallo : Yes, there isn’t.

    @Preeti : As I told an earlier commentator also that if the security system of my house is not good then it does not mean that the crime committed by the thief becomes any less. Yes, there are loopholes in our system but that cannot shield the killings. Yes, our politicians are corrupt. This is something no one in his senses would deny, but the question I am asking in the post is “Why”. “How” will be an entirely different post.

  28. It is the same feeling across the blogosphere. India has gone far ahead of Pakistan. Let’s face it, even Pakistani’s in US name their restaurants by the name of India and not by Pakistan. They call it Indian Cuisine. So Jealousy cannot be definitely ruled out. I hope something happens than just mere words.

  29. Amit, while I do not negate with your views on Pakistan, I am afraid that for the kind of Geography India is in, it needs cordial relations with the neighbouring countries. I know that we have had enough and it is the time to be tough on Pakistan, but the truth is, the more we create friction between th\e two countries, the more unrest would it create. It is unfortunate that India is juxtaposed with Bangladesh nd Pakistan on both the sides. We have threat from left, right, top and bottom. I sometimes wonder if this is what hinders our growth. Developed countries today, are more isolated by geography.

    Seems like China has lesser terror problem when compared to India. We need to learn a lesson or two from them. In any case, people of Pakistan are just like we Indians, they are peace loving and respectable people. But among them are hidden these terrorists. What is challenging is to wipe of these terrorists without causing any harm to the innocent and respectable people of Pakistan. For the same reason, any acts of India in haste, would lead to a much bigger problem. Ideally, pressure has to be mounted on the Pakistani government making them to act tough on those terrorists by their own without external involvement.

  30. India needs to be cleansed internally first
    BTw i added a few links and arguements in my reflections post

    NOt send terrorists is good, better is a strategy to develop a strategy to deal with Pakistan on a sustained basis – not knee jerk as it is now, we never wanted a gun culture no wonder the cia turned to the pakistanis in the afghan conflict.
    The Islamic republic of Pakistan is a scurge for the democratic world,and needs to firmly be dealt with, how we will do it is the question. I dont see the democratic world uniting to fight it.

    I dont think the Us will help too much as the pak threatening strategy to move troops east is working quite well as the americans have always been apologetic to the pakistanis in the past , as shown by their about turn.

    Pakis media , polits and army are now uniting , plus as nita nd others report the pak media thinks it is a hindu terror attack

  31. Amit, you have not interpretted it correctly. What I’ve expressed is not in defence of misdeeds of Pak. What it has done is not even disputable. It definately is the most horrendous and awful. And it should be made to pay the price for it. But being aware of it( which we surely were even before this recent attack), what is the first and foremost thing we are supposed to do: safeguard our own country or bomb Pak?

    Think about the statements our politicians(RR Patil) are passing. They are not taking it seriously even now.
    And had it not been for the immense public outrage pouring out, the govt wud not have done even the little its doin now.

    Mounting pressure on Pak or teaching it a lesson is surely essential but banking on only this would not lead us far. We ought to cleanse our own system first which is even more challenging to do.

    I was reading the newspaper where somebody had expressed it very aptly saying that our commandos can protect us from the enemies that come by coast but what about those that come via votes.

  32. Amit – just came your blog today.

    I’m a tad suspicious about the whole “they were asking only for American and Brit passports” drama-queen story. Sorry – the ONE released hostage ( if indeed he was that and not an CNN/BBC paid actor) has no one else to back up his claim.

    Also – he was the only ‘hostage’ I saw with black sooty stuff on his face. And he spoke with a Brit accent into a western media camera.

    Sorry – I ain’t buying this tale – which was run to death in the ghastly CNN channel. CNN is despised by more people than you realise – I’d recommend Al Jazeera’s Listening Post for media bashing

  33. Pingback: Respect Martyrdom you Fools « Su

  34. I just pray that the social angst doesn’t wear off in a few days time. Have been reading a lot on this issue on the net and got a link to this site from a friend. I don’t know if this is real or fake but the guy who is interviewed says that the mumbai/indian authorities themselves orchestrated this attack like the US did at 9/11. Such audacity, have a look

    And here are two more articles which are really thought provoking


  35. Hmm while I think ‘jealousy’ could be one of the provocative factors, but we can’t categorically claim so, because there are other imposing forces of the jehadis, the fundamentalists – who’s sole aim and ideology is something more malignant behind these atrocities (than just stopping some prospering nation). Anyways it all disturbs you and me and everyone around in ways that you doubt civilizations would ever mature enough, however sophisticated it develops.

    Don’t know but being close to what happened here, I, like many of us, had pretty disturbing last week. I struggled writing about it.

  36. @Dinesh Babu : Yes, I hope so too.

    @Manoj : I am not sure that even mounting pressure on the Pakistani government is going to help. They are hellbent on protecting the terrorists. Yes, I agree that India is surrounded by hostile countries but our nation also has a very “soft” attitude towards all the atrocities bestowed upon us. A firm stand can silence everyone but we are just too bad in taking that.
    And, thanks, although this was not in my mind for the 100th post. 😦

    @Uma : Yes, it is a very simple emotion but can coax you to kill someone.

    @Withering Willow : Lets just hope that it is not repeated.

    @Prax : I too think that after the initial pressures on Pakistan, India is on its own. The question is that are we capable of dealing with the situation? Its like meeting your neighbour everyday and telling him that you have installed a new security system in your house. It is the same neighbour who once broke into your house and stole the valueables. Why can’t you just punch him?

  37. @Preeti : Yes, I agree with you. Both the situations have to be dealt with. I think our politicians now know exactly what the nation thinks about them. I saw the posters in the Mumbai rally and they speak volumes. If there is an iota of shame left, the politicians need to get their act right.

    @Ahumanbean : Buying the tale is not the question right now. If I have to be suspicious about anything, I won’t buy anything shown on television. I have not seen the proofs. I was not there. So, its your call whether you want to “believe” what your country is saying and the whole world is agreeing to. Even if they were not asking for the passports, 26 foreigners were killed. If they were just after Indians, they would have asked all the foreigners to leave the hotels. Its as simple as that.

    @Maddie : I just saw that TV streaming. I was amused beyond words! what an imagination! Even 9/11 was fake? I didn’t know that!

    @A : Yes, the money factor is there too. But, the terrorists who conduct the operations are purely driven by anger and jealousy. It is their masters who are using them who end up with pots of cash.
    I can understand. I too was shaken pretty badly.

  38. 9/11 was fake according to some sources. But am not so sure. If you search on Google videos or youtube you will find many videos that explain how the US did it.

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