A bag of dreams

The moment the HR executive announced Aman’s name, his eyes witnessed a temporary blackness. It happens with many of us in the moment of sheer ecstasy when we finally achieve what we have diligently strived for. He just stared at her blankly waiting for the veil of blackness to lift and waiting for her to announce his name again. He just wanted to make sure that he was not dreaming.

“Mr. Aman, you have been selected by our company. Congratulations.”, the pretty HR executive repeated and smiled.

He smiled which made the tears in his eyes shine. Yes, he was not dreaming.

                                                           *  *  *

Aman came form a middle class family. His father had always been burdened by the dreams of providing his children all that he himself could never attain. Aman and his sister got everything they wanted for a better future without any compromises. Aman’s father was a government servant and had a very limited salary while his mother was a housewife. Loans and love went hand in hand as the children grew up. In a very tender age both of them realized that their parents went through a lot of hardship so that their children can reach a point in their lives where there are no sacrifices. 
Aman was always a focused child who had his priorities right from the very beginning. He wanted his family to be happy and he wanted to live a life with them where there was no thinking twice before indulging into something. Where no one in the family have to nip a wish in the bud. 
Today, he had taken a huge step towards that dream.

                                                              *  *  *

This was his first job interview and the hard work paid off. He got through the 6 rounds of interview very easily. The salary was very good and for a second a whole collage of his dreams passed in front of his eyes. Repaying all his father’s loans, marrying off his sister(something about which his mother worried a lot), sending his parents  for a world tour, buying a car, a house. They were very ordinary dreams. Something every second human you meet on the road dreams of. But they are the crux of their existence. They live their whole life just to fulfill them. Aman was one such face in the crowd. No, the dreams were not ordinary for him. He had lived them thousands of time spending each and every moment of his life inching towards them. The smile was not leaving his face.
He called up home to break the news.
“Oh! God is merciful.”, his mother said as tears welled up in her eyes. 
“I am coming back. Don’t tell father about the job. We’ll surprise him!”, he said.
“Ok. And bring some sweets too. Oh! I am so happy!!”, his mother said as she wiped away her tears.

Aman bought the sweets and took the local bus to home.

                                                              *  *  *

It took Aman’s family a long time to identify his body. It was completely charred. The blast was so powerful that his family had to take away his body minus two limbs. They were able to identified him with the help of a half burnt bag which was found next to his body. The bag contained his burnt degree certificates, the offer letter of the company and a packet of his favorite sweets.


When someone gets killed in such cowardly attacks, he is not just a number. Many dreams die with him and many people lose the will to live without him. 
We all know that we are worse off than animals but lets strive to equal them atleast and ask all the “various” Gods for which we are killing each other to provide us with some sanity to achieve that. 

It has been a crazy day, a nightmare full of insanity.
Lets pray for all the Amans killed today in Mumbai. 


27 comments on “A bag of dreams

  1. “marrying his sister” I think it should be marrying off 🙂
    Very touching story. Showed the true aspect of these terror attacks. I wonder about the Amans or rather Rehmans who have lost their way and are the ones causing all these blasts. What about their families and loved ones and their bag of dreams? What could cause them to be brainwashed so much?

  2. TRue and touching

    but indians are genrally statistics to whose family an ex gratia amt of 1 lakh is to be paid (that too or a part of it might be swallowed on the way) except if they are politicians or big bureaucrats well they are the ruling elite …

    the sad part is the govt talks about national integration but its major constituents play the worst kind of vote bank politics

  3. Its simple & touching. I don’t have any hopes that the situation won’t repeat although I wish that it should not be repeated. I can’t even think how many lives our governments are about to spare before taking a severe action on these people. Lets hope that atleast now we will come out of ‘Being good’ tag and do some thing.

  4. Well I may sound too extrimist but I have this strong feeling that we should knock Pakistan off the map. No use anymore to negotiate with them or talk with them. The audios of the terrorists which I saw, they sound like total zombies and brainwashed people. These people do not have anything other aim in life except to destroy India. Also, I wish if we Indians – the public would have stormed into the hotels we would have been able to kill them all terrorists. As it is people will die, if not in this attack then in the next one. These pathetic people planned for months together, trained their militants, used high quality and advanced guns to execute this attack. I hope that people DO NOT go on with their normal lives and the government for once does something solid about this situation. How dare these people baarge in like this and create such a havoc. Why doesnt the government come up with orders to blow up militant units in Pakistan, why doesnt it blow up entire Pakistan for that matter. It has been proven time and again that it is Pakistan who is behind this, what with the different names everytime, this time is Deccan Mujahedin. The age old theory is true, survival of the fittest, if we dont show aggresiveness now, we would be wiped off in not a long time from now. In the recent past, has therebeen a single month which India has spent in quiet and peace? Stop working, stop going to colleeges, stop paying taxes, what the hell is the government doing except warming their seats and hoarding money. It might be as well if we allow some othercountry to rule over us.

    It’s really an outburst but am just highly bugged!!

  5. amit all these incidents have moved me to tears ………terror everywhere where shall we all go ?
    this time it was mumbai , next time it could be you , me or anybody ! i read one such story of a TOI journalist. if you read todays newspaper her story has been printed on the front page……….her last sms read ” they are in my bathroom”………” i am shivering , desperate firing outside. my rooms windows have been shattered “……….this lady was on the top floor of taj hotel and the authorities have confirmed that her room was one of those which was set ablaze in the grenade attack…..but nobody has been still able to locate her .
    all such incidents are just soul tearing. it has really turned out to be a living hell……..think we are sitting here and glued to tv sets for more news………….what a traumatizing experience it must have been for those hostages who have actually gone through it

  6. touching and sad.

    you truly captured the horrific tragedy that is upon each and every one of us. my thoughts and prayers to every Indian around the globe as we try to overcome and renew our courage during this tough and trying times.

    we need to stand strong, and not falter to fight terrorism. may god bless us in doing so.

  7. i’m too broke to reply, coz the weight of the matter is pushing me down. all the amans resting in peace may not happen coz, their souls are not happy and i wish they haunt the murderers… it may be only a piece of helpless imagination on my part… but i wish tht it comes true…

  8. i have just n just been keeping track of what’s happening in Mumbai………………..n feel so traumatised……………..!! And very true it can be anybody…not the elite, not the common man on a station, not a suffering patient in hospital..nobaody is safe..
    I jus so much hate these politicians!! buggers!! worth not even a penny!!
    I believe we should boycott elections . 100% absence t on the polling day; but i know even that will not happen. Poor will be made to vote in lieu of a bottle of desi daru!! So digusting!!

    Well, about the post, when i saw it posted mid week i knew it had to do wit Mumbai n as the sweetness n so genuine common man’s tale flowed, I knew it will be blown off by terrorists!!
    May the lost souls rest in peace.

  9. @All : I don’t know what to write here. Thanks for your comments. 🙂
    Right now, I am not feeling any bitterness or hatred, neither am I feeling sad. I am just very very very tired. I just want all of this to end and God knows how long will it take. Its still going on.
    I am always thinking about the people who are going through this all the time. What evil times!

  10. u have given a very true account of what happens with a common man as he is the one who faces the wrath of terrorism…….excellent write up

  11. i too desperately hope that it all gets over. its really testing time
    amit i have lit the peace torch on my blog to condemn the blast and i request you to carry forward it on your blog marking the solidarity of all the fellow bloggers against terrorism
    i thought you had best suited to do this so therefore i approached you and take this forward to other bloggers too. thanks

  12. This is so true. The people who die in such incidents are just numbers for us, but we don’t typically spare a thought for the affected families.

    There’s pictures in the media of people who lost all members of their families in the shootings. My heart goes out to these people…how do you cope with a disaster of such magnitude?

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  14. @Shilpa, @arpit, @vishesh, @Amreekandesi, @rachana, @sakhi : Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their dear ones. We can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. Even the thought of something like this happening to my family bring tears to my eyes.
    May God provide some sanity.

  15. Very touching, Amit.

    “When someone gets killed in such cowardly attacks, he is not just a number. Many dreams die with him and many people lose the will to live without him.”
    Its very true!!

  16. I am reading this very late. This is a very nice post. Very nice way of bringing what a life really means. Sometimes a seriousness of a situation is judged by the number of dead in that incident. So 1 dead and 23 injured is less serious that 175 dead 456 injured. But imagine the situation of just that one dead and the family. For them it will feel like everything is dead. Even a single life is precious!

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