Vote for me!!!

vote-or-dieThe final nominations of the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards have been released today! It was a painstakingly long and exhilarating process which was initiated by Poonam in September by this post. The Judges and the scrutinising committee worked for almost a month to reach the final list of nominations. The beautiful badges were created by Chirag

Now why the hell am I telling you about this? Well, like politicians, I too have my own selfish reasons which are twofold. One, I want all of you to go and vote for my posts which have been nominated and second, I want all of you to read all the other beautiful posts which are nominated! Ok, the second one is a little lame but you can read the other posts after you have voted for me. That’s fair enough! 🙂

So vote for me! This is your only chance to do something meaningful and exciting in your boring and meandering life! To ease the course of action, here are the links to the categories in which I am nominated. Just click on the link and vote in the poll box. In case you want to read my posts which are nominated, the links are available in the poll posts.

Best Current Affairs Post – Raping Bonanza in Orissa

Best Book Review – A Thousand Splendid Suns/The Book Thief

Best Satirical Post – Delhi Bomb Blasts : A Pegion’s View

Best Social Issues Post – The Price of being different

Most Informative Post – Invisible Dimensions

Best Short story Post – Valentine Valium

Most Insane post – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to lose a guy

Best Personal Rant Post – The Burning taxi and the Eggless Mob

Most Humorous Post – Matrimonially Yours

Best Visual Post – Paintings

Best “About Me”

Most Interesting Sidebar

That’s it!!! Get going people. Lots of ground to cover!! 😀

35 comments on “Vote for me!!!

  1. How to vote man? Is it through the replies ? If it is, consider this reply as my vote for u 🙂

    Hello fellow readers of this blog : If there is any other way to post, please enlighten me with the process 🙂

  2. I’ll vote for you, couple of posts I really liked. I think my posts are (or were) nominated too but I was offline for almost a month and will be again and I don’t know their status now.

  3. So so soooo copycat!!! C.O.P.Y.C.A.T!!
    (Let us sling mud at each other like true politicians 😀 )

    “This is your only chance to do something meaningful and exciting in your boring and meandering life!”

    This sounds like Nikhil not you 🙂

    U haven’t written anything about what do we get for voting? U cant go far in politics. Reemawati beats you hollow, Amit Gandhi!

  4. Die would I??? NO, NO!!
    n u have been nominated for so many categories!! thats great achievement in itself!! Congrats for that!
    What wil we get for voting though???

  5. @Vijaya Bharat & Rajneesh: Who the hell made both of you software Engineers? 😛 There are certain links in the post. Ever tried to click them?? 😐 Both of you must be blonds in your previous birth! 😛

    @Priyank : Thanks. 🙂 If I remember correctly one of your post is there in the Travel category. It has reached the final six! Congrats!!

    @Reema : Whoa!!! What copycat? This is my campaign. Don’t all the politicians do the campaigning? Does that make them copycats? 😛
    I have a sense of humor too!!! 😐
    And, I don’t want to give people false hopes! 😛 And Rahul Gandhi? Eeewwww! I am much cuter! 😛

    @Poonam : Thanks you! Thank you! I hope I win in atleast one! 🙂

    @Maddie : This blog is dedicated to all the people who read it! And anything you wish will be granted! Now, I am talking like a politician. 😀

    @Abha : Thanks! You will get my aashirwaad! 😛

    @Nikhil : Yes, pints and pints of them!!! 🙂

    @Sakhi : Yes, yes! Your wish will be granted! 🙂

    @Prax : Yes! Have to follow the herd! 😛 Thanks!!!!

    @Sulz : I spare Thee O Little girl!! 😛

  6. I have promised my Vote for Reema in exchange for an iPod. If you can top that, I will definitely vote for you. You write very well, you have a good imagination. I think you deserve the awards, Good Luck!

  7. @Dinesh : Oh! No! I don’t give bribes! 😛 I wan’t you to select me for my talent!
    You like my work. Prove it! 😛

    p.s. Reema is going to kill both of us! 😦

  8. Sure… Why not…. Par uske pehle vote for me too… :):) In the Design n Movie category… Then It wud be Beer plus Tequila from me.. what say…:)

  9. @Ava : There must be some category in which both of us are not nominated. 😦

    @Oxy : Deal!!!

    @Ruhi : Thanks you ji. 🙂

    @Withering Willow : Thankyou so much! 🙂 And yes, you can vote!!! 🙂

    @Nikhil : Great. And you have mine! 😀

    @Dinu : Thank you sir ji! 🙂

    @Arpit : Oh yes! So you wanna vote or die? 👿
    Thanks for voting! 🙂

  10. You got nominated in quite a few categories alright! I hope you win all of them, except the “about me” waala. I wanna win that one. 😛

    And I loove the new colour scheme. Red FTW! 😀

  11. My studies made me a software engineer. And my experience in my ‘project’ made me dumb head 😦 By this time you might have understood the way my mind is working now a days 🙂 I am in bad need of diversion man 😉

  12. @Ish : Hmmm….I’ll let you take that one! 🙂
    and thanks!

    @Arpit : That would be fine by me! 😛

    @Vijaya Bharat : Ok. I get it! 😦 Go to a club! Get a chick! 😛

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