Raping bonanza in Orissa!!!

Can’t find a woman to quench your testosterone buildup?? If you are in India and you could still not find a woman to rape, then you are a fool. Be smart and move to Orissa NOW!!! The Raping festival is in full swing there. On reaching Orissa, whereever you see a mindless, directionless and a salivating mob who is chanting – Bharat “Mata” ki Jai(Long live Mother India) while they run from Church to Church in search of Nuns to rape, go ahead and blend into it. Don’t be afraid!!!! You won’t be caught. While you insert your tool inside the woman pleading on the ground, the police will be standing there, but they will just smoke some cigarettes and watch the whole scene as one watches cheap porn movies and after you have finished the paisa wasool entertainer, they will just move into the bushes to jerk off their pleasures. And wait!!! There is more. You can later strip the Nun completely naked and march her in the streets which shouting – Bharat “Mata” ki Jai! This is important, because that is how you can put a communal color on the whole incidence. THAT is how you can justify the rape. Its for Hindutwa, for our beloved Mother India. Does it sounds ironical? To save an imaginary woman, you are raping a real one? But then how does it matter to you? You satiated your hunger. No one caught you and you had all the right reasons. Nuns belong to a minority group and no one is going to care anyways. The last time it happened, the Orissa Government took 38 days to admit it. If someone asks you the group to which you belong, just name Bajrang Dal or Vishwa Hindu Parishad. No one will touch you with a barge pole after that.

And ofcourse, if you can’t find Nuns, you can rape Hindu girls too. Later, you can just say – “Oops!!! I thought she was a Christian! Sorry!”

No matter how much satire I try to imbibe in the post, I still could not capture an iota of the agony which the Christian community is going through right now. I am a Hindu and I hate the way we arm-twist every minority community in India. I have started hating the whole idea of religion. Is there a minority group which we have spared? Its hard to believe that the most ancient and sacred religion in the world is so fragile that we need to rape women to maintain its sanctity.

All this could have been stopped if there would have been a political will to stop it. But as we all know, it isn’t there. I wonder how the government was so prompt to act on the Delhi Bomb Blasts? Why didn’t it took them 38 days to acknowledge it? Because it was not aimed at the minorities? Because the vote bank was angry? The Center is “Unhappy” with the Naveen Patnaik Government for the violence in the state. Unhappy?? Excuse me?? And then later there was a “pass the muck” competition between the Centre and the State government.

Centre – We sent 7000 personnel of central para-military forces to curb the riots.

State – The forces and helicopters were not sent on “crucial” days.

I felt like puking when I read this. Are these the leaders whom we selected to run our nation? Why do our leaders think too much before taking a decision? By the time the Ministers would stop mulling over whether President’s Rule be imposed or not, do they realise that a number of people would have died? Why do we wait for people to die before spurring to action? Our Ministers are not even capable of taking defensive measures, leave alone an offensive one.

If Mother India ever existed, she would have already drowned in the blood of thousands of “INDIANS” we have already butchered for our own personal gains(and pleasures) while we shouted her name. And we have stained Hinduism so much that we don’t even remember what it meant.

Bharat Mata ki Jai. Indeed!!!

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  1. wow!great indeed….and what are we supposed to do? Come on i am bugged of saying this,shouldn’t we do something,except just write and write and write about it? Are we just capable of talking and not acting…?

  2. Amit, I empathise with your anguish but a hot-blooded young man you could be overlooking the negative effects of titling it ‘Raping bonanza in Orissa’ and then writing about it in a titillatingly sarcastic manner. A serious offence needs to be handled with serious words, Amit. Anything else runs the risk of trivialising it.
    Vishesh (the first commenter): Many editors of newspapers and magazines take the views of their readers seriously and then accordingly give impetus to a topic. You could consider emailing to them — here are some addresses: 1) Times of India: mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup.com 2) Hindustan Times: mumbailetters@hindustantimes.com 3) DNA: inbox@dnaindia.net 4) Mumbai Mirror: mirrorfeedback@indiatimes.com 5) Indian Express: ieletters@expressindia.com 6) The Hindu: letters@thehindu.co.in 7) CNN IBN: editor@ibnlive.com

  3. @Vishesh : That is the question. What are we supposed to do? You can make your voice heard and that is what I have done. Believe me, burning candles and India Gate and taking out rallies provide footage to the media for two days. It does not solve any other purpose. So what should we do??

    @Rajesh : Yes I am anguished and angry. But I don’t think a sarcastic post trivialize the topic. I started it in a sarcastic manner but by the time I reached the end, I was quite serious. Sarcasm works sometimes. It instills shame in the most cold hearted.
    If some reader thinks that the title is negative, then let me assure you that it just projects my disgust at the happenings. I am ashamed that something like that happened in India.
    Thanks for all the mail IDs. 🙂

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  5. its such an irony that in a country where woman is worshiped as goddess , in that country only a woman is gang raped, brutally assaulted just to quench your ever raging lust!
    i feel extremely ashamed and am upset at the state of affairs. forget about these white collared officials. they are also the one do not miss a chance of disgracing a woman and raping her!
    humanity is lost! my only say to these criminals is that you never know …the next victim can be your own sister or wife and it will be these people only who will rape them and then heroically shout bharat mata ki jai!

  6. and amit i thoroughly agree with you! we all just need that starting point…..but i think indian mob is already sensitized about this issue(except those wild animals)
    so i feel getting it printed in a daily wouldnt do much………what we are talking about hare is how can we create a long term impact and not just provide a glimpse of it

    @Arpit : Yes. How can we make a long term impact? If we change the government in the next election, we will be just choosing one thug over another. And organisations like Bajarang Dal and VHP are completely out of control, just like SIMI. Banning such organisations might work. But again, who will bell the cat?

  7. I don’t know why we celebrate Navratri in 1st place? When we have no basic respect left for women then why the facade? And this thing starts with the first eve-teasing act a guy does.
    And I dont think there is any harm in writing a sarcastic post on the incident. But there are many loyalists of VHP and BD who think we r not Hindu enough and we are always raising hue and cry about incidents against minorities, not about those against Hindus.

  8. And as I said in my post, I think a woman belonging to other religion automatically justifies the act of misbehavior and even rape for these fanatics!!

    @Reema : I think these fanatics get the courage to do something like this only because they know very well that they are in majority. Had this been a Christain dominated country, none of these worthless wolves would have dared to do something like this. And there should be a death penalty for rape. Specially in a sexually oppressed country like India.

  9. You’ve dared to write something like this. Congratulations for that !!

    Reema – ” And this thing starts with the first eve-teasing act a guy does. ”
    Very true !!

    @Priya : I am not as big a daredevil as the religious fanatics. They are the real daredevils, who chant Bharat Mata ki Jai at one end and rape women at the other. Hats off to them!

  10. Brilliant post, macha! I distinctly remember reading somewhere that Hinduism was supposed to be a peaceful religion… Ah, must’ve been mistaken! I really wonder if God is Man’s biggest mistake? Or is it the other way around? 😀

    @Nikhil : Thanks. Yes, you have been mistaken. No religion is peaceful. That is just a facade.
    And, its wrong both ways. God can be wrong too. 🙂

  11. What a post… and needed indeed.. it will make many a people at least “think” about what’s going on! God knows why, in the name of religion, these things are done and politicians don’t do anything as they don’t want to lose votes!! Whose votes???? OURS!!! 😡

    @Sakhi : Votes and money! That is what matters. Know what, I have stopped voting. Its hard to judge who is the smaller thief.

  12. I am unable to comment on such an atrocious act. I just wish such bozos die of painful death. Perhaps they would catch HIV and ironically only Nuns would be treating them with love and respect while his hindu community would be rejecting him. Jobless Idiots who have no brains.

    @Dinesh : I think all such people should be hanged in public, so that no one dares to do such a thing again.

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  14. At any cost I dont want to love these people (sorry devils) whom I respected by saying brothers while taking pledge many times in my child hood. I never want to say that pledge in my life ever again which shows my weekness to forget what is happening rather than greatness of my country. I like chinese and arab laws when ever I hear this kind of incidents. These devils are perfectly eligible to be hanged publicly.

    @Vijaya Bharat : Yes. The Arab laws are so strict that no one dares to commit such crimes there. But in India, we take such things very casually. Human life is very cheap and it doesn’t matter if a few hundered die here and there.

  15. Women are always the victims. India or not India. Hindus or not Hindus. It has been going on for ages. India should stop lecturing rest of the world about culture and civilization.

    @Priyank : People are taking out rallies in other parts of the world against these inhuman acts. I don’t think people hold India in awe anymore. Its fast turning into a shithole.
    I sometimes wonder, whether I should leave this country and live somewhere else which is peaceful…

  16. hummm… It difficult to say anything on the post, as somewhere we too are part of the system and also responsible for it… 😦

    @Swapneel : I would love to know how am I responsible?

  17. A good post…but seems like many are writing against it. Should we really not think of what we should do to stop it?
    Peace rallies an answer? Media making money out of these incidents?Leaving those who suffer with the agony and nightmares for a lifetime. Who remembers the priest and his sons who were burnt in Orissa now unless the media rakes it up again?
    There are times when I get wild about this, and really feel like following Islamic law & castrate the wrong doers. Will that stop these buggers?
    It does not matter if they do it to Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus or women of any other religion; it is wrong and must be punished such that others also learn a lesson; think twice before indulging in such activities.
    It is not like this happens only in India!

    @Apar : Yes, I agree with you that the laws should be very strict and this does not happen only in India. If you look at the top 10 countries with the highest number of Rape cases, India is not in them. The point is that we indulge it in such activities on the pretex of religion. We try to give it a communal colour and justify our deeds. And then the ministers have a cat and dog fight for who was more wrong?
    What can be done to stop them is a question to which I too don’t have any answer. Changing the ruling party is definitely not a solution.

  18. Well, needless to say, the Orissa incidence is not only awful and horrendous but is also a shame on our nation.
    But apart from writing and discussing I really don’t know what can be done to curb such acts.
    I mean, according to me, its just a very small percentage of like minded ppl who condemns and feel so stongly about it and out of that too, a really small percentage who is actually successful in doing something about it, right. So with that data, tell me where is the hope of seeing anything positive?
    I feel that I am turning into a complete pessimist as far as our socio-economic-political state is concerned. Whether its the condition of minorities or terrorism or corruption or any other damn issue, it all boils down to the root cause of corruption.

    “…I really wonder if God is Man’s biggest mistake?”
    What does that mean?
    Even in such a serious discussion, u somehow mange to exhibit ur funny bone, nahi?

    @Preeti : People who are against these acts are in a minority. I don’t have much hopes unless someone shows a speck of light. The government is blind and we have lost the faith a long time back. What can be done?

  19. ASs Priyank said India should stop lecturing rest of the world about culture and civilization.
    A very courageous post indeed.

    @Rashid : Thanks. After this incidence, if someone asks me my nationality, I would really hesitate to reveal the truth.

  20. Religion is politician’s best invention till date! It has never failed them… I don’t know when reverse evolution started happening, more men are changing into mindless sheep everyday

    @Perx : Well said! What scares me is that any tom, dick or harry can collect 100 people and brainwash them so easily. Its as if we are robots and all we need is a little bit of programming.

  21. See, we are indeed responsible for this happening… Actually is human nature that we dont react or reply back ‘unless its happens to me’… Would we have stopped here itself if one of ‘these’ pathetic incidents would have affected you directly??? See here is the point, unless our skin burns, we wont move an inch!!! We are happy to chit-chat, talk, blog, see and at max express with a blog entry like this…

    If you have this thinking … “I sometimes wonder, whether I should leave this country and live somewhere else which is peaceful…”

    then I am sure you wont find any place on earth which is perfect! You will still write a blog entry like this on some incident happening there and then think of leaving that place too…

    Off couse, I know it easier said then done, but I guess we should try to perform our bits without considering if your ‘bit’ is gonna yield a byte sometime in future… I know your/mine/our bits will fade out like nothing in this cruel world… But then at least U are happy that you did your bit… and can have a good sleep as a human being!!!

    @Swapneel : That is my question. What is that “bit” which I am supposed to do? Its one thing to say that we have to do something and another thing to do something. What did the people of Delhi do after the blasts? What are the Christians doing right now? As far as building up pressure is concerned, that is being done from all over the world. The point is that how prompt the government is to react to it?
    As Liju suggested, try reading the Rediff message boards related to Orissa and you will find that people have so much hatred for each other. And all these are educated people. Then what do you expect from those religious fanatics? I know that I am being very pessimistic. Give me some hope.

  22. For a sample, just hop by the Rediff’s message boards. Cant believe the amount of hatred being spewed out there. We have one CM in Gujarat who won another term of election after presiding over a mass rape contest in his own state.

    The only reason for the rape was that the women belonged to some other religion. I wonder what’s different between these fellows and the fanatics being churned out by the madarasas in Pakistan? Nothing.

    @Liju : I read the message board related to this rape case. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever read. So much hatred!!! And all these are educated people?
    No, these fanatics are no different from terrorists from other countries. Its just that they have not graduated to bombing other countries.

  23. how can raping a women be anyways strengthning the Hindu religion…How??? Those who did this in the name of mob done all this courageously and left a helpless female at the mercy of life…………….being a nun would she like to live anymore…??
    I am Ashamed of such ghastly people and they make me so fearful .. no where is safe..rape in name of anyhting and everything!!!

    By the way..noticed your immediate response box below the comment.thats really a very nice feature!!

    @Abha : Thanks for your comment Abha.

  24. Good to read these strong words Amit. I am feeling this exactly as you are. It’s sick and disgusting. I agree, India is not a civilized place. It’s a barbaric country, where you never know who is going to be the next victim. It’s goonda raj and women and children are victims. It’s the weak who are always the victims! Shame on all those rioters, rapists, and all those who defend them.

    @Nita : Thanks Nita. Yes, there are educated people who defend them. That is what is more disgusting.

  25. yeah…

    This bit can be anything from joining a non-profit organization and give your TIME for people… There are 100s of them out there, and they need people to help them out…

    -Go and spend few minutes with poor children, educate then…
    -Visit a government hospital on a Sunday or Ur office Holiday and just pick a few illiterate patients out there and make sure that they are treated properly and no doctor is able to take undue advantage because of these people are illiterate…
    -Spend 500/month (2-3 movies tickets) on a poor child and buy him books for him… U can find chunks of these students in any Government school… No, just the books wont help, maybe you can also try to spend a few hrs coaching them…

    See, the list is endless, what matters in these bits – giving a share of Ur life (time) to others… Because giving time gives others the ‘environment’ because of which U are ‘Amit’ today. ‘Amit’ is writing this ‘piece of writeup’ and those ‘Bastards’ out there are ‘fucking’ women out there… I strongly believe U would have also been doing the same thing if you belonged to that environment and those fuckers would have also come up with an excellent writeup like you! had they been born in Ur kinda environment… Maybe good parents like Urs, good friends, education that you got, etc. etc.

    Its the environment that makes the biggest difference!!!

    I am not sure, if you need more explanation on the ‘bits’ here… But, yeah if you still think of running away with works like these – “I sometimes wonder, whether I should leave this country and live somewhere else which is peaceful…” Its really SAD!!!

    It just ZEROS down the excellent writeup that you have written to NOTHING… No offenses please…

    @Swapneel : Thanks for the reply. After reading your reply, I am sure that there is hope. Although I am not able to do any of the things you have mentioned. I can blame it on my job which does not even give me time to spend with my family, but there is no point in that. I understand that I have to do my bit to provide a better environment and it can’t be done by just giving money for charity and clothes during floods.
    You are one of the very few people who have been able to answer this very important question. Thanks. And no, I am not leaving the country. I was just angry. 🙂

  26. Here we go again , one more person influenced by Tabloid of India .

    Why did you cover ‘Raping bonanza in Orissa” why not in whole of India ?

    Did you know how many girls were raped in part of NE were Christians want to have land for Christians and openly brandish weapons or How Christians do conversions.

    Where were you when a saint was killed or infact where was the popes of vatican when christian terrorist started war in NE and started conversion .

    Have you read how conversion is changing the demographics of this country ?

    Why are you quoting just one paper which by its preamble is for christian cause.

    It’s not VHP / Bajrang Dal who are threat to this country but people like you who raises bogey at there convenience , have 1% knowledge of the subject , listens to one party and thrashes another party.

    PS : I am not justifying what is happening in Orissa , but asking question why people like you write such sensitive matter without research and put a group in bad light.

    @Veresh : Although your comment is not worth replying to, but still I’ll waste some of my time. The last line which you wrote – “I am not justifying what is happening in Orissa” is completely false. Please read your comment again. That is exactly what you are doing.
    I am not saying that other religions don’t have fanatics, but justifying an act of brutality by siting examples(as you have done), is quite shameless.
    By saying the lines – “Did you know how many girls were raped in part of NE were Christians want to have land for Christians and openly brandish weapons or How Christians do conversions.
    Where were you when a saint was killed or infact where was the popes of vatican when christian terrorist started war in NE and started conversion .”, you are justifying the rape which was done in Orissa. And I don’t have to take into account every religious atrocity done in the past 100 years before writing about what happened in Orissa. If Christians did anything of that sort in NE, I am against that too.
    To write such a post, I don’t need to have a vast knowledge on the subject. I know that its WRONG to rape a woman for religion. I don’t need to see beyond that. I KNOW that various religions are just a way to bow before the power which rule us all and its completely WRONG to kill people just because they call that power by a different name.

    I don’t care a DAMN if conversion is changing the demographics of this country. No one has the right to kill anyone for that OR rape anyone for that. Not Hindus, not Christians, not Muslims.

  27. There are lots of incidents which go unnoticed. This is a mob incident and given the name of religion. Such a shameful act. When I first read it in paper, there was a lump in my throat. A nun who is equivalent to a sanyasini for Hindus, would they do the same to her? I guess they would. It is not exactly religion after all. It is about overpowering the weak, throwing perverse attitude and bragging about it, or just plain fun. I’m scared while leaving home, while walking in the streets, if I see a man coming near me. Why? Why should we live our lives like this? A country where women are worshipped. Do we really have to be proud about ourselves?

    @Lively : No its not religion. Its politics. Thanks for your from-the-heart comment.

  28. Very nice!!Shows your anguish!
    Really I don’t how safe are females outside or even inside their own homes???

    @Mahak : Going by the was things are, not much.

  29. Very anguished post.We have talked a lot about communal uprising against CHristians in our church meetings.THe overall view is that “Let the mess clear up”It is not so easy to shake someone’s faith by hurting people of a particular community and scaring them off.Look at muslims. THey have had to undergo embarassments, discrimination at every step for staying on in India when they had all the chances of going over to Pakistan. Yet they stick to their faith. It is the same way with CHristians. THe fake ones among us would run away from their shallow conversions including the “converted” but those who believe truly would take it with a pinch of salt and go about their ways. After all we all belong to “India”and “her people”

    @Roopa : Yes. Its all about staying together and let every person mind his own business. I don’t want to comment on any religion in particular here, but the crux is that we are all Indians. If we can’t understand that then God save us.

  30. Your post brings out the frustration embeded in all of us. The sad part out here is that the rapist’s are a part of our society and we all know that religion is just a means for commiting these grave crimes.

    I was agahst when I had read some headlines screaming “A Nun Raped as she was confsued as a Christian” WTH!!! the underlining fact is she was Raped!!! Being a christian or Hindu shouldn’t enhance or reduce the gravity of the crime….

    @Smita : The most shocking part is that people end up justifying the fact. Just because the whole case had communal undertones, does not mean that its fine!

  31. Oh man !! well said ……

    They are trying to create another Gujurath !!! another modi in making …

    If we continue to think that, this is Gujarath’s problem, or Orrisa’s problem, it will soon destroy all of us !!

    It’s high time entire India fight against this brutality, and bring things under control. Or else, our situation will be worse than Pakistan and Bangladesh

    @Dinu : Yes. That is one point on which most of us agree.

  32. Amit ,

    You seems to have missed the point so let me simplify :

    1. How sure are you that rape happened in first case bcos all your findings are quoting one source and they might have altered motives.
    2. Why are u quoting just one source ?
    3. Why are u so convinced by one source ?
    4. Why haven’t you tried to read other side of the stories and quote them , they might not have done this .
    5. If you are still convinced that Bajrang Dal & VHP have done this then how can act of 2 organization tarnish Hinduism because these 2 together dont even makes up .001% of hinduism .
    6. Yes you don’t need to know 100 years but knowing what is happening in adjacent states will surely help and give a balanced view.
    7. Why don’t u see the struggle happening in orissa in the larger context of India ?
    8. why you don’t care a DAMN if conversion is changing the demographics of this country .. so what do you want state of ab origin in this country after 50 yrs something like the state of aussie aborigin.
    9. To quote “If Christians did anything of that sort in NE, I am against that too.” You are “against” Christians for same act for which you are “frustrated” and “puking” which as per your research “Hindus” does .

    As I said earlier i condemn what is happening but I question why u are “PUKING SELECTIVELY”


    @Veresh : In reply of your points 1,2,3 and 4 – As I was not a witness, I had to depend on various sources. If I have quoted one website, that does not mean that I haven’t read other prominent news sites. The point is that if you don’t want to believe something, you won’t believe a 1000 sources. That is what you are doing. I hope you believe all the sources when they tell that there are thousands of refugees who are afraid to return back home OR when they tell that many people have died in Communal violence in Orissa? If not, then I am sure that you must be planning to travel to Orissa and check out the truth yourself. To satisfy you, I will provide some links about the latest developments, which are not from that one source – http://www.ptinews.com/pti\ptisite.nsf/0/D3061FBA6D113494652574DC0047D494?OpenDocument,
    http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?sectionName=IndiaSectionPage&id=e24777c3-7c44-417a-9d3b-a5325d5b7669&&Headline=39+days+after+incident,+nun+rape+confirmed, http://www.hindu.com/2008/10/04/stories/2008100450310100.htm, http://www.headlinesindia.com/state-news/orissa/kandhamal-key-accused-in-nuns-rape-case-arrested-2477.html, http://www.indianexpress.com/news/nuns-rape-a-shameful-crime-against-humanity-advani/370967/
    In reply to point 5 – The whole world is protesting against the act. The incidence is nothing less than a National Shame. What more proof is required that the image of Hinduism and India is tarnished? What else do you want to happen? It is not the size of the “Community” but the gravity of the deeds which decide the extend of harm. You must have heard of Mahatma Gandhi. He was just one man and today India is known by his name. That shows that actions are more powerful and long lasting than numbers.
    In reply to point 6 and 7 – Even if I do a detailed study of what happens in the adjoining states or in Orissa, it still does not justifies the killings and rapes. Sorry, but it seems that you are hellbent to justify them.
    In reply to point 8 – I don’t care a damn because I don’t understand religion. It is for an individual to decide the way he/she wants to pray. If someone is being forced, whether by a Christian group or a Hindu Group, that is wrong. I am aware that people are being forcefully converted to Christianity but that still does not give anyone the right to kill people.
    In reply to point 9 – I was puking at the way the center and state governments were blaming each other. Please read the post carefully.

    One last point – I am sure that you would come up with another set of questions but I am really not interested in playing this game. You are entitled to your opinion. Thankyou for expressing it, but please don’t expect any more replies from me. Thanks.

  33. Guys watch this link of youtube.It gives a true picture of the scenario.Avoid giving verdicts

    @John : Thanks for providing the link. Its quite provocative. But it still does not justify the killings.

  34. I agree. Why communal tones nothing justifies the act.

    I keep asking myself that ‘how come people can even think of doing this gruesome act’ and I have no answers for that.

    @Smita : Money, lack of education, narrow minded approach towards life, zero respect for others.

  35. very well written post dude… tho this is the smaller picture of wt is happening actually, u are very wrong by condemning Hinduism. its is not a fragile religion by any means. no religion is fragile for tht matter.

    just because u find one rotten apple in a basket, u cant blame the basket of containing rotten apples. when an event so serious and so huge in magnitude has occurred, we should be sane enuf to consider and criticize the motive behind the people acting like this putting the mask of religion, which is an easy reason to commit anti-social activity.

    @Su : I am not condemning Hinduism. I am condemning this act. People get brainwashed very easily and anger leads to such crimes.

  36. Amit,
    I enjoyed reading your post about the recent rapings in Orissa. As an American Christian, I was searching for news about Orissa and stumbled upon your website. I am fascinated to hear your thoughts on Hinduism and those of the commenters on your site.

    I think the sarcasm in your post only adds to the shame of the acts being committed. Unfortunately, news of this nature isn’t too common on American news websites, so it’s still a resounding shock for me to hear and learn about what has been happening recently in your country. Even many miles away, I feel a deep burden for these nuns and the Christians who are suffering there…

    I pray this violence subsides soon and that India returns to the peaceful nation it has been known to be.

    @Ashlee : Welcome. Yes, it has been a shock to all of us. These organizations are famous for manhandling people and vandalizing property but this time they have gone too far. Its a shame. I hope and pray that this gets over soon and refugees return back to their homes.

  37. Well, I am not gonna run down ur post by saying Hey, not fair, U can’t run down Hinduism like that, neither I am going in favor of you by saying Nice post, Good thoughts and wah wah-ing you for this. I have a lot in mind to say it and I shall do it.

    @Oxy : Hmmm…so how are you going to say it?

  38. I dont want any more replies as I understand you are someone who can write a thesis about how bad is Hinduism but not a good line about it.

    See Mother India what your childrens are doing for you.

    @Veresh : I would have deleted this comment because you are taking a personal dig at me instead of commenting on the post. I have already read your opinion and I don’t want a person like you to pass judgement on me. I understand Hinduism and that is why I am angry at what is happening instead of justifying it.
    Please don’t put another comment on this post as it will be deleted.

  39. Hey Amit,

    I think I would agree with Veresh on a lot of points.
    He is not trying to Justify the act but he is daring you on how you present this.
    I expected you to reason on this as this is a sensitive topic and I don’t really think behind what they are doing in orissa has much to do with Hinduism and its more of Social Voilence.. So I agree that you are Puking selectively and would have liked to hear a balanced view from you..
    I also am not into religions much but we should be discussing this more as a issue of social voilence..
    And you think conversion of religion can be stopped politically then, you are mistaken..
    Taking such a stand would mean cut off from globalization and we would not be working in such comfortable jobs and would not have any time to play Sarcastic on the Social issues over the Web..
    I don’t really expect a reply from you but you should know that your thinking is also not that liberal and flexible as you think it is, if you read this post just once from a neutral point of view..

    @Sam : I have written this post from a neutral point of view(as I am not for or against any religion) and have stated the facts which I have read from various sources. I don’t have anything more to say on the subject as I have already replied to Veresh about it in detail. You can read my replies to him. Thanks.

  40. Why is it that religion still attracts such passions of hate and superiority? I am a Hindu, though not a very religious one and I have nothing but contempt for the likes of Bhajaragdal. Ironically the fundamenatlists on opposite sides depend on each other for support. I have just read a few christian right blogs on the subject, eager to milk as much propaganda from the issue as they can..
    What is more important is that the law and order in this country is so ineffective and no one is brought to justice. That is what emboldens these thugs to do what they do. If they knew that there will be severe consequences, wouldn’t they think twice before doing such heinous crimes.. What angers me the most is that these people claim to do it on the name of my religion, tarnishing a billion plus people and an ancient, immensely diverse and tolerant culture in the process.
    The only way such things can be stopped is to bring these people to justice- and sadly we know from history and reality, that this is not going to happen.

    @drpharish : Religion and God have become more of a political propaganda techniques. They are losing their meaning. The only way to handle the situation is by having strict laws but our politicians are always so cautions(so that they don’t lose any vote bank), that they end up doing nothing. The only way is that we do something as Swapneel pointed out in his comment above. Its a long term change though.

  41. Brilliantly written intro. I hope you’ve mailed it to the papers. It’s sad, very very sad, to hear about the plight of women in India. Religion, as always, is the easiest scapegoat.

    @shivya : Thanks. Yes, I have mailed it to TOI. As they say, Religion is a politician’s greatest invention!

  42. Raping someone for ANY reason cannot be justified PERIOD.

    Violence (and rape falls under that) for religion is something that this country has been witnessing for a long time, and I think most of us have become pretty desensitized to it.

    So, I think posts like these ones are a great way of sensitizing people again. And I think that is all as an individual you can do (without compromising your personal life).

    And some of the comments in this post give an indication of what is wrong with a lot of us. The main points of this post are:
    – Rape is wrong.
    – Harming other religions/communities on the ‘pretext’ of protecting your own ideals is wrong.

    But instead of understanding that, we would go on and try to dissect why these points were made in a certain way, and why other viewpoints were not considered.

    I wish for a better India (and I know that is a wish which is near to impossible to come true).

    @Vaibhav : I think by taking into account the bigger picture, we ignore what is very basic. No matter what any organization is doing for converting people or if a religious leader was killed, it does not give anyone to go on a killing and raping spree. Its a very basic point which many of us fail to understand. If someone is killed, go to the law and sought justice.
    What happened in Orissa is exactly the same as what was done when Indira Gandhi was assassinated. And now we are again doing the same thing. Talk about learning from mistakes!

  43. Hi Amit 🙂

    Well said..It is a sad fact that all Gods and religoins ahve been highjacked by fanatics..Hindu terrorists are raping nuns..Jihadists are raping hindu women ..the chian moves on and on and on.. I recall a dialogue from Mumbai meri Jaan,when Paresh Rawal says “If we all keep pushing each other,how will the chain stop”..Let us try to break the unending chain of hatred and let us not pass it to our kids..

    As of now we are forced to let fanatics talks for us..My best friends are hindus and i have fair idea of hinduism and i am damn sure that nowhere does it ask you to rape and burn nuns..These physhos have political agendas and they use religion for their sake,just like jihadists use religion as their cause..We can’t sit quiet either and watch the drama.Maybe we are not picketting parliment or conducting rallies..But we are trying to spread the good word and I am sure many people will benefit from that..Afterall,thoughts become actions..So though some people mock at me that “You are just ranting,nothing practical is going to happen”..To a certain extent it is true..But within the limits,we all re trying our best..Let us hope things will be set out right soon..

    Its election year and we will ahve lot more dramam ahead..Don’t you think at some point ,we all are just being made fools and impotent donkeys? Its high time we rewrite what and how of politics and have a fresh start..Maybe majority are still not inspired to make a revolution..Maybe they need dear one’s blood to know what “Life” means..

    good day…

    Sorry for all typos..Im bit hurry…

  44. @Nimmy : Thanks and Welcome! Yes, all of it is more of a political propaganda instead of a true picture of what a common man wants. I don’t have much faith on our voting system too. Its just a matter of choosing a smaller thug. Spreading the word is the key. It is a long term change but can bring good results.
    Keep visiting!

  45. My belief:
    1. Violence is bad
    2. Especially against weaker person
    3. Rape is the worst.

    Conclusions from the post and responses:
    1. The said nun’s case is the first rape in India
    2. Therefore hinduism is bad
    3. Therefore an onlooker will have to fit into one of the following:
    – hindu apologist
    – hindu hater especially atheist or leftist hindu
    – hindu fundamentalist
    – christian supporter

    The sad part:
    None of this is going to matter to the nun in question or other women who have been subjected to this humilation.

    Ironically, all religions advocate love (so long as the recipient is my religion?). How else do you explain christians of the world concerned with the rape and the hindus of the world concerned with a Swami (and 4 of his associates) who was killed?

    @sc : I understood your beliefs but the conclusions seem to be quite juvenile. Its not all about a nun’s rape but a “woman’s” rape, which is definitely not the first one in India. Concluding that Hinduism is bad because of the shameless act of a few fundamentalists is also wrong and I have definitely not done that in the post.
    And the onlooker can also be categorised in a very basic category too – Human Rights supporter. I guess you forgot that.
    Yes, none of this is going to change things for the Nun, but that does not mean that we should not voice our opinions and anger.
    And no, I don’t agree with you on the last point. The Swami was murdered and the culprits should be brought to justice and exactly the same should be done for the rapists of the Nun.
    I hope this does not turn me into an Atheist?

  46. Amit,

    First of all congrats on having the guts to stand up against such shameless acts by few misguided elements. Reading the stuff on Rediff, I was in for a shock and saddened that is what has become of ‘educated people’.

    God(if there is one) bless you……..and keep going, i know where to come to read meaningful posts now.

    @Patrick : Thanks. Yes, reading that stuff on Rediff was a rude shock to me too, but believe me all varieties of hatred is deep-rooted in us. For e.g. if I start a discussion on Rediff about South India vs North India, you will find plenty of abusive comments with colorful language there. That is the sad state of things.
    Thanks and keep visiting. 🙂

  47. First , raping and targeting women is a tradition followed worldwide – sadly because women are easy prey..

    The Christians and templars did it during the cruisades
    the Muslims also did it and we are no different
    Heck even the portuguese did it

    Secondly rape is not just about testosterone it is also about making an example and a pathetic one at that – a form of humiliation and a show of domination a defiling of honor – remember rape is izzat lootna in hindi.

    My opinion is that u have gone overboard in ur analysis and ur comments based on the reporting by our abcd press is a bit too emotional and amaturish…

    U said – Nuns belong to a minority group and no one is going to care anyways –

    i reply quite the contrary nuns get speedy justice
    Remember Phoolan devi? when she was raped did anyone care ??? many women get raped on a daily basis , do the cnn bbc and ndtv chase these incidents??

    see this italian movie that is kind of interesting
    should be on zee movies

    When it comes down to it , this is more of a tribal war,
    as it is the poor are to a large extent religion less and steer to where they get the most benefits

    and rule of law has not been followed by all parties – the Maoists – the Christians and the Bajrangis and all of them should be dealt with sternly according to the law of the land

    But all politicians want to control the police and this
    results in the police not acting until they get instructions from higher ups who need instructions from politicians

    This is a political game and the so called messengers of justice sitting in the cabinet are as guilty as the orissa politicians. They say they will ban the Bajrang dal – but why have they still not done it ???

  48. @Prax

    I agree with MOST of what you said. ALL victims should get justice.

    The only thing I am not sure about is the rapes during the Crusades (or the Goan Inquisition)……there is no historical analysis supporting that charge. However in the present times we have seen rapes (medical evidence) in various cases across communities. And victims have been Hindu, Christian, Muslim…..all deserve respect and dignity.

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  51. We are all to blame for this shameful acts happening in our country. Apart from this I believe wherever or which ever society where there is no social justice will always face such problems. Shredding the branches won’t solve the problem, we should look at the root cause. Another main reason for this is weak Laws, for instance look at the other largest democracy besides India in this world the U.S.A where every second a crime & rape is taking place and Rape I think if I am not mistaken every few minutes, can you imagine where this all is happening, the country which boasts of Women’s Right, Freedom, Human Rights…blah blah….blah…. Now look at the crime ratio or rape cases of another country which is just opposite to democracy, SAUDI ARABIA, if we analyse it, one will really be ashamed of democracy. But ironically most of the countries will not acknowledge it just because Saudi Arabia follows Islamic Laws, so pre-assuming it has to be inhuman, insensitive…etc. Why cant we adopt good things from all religion and societies and be a better Country. Or is it if the BAJRANG DAL OR VHP activist Rape it is more heinous crime than a normal guy who does it?

    Where were you during the Gujarat Carnage?
    Was the Gujarat carnage a lesser crime?
    Where are we when a under age girl get raped in this country?

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  53. Heylo Mr! That was only in a small district of Odisha. Gawd. How much people stereotype. Maybe I am just hurt I am Odia. And yea, that was outrageous, what happened during that period. Things are much better there, but for how long?

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