The Know-your-house Tag

Reema tagged me for this very interesting meme. The moment I saw that I was tagged, I ended up in a cold sweat, simply because I could for-see the physical oscillations, jumping around and digging which I had to undergo to complete the tag. Mom has a very fascinating habit of putting away things and forgetting. But, more about it later. First I should give the description of what goes into the tag.

For this Tag, I was supposed to fish out an old photo, preferably a decade old and taken when I was completely unaware. I started working on this tag by asking mom if she remembers where all the “old” photos were. Thankfully I was able to locate them within five minutes of the excursion but sadly there was no “caught unaware” photo available in them. I now had to move much more backward in time and that is when the problem started. I again asked mom if she remember where the errrr “very old” photos were? She stared blankly at the wall for a few seconds and moved her head in a negative. Very original Mom!!! 

It took me almost 4 hours to turn the whole house upside down to dig out those pics. I found them in the most unexpected of places where no one would have imagined their presence. Hmpfff!!! Typical!!! On an optimistic note, now atleast I know the map of the insides of my house. I had a clear feeling of Deja Vu, because a similar incidence happened when I moved here from Chennai some months back. I was surprised to see that many of my novels were missing. When I asked mom, she replied – “All your novels are on the shelf. There are no more.”

Unconvinced, because “Lolita” and “Lord of the flies” were definitely not sitting on the shelf, I turned the whole house upside down before I spotted two huge bags full of my novels tucked away inside a diwan by my mom and comfortably erased from her memory. Even after I stood in front of her with the two bags oscillating in my hands, she could not remember a thing!!! 😐

Ok. Enough of disparaging mommy dearest. The first photo I picked up was taken when I was freshly born. I was completely unaware because I was wondering where the hell I was and who were those strange people around me who were always smiling and throwing me up and down and making all those weird sounds while they ran their fingers on my stomach and embarrass me. So here is Amit with his Mom and Dad. 🙂

Another pic which I found, was taken when I was a little grown up and was dancing in a marriage. No one remember whose marriage it was but I like this photo because I look like a budding child artist who is waiting for the right kind of a break. Here it is.

And Oh yes!!! While looking at all the old photos, I came across a very old pic of my Grandparents. It was taken when they were just married. Since I have already told all of you about my Grandparent’s love story in A Bygone Life, I thought it would be great if I could post their pic too. Here it is. 

So. thats all for this tag. Hope you all liked the pics. And I would like to tag Ish, Lallopallo, Nikhil, Sulz and Xylene.

32 comments on “The Know-your-house Tag

  1. this is really wonderfull, even i went thr. same condition & i come up with really some of interesying pic, thanks for recalling the moments. bye bye

  2. “when I was freshly born”
    freshly???????? it seems as if u r vegetable 😛

    I have already tagged Nikhil. Lets see if he does it now. 🙂

    Good pics, dancer!

  3. lol i have this one waiting too…am hunting and hunting for an old photo…my mom has that habit too..of putting things have to search for those old albums 😛

  4. Bhaiya sharam aani chaiye aapko… Itni smart family ke hote hue bhi aap itne badsoorat nikale… Haan bachpan mein theek thak se si ho… Aur Dev Anand style aapko bachpan se hi pasand hai shayad… Photo badi pyari hai aapki…. chair pe jo khade ho… issi ko bhejna shaadi ke liye…. shayad koi pasand kar le…asal mein to koi nahin karega…

  5. Really very nice post 🙂 Have a nice weekend “Mr. Mind blowing star” and try to settle all the things you made upside down to search these pics 🙂

  6. My moms totally different. She knows where everything in the house is !! Each and every corner !! The 2nd photo of you dancing in some wedding is really sweet !! 🙂

  7. You were cute as a kid..what happened after that dude? 😉

    Anyways, funny post. Thanks for tagging me but , unfortunately, I wont be able to do it. For one, currently I dont have pictures that old with me..and even if I had, I am not sure I would have put them up. 🙂

  8. Hey its so sweet to know a few personal things about you. It’s not every day that you get a chance to see the personal pics of people in blogging circle. And by the way your grandparents are looking so very dashing and elegant. I have become their fan! 🙂

  9. lol @ reema’s comment. freshly born indeed… 😛

    do you look like your grandpa? such eyes! you look like a girl when you were a baby, hehe.

  10. amonst the best pics that i can imagin of all ur pics taken aorund… hehehehe……
    well i dont know why but i feel i have seen the pics in which you are “freshly born” and of your grand parents.

    liek it … good one…

  11. Amit, I enjoyed seeing these pictures. It was so nice seeing the pictures of your mom and dad too! I was hoping you would show some picture of yourself about 10 years ago, but I guess you didn’t because you haven’t changed much, at least that is what I see from your avtar photo!

  12. lol @ the title 😀

    As Priya says your mom is lovely & the way you have described her she sounds adorable.

    In fact your tag reminds me of the conversation I was having with my Dad yest. We weren’t agreeing on something so I said I don’t have much time please give the phone to mom. To which he replies “even I don’t have much time” (Considering the fact that it was chutti yest) I asked is it? What are you doing? He said because of me he had skipped the recipe of “Caramel Rice” (he was watching some cookery show) 😀 Parents will be parents, adorable 🙂

  13. lovely pics amit! i would agree with sulz .you looked like a girl when you were a baby 😀
    and i would surely love to read your grandparents story very soon! 😀

  14. @Anand : Hi. Err..I think you have posted the comment in the wrong post. Thanks anyways!

    @Reema : Game of words! Yeah. I am a born dancer! 😉

    @Sakhi : Thanks Sakhi.

    @Vishesh : Best of luck then. Phew! I know what I went through.

    @RXK : Thankyou. Tu khush reh na. Teri shadi ho rahi hai na October main. 😛

    @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks Bharat. Everything is settled. I have kept everything back exactly it was. 😛

    @Priya : Great! I envy you. Thanks. 😀

    @Dinesh : Thanks.

    @Lallopallo : Hmmm…you have not seen me. Have you? 😛 Thanks. Hey! I would have loved to see your pics. 😦

    @Withering Willow : Thanks. I am glad that you liked the pics.

    @Priyank : Thanks Priyank.

    @Sulz : I look more like my father I guess. I am looking like a girl because I am wearing a skirt. When I was born, there were no kids stores like they are present now. So most of the kids wore homemade mommy made skirts. I am not sure if the present generation can understand that.
    As the child grew up, the clothes were more distinguishing! 😀

    @Rajneesh : Thanks. I think you have already seen those…

    @Nikhil : Thanks sir!

    @Nita : Yes, I tried to find the photos but none of them had the “caught unaware” quality. And 10 years back I had this moustache in which I looked horrible. So its better that no one see them. Yes, I have not changed much. My friends have started calling me Devanand. I have stopped aging!

    @Allirekha : Thanks. And also refer to my answer to Sulz.

    @Scorpria : Thanks.

    @Megcloud9 : Thanks and Same pinch.

    @Smita : Thanks. Yes, all the oldies are the same.

    @Arpit : Thanks. And please refer to my answer to Sulz. Well, I don’t know the complete story. Just bits and pieces.

  15. Yes, I have seen you. 😉 Just kidding man…

    “Hey! I would have loved to see your pics”

    Dont say that too loud..ur gf’s might get some other ideas about your preferences. 😉

  16. @Anshul : Thanks. 🙂

    @Arvind : Thanks Sir. 🙂

    @Lallopallo : 😐 😛

    @Kiran : Thanks and Welcome! 🙂 Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

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  18. how many times do u remember taking birth to quote this one as ‘fresh’? 😛

    @Su : Seems that the word made many people laugh. 🙂

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