Randomizer Reloaded

  • Reema bestowed me with the Mr. Best Blogger Award this month. Yey!!!! I am on cloud number 9 for sure. Such a nice gift on Friendship Day. 😀 Congrats to all the other winners too. Well, we should award Reema too. So what should be her title? How is – Ms. Most Vivacious Blogger?
  • The trailer of Harry Potter and the half blood Prince hit the Internet last week and made some sort of a record. I am really looking forward to watch the movie which releases on December this year. And, yes, before you ask I haven’t read the books. So, I don’t know what is going to happen and so I am doubly excited. 😀 Here is the trailer –
  • Delhi was the hub of the Kanwariya menace a few days back. Loads of Orange colored men flocked the streets like a virus and disrupted the traffic. Trucks full of dancing people held traffic for hours and yours truly was a victim. The day it all ended, I was quite happy that I could at least reach office at time. The next day I was greeted by this sight. Sigh!!! This was due to some strike by the truck drivers. The blocked all the roads and left a little bit of area in between as an act of kindness to that the vehicles may pass and the chaos may increase some more. There is always a way to make someones life hell!!!
  • While I was reading the review of “Ugly aur Pagli” in Times of India a few days back, I realised that the movie is a copy of the famous Korean romantic comedy movie, My Sassy Girl, which came in 2001. I should have guessed by the way Mallika was slapping Ranvir. Why can’t we come up with something original? Aamir was one great attempt but we need more such movies. And while I am on it, do watch the Korean Movie if you can get hold of it. It was the biggest blockbuster of all times in Eastern Asia and I really loved the ending.
  • We had a 1970s Bollywood theme party last Wednesday at 32nd Milestone in Gurgaon which was sponsored by our client. I was not able to get hold of what I was exactly looking for but finally I did managed to look like a movie star. 😉 We danced, got drunk, ate a fabulous dinner and did some bowling at the end. The best part was that I later came to know that the bus which left the office that evening at 6 pm reached my home at 11.30 pm because of the ultra heavy rains that day. Thank God, I was not in that bus or I would have hanged myself from the curtains in the bus.
  • After belittling all the reality shows in the Ramdomizer, this might come as a real shocker to you that I am writing something good about a reality show. I have been seeing Comedy Circus ever since I shifted to Delhi as my family is a great fan of the show. And I am hooked. Everyone in the show is exceptional, may it be Krishna, Sudesh Lahiri, Shailesh or the mega hilarious Shaane Shakeel. The judges compliment the participants and Archana’s laughter is the highlight of the show. A must watch. Here are a few acts from the show. To watch more, try searching for Comedy Circus on Youtube.
  • India got its first individual Gold Medal in the Olympics. When I got the news I thought my friend was joking. But its true!!!! And its great!!!! Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra. Its not a small achievement. The Indian News channels must be really happy. They now have the fodder for next 4 days. They are going to tear apart the whole family tree of Abhinav to find out the answer to one question – How the hell???
  • The last 7 days was the longest I have stayed away from blogging, all thanks to my MTNL Broadband connection. We all have experience of a certain category of friends who stay with us when things are hunky dory but abandon the ship as soon as something goes wrong. MTNL will remind you of such friends. It took the customer care 6 days to figure out the problem. 6 DAYS!!!!! Airtel has an SLA(Service Level Agreement) of 1 day which means that they have to fix the problem in 1 day. The MTNL staff is purely lethargic and incapable of any action till you reach them through the proper channel. Yes!!!! We had to ask a high officer to intervene. I HATE MTNL. 👿

41 comments on “Randomizer Reloaded

  1. 1. Surely if you dont here ur friends words, u r going to wait till 2010 to see what happens to Harry Potter. R u having that much patience ? I dont have 🙂

    2. I think Abhinav Bindra is going to be flooded by money after this achievement. I doubt his coach will get any thing or not 😦

    3. So, r u planning to shift to Airtel or not ?

  2. Congrats Mr. Sharma on being the Best Blogger and definitely your blogging has improved tremendously…

    well by talking like that about Kanwariya’s like that you might be hurting a lot of sentiments.. Don’t you remember in the past the Kanwariya’s have been notorius in destroying so much public property.. be cautious 🙂

    My Sassy Girl.. How can we forget tht as that is definitely one of its kind movie.. and the way the herione used to slap the hero all the time.. and the scene at the hotel when he takes her after she passed out.. but yes truly the ending was awesome.. I will not talk about it much as I would also like all of the folks reading ur blog to watch it….

    So u had some fun at the theme party .. I guess the bowling alley at 32nd milestone was amonst the first ones in India..

    Yep comedy circus is nice and repeating an act done by someone else is a nice concept for sure..

    Abhinav Bindra Rocks!!

  3. Hehehehe!!! Good one! Maybe I should start my own version of the Randomizer! This seems like a fantastic way to get over the question on “What to write!” 😀
    And yes, congratulations to Abhinav Bindra for winning the gold! 😀

  4. nice randomizer stuff…by the way the pic of u dancing in beginning and banging ur head in the end are very apt and amusing.

  5. It was good to know that India finally managed to win an individual level gold ! Thats an acheivement indeed.
    And yes the media is going crazy about it and they have decoded his DNA and is talking to doctors on how they can clone him and make a hockey team.

  6. PLS get rid of MTNL dear!! I have been its victim…its so slow and pls dont even get me started on the customer service….
    and pls confirm you are from DELHI?? OMG – I am so happy to know there are bloggers outside bangalore.I was feeling I was the only Dilli ki kudi here….
    and 32nd Milestone- lucky you..I miss the life of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida…Oh!!!

  7. Hi

    I’ve been reading ur blog from quite sometime and it’s gud to c u back.

    And ur blog is surely one of the best I’ve come across which offers amazing variety.

  8. Wait a minute!!!!! Isn’t this randomiser a improved version of my own trademark *Different Things* ??????
    May be. :mrgreen

    Good idea, I am also going randomising now on 😀

    but it makes hard to comment, there are so many things to reply!!! :O

    I love Harry Potter movies for their special effects and many other technical skill they use.

    Congrats to India for the GOld Meddal, we celebrated for Mr. Bindra.

    Ok I am bore of typing now. Too much things 😦


  9. wow that was some news to me .. 🙂 trailer is out ???
    and i dont find anything wrong in making copies .. 😛 until they are made properly .. 🙂
    and those videos of shakkeel are quite famous even sahara news puts it every now and then 😛
    ROFL .!!!
    congratz for the award

  10. Awwww u r most welcome and Thanks!! 😀 V cute bunny.
    Arree U haven’t read HP!!!!!!!!!! *Logo suno ye PSPO kya hai nahi jaanta style* 😛 Seriously read them. u will enjoy the movies more. So do u know or not what happens in the end of series?
    I think its the problem of Metro city else I use BSNL and its service is quite good in my city.

  11. Kanwariya!!!! When I was in Rrk they used to be a major nuisance on H/w but kya karen we are in India sab chalta hai 😀 literally 😉

    I have never liked any of the stand up comedy shows 😦

    And BTW Amir too is not an original. It is rumored to be a copy of a movie called “Cavite” 😀

    BTW Thanks 🙂 ur post reminded me that I need to renew my broadband connection 🙂 you indeed are the best blogger hehehe

  12. @Vijaya Bharat : Yes!!! I will wait till then. 😀 I don’t want to read the books till then.
    Abhinav is going to be really famous. Heard he got 200 crores from somewhere?? Is that true?
    And No, I am giving MTNL a last chance. 😦

    @Sam : Thanks. 🙂 About Kawariyas..well they were hurting my time. What about that?
    Yes, I remember we watched it on Ravi’s laptop with all lights off. It was fun. 😀
    The party was great. Danced a lot after a looong time. Good fun.

    @Nikhil : Yes. When you don’t know what to write about, pick up a randomiser. Its a good way of writing about topics about which you were not able to write full blown posts. 🙂

    @Abha : Thanks. 🙂 Yes, they are really cute. 🙂

    @Xylene : Decoded his DNA?? WOW!!! That must be AajTak?? 😀

    @Mahak : The speed of MTNL connection is fine but the only problem is the customer care. Anyways, I am giving them a last chance. 🙂 And, yes, I am from Delhi and in Delhi. I was outside from quite a while but now I am back and really enjoying it. 😀

    @Preeti : Thanks Preeti for your nice words. 🙂 Its so good to read your comment. 🙂

  13. @Suda : Nope. 😛 I have taken it from Ashish. 🙂 And yes, I know, too many topics. 🙂 But you can just comment on one or two. 😛

    @Bikash : Yes. Abhinav is truely gifted. And I will surely visit your blog. 🙂

    @Nita : Thanks. 🙂 Same to you. 🙂 Last week was very hectic and then on top of that the MTNL problem. 😦 Quite a lot of stuff to read. 🙂 I am looking forward to the coming long weekend. 🙂

    @Arvind : Yup!!! Then trailer is out. Yes, copies are fine but they need to be properly made. Most of the directors create a mess while Indianizing them.
    And Thanks. 🙂

    @Reema : Cute na?? 😀 Yup, I haven’t read the books. Will be reading them as soon as all the movies are out. I don’t know what is going to happen next except that Dumbledore is going to die in part 6. Nothing more. 🙂

    @Smita : Sab Chalta hai is a big headache sometimes. And I think Comedy Circus is quite decent if you compare it with the other shows. Did you see the videos?
    Copies of movies are fine, if they are properly made but most of the Indian Directors don’t know how to do that. Best Blogger??? That’s a tall order I think. 👿

  14. Great Congrats for the win!

    HP wow. I have read the entire series. However, now that I know all the events and end am not so excited about it. The trailor sure looks dark and exciting. 😛

    The traffic situation is same in the Capital as in Mumbai it seems. You will get to see this picture every other day in Mumbai specially on the Western Express Highway. I think after the weather, traffic is the next topic that everyone can talk about to any length. 😛

    Comedy Circus is a great show. I had seen the first one completely and it was very hilarious. 😀

    The Gold Medal is an achievement for sure. But the media, government and public are going to keep chewing it till the next Olympics or till the time we get the next medal. Instead they should try and create an environment where sports is encouraged and more people can be trained. Look at the spirit of the American swimmers’ team. 😐

    And you think Airtel is good???? 😦

  15. Ha ! congrats ! Amit for being the best blogger 🙂
    n belated friendship day wishes . :mrgreen: i know its too belated

    n yeah HP-HBP…..hmm we are all waiting ! for that 🙂

    n ur connection was out for 7 days!!! dirty MTNL !!! 👿

  16. Hey Amit! Congrats on the award. 🙂 Well deserved! I saw the new HP trailer and it really looks good. I’m looking forward to watching it in an IMAX theater (hopefully!). Rowling will be released The Tales of Beedle the Bard for everyone to read too…oh well.

    Sorry to hear about your internet connection. My mom tells me the same thing-whenever her connection stops working, it takes a long long time for the repair guys to get some work done. My internet was working fine…yet I was away for weeks. 😐

  17. @Vijaya Bharat : I will read the books one day. Only after I see the movie. 🙂 Good that he is having so much of money. Atleast he does not have to worry about his next meal.
    I am giving MTNL a last chance because the speed is good. 🙂

    @Maddie : Yeah. That’s why I am not reading the books. 🙂 Delhi is now at par with Mumbai. There are just too many vehicles and its getting worse.
    Airtel is good here and they have very good customer care. 🙂

    @Oxy : Thanks. 🙂

    @Suda : Oh!! You are welcome. 🙂 And I will definitely read them. After the last movie comes out. 🙂

    @Allirekha : Thanks and yes its too belated. 😛
    I am waiting too. December!!!!!! 👿
    Err…it was 6. 😛

    @Ruhi : And look who appeared!!! 😛 Thanks. 🙂 Yeah, Rowling must be doing something to match the release. Yes, MTNL is a nightmare once things go wrong. Otherwise its pretty decent.
    And you better start blogging. Its not the same without you. 🙂

  18. i am too looking forward for the 6th part……but i would rather suggest you to read the books because you really miss on some excitement which comes only along with the book…..for instance .in goblet of fire….some major portions went missing in the movie! ………..besides thanks for uploading its trailers 🙂
    i was eagerly looking for them

  19. Yeah, I sort of started missing everyone at WP so much 🙂 You won’t believe it if I tell you. All of a sudden, I had no one to talk to about my stuff. That’s when I realized that I need to start blogging again. Waise I keep getting updated about you from Ish. 😉

  20. I love Comedy Circus too, it’s one genuine comedy show after the Laughter Challenge season 1. All of them are funny. Shekhar Suman is annoying but well, we can tolerate that. Shaana Shakeel FTW!

    And apparently the news channels didn’t have enough of Bindra after all. They were showing that scene where his coach was hugging him. They showed that like 100 times. It was really lame.

  21. @Arpit : Yup, I will definitely read all the books. 🙂 But only after watching the movies. I was thinking of buying the whole pack of 7 books. And, you are welcome! 😀

    @Lekhni : Well!! When you don’t have enough time to blog about so many topics, that is when Randomizer happens. 😦 All these were supposed to be separate posts. 😦

    @Ruhi : Arrreee….I know. 😦 My MTNL connection went down just for 6 days and I went mad. You should have seen me last Sunday. My father had one look at me and went – Tumhara khana hazam nahi hota internet ke bina?? And, now I have to keep in touch with everyone. This job is killing me. 😦

    @Lively : Yes. They are very cute. 🙂 New post? Yes, on the way! And thanks for Tagging!!! 🙂

    @Smallstar : Thanks dear! I need them. 🙂

    @Vishesh : Yes you did. Just now! 😛 And that was some PJ. 😛

    @Ish : Yup, Shekhar wear some very weird costumes at times. 😐 But the show is good. They are almost at the end of this season.
    And I did not had the courage to see any news channels to see what they did to the Bindra family. So, after all, my guess was right. 🙂

  22. great deal! 🙂
    i too wasn’t a potter fan.
    but when i watched one of its movies , i liked it and then went for the books and i read the first 3 parts in a reverse order:)
    besides let me tell you, the second one was the most horrific and dark , full of secrets………..it really transports you to the world of magic. merry reading! 🙂

  23. @Smallstar : Thanks. 😀
    @Arpit : Reverse order? Hahaha. 😆 That would have been really difficult to understand. I really can’t pick out the best movie. They were all excellent in their own way. But yes, I agree that books are always better.

  24. so lots of delhi centric posts

    i did see my sassy girl even did a post on ugly and pagli being a crappy copy
    someone has uploaded in on you tube i think

    aamir is a copy of a south east asian movie – though it has holes in it,, still it is a decent dekho for the masses nita said so

    on abhinav – true but hey he has deep pockets thanks to his industrialist father – but that doesn’t matter in super competitive sport like olympic shooting – what mattered was that he clicked

    on mtnl – yes the babu bureaucracy suks
    try the ibf delhi forum for help

  25. I think I missed the news when you shifted to Delhi. Well, welcome to Delhi! 🙂

    I was going out of city on 14 th August night. But my cab arrived late at 1. And then it took 2 more hrs to get out of Delhi. This late in night.

    Delhi jam news was running on National Television. People told me how thir home that was 20 minute drive took then about 2 hrs to reach.

    I was once offered a job at Udyog Vihar, though didnt take it. But at the time was thinking how near Udyog Vihar is, but now you have told me another aspect of it. 😦

    And congrats for getting best blogger award! 🙂

  26. @Prax : Oh! How did I missed your comment. 😦 Which movie is that?

    @Poonam : Yeah! Some two months back. 🙂 And I think you have commented in the wrong post. Hehehehe. 🙂 Udyog Vihar is hell in rains.
    And Congrats to you too. 🙂

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