The Mosaic tag

Poonam tagged her whole blogroll (a very brave decision) to do this collage sort of tag. These are the rules.

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

And this is what I got.

1. What is your first name?
Amit. Unlike many people, I did not cheat. 😀 I don’t know who this guy in the pic is, but I liked the pic!!

2. What is your favorite food? Right now?
Rajma Chawal. After coming back home, I realized this is what I was missing the most. Err….besides my family. 😉

3. What high school did you go to?
I could not find my school pic or the college pic. I went to Khalsa College in Delhi University but this is what I got. Reminds me of a wall in my college. 😐

4. What is your favorite color?
Black. Its one of the most elegant and mysterious colours. And, the astrologer has told my mom that black is not good for me. Why God Why?? *Khush to bahut hoge tum* ??

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Hehehehe. Do I really need to answer?? 😀

6. Favorite drink?
Hot Chocolate or chocolate in any other form.

7. Dream vacation?
Paris. Well, I would love to roam in each and every nook and corner of the world but this place would be purrfect for starters.

8. Favorite dessert?
Kheer!!!!! And some of the people find it really weird but I love Kheer with Aaloo parantha too.

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Too late. Ok, I’ll still answer. Satisfied. Well, that’s the answer.

10. What do you love most in life?
Myself. I believe that you have to be in love with yourself to love someone else.

11. One Word to describe you.

12. Your flickr name.
Free soul.

p.s. I would be a weekend blogger for the next 2-3 weeks. My office hours have been stretched. Which means that I have to leave at 7.30 in the morning and come back at around 10.30 at night. Don’t ask me why. I don’t want all of you to cry for me. 😛 And if you are wondering how I managed the strength to write this post then let me enlighten you. This was done last weekend. So, stop overworking your brains and put some bloody commentzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……zzzzzzzzzzz…. guunite….zzzzzzzzzz

[[If any of the photographs in the mosaic is copyrighted and the owner finds the display of it on my blog as objectionable, then please inform me so that I could delete the photo from this blog]]

30 comments on “The Mosaic tag

  1. Well, it’s true that one needs to love oneselves first in order to be loved. Sigh! I understand the work pressure in an IT job. That is the reason even I post once in a week. 😦 And hey, your blog’s “visitor locations” looks funny with red polka dots all over 😀 Guess what!! Antarctica is the only continent that did not have the readers for your blog 😀 Wishing for a ligter work load so that all of us see more of your blog 🙂

  2. Aww the cartoon is so cute!!
    I love kheer with aaloo paratha too!!!! Black,eh? I dislike black. I may be visit Paris next year as my sister is there. 😛

  3. Oh, boy I am sad your working hours are stretched. And you are a opportunist cheater, because you have nice image for your name, you use it. :p I have seen that image for black in other mosiacs too.

    Best of luck to you size-zero lover 🙂 (Remember, you too have described yourself as optimist like me. ) 🙂

    @Lekhni: yes, when you create this mosiac, there is html code that has credits to all the images used. Amit has forgotton to put that up.

  4. sorry amit .. i might bot be able to the “Bloody Comments” but yes i can give u comments on what u have written… first of all, i thought your celebrity crush might be shahrukh khan …. hahahahaha.. and well the dream location is really nice…. rest is OK..

  5. Ohh… now I understand your uneasiness whenever I bitch about Kareena… the ugliest person on earth…kapoor… and what do you mean by satisfied… I don’t think u will ever be…:D

  6. pics are really cool..specaially the first one.
    secvebth one too..
    i too love rajma chawal ..
    my mouth is literally watering … 😛
    sorry to say i hate kareena… no idea why 1!! 😦

  7. Not I am missiing mum’s Rajma Rice and yummy Kheer and yes with the paranthas!!
    🙂 Same Pinch Amit..
    But yeah I go with Arvind – i too hate kareena!!!And have no clue WHY??

  8. Nice post but most of ur tastes are fully opposite to mine (after leaving food items, any way they dont match for us). I am sure that once you introduce ur woodbe to me, i will show all ur posts to her so that she will be fully prepared 😉 Before my comment, the hate percentage of Kareena is 25%. I am happy for this 🙂 Man, fate is not right for u, heavy work is not leaving u 😦

  9. Ok..One more addition to “hate Kareena” list. Actually, hate is a strong word. 😀 but yes, I don’t like Kareena too. 🙂

  10. i go with arvind, mahak n manoj…..even i dont like kareena 😡 bt 2 make u happy i’ll say i love chocalate n kheer :mrgreen: cheers!!!

  11. there is some creativity in these tagged questions……I don’t know where they evolve from.but surely they make interesting readings…

    BTW u don’t have blog connectivity in office ??

  12. OMG, I love Rajma Chawal too! I can eat them day in and day out. In fact, I’ve been eating them for 2 days now. Aaj khatam ho gaye and had to go back to the same old thakeli dal.

    You went to Khalsa College? OMG. My cousin also went to the same college, He may have been in the same year as you. What were you doing, B.Com na?

    Anyway, good luck with your work and all.

  13. @Manoj : Thanks a lot. 🙂 Yes, I hope the things ease out in a few weeks, otherwise i’ll be on glucose soon. And about the polka dots, you must see the one in Nita’s blog. You won’t find the map there. 😛
    And, about Kareena…well, I don’t know why people don’t like her. She is quite adorable. 🙂
    @Vishesh : Thanks. 🙂 I am sure you meant “nice”. 😛
    @Reema : Cute? Its very cute. 😛 Oh!!!! I thought I was the only one. Yes, I know you dislike black. I read it somewhere. 😛 But its a good colour. Try it. Do you know that Dev Anand was banned from wearing black in public because the woman drooled all over him and he almost drowned. 😀
    And, please take me with you to Paris. I’ll clean your sis’s house and wash all the dishes. 😛
    @Lekhni : Yes, I got links to add to my post but I deleated them by mistake. 😦 I’ll add a disclaimer of sort. 🙂
    @Poonam : I just played by the rules. 😛 Rules are rules. 😛
    Yes, she is size zero but she is still the queen of my heart. 😛 And, I deleted all those links. I guess, a disclaimer would be fine?
    @Rajneesh : Shahrukh is an icon. Not a crush. 😐 You seem to be keeping a lot of dumb company now a days. 😛

  14. @RXK : Careful!!!! Remember what happened to the guy who said some bad things about S. Gandhi? I don’t want you in an American jail. 😛 And the rest we have already discussed. 😀
    @Suda : 😀
    @arvind : Thanks. 🙂 Stop drooling. 😛
    And about Kareena…well, you should know why.
    @Joel : Thanks. 😀 Yes, its a very creative tag. I always forget to tag people at the end. 😐
    @Mahak : Oh!!! You too?? 😀 You should know the answer. It will give you peace of mind. 😛
    @Ashish : I can’t!!! Are you crazy? 😛 And yes, my Lord. I know that I can’t be free as I am bound to you. 😛
    @Vijaya Bharat : I don’t care if the whole world hate her. I don’t. 😛
    Yes, there is too much of work. But it will ease out soon, hopefully. Nebula Post will come up soon. Maybe next week.
    @Riddhima : Ok. Got the point. 😀 Yes, cheers indeed. 🙂
    @Abha : Even I don’t know where they come from but they are good when you don’t have time to write anything serious. I have blog connectivity in office but I don’t have time. 😦

  15. @Ish : I too can eat Rajma Chawal all throughout my life unless and until someone shows me a chicken leg. 😛 I did my Bachelors from Khalsa in Physics. 🙂
    And thanks but work is really eating up my life. 😦

  16. ” What do you love most in life?
    Myself. I believe that you have to be in love with yourself to love someone else ”

    That’s an interesting take on love..

  17. Ah, Khalsa has Physics also? I thought it was one of those Commerce only waala colleges, I didn’t know udhar Physics and all bhi hai. OMG, you’re into Physics! I hate Physics. 😛

    And don’t worry, work kam hoga eventually, nahi hoga toh aadat pad jayegi. Ab what more can I say? 😦

  18. @Lallopallo : Yes it is. I read it somewhere once and found out that it was really true. 🙂
    @Ish : Like all the colleges in DU, Khalsa too has all the streams. 🙂 That’s another thing that nobody take science courses now a days. 😐 Its a college where most of the rich and spoiled youngsters study and it has an amazing crowd. 😛
    Aur kaam is fine. But some things are beyond my comprehension. Anyways, whatever. 😐

  19. Ahaa this astrologer is saying too many things before he said something about marriage ,right ? n now for the colour 😆
    btw what is kheer !! i havent even seen 😦 one but have heard abt it a lot actually 😀

  20. @Allirekha : Oh yes he is. He even told that Green color would be good for my father and the next day everything was green. From his towel to the bedsheets. Its hilarious. 😀 We even have two plastic parrots in the room now.
    Kheer is a sweet dish made of milk and rice. You can find it in most of the joints which serve North Indian food.

  21. nice mosaic man! cant help but join the hate-Kareena list.
    eve if my most favorite colour is green, i prefer black most of the times. its like my inner shade is green and outer one is black 😛

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