The Nebula Mindspin

I got the idea of this post from an amazing post from Ashish, the Geek Wrestler, who a few days back wrestled the urge to empty his bladder. Sorry my Lord, couldn’t help it. 😀  So I am inspired(by his post, that is) and thus I am taking the liberty of using it. 😛
If you really want to have the laugh of your life, read this post by Ashish.
This is a harmless test of your wits/creativity/luck. Luck because the story will end on the 20th comment.
Those of you who can’t understand what in the name of Beelzebub I am talking about, here are the rules (Again copied from the Geek God‘s post with some minor changes) :
1. I start a story, you continue it in the comments.
2. Your comment is limited to TEN sentences. Please ensure that a comment does not exceed 10 sentences. [Arrgg!!! The IT language]
3. You can write any number of comments [within the limit of course] but you cannot follow your own comment with another one i.e. for example, Poonam can’t comment right after her own comment unless someone else posts a new comment just after her previous one.
4. The maximum number of comments is 20. I will post the 21th comment [an epilogue] so its the job of the 20th commentator to finish the story off.
5. Take the story wherever you want to [comedy, fantasy, even erotica!] just one thing, you are not allowed to finish it off unless you’re the 20th commentator.
6. It might be possible that when you are writing a comment someone else might be writing it too and both of you might fork the story. So it is advisable to write your comment in a notepad first and just before posting it, refresh the page once. Hence you would immediately come to know if someone else has just posted a comment.
7. Please don’t post any off-story comments till the 20th commentator finishes the story.
8. Have fun!

Here goes the story :
The ship had started its descent on Planet AZ1104. We were 1000 strong with the state of the art Nebula Blue Laser Guns at our disposal. I moved the pin at the side of the gun to FULL. The blue coloured charge started to fill the sleek unbreakable glass container at the tip of the gun, ready to vapourise any form of threat. Planet AZ1104 was covered with a purple fog, which was going to make things more difficult for us. The ship landed smoothly as the hearts of 1100 army personnel inside that spaceship beat in unison. We were finally there. The doors started to open. It took 10 seconds for each of the 15 huge doors to open but it felt like eternity. The purple fog rushed in as we rushed out. Charging.

That’s it. Get started people. Spin your minds. 🙂

20 comments on “The Nebula Mindspin

  1. As we came out, to our surprise there was nobody in the visible distance. We were confused as we were expecting an attack immediately because our sources had informed that the planet could give us a tough resistance. Then we came to know that our RADAR was wrong and we had landed in a wrong place which is very far from the actual place. We started marching towards a nearby city to attack it according to our new plan. After some time we were facing a beautiful city which surrendered easily to us. We got a base on this planet very easily and our scientists captured the technology centers and started analyzing the enemy strengths and weekness. The enemy came to know about this attack immediately and started a counterattack. We were able to destroy many of their planes in no time. By this time our scientific group started attacking through viruses on their communication system.

  2. But it was our genetically engineered super viruses that decimated the inhabitants of the city.Horrific combinations of Ebola and genital herpes left the city folk highly embarrased before the inevitable bleed out left the city streets slick with crimson goo.Some of our people felt remorse for the horror we had unleashed, but most of us chuckled like demonic children as we watched the evil mess transpire over and over again on our collective mega-screen.

  3. we were humans after all,weren’t we? Well mr.god,see you might create so many other things,but we are plain smarter.Humanity,rocks dude! well what is that no way,this can’t be,there is a huge nine tail fox in front of me 🙂

  4. The fox gnarled and charged at us, singing the haunting tunes of Cher’s new album, causing our un-shatterable glass containers on the Nebula Laser Guns to break. We were helpless. In the distance, we could hear the horrific sounds of disease and illness that we had caused, sounds that added to our fear… Just when we were about to surrender to the foxy fox, we realized that there were 100 stowaways within us! :mrgreen:

  5. Oops! M comment hd more than 10 sentences. here’s the abridged version that exactly has 10 sentence :D..Hope I am not breaking therule..

    The purple fog turned denser reducing the visibility as we saw the fox’s eyes glow like thousand LED bulbs.I turned around but realised that we were engulfed by the thick fog when I suddenly saw a trajectory of the flash created by the two eyes of the fox as it jumped over us. Hell broke lose and we started running. Dead bodies hurled and flesh scattered. The fog vanished dramatically and we couldn’t see the fox anymore. To my surprise, all the dead people were the 100 stowaways and I saw a note sticked on the flesh of a body – “These 100 damn rascals already carry Herpes with them”. I took the note in my hand and turned back to show it to the other crew members when I felt a sudden thud on my back. I saw a thick furred animal pounding at me. I took a deep breath and thanked God! All this was a dream and the thick furred animal is my sweet little doggy trying to wake me up! 😀

  6. I woke to find everything unusually quiet in the house. The dog had started howling and following me everywhere I went. I freshened up and dressed ready to go out now; the maid hadn’t come yet, she had fallen into this habit of coming late everyday now. When I switched on the TV, the language on the TV channels was strange. I couldn’t make out anything from it when suddenly the TV went off. I decided to take a stroll outside. Just when I came out from the building, everything outside was a mess. There was not a single person in sight. All the building, houses, stores, restaurants were burned up and smoking. Just then I heard a huge crashing sound behind me.

  7. I turned around and saw a huge Godzilla with a burning tree in his hand which he was using to burn buildings. It came charging towards me and I started running. Making my way through alleys I was trying to escape when I suddenly heard a girl’s cries coming from a car. I reached the car and to my surprise it was Kareena!! Apparently the door lock was jammed. I broke the glass windows with my bare fist and rescued Kareena. The Godzilla had come upon us by then.

  8. We ran into a nearby building, trying to open one door after another. I knew that we would find resistance so I put my hand in my pocket and I found the very same gun from my dream. Finally a door opened and we barged in. There in the room was Gandalf strip teasing to Touch Too Much by AC/DC as dwarves looked on. Just as the last garment was coming off I fired my gun and zit! all of them vanished. I took Kareena inside, we looked into each others eyes, and then we kissed. Suddenly I heard a weird noise, my gun powering up! Zap! And Kareena was nothingness.

  9. My act left me shocked. I was filled with remorse. I reduced Kareena to nothingness. Oh my God! I was wondering what would I tell Saif! What would the entire film industry do! My mind was buzzing with Herpes virus, if that’s possible. I felt like aiming the gun at myself and turning to nothingness in hope of kissing Kareena once again. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and a bright light filled the room.The light was so sharp, it blinded me for a minute. I opened my eyes slowly and was surprised to see what was in front of me.

  10. I had had a dream within a dream. I was actually not on my own planet. I had dreamt the waking up sequence, and even the Kareena kiss and the Kareena death. The reality was this: We were on another planet and we had destroyed the inhabitants. Our guns had done strange things to them…and worse. We ourselves had changed. I looked around and saw that all of us had changed into an animal. That fox we had seen was actually one of us!

  11. We could not diffrenciate the aliens and my own mates. Suddenly I had a flash of memory triggered by something i could not make out. They were images of disaster .. buildings burnt down and earth in the hands of the aliens. I then realized that this was the way the aliens attacked. They superimposed images in the human mind so that it becomes confused and dazed.

  12. Superimposed images! Yes, that was it. My mind had superimposed Kareena and Saif’s images on the images of aliens. Uff..We are so taken by our movies that we can’t think straight to save our own lives. Not only this, my imagination or is it my sight could conjure a time machine. Did I say I could make out a silhouette of time machine? But I have never seen one. Yet I can think of an image! It must be those Hollywood flicks. Here I am saddled with world’s biggest problem at my hand and I think of Hollywood and Bollywood. Shucks! How dare I even think of “Bollywood”! People will ostracise me of using this word Bollywood. It is degrading word, Amitabh Bachchan says so. 😦

    Stop it. Concentrate. Think what should be my next step?

  13. closing your eyes,i say a secret word and summon the devil and then seeing the devil get mean and summon god as well.I try asking advice to them both,but both of them got into a damnation fight,they hit each other their head and after five minutes realised i had summoned them.The devil was pissed off with me as he had to leave the creation of new sin and mailing to the religious heads for later.God was angry because he was cleaning his house and his girl friend might now ditch him as she was a cleanliness freak 🙂

  14. Peace.Peace. Yes, so here we were, in a room, God, devil Gods girlfriend and me. We all are having this heated discussion about who will give me an advice and he reasons behind it. God said, “I made the world, I know what to do next” Devil said, “You can create any world, I will destroy it in a minute” Gods girlfriend said, “I am with God” & I said,”….

  15. I said, “Freeze!” I can’t believe I said it. It must be the scare of Herpes moving to sacred Gods. But devil and his girlfriend could do with it. Now I am thinking like God, I chided myself.

    Meanwhile, all of them were staring hard at me. Devil lunged at me, I tried hard to remember where was the Herpes Virus petri dish. Fool, it does not transmit through petri dish. Before devil could reach me, he fell with a thud at my feet.

    My mouth opened in a perfect circle, barely registering the recent events.

  16. I realized that in my fear, I had lost control over my bladder and pee’d all over the floor. The devil has slipped on the slippery pee and fell down, now covered in a layer of stink. I wrinkled my nose and tried hard not to laugh at him, but I couldn’t. I burst out laughing. I laughed till my sides ached! Meanwhile, the stink was becoming stronger and stronger. The fluid on the floor seemed to glow. There was something… something was terribly wrong with the pee… It was changing color…

  17. …and slowly, it became a shade of light pink. It wasnt pee anymore; it was now the colour of peach! I was shocked. I realised I am allergic to peach. They cause my eye to itch! And then i saw the devil furiously rubbing his eye! And i realised…the devil, in his attempt to destroy goodness in the world, had taken over my soul. But me being the powerful God, had cheated him. All he had now was an itching eye! And when that smile of victory slowly pulled at the corners of my lips, i could see the defeated devil’s expression.

  18. Just when I was preparing my victory, the devil rose up as the peach color pee gave him strength to fight with me. He blew fire from his mouth and due to the fear I peed more. The more I peed, the more the color of peach the more the devil grew stronger. I had to find a way out to overcome my fear and not to pee. What should I do? Thinking..thinking, I saw a pool of water. I touched it and……

  19. After that what all i could see was creatures who looked neither like monkeys or humans , but not surely unknown creatures,somewhere in my weirdest dreams I have seen .They wore metal covers which had alternate blue n white paint patches.nSoon they disappeared from our vision n then appeared the most beautiful ladies !!!!!

  20. my looks like all the chicks from bollywood were there.So i first moved towards Ashi and bingo they all turned into little devils,trying to pull me to the abyss.Now i needed some serious help.So i called the vodafone help line.And boom! everything ran away,we had captain pug to the rescue,so i decided to switch from airtel to vodafone permanently but then the devil called the brand -ambie of nokia and that idiot started doing a stupid dance…and i fainted.When i woke up,I had my girl friend smiling at me 🙂 Telling me that i shouldn’t watch too much of naruto 🙂

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