GenX and the Dowry Demon

While my “extended” stay in Chennai I stumbled upon a truckload of some amazing facts about the Dowry system which I thought were quite extinct as far as the city-dwelling-and-riding-on-the-IT-boom GenX was concerned. An incidence in one of my friend’s office landed me back into reality. A few days back my friend saw one of his colleague making fun of another one. The talk went something like this –

Colleague 1: What??? You are getting only 12 lakhs? Nothing more?

Colleague 2: No. 12 lakhs in cash. That’s it. Maybe a car or a flat too and Gold ofcourse. But I am not sure about that.

Colleague 1: Do you know how much I am getting?

Colleague 2: How much?

Colleague 1: 67 Lakhs in cash with Gold, car and a flat. [*laughs out loud*] I really pity you [*laughs again*]

Colleague 2: [*Grumbles and becomes sad*]

When my friend told me about this, I just wanted to run into the bathroom and puke. No matter how unbelievable the chat seems to be, but it is true and it took place between two well established Engineers working in a top IT company in India. What took me by surprise was the fact that I always believed that our present, well educated, city bred generation is completely against this preposterous ritual, but this talk completely bowled me over.

What is the point of being educated when your brain still dwells into the Jurassic era? What is the point of being educated when you think that its a matter of pride to obtain a hefty sum of someones hard earned money? What is the point of being educated if you think that you can boast about your “Price” tag?

I talked to a few more friends about this and was surprised to know that in South India(*I am specifically talking about South because the friends with whom I talked to are South Indians, although this is equally prevalent in North India too*), parents spend their entire lifetime to collect gold and cash for their daughter’s marriage. There have been certain cases when the girls are not even asked whether they would “like” to marry a particular guy. They are just informed. And, yes, I am talking about girls working in an IT company.

There have been instances when the present generation has raised a voice against this. One of my friend told me about such a case when a boy refused to take in any sort of dowry. He was asked whether he has some physical anomaly because of which he is refusing?

Another friend of mine told me that her parents are really worried about her as she is past her marriageable age of 22 and will be soon going on an on-site assignment which means more delay. Her community is really worried and a very close family friend has stopped talking to her for obvious reasons, primary being that my friend has still not ended up being a child-generator. I asked her if she could bring herself to love a man who would be sitting on a substantial amount of her father’s hard earned money? Who thinks its his birthright to ask for Gold in Kilos because he is marrying you? She told me – There are many things in my life for which I have to compromise. And I am prepared for them. I told her about the case of the guy getting 67 lakhs in cash and she was not at all surprised. She informed me that there are certain communities where giving such huge dowry money is not a big deal and not to forget the kilos of gold which go with it. After the girl is selected, the second question asked is the amount of cash and the kilos of gold which can be provided. She even told of an incidence where the mother of a prospective groom asked her if she could sing!!!!

The worst part is that the present generation who have grown up in such an environment where giving and taking dowry is considered auspicious, do not think that there is anything wrong with it. Girls are not allowed to speak in front of elders and boys are “ok” with the process. One of my colleague told me that he might save his dowry money for his own daughter’s wedding, given the fact that he is still to get married.

I have started wondering if there is something wrong in our genes? If education can’t bring visible changes in our society then I wonder what will? We all know its wrong. Don’t we? But still we go ahead with it because that’s the way things have been and Ego is something very hard to kill. A social standing is more important than killing an age old ritual which is wrong? I have stopped considering India as an emerging modern society. We are still rustic at heart. What’s worse is that the virus is shamelessly passed to GenX and there is no antidote in sight. Not even education. Not even a growing economy. Not even an evolving Western Influence.

There is 1 dowry death every 4 hours in India. Can you beat that?

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50 comments on “GenX and the Dowry Demon

  1. 67 lakhs as dowry!!!:devil: .. i cannot believe this…
    still these kinda thoughts prevail in the IT genes…Pah! it sucks!
    no wonder why the rate of love marriages is increasing πŸ˜€

  2. well,its more in andra actually..they might be from there πŸ˜‰ roommates were are telugu they too used to discuss abt it … πŸ˜›
    and believe me it can go upto crores ..
    but personally i haven;t come across such a marriage till now .
    well, but then there is no place in india where u cant find… even though government abolishes it the people still follow it..
    thats the sad state of our country..

  3. In Tamilnadu, its Nagercoil, which is famous for dowry, car and gold. The rate differs for Engineers and doctors.

  4. The dowry in South India, UP, Bihar, Marwaris is very hefty and based on guy’s qualification.
    //the mother of a prospective groom asked her if she could sing!!!!// this isnt so uncommon!! In bengalis we are expected to know singing n dancing and better if some sort of art. But dowry was not an issue in Bongs until recently after seeing other Indians.

    I have seen my colleagues discuss dowry casually and I even had an argument with them but I could do nothing to change their belief thats its their birthright.
    All these dowry issues make my blood boil.

    @Rekha I know 2 cases where dowry was asked in love marriage and the girls raised no objection.

  5. Amit, all I can say is that I am happy that there are men like you in India. I am optimistic and I believe your breed is growing! πŸ™‚ I know a lot of people who do not take dowry and such people have increased. However as you said, the majority of people are like you mentioned. Sickening that boys’ families are selling their son to the highest bidder. I wonder why they feel no shame? I wonder why society feels no shame? If a girl’s family has to sell her we all say shame shame!!

  6. I don’t know what to say man, I mean I knew that dowry system was still there, but to such extremes?? and i thought that it was just in those villages and small towns now, but this is such a shock, two well educated people labelling themselves, i mean what are they selling themselves for this money?? parents give their most cherished thing, their daughter to a guy, and then they have to give money on top of all that? thats why i despise most people here, so narrow minded and full of themselves and what they ruddy call their “culture”!! I’m not saying it doesn’t happen here, even when my bro got married, he got some things, but we had already told them not to bother with anything, and everything that came, came as a gift to my bhabhi by her relatives…. i know orthodox, i still feel ashamed that her parents gave gifts, cuz if they didn’t the so called “society” would have said god knows what………….sad! just sad!

  7. I never understood this whole concept of dowry. If someone knows, please let me know the roots of this dowry and WHY this system was introduced! Even I know lots of guys for whom taking dowry is a prestige.Worse, I guess there are families who offer dowry *voluntarily* along with their girl.

    Is marriage a business? Lakhs, Crores, flats, gold..what the heck? Where is “Love” in all this? Isn’t this missing? I mean, if a guy takes money and then marries a girl,where is he showing his love for the girl? He married her just because she brought more money along. If she hadn’t brought that money, do you think this guy would have married her? Not at all. He would marry a different girl who brings so called fortunes. How can he, in future,say that he loved his wife when, in the first place, he married her only because his parents were satisfied with the dowry this girl brought? Isn’t this ridiculous? I thought love should be unconditional. And whom else do you love the most other than your girl?

    There are instances where the best of girls get *REJECTED* (as they call) just because they can’t get the dowry. Gluttons of money!Shame, there are guys who clear their bank loans from the dowry they get.

    I myself have heard when the American clients ask aboutthe Indian marriage system. They sound curious. And guess what, most of them RESPECT the Indian System of marriage. So do I. But it’s a pity that most Indians do not know that Love and Compromise, by choice and will, for the loved ones, and NOT the dowry, is the kernel of the Indian marriage system.

    PS: I was so excited reading this. Sorry for a painfully long comment πŸ˜€

  8. In Kerala ppl prefer more in gold than in cash.
    also the package come along with a new car, cash and sometimes land.

    There is nothing wrong in giving the girl her share of her father’s property (as not just the male children shud have the right). But if the grooms family demands something, they shud be thrown out.

  9. As far as I know dowry originated because a girl married very early in the old days (8-12) and this was inducted into a large joint family. The father of the girl provided the money as a kind of living expenses for his daughter as a girl was considered financially unproductive and was often unable to participate actively in child rearing. A girl was a financial burden. At the same time parents knew that if she married into a less well-off family her future would be uncertain as she was unable to stand on her feet financially. She was totally dependent on the groom’s family. Therefore it was necessary for her father to look for the “best” family and naturally competition arose as all fathers wanted the “best” family and the practice of dowry increased.
    Another very important thing – a female had low status and her contribution to the family in terms of her love, attention etc was not considered valuable. In any case those days the “couple” concept (love, romance, privacy) didn’t exist and a girl was married to the whole family. If she died, the man simply married again. If he died, her life was finished and she was often thrown out of the marital house.
    Today the dowry system is irrelevant even if one looks at it from the purely financial point of view as girls are educated and capable of looking after themselves. Also today men know that their wife is their partner, who will be their strength and their love, be a mother to their children and they do realise that you cannot measure her worth in terms of money. So if they know that why do they take money? Greed. If robbery is sanctioned by society, wouldn’t the greedy people take full advantage of it? Not everyone takes dowry. My grandfather didn’t and that was 50 years ago! I too had a dowry less marriage and expenses for the wedding were shared 50-50.
    Actually if the girl bears the expenses, it is also a matter of shame. That’s dowry too. Anyway, I can go on but time to stop writing as I have tags to do! πŸ™‚

  10. Need to correct myself a bit. Many girls who were married off in their childhoods often remained with their parents until the time of puberty when they were ready to bear kids. The fact is that the status of women was low and that’s what a boy’s family considered them good for – bearers of children. This being a bearer of children should have given a woman high status, right? Sadly, no. A bearer of children was just a vessel, a womb, not a human being. If it’s a womb you are getting in marriage, well why should one also pay for it’s food and lodging? So, parents of the womb had to pay for the maintenance! And if it’s just a cook and housekeeper you are getting in marriage, why should one pay for it’s food and shelter?? So, dowry came about.

  11. you I also believed that dowry is atleast vanishing from IT, Gen-X, people like us until I read all this…………….very shameful..let me come against any such guy n i’ll surely tell him that what an ill-headed fellow he is!!!

  12. You keep thinking that with education, the necessary social evils are vanishing from the society and every now and then, one incident comes that catches you by the throat throws you right back into the ground. When we ourselves are doing this, how dare we blame the illiterate people for thinking dowry, female foeticide and practicing unsafe sex. When we ourselves fail to practice what we preach, we can’t tell anyone anything else.

    It’s so difficult being a female in here. For herself and for her parents. It’s completely unfair. Yesterday I read this female blogger from Delhi narrate an incident about how she was sexually assaulted by some guys. I know it happens but sitting there and reading the vivid details of it sent shivers down my spine. I felt bad about me being a male. Sure I wouldn’t ever do that but somewhere you do feel guilty and that sucks. And this dowry case is just unbelievable. How can any self respecting man accept things from his wife’s parents? It’s just.. wrong.

  13. hmm…too much on dowry everywhere! But yes this sucks man! i mean who would ever want to buy a person? I hate humans,i swear i hate humans for what they are….this is just sick…and these guys are the brains hu? tell them use their brains and ask what will they do if the girls parents say you are so many years old and you drink blah blah and ask for money?

  14. It is not that Amit, I did not know about it. But reading it hurts me hard yet again. I know this is an evil that should have no place in this society. But I am clueless how to stop it? It is penetrated deep into our roots like a deadly malaise. If educated guys talk like this, what to do about uneducated?

    I feel like smacking the guy who got 67 lakhs, not only did he indulge in misdeed but his insinuations may have raised a deadly head of dissatisfaction. IT is like spreading the malaise.

  15. Its a good post.and I am quite proud to know your feelings- I mean coming from a male not a female……but the law is equally being misused by few people- the percentage is lower than comparision to real dowry cases but still it is stinking many families in upper middle class homes and suburbs in India….I can say because I myself am a victim of it…..both my families are bearing brunt of it-Read this –

  16. WTH 😑 u know wat dats y i hate men yaar…itz like even if they r a post grad some of them still have cow dung in their head 😑 i mean r u so broke dat u have 2 ask ur future wife n her parents money????? spineless je**. 😑 i seriously believe dat if a guy is planning 2 live off me after marriage i might as well stay single n spend all dat money on me n my family 😑 i swear if ne1 does ask me 4 dowry na i will immolate him 😑

  17. @Remma
    yeah…gals do have the fault in their side..they wish to take their part of share wid them also πŸ˜€

    Yeah kerala ppl prefer gold n recently 50 kg gold in addtion to ornaments was given n btw now the package includes flats at ernakulam or bglore πŸ˜€
    see how greedy the ppl r 😦

  18. Great post man. I have to appriciate you for this. Some of the persons we both know very well in office took hefty dowry and going to take dowry those who hasnt married and planning for it. I am very much pleased to see ur statement “I have stopped considering India as an emerging modern society” which I agree 100%. U might have given this statement incontext of this issue but there are tens of reasons which r bringing this impression to me.

  19. Once again,you are back with great post,appreciated.
    Yes, as you correctly mentioned this dowry exists in Southern India as well as North Side too.Just as example,I one of my collegue,went to US and now
    according to him, he will get more now as he is US return,he is North Indian.His sister got married recently, and the same story there too.
    One of my other friend from AP told me the same.

  20. Just a question to everyone in the media:
    When a wife dies due to whatever reason, the law says, it has to be assumed as a dowry death. With that assumption, many a times the wife’s parents/family either knowingly or forcibly register a dowry death case in the police; no matter if it was a case of her adultery (and the other guy rejecting her) or due to her existing mental disease or even due to a serious quarrel between the couple (on a completely different topic than dowry).
    And because its written that way in the (biased) law, such a case is immediately believed upon and registered, thus making another entry into the statistics.
    But at the same time, when in reality the wife’s death had absolutely nothing to do with dowry, and the husband’s family are completely innocent, there is absolutely no law to believe them.

    So the question is, when there is anyway no law made for innocent husband’s families and all the laws made only with an ‘assumption’, then how far can we take these NCRB data as true? Moreover, you’ve only focused the cases registered, but what about the number of acquittals in those cases? And what about the number of cases which are found as false beyond doubt? Is there a statistics maintained for these numbers?

  21. @Rekha : Well!! The more educated you are, the more the dowry. Too bad if you are a girl. 😐
    @Arvind : Yes, just because its been done since ages, people find it very hard to let it go. And, yes, I have heard of communities in Andhra who give dowry in Crores.
    @Hmmm : Yes. And if the girls are over educated, then its a big problem.
    @Reema : If someone would ask me if I could sing or dance to marry someone, i’ll die laughing in front of that person. πŸ˜€ The worst part is that girls and boys don’t have the courage to stand against it. That is really pathetic.
    @Balu : Yes, even I was surprised by the “Kilo” factor.
    @Nita : Thanks Nita. I really want people to stop acting like sheep. We have a much more developed brain and we are worst than sheep. 😐 And thanks for sharing your views. They were very hard hitting but true. And you should be really proud of your grandfather. I hope more people are like him. πŸ™‚
    @Perx : Yes, this is another new thing. Dowry being passed as gifts. Although its the same thing but some people do have the shame to understand that Dowry is something bad and they cover it up as gifts. But then there are many who boast of the amount of Dowry as if they have done something great for the nation.
    @Manoj : Thanks for the looong comment. πŸ™‚ There is no love involved in such marriges. Its just a stamp to confirm one’s social status. Even today families don’t go for a court marrige because of the social standing. Its become more of a circus rather than a ritual.
    @Lallopallo : Thanks for reading. πŸ˜€
    @Xylene : Yes, giving a share in the prperty is understandable, but doing that at the time of marrige is again something questionable. Even if there is no demand of Dowry, it would look as if the groom has asked for money.

  22. @Abha : I to scolded my friend that he should have given the guys a piece of his mind. πŸ™‚
    @Ish : That is what surprised me. Even though a person is educated but still if he is capable of such twisted thoughts, then what is the point of being educated? Remain Uneducated, beg, steal, kill…because such a person is nothing better than people who do all this. The only difference is that an educated person do this in a sophisticated way.
    And don’t even talk about Harrasment cases. I feel like carrying a gun at times and kill all such Dic*heads.
    @Vishesh : Yes, its something very bad but this does not mean you have to hate everyone. πŸ™‚ You can love all of us. πŸ˜‰
    @Poonam : I always thought that our generation will bring many new changes because we all think differently. But now I have serious doubts. We are just a handful of people who think differently, the rest are just like sheep. Following the herd.
    @Fruitymind : Thanks a lot. πŸ˜€ I think the Middle class has come out of the shadow a little bit but the Upper class and the Lower class too are still too much into the custom.
    Your link is not opening…
    I will read the youthunite post soon. πŸ™‚
    @Riddhima : Lovely!!!! You get a standing ovation from me. πŸ™‚
    //some of them still have cow dung in their head πŸ˜† Perfect words.
    @Vijaya Bharat : Thanks Bharat. Regarding the third line in your comment…well we have to bitch about this sometime. πŸ˜€
    And, yes, I have given up hopes that India will ever become a Developed Nation.
    @Sangram : Thanks Sangram. πŸ™‚ Yes, Foreign return guys have higher price tags. And I have seen AP mentioned too many times in the comments. Seems the place is teaming with rich and senseless Dowry leeches.
    @LegalTechie : I can’t negate what you are explaining. But even if we consider that an iota of cases are true, that money has actually exchanged hands even in a few cases, then I have a valid point here. And, here my main concern was – what does the youth think about this topic?
    Yes, I agree that we always find loopholes and twist the laws but then that means that the laws have to be modified. I completely agree with you on that.

  23. @Amit – Super post! Chk this out:

    Its silly that these things happen in the most modern families! I sometimes wonder its not neccesarily the science, infrastructure, technology that we have to develop. Its also the eradication of such things which will help us from being “developing” to “developed” Its a long way, a long process.

    Happy to see you bring this out in light! Kudos!

  24. I knew that dowry is alive in our country; but I’m surprised by the scales disclosed here. That’s ridicules.
    If you think from another point of view, what can you expect from people who believe in making money anyhow(by hook or by crook), who are ready to switch companies for the slightest raise they could find, who have no passion in life but sit on a heap of coins like a duck sitting on its egg. They don’t know what love is and no matter how much you educate them, the condition will likely remain bleak.
    Girls can help here. Why don’t they reject who asks for a dowry. Girls, you need to show some courage to get rid of this problem.

  25. Assholes, the whole lot of them!! Dowry!! Holy shit! The people who deal with their daughters’ lives should be arrested and thrown in jail without bail!! I am plainly disgusted with he whole situation! I am about to do something drastic… I think people will read about it in the papers soon! Grrr….

  26. thankQ :mrgreen: u know wat actually itz an insult to all their cows n their dung πŸ˜† bt i seriously believe ki if something like dat happens 2 a girl na she shld just leave d house n come 😑 rather then staying with sick ppl…. 😑 or bttr still burn them
    :mrgreen: i know m sounding ekdam dangerous bt cant help it yaar….

  27. I’m from hyderabad and accept that there are many such cases i see here daily……….
    But i’m against this process……….it is ruthless to arrange a marriage to a gal without even caring about her likes and dislikes………………..
    I accept with you in this fact but the sad thing is that if they have to do that many of my family memebers will be in jail

  28. RJ : Thanks for the link. Read it. πŸ˜€ Yes, I agree with you. what is the point of having the financial ability to buy a mobile when the person is going to discuss the price of his son on it?
    @Anand : It goes upto Crores. πŸ™‚ And yes, girls can help in a big way but the guys also have to take a stand and refuse any sort of dowry.
    @Nikhil : Cool down. Take a chilled beer. πŸ˜› And what are you going to do? *shiver passes through one’s spine*
    @Riddhima : πŸ˜† Shaant bacche!!!! πŸ™‚

  29. A friend of my friend got a crore as dowry when he got married in 1998. He was a green card holder in the US then.

    But then, such things are pretty common among the telugus in Andhra Pradesh. The Reddys, Kammas and other castes are known to dole out such astronomical amounts as dowry when their daughters get married.

    Its precisely why the parents in Andhra want their sons do to engineering or study some computers and go to the USA. Once he leaves the country, his market value simply zooms like some rigged small stock on the first day of listing πŸ˜‰

  30. i know i shld b shaant πŸ˜† bt nahi hota na….. 😑 i seriously believe ki if ne girl is harassed 4 dowry na then d in-laws shld be killed 😑 or bttr still burn them (i know i m stressing a lot on burning d in-laws :mrgreen: ) with a good quality ka kerosene :mrgreen: …..

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  32. Actually you should see the dowry thingy in Marwari’s. Bro’s boss got 5 crore’s and a Merc. Seriously its like these folks marry for the money [most of them do]. Bah!

  33. @Aravind : Yes, I have seen such cases where the girl is not even asked. The problem is that it is acceptable by the girls.
    @Liju Philip : Andhra Again!!! Yes I have heard these stories from one of my friend who is from Andhra. Unbelievable!!!
    @Riddhima : I think they should be burned with acid dripping slowly on their bodies. :mrgreen:
    @Ashish : 5 Crores???? 😯 *Faints* Some guys take this whole ritual so casually as if its as natural as breathing. Shame on them.

  34. Dowry has taken another dimension. They dont pay anything to the guy. The parents of the girl write everything into the girl’s name and thus evade any action by the law against dowry and also tax is saved. A gift by the father to a daughter (or son) is exempted from tax. Simple isnt it.

    Anyway, its unfair to blame the guys only for the mess. The families of the women keep insisting on giving even if the guy/guy’s family doesnt want it. If the guy refuses, they start suspecting the guy’s medical/mental conditions and even his character. Iam speaking from personal experience and from the experience of many of my friends cutting across religion and regions.

    The girls and their families are equally responsible for the dowry issue that we see today. Am sure to be targetted by the ‘bra burning brigade’ πŸ˜‰ but unfortunately, that’s the truth.

  35. @Liju: I agree with you. Girl’s family is also responsible, sometimes it is done out of fear of what society will say. I know a family where guy side said that they didn’t want anything. But the relatives on the girl’s side forced the parents to give stuff (good amount) saying aajkal to keh dete hain. Pur ladki ki maayke mein izzat ka sawal hai. Humein to apna farz pura karna hai! Meaning…these days boys side say that, but it is matter of girl’s prestige in in-laws place. We have to carry out our responsibility!

    Yes, mindset change is required from girl’s side too.

  36. My collegue used to say ” we are all tribals at heart ..”.. I ahd seen the meaning of this statements time and again..

    Guys who read Marx and Subramanya Bharathi, will gleefully announce ” I got 60 lacs for my son”. It used to upset me. Not anymore. Education has nothing to do with greed and power. Girls used to feel hurt that their parents did not give enough dowry!. Another father paid one crore to marry off his daughter ( who was divorced)!. The girl is pretty, educated and employed earling thousands of dollars. even then the groom
    accepted a crore!.

    Luckily, it is changing . Now parents are upset over their children not accepting dowry. My friend who is a doctor and earned fortunes abroad, refuses to speak to his son. All due to his son turning down a hefty dowry of 60 lakhs.

    My friend is not my friend anymore since then.

    Another nice development in South India is that , dowry giving/taking is on the decline in the much maligned Brahim Communities. Girls are bold enough to say “no” to any match demanding dowry or other valuables.

    I am not loosing heart . When I read blogs like yours and the valuable comments, it looks as thoughe education has done its bit, emerging India is looking good. Only it may take more time!

  37. @Liju, @Poonam : I have always believed that if a girl is allowed to voice her opinion in her house then her family would be liberal enough to be against such evil practices. Its just a matter of how much time they take to break under the pressure of the society OR they might be really strong to do things the right way.
    On the other hand, in the households where the girls are not allowed to even raise their voice in front of the elders, we can’t expect such a girl even to know about the amount of dowry being given. Such girls don’t know, don’t care and don’t want to know.
    @Jayalakshmi : Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I sincerely hope that things change. We are externally developing but our minds are still taking ages.
    Keep visiting. πŸ˜€

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  39. this is a deep rooted problem. I know for a fact that my father accepted dowry-just a scooter and some thousand rupees in cash but take into consideration that this was back in 1983-84. when it came to my uncle he refused out-right. but then i know of a cousin who demanded a hefty dowry and also of a batch-mate who has been offered 27 lakh just for the fact that he is doing B.Pharm and he himself says that had he been doing BE he could have demanded more than 50 lakh and more than a crore if he had done MBBS. Poor girl who would marry such an ass.

  40. @Wolf : Yes, its a very deep rooted problem. And what makes me sad is that educated people indulge in it just to satisfy the society and their ego. Sad state of things! Welcome to the blog by the way! πŸ™‚

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  42. ##comment deleted##

    @Dear NRI(1988-2006), RNI (2006 -current) :
    I am really sorry that your life has been a nightmare. I assume that because its hard to be so much bitter for someone else.
    On the other hand, I would like you to direct your anger somewhere else as you won’t be able to convince any of us.
    If I have been stabbed once, that does not mean that I’ll shoot every human in sight out of fear.

  43. Amit, it is the sad truth. And I have to admit with head hung in shame that the trend is prevalent among some of my relatives. The latest fad is to look for a girls only family because all her parents wealth will be inherited by the daughters, can you believe that?

    • Thankfully, a lot of people in my clan are sane but that does not make me very optimistic. The evil is deep-rooted and it will take decades for this disgusting tradition to die.

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